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I am not going to consider all commentor name by name as my hand is no condition to write extras but I have read all of them and I glad you all read it and commented. I have read all suggestions and I am obviously going to consider those suggestions. I was also very happy that I was going to be regular buttttttttttt. I have not forgotten any one and can never forget anyone of you. I am feeling really bad that I am not replying to your comments one by one but trust me I don’t want to stress my hand so that I would be able to heal pretty quick. And Maheshwaris will overcome it soon. I am not graduate, it was my first year. I missed you Amee. I missed all of you a lot. SORRY GUYS I am not replying to your comment.

I know there should be no sorry no thank you but seriously guys sorry for being continuously irregular. I guess I am most regular irregular person and thank you thank you a lot. You guys always manage to read my chapters even when I make you keep waiting. THANKS A LOT.

Before you ask me how I am, let me tell I just have minor scatches and a broken hand a one broken rib but I am fine now it’s been almost 10 days and I am healing quiet well.

One more thing I read many comments asking me that Laksh was over reacting or being extra insecure but let me help you with his thinkings.
Since childhood his parents has compared him to Sanskar then when Sanskar was not with family his parents were not over their loss. They were trying to overcome from their loss but in a way they missed Laksh. Laksh has grown up thinking that he is not enough for his parents and that is why they used to miss Sanskar that much and never minded Laksh even when he was near to them. So that is why when he saw Sanskar doing such grand thing for Swara he thought he will also npt be perfect for Ragini and that is why he was so insecure.

Swara is pacing and biting nails in nervousness. It’s been almost 1 hour since four of them have gotten the news of dinner with MATHURS. Sanskar is still calm but others are equally nervous as Swara.
‘It’s 7:30 now. They must be coming in next one hour’ Laksh says and frowns thinking what are they gonna do.
‘Only god can save us now. I am dreading the time when we will be alone with our respective parents’ Ragini says and Swalak hum in agreement.
‘You all are annoying me now. Really, over exaggerating the situation won’t help you all’ Sanskar says and huffs in a frustrating tone.
‘Yeah you won’t get it because they will think you needed Mathurs but we are going to face their entire wrath’ Ragini says and again swalak nods in agreement.
‘What the f**k lado??? If you are indicating that you all are in this because of me then go and tell everyone that it was all my decision, happy??? GO!!!’ Sanskar says and swalak shake their head in disagreement.
‘When did I say that topper??? Don’t put meaning in my words’ Ragini says and swalak nods in agreement.
‘I didn’t’ Sanskar gasps. Swalak shake their head.
‘did too’
‘did not’
‘did too’
‘Why aren’t you both saying anything’ Sanskar asks Swalak getting tired of seeing them nodding their head with each statement of Ragini and shaking their head with each statement of Sanskar.
‘We have better things to think about and more than better things to do’ Swara says and Sanskar laughs sarcastically.
‘What??? Pacing and biting your nails’ Sanskar mocks her.
‘It’s a lot productive than denying the truth’ Ragini snaps on Sanskar and Sanskar glares at Laksh and Swara.
‘What??? Don’t look at me like this’ Laksh asks ‘I am enjoying this a lot. This is the first that you both are fighting and I and shona are quiet. I just need a popcorn’ Swara nods.
Ragini raises her perfectly designed eyebrow at Laksh challenging him to just enjoy seeing her fighting with Sanskar, Laksh smiles nervously.
‘No!!! I am not enjoying this. No!!! Not at all!!!’ Laksh goes to Ragini and puts his hand on her shoulder ‘Babe my brother is crazy. Don’t take him seriously’ Laksh gives an apologetic smile to Sanskar while sweet talking to Ragini.

Sanskar gives an amused but disapproving look to Laksh and looks at Swara.
‘My brother is totally whipped’ Sanskar whispers in Swara’s ear making her shiver with butterflies in her stomach. Swara smiles nervously at him and continues biting her nails. Sanskar groans irritated.
‘Shona they are not going to….’ Sanskar cuts off his statement in middle by seeing Swara glaring on him. Sanksar gulps audibly.
‘Maybe you are right’ Sanskar says but Swara just raises her eyebrow and glare at him to improvise his sentence.
‘No!!! Not may be. You are obviously right!!! You can never be wrong!!!’ Sanskar says and Swara gives him a satisfied smile and continues with biting her nails. Sanskar side hugs her and looks at Laksh who is smirking at him.
“Girlfriends are always right” Laksh mouths at Sanskar and he nods in agreement. Both kisses their partner’s cheek respectively and looks at them adoringly.

After their parents calling, they all come downstairs to see Mathurs chatting with Dada, Dadi and Dida. Ap, Dp, Shekhar and Sumi are on dining table doing preparations for dinner.
‘Okay!!! You all should come. Dinner is ready!!! We will talk on dining table’ Sumi says and everyone follows her to dining table.
All comes downstairs and runs to dining table to get away from awkward situation. Swaragsanlak sits together Swara is between Sanskar and Ragini and Ragini is in between Swara and Laksh. Ragini sees the dinner and gets excited seeing gulab jamun for desert. Ragini nudges Swara, who is busy in biting her nails and gestures her to look at dining table to see desert.
‘Wow!!! I wonder who has made it??? Maa, Aunty, Dadi or Dida???’ Swara asks and frowns in confusion.
‘To know that we will have to taste it’ Ragini offers and looks at Swara hopefully to get some idea so they will be able to eat it as soon as possible.
‘Okay lets have gulab jamun for all the courses but we still will have to wait for everyone to start their meal’ Swara offers and Ragini nods reluctantly.
Sumi sees the conversation between Swaragini and smiles mischievously thinking its just start of sweet punishment for doing something without her permission.
Everyone sits on table and Swaragini raises their hand to attack on sweets but Sumi glares at them.
‘Finish all your meal. This much sugar is not good for your health’ Sumi says in motherly tone on which everyone smiles but Swaragini understands the meaning that this is to torment both of them. Swaragini looks at Ap and she just smiles apologetically at them. Swaragini nods and start their meal.

Sanskar sees vase near dining table having daisy in it. Sanskar notices Mr.Mathur’s uncomfortable. He calls a maid.
‘Please will you keep the flowers somewhere else? Papa has allergy with it’ Sanskar tells her and she just nods and leaves to remove it.
‘You should have told us Mr. Mathur. We did not know otherwise……’ Ap apologizes but Mr.s Mathur cuts her off.
‘Oh it’s ok really. It’s not a big deal. I am sure he must have not noticed it till now otherwise he would have told you that’
‘It’s not okay mumma and papa has already noticed it but he just did not tell us….’ Sanskar says.
‘Son!!! It’s okay….’
‘It’s okay??? Did you forget what has happened last time when you inhaled it deeply??? You were in hospital for 18 hours and 3 days bed rest. You almost gave a heart attack to mum.’ Sanskar says and gives a disapproving look to Mr. Mathur.
Laksh notices the dejected look on everyone and proud look on Mathurs, he was going to stop Sanskar from going further but Ragini holds his hand and makes him calm.

Whole dinner went the same, only Sanksar and mathurs speaking Swara and ragini sulking as they can’t eat sweet, dejected look on Gadodias and Maheshwaris, proud look on Mathurs and Laksh fuming.

‘Thanks for having us here’ Mrs. Mathur says and Sumi and Ap fake smiles saying it was their pleasure.
‘So both of your families are pretty close, it seems’ Mrs. Mathur tries to make conversation.
‘Yeah both of our families have long history’ Sumi says
‘Basically we are one same family and I can see that our children are on the same path to not let this friendship break’ Ap says emphasizing on OUR.
‘Yeah I can see that. All four of them are really close and I think there is more than friendship between them. I think’ Mrs. Mathur says cautiously but that statement makes Ap hopefull of having Swaragini permanently as her daughter.
“I would be the most lucky one” Ap mutters under breath.
‘Oh no!!! I am sure if there would be something we both would be the first one to know, after all we are their mothers’ Sumi says emphasizing mother, fuming but Ao holds her hand.
‘yeah, ofcourse’ Mrs. Mathur awkwardly says.
‘Well I am glad for the dinner, it was our pleasure to have you both here’ Sumi says and Ap genuinely smiles.
Mathurs leave.

‘Girls we are going to leave in half an hour so get ready’ Sumi says while glaring at Swaragini and they just nods while keeping their heads down.
Swasan and Raglak says proper goodbye to each other. (Author’s note: I am not going to write kissing scene everyday)
‘Shona, lado if you won’t be able to contact me tomorrow then please file an missing report. I don’t know what Dad will do this time’ Laksh says and sighs dramatically.
‘For filing your missing report we should be able to get out of house. I am sure maa is going to keep us grounded forever’ Ragini says and pouts.
Sanskar groans.

Gadodias leave.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++( IMPORTANT NOTE: PLEASE READ)
Sorry if you’re finding it short I can’t write more than this today. my hand is going numb slowly and I don’t want to worsen the condition, I am sure you also won’t that for me. I will try to write tomorrow but i am not sure whether I would be able to do it or not.

DO NOT. DO NOT. And please don’t hate sumi or Ap they are just being territorial and I think that is human nature. Think if your parents will suddenly get you a sibling of your age saying you will have to adjust. I don’t know about you but I won’t be able to adjust.
This is obvious we consider parents as an ideal figure. If parents are not ideal and righteous then they are not good ones but we should not forget parents are also humans and human is prone to make mistakes.

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