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MONA SWASANHOLIC VARUNHOLIC: Yeah I also thought about laksh’s reaction but I needed to complete the chapter so I allowed some dragging.
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DHARA: Lucky is insecure because his father has always compared him with Sanskar and after Sanskar was lost his family was broken so it’s in his thinking that no one can be happy with him. He deserves no one’s love.
AASHI: first of all send me the link for your next update and I am glad you loved it.
SHAGUN: I am also happy that now I will have time to uodate regularly.
SWANEETHA AIYER: Hey not that much because after Mathur’s will be settled easily the next situation will be that their family will know about their love life.
NITU: I know why you think like that. Even when I read it back now I also think that somewhere in between Ragini lost the importance. But I want all the readers to know that I love all my characters dearly and equally. It’s just while I was continuing it that time I never realized that in which direction it was moving. I just went with the flow and now when I read it I really hate that how much I have preferred Swara to Ragini but I am trying to move it in Ragini’s favour slowly. And I will try my best really to make all readers believe that Ragini is equally dear to everyone and specially Sanskar since he is her best friend. No need to apologize. I loved your honest comment.

DHARSHA: Hey!!!! I am glad you loved the chapter and pic. Well I just try to write how would I feel in the same situation. And no I am not from TN. I have lived in Delhi for my whole life but I am originally from Bihar.
SWEETIE: And I loved That you loved it. Well hope the same wishes for you.
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Sanskar stops the car in front of the vacation house he has wholly booked for his parents temporarily, as the bungalow they wanted to buy still has some legal issues and it will take 2 to 3 weeks to clear that besides guest house is exactly between swaragini’s and sanlak’s mansion so it’s gonna be easy for all kids to visit them frequently. Laksh quickly follows his action. They all get out of cars.

‘Oh wow!!! This is more beautiful from inside!!!!’ Swara exclaims and Ragini and Laksh nods in agreement. They always used to talk about this architectural beauty whenever they used to cross it and now when they are inside it they can’t believe that outer look is just a flash of real constructed beauty.

‘This is really beautiful but also big for just two of us’ Mrs. Mathur says and glares at Sanskar for more than enough use of money.
‘Who told you that you two will live here alone, aunty??? One of us are always going to be here with you besides I and shona can leave our room in a heartbeat to stay in this beautiful house. Right, shona???’ Ragini asks.
‘obviously, besides we have already managed to hire two 24×7 maids, one part time chauffeur, one part time gardener and one 24×7 guard as topper has booked whole house so owner has refused to give any of his services. I know it’s a small team but in this small period we have managed to hire just them’ Swara says, hopefully that they have done good work.
‘Oh thanks kids but you all did not need to do all these, you know???’ Mrs. Mathur says and looks at all of them lovingly. They thought they have lost their son but how wrong they were!!! Instead they have gained 4 kids. Mrs. Mathur smiles at the thought and caress Ragini’s and Swara’s cheek before kissing their forehead.
‘This is wrong, totally wrong. Everyone wants girl as their child. We sons don’t have any value in parents’ love market. Oh!!! What did I do in my last birth god that you made me a boy??!!’ Laksh feigns hurt and places his hand on his heart dramatically.
‘Awww!!! That is not true’ Mrs. Mathur says and hugs both boys before kissing their forehead.

All of them settles the luggage inside and unpack just essentials as they will be leaving in few weeks. After helping them in unpacking all kids leave Mathurs to rest.
‘What are we gonna do???’ Sanskar asks ‘We have not told anyone that we are returning back with Mumma and Papa and now I don’t know how to inform them’ Sanskar gulps nervously looking at Swaraglak hopefully as they will have an idea.
‘I know you both can do it topper’ Swara says gesturing toward Sanskar and Laksh and Ragini nods in agreement.
‘What???Wait!!! You made them agree to come here and lado you made me agree so you both are going to tell mom and dad about their arrival’ Laksh accuses Swara and Ragini and points at them to deal with her doings.
‘And why should we do that??? We did favour at you both that time and you expect us to do favour this time also. We won’t besides we both are tired and we need our beauty sleep’ Ragini fake yawns and nudges swara to take part in her acting.
‘Yeah’ yawn ‘I’m’yawn ‘also’ yawn ‘tired’.
‘Now that was just exaggeration of feeling sleepy’ Sanskar mocks and glares at Swara. Ragini also glares at which Swara just smiles sceptically.
‘You both are coming with us and if you girls are feeling so sleepy then rest in your room at our house after that we all will tell mom and dad at the time of evening tea and invite your parents for dinner also to let mom, dad, uncle and aunty discuss the matter. What say???’ Laksh suggests and looks at everyone.
Everyone has their jaws dropped at ground, eyes wide and lips parted in surprise.
‘Well????’ Laksh waves his hand in front of them and Ragini comes out of trance before Swara and Sanskar.
‘Wow this is first that my dumb boy friend and our idiot best friend has actually given us a useful suggestion and that too well organised’ Ragini complements Laksh making swara and sanskar nod in agreement. Laksh pats his shoulder taking complement not at all modestly but when he realizes the twisted way in which Ragini has complemented him, he scowls at her. Everyone leaving Laksh burst into fits of laughter.

Laksh rings the door bell expecting to see a surprised Ap. Actually they have intentionally told their parents to expect them back tomorrow to give them surprise but all of them frowns when they see Ap giving them a ‘she knew it’ smile.
‘Why are you not at all surprised???’ Swara could not take it so she just asked.
‘Oh come on kids, every time you guys go somewhere you do the same so this time we kind of expected to see you all here today so…..’ Ap trails off to let them understand the rest.
‘That isn’t fair mom. It’s your job to act surprised’ Laksh says and pouts.
‘Okay I will do it next time. Now come inside or are you all going to stand there and go back because I did not act surprised, huh???’ Ap asks and smiles at the childish frown all of their faces have since they could not give her surprise.
‘Oh Aunty our mobile are discharged. I need to inform maa that we are here and we will go back after few hours of rest as we are too tired to sit in a car now’ Ragini says and goes toward living room to reach landline.
‘No need for that’ Sumi says surprising all of them. Swara and Ragini runs to hug her and squeals like kid.
‘Maa!!! We missed you a lot’ Both of them sings in unison.
‘We are also here’ They all gets surprised seeing everyone else in living room. Swarag runs to all of them one by one and hugs them tightly and are followed by Sanlak.
‘We missed you all’
‘We missed you all too’
‘No go get freshen up. We all will have lunch’ Sumi says then looks at clock and continues ‘no late lunch together and then you all can share your experience’.

As soon as four of them sit Ap and sumi starts firing question.
‘So did they already know when you kids reached there???’ Sumi asks and everyone nods.
‘How did they react???’ Ap asks and you can clearly hear insecurities in her voice of losing her son again.
Ragini sees Laksh and Sanskar flinching remembering the reaction.
‘They reacted pretty well. Initially they were furious as Sanskar hid the truth but later they understood …..’ Ragini trails off looking at Swara for help because only Swara was there with them after Mr. Mathur has slapped Sanskar. Swara takes a deep breath and starts telling them how they reactes, then blamed themselves that both of them did not try their best to find Sanksar’s real parents then how she asked them to not blame themselves then hoe she proposed them to come and live in Kolkata so Sanskar could be near to both of his family and how they did not agree in starting but how they agreed later and then only Swara realizes that she has said about Mathur’s arrival and looks at ragsanlak to help them but all 3 were busy looking at their plate and playing with their food. Traitors!!!!

‘So Mathurs are in Kolkata???’ Dp asks them in a cold tone that means no beating around the bush and direct answer.
All of them nod.
‘That is what you guys were doing were doing for this long??? Wrapping their things and work up so they could settle here’ Dp again asks in same tone and all of them nod again.
‘You all have done your lunch. Go back to your room and don’t come downstairs till one of us call you kids’ Sumi orders in a no nonsense tone and everyone quickly scurries away, eager to run from the situation.

‘That was epic!!!! Oh my god shona, you did it!!!!’ Laksh exclaims and hugs Swara. ‘You are the bravest one my sweet lado, none has dared to initiate the explanation but you’ Laksh hugs her tightly and kisses her on cheek.
‘Oh guys go get a room’ Sanskar groans and throws a pillow at them but they just dodge it off laughing like maniac.
‘Idiot we are in a “room” so you are not allowed to complain’ Ragini says and kisses Laksh on corner of mouth just to piss Swasan off.
‘Guys we have a serious issue to handle and you both are busy in PDA!!!’ Swara exclaims and then only everyone notices her face gone all white as if she has seen some ghost, her fingers trembling and sweat forming on her forehead.
‘Shona, what happened??? Why are you suddenly so pale???’ Ragini asks and comes to Swara, helps her in sitting then gives her glass of water but Swara refuses it.
‘Guys I just told them that about Mathurs arrival’ Swara says in a tone that she can’t even believe that she did it by herself.
‘Yeah you did shona, that was kind of daring I tell you’ Sanskar sits beside her and gives her a side hug.
‘Yeah daring for you all but you all did not notice what I told them!!! I told them that I convinced Mathurs to come here, I did!!!!’ Swara exclaims and everyone scrunch their nose in confusion.
‘I don’t understand!!!’ Ragini huffs and shakes her head to understand why Swara is so scared.
‘Don’t you all know how much maa and Dp uncle hates it when we kids do something on our own and that too without telling them’ Swara says and then everything comes in place for rest of them.
‘Yeah I do remember when I informed maa that I will never dance professionally anymore she has given me her famous lecture that “I won’t stop you but still you should have told me” and then silent treatment for 4 days’ Ragini says and pouts as she is still feeling the hurt on Sumi’s face.
‘That was, when the decision was related to you. This time it is related to all of them so think about the hours of lecture and the days of silent treatment!!!!!!! Oh god I am royally screwed!!!!’ Swara again exclaims and Laksh looks at her in a horrified face.
‘Girls aunty will just lecture you but dad will kill me’ Laksh frowns thinking about his punishment.
‘Now that is an exaggeration!!!’ Sanskar says thinking that all of them has gone mad.
‘No topper you should have seen his punishment last time. Uncle cut his pocket money off for one month, he was grounded for one month then he got to do cleaning of whole house and gardening for one whole month and that too everyday’ Ragini says trying to make sanskar understand that when their parents can punish them or lecture them so heavily for such small decisions then what will they do this time when they have taken such a big decision and did not even inform them. After all this decision is going to increase his parents’ insecurities. They have found him just now and may be their decision will make them lose him. Although Sanskar has promised to balance both of his parents but they all know that Sanskar’s number one priorities are Mathurs. The shine which Sanskar’s eyes are having now were not there when he found out about being Maheshwaris his family. And every time their parents will realize that Sanskar is giving more importance to Mathurs than Dp and Ap, they will be disappointed of their kids.
‘Oh that was not something big. I will do the works in punishment for all of you’ Sanskar says and just shakes his hand thinking their friends has gone mad. But how all three should made him understand that they are not worried about shouting neither are they scared of punishment, they are scared to see that disapproving look on their parents’ faces. The look which says thousand times more than words that their parents are disappointed on them. Their parents has never stopped them from doing anything but when they do not inform their parents, their faces fell as if they can’t believe that their own kids did not tell them. They think as if they have left something in nurturing them that is why kids can’t believe them enough to share their secrets and this time their decision is going to affect their parents.

‘I don’t even know what to say or what to do!!!’ Ap says and Sumi hugs her. ‘I thought I will give enough love to our Ansh and he would accept me as his mother and this family as his family again but all things just fell down’.
‘We can’t keep him away from his other family Ap. He can never forget them, he has spent such an important part of his life with them’
‘Then what should we do???’Shekhar asks Dp, wanting to know what is going on his mind.
‘We will accept Sanskar’s decision. He wants his both family near him then we won’t stop him’ Dp tells his thoughts.
‘I agree to him on this’ Dada ji says and paths Dp’s shoulder in pride.
‘But how you both will manage with this arrangement’ Sumi asks Dp and Ap.
‘If Sanksar is happy with this then we manager’ Ap answers but Sumi knows better. Ap won’t be able to see her own son treating someone else as his mother. Sumi can easily guess this is going to create problem in future.
‘But this was not the decision kids should take. They should have asked us’ Dp says in a final tone and everyone agrees.
‘We should invite them for dinner tonight’ Dada says ‘we can’t be hostile to them’.

‘Hello’ Ap says on phone.
‘Hello Mrs. Mathur this side’
‘Namaste Mrs. Mathur. Mrs. Maheshwari here. Kids told us just now about your arrival and we wanted to invite you for dinner tonight. Only if you both don’t mind’ Ap says.
‘Oh ofcourse. We will be there’


So I know this was a kind of filler chapter but I guess it was important also. Did you guys miss Ap, Dp, Shekhar, Sumi, Dadu and Dadi well I did.

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