Best friends 64


Best Friends 64

OHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! I am back and perfectly fit.
Well thanks for your care and good wishes. Thank you so much for being patient with me. I know waiting for something is quite a difficult work but you guys manage to do it every time and I can never be enough thankful for that.
Don’t worry Gadodias and Maheshwaris will very soon forgive their kids and after that rift between Mahesharis and Mathurs will also end so have patience and read it.
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Now I am glad that I am back and yeah I am gonna resume Why does it still affect with the same name because no other name suits it perfectly but first I will finish the rewritings of it.
And ASHLYN: My exams went fine and I study literature. ENGLISH hons.
ONCE AGAIN THANKS A LOT. Now lets get started with the chapter.

One more thing it’s still January in this story because after swaragini’s birthday they went to Mumbai for a week so it is still a January.


It is 02:00 am of a cold and windy January night but Ragini is still awake, after leaving the warm comfort of duvet and heater of her room she is walking in the lawn of their mansion trying to collect her thoughts.
“Have they done wrong?”
“But then why doesn’t it feel like that??”
“But if they are not wrong then why their family is upset???”
“Her family is always right so this time also they would be right, right????”
“But then why is she having a feeling to protest and make them understand her point?????”
These are some of the thought going on in her mind, thoughts which she really need to get rid of. She was tired and thinking that she would doze off as soon as her head would touch her pillow but after her family’s speech she just could not sleep so as soon as she saw Swara sleeping soundly she came here to their favourite spot.
She needed to come here to refresh her mind.
“You don’t understand shona and lado!!! Ap has gotten her son after so many years and mathur’s arrival is going to snatch her son away again” Sumi has said as soon as Gadodia family entered in mansion, got sit in their living room and Swaragini apologized for deciding on their own.
Ragini has thought that she would have to say all those things again which she has said to Laksh when they were in car in front of Mathur’s villa to make him understand that how this decision should be only of Sanskar but neither she nor Swara did even get any chance to make their family understand that why they did what they did.
“You both thought that Sanskar will get both of theirs love but have you thought that how will Ap and Dp feel when Sanskar love would be distributed among his both families” This was by Dida.

“You all are being partial” This sentence was on the tip of Swaragini’s tongue throughout their conversation in which everyone was speaking except them but both sisters just zipped their mouth, saving themselves from next punishment but then all their thoughts of their parents being partial got thrown outside the window as soon as Shekhar spoke last words of conversation.
“Princesses we are not angry or mad, we are disappointed” Shekhar has said and Swaragini’s eyes glistened. Both of them has done many things to upset their mother and Dadi and both of them have punished Swaragini many times but never in a million year Swaragini have thought that they would do something to disappoint their father. Their father, Grandfather and Dida have always appreciated their each actions.
Like when both sisters was caught by teacher while bunking classes in 8th standard and their teacher informed their parents, her mother was furious but still her father has said to his wife that, that was their age to have fun and just left with his wife but not before winking at them.
They have not thought to hear something like that from their father not even in their worst nightmare. PAINFUL WORDS. And if those words were not enough painful then next words by their father was enough to give them the worst pain of their life.

“You have no right to take the decision which affects others more than you”
Then whole family left both sisters to silently cry in their room.
And then there was Laksh. It’s not like Ragini has not noticed his shoulder going stiff whenever Sanskar was talking to Mathurs and that was whole dinner. Laksh’s, Gadodias and Maheshwaris reactions were enough to make her realise that they have done wrong but whenever she sees the happiness in Sanskar’s and Mathurs’ eyes she just could not conclude the decision wrong.

Oh! Why can’t things be simple??? Why can’t decisions be either right or wrong like white or black??? Why it must be grey???
She was thinking then she hears footsteps getting louder each time and she smiles very well knowing who the person is. But it was soon today maybe because both sisters have a lot to think. Normally it takes them 1 hour to come in lawn whenever one of them wakes up in mid night. 45 minutes to realize emptiness on other side of bed and 15 minutes to prepare their mid night food. 2 bowls of noodles and two large hot chocolate.
Ragini smiles thinking how it has unknowingly become one of their rituals!!! Like back then when Swara lost a guitar contest in 9th std and she woke up at 1 am to cry then Ragini has come here with over cooked noodles and really bitter hot chocolate and when Ragini got failed in a weekly test in 9th std and she woke up at 1 am to cry then Ragini has come here with over cooked noodles and really bitter hot chocolate and when Ragini got failed in a weekly test then also Swara came with extra sweet hot chocolate trying not to repeat Ragini’s mistake from last time. But neither of them complained, not even once. Because it was never about how food tastes, it was always about being there for each other, it was about giving a shoulder to cry on to other, it was about being philosophical to inspire each other, it was about giving each other right direction, it was about being mature sibling for each other, it was about being a perfect twin and understanding each other without a word spoken.

How they can feel each other’s absence even in sleep!!! And how could not they!!! They have not just shared their mother’s womb together for 9 months but have shared almost everything since childhood. Hurt, pain, smile, happiness, punishment, reward, stress, not just almost they have actually shared everything.

‘So you were not asleep back then, I guess???” Ragini asks already knowing answer.
‘No!!! I just wanted to give you some time.’ Swara says smiling and keeping the food tray on table on lawn. ‘Let’s eat’ Swara says and smiles reassuringly on her sister.
‘Don’t think so hard lado, they will be okay after few days.’ Swara says and gets lost in deep thoughts.
‘It’s not about how they would be shona, it’s about we have done right or not’ ragini seems lost by telling her sister about the conflict going on her head. Waiting after few minutes to hear something from Swara, Ragini frowns. ‘Well???’

‘What do you want me to say lado???’ Swara asks smiling.
‘Anything!!! You know that only you can say something right now which can make me feel relax and not guilty’ Ragini says and Swara drags her to sit on bench, and then give the bowl of noodles to her.

‘You know decisions are just like us humans. No one is white and no one is black, everyone is grey. When you befriend a human you don’t just their goodness but also their flaws similarly when you make a decision you can’t expect it’s consequences to be just good, there will be bad consequences with the good one. What you have to decide is….’ Ragini cuts off Swara with a smile and relaxed look on her face.
‘That is the good consequences are worth of facing bad ones, right???’ Ragini completes her twin’s statement.
‘Right. You know Maheshwaris and Lucky will be cool after few days. They just need to adjust with the idea of sharing Sanskar and his love and then everything will be good’ Swara says and have a big amount of noodles.
‘But what Papa said was also right shona. We can’t take the decision which affects others more than us’ Ragini says feeling guilty.
‘Yeah!!! There we went wrong!!! Our decision was right but it was not our place to take that decision. We should have convinced Dp uncle and Ap aunt but never should have taken the decision’ Swara agrees nodding her head.
‘Don’t worry though; what’s done is done now fretting over it won’t do any good. We should think about making everything normal’ Ragini says assuring Swara and Swara hums in agreement. Both sisters finish their noodles and drink in silence but a comfortable, relaxed and peaceful one. It was always like this. Their mind would be mess before talking to each other and after talking everything would be okay and normal for them. Still without directly waking other twin up and talking, they wait for each other to realize other’s absence on bed.

‘Shona, it was perfect!!!’ Ragini says eating last few noodles.
‘Lado it was too salty!!!’ Swara says in amusement at the fake compliment of her sister.
‘Shona it was perfect for me’ Ragini says and hugs her sister.

Both cleans the dishes in silence so anyone won’t be able to catch them and then leaves for their room but this time to sleep.


Laksh was tossing and turning on his bed, trying to sleep but it seems like sleep has escaped his eyes when his head was thinking about his family.

Laksh has gone to Dp and Ap to apologize to them after everyone left but he just sees Dp in his office “Dad I am sorry. Our intention was pure and we did not want to hurt you all. It was a …….. a…” Laksh has apologized awkwardly trying to find a perfect word for their decision but what Dp said has left him shocked.
“You don’t need to apologise son. We understand that you just wanted to see everyone happy” Dp has said.
“Still dad!!! It did not make you happy and I am so sorry for that” Laksh has tried to apologise more firmly thinking Dp is furious and trying to be sarcastic.
“No!!! We are sorry Laksh!!! I and your mom are sorry” Dp said putting his hand on Laksh’s shoulder.
“For what Dad???”
“In the last few days I have seen Sanskar, he loves us, he respects us but his eyes were always trying to find Mr. Mathur in me and Mrs. Mathur in your mom and oh god it hurted a lot, it still hurts. When in those few days Ansh ever talked about mathurs I thought I am not enough for him, this family is not enough for him!! It was painful would be an understatement Laksh. But these few days has also made us realize that how you have felt all these years when we made you realise that you are not enough for us” Dp said and tears welled up in Laksh’s eyes thinking about every time when laksh has showed his achievement and his father has said that if his Ansh would be here then the achievement would be much bigger. “It was just few days and we suffered this much then I can’t even imagine how much pain and hurt you must have felt in all these years. You have always been a perfect son, Lucky. But it is my bad luck that I have not noticed it.” Dp completes and shaking at the end.
“Dad!!! There is nothing to be sorry for”
“There is Lucky!!! All these years we have wanted you to be a replica of your brother to ignore his absence but we never realised that the day when you will be like Ansh how much we will miss our Lucky. Today when I saw you taking decision for your brother happiness I thought we lost our Lucky who used to make mistakes and who I used to shout at. I don’t want to be you like your brother Laksh, I want you to be like yourself. Laksh I want you to know that we love you if not more than Sanskar then not also less than him. As you can’t replace Sanskar, anyone can’t also replace you.
All these years I have just shouted on you but I want you to know that, that was not because I don’t love you, that was because I was scared son. I was scared to show love. What if I would have lost you also then I wouldn’t be able to live. I love you for what a wonderful man you have become son!!! You still think about our happiness when all these years I have just… just never showed you any love or care. I am sorry Laksh so sorry for being the worst dad to you” Dp said and laksh has immediately hugged him.
“I know Dad. You don’t need to apologise. I also want you to know that I love you dad and I have always found your love and care in your yelling dad.” Laksh says while hugging his father.
“So. Deal??? You will let me be in your life as a son should do to his Dad and I will make up for all those years I have lost of your life???”
“Of course Dad!!!” Both hears a sniffling at door and smiles seeing each other.
“Mom!!! You can come inside”
Ap comes in with tears flowing all over her cheeks and a ghost like smile on her face.
Laksh hugs them both.

And while all this the one person sleeping soundly was SANSKAR.


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