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Hey my dearest friends. Oh god I can’t tell you in words how I felt after reading all your comments. I was on 9th cloud and if anything is above that then I was on that level. Really I..I don’t have enough words. Okay to everyone who has asked me if I have forgotten them then lovelies let me tell you I never forget my friends whether it is surbhi, Dharsha, anyone. I remember all of you. Only memory loss can make me forget you guys. And if anyone of you know anything about Amee please do tell me as I failed in contacting her. One more thing suggest me a new name for why does it still affect???

EMZ FASA: That is so sweet of you
AASHI: Yeah this is me and you very well have known it by now. I also missed you like hell and now when I am back it feels like heaven. Well my exams were nice and workshop was also great actually more than great. And I have commented on your chapter but if you can then please send me the link of next one as I am unable to search them.
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ANA: He sweetie. I am also glad that I am back and more than glad that you liked it.
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TANI: Hey first of all I love your name. I used to watch a serial on star plus maybe you remember tere liye and at that time it used to be my favourite. Well I will try my best to be regular from today onwards.
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NAMANYA: Hey sweetie Sorry to make you wait but glad that you liked the chapter.
ANU: Yeah I am back and glad you liked it.
SOUJANYA: That is so sweet of you
RAGLAK: YEAH I am back and that is so nice of you.
ANI: Well I hope today’s raglak scenes will be satisfying for you.
NEHA: I also missed you and reading your comments. MY exams went really well. Well Yeah from today onwards I will update regularly. AND glad you liked it.
AMMU: Hey that so thoughtful pf you to welcome me and glad you liked it.
BHAGI:Hey no sorry no thanks to friends. Did you forget my rule??? And it’s your right to get angry so I don’t mind and biggggggggggggggggg huggggggggggggggg from me also.
MALLABLE: Hey is it a rhetorical question??? How can I forget you???? WELL JIYA your both name is so sweet and I am glad you liked loved it. Missed you too and love you always.
ANU ANN: Yeah I did well in exams and love you too and and your comments also.
TANU: Aww I did not like to make you all wait but exams and work stopped me but now I am here and back for good. Love you too.
SHAN: MISSED you guys too. And glad you liked the proposal.
SAKSHI: Hey I also missed you all and glad that you found it lovely and you too take care.
SWANEETHA AIYER: NO need to thank me and I never want to read any thank in comments because I am not doing any favour by writing it actually you all are doing it by reading so never thank me. Just tell me how much you liked it, understood???
HADI:HEY I am really honoured you liked it. And no need to thank me. We are friends and I don’t like my friend to thank me. I am glad I took part in your happiness.
SWATI: That’s so sweet of you
VAISHNAVI: MISSED YOU LIKE HELL!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my god you know when I updated it I was just checking it every half an hour to see your’s comment and when I saw it I was squealing and this is really me. Hey I am never going to stop talking to you all. Believe me even after this ff I will find other way to contact you all and why did you cry??/ You are making me feel guilty. And all the hugs back to you. Okay so I am awesome because I am back with you all. All exams are finished and I did my best in all. Yeaf from today onwards I will be regular. Last two days I needed to attend my brother’s office as his one employee suddenly left and he needed someone to handle paper work so that is why I was busy but from now on I will be regular. Now tell how were you all these days??? What interesting things you did???? How are you spending you summer vacation???
AANYA: Hey obviously I do remember you. How couldn’t I. I never forget my friends. And glad you liked it.
SINGH SHALU ARVIND: I missed you all too and so much. And how many times I would have to tell you guys to not thank me. NO thanks in friendship. I don’t like it. GLAD YOU LIKED IT.
RUHANI:I am also so happy that I am back and more than happy that you liked the chapter.
ESHA: Hey I am also here on 7th sky after seeing all of your comments so meet you here. HAHAHA I am glad you luved the proposal.
DHARSHA: Obviously I remember you and I don’t need to go back to remember you because you never left my mind. None of my friends do!!! And yeah everything can be left because of studies. And no sorry no thank you in friendship so why are you asking for forgivness,huh???

‘Oh now, don’t be so sad shona. You will have him for yourself only after reaching Kolkata’ Ragini says and frowns.
‘Don’t be so sad?! I was looking forward to this going back drive you know! And after yesterday…….’ Swara trails off not wanting to disclose what both pf them did after charity function.
‘Yeah yesterday!!! It was so thoughtful of topper. Learn something from your brother idiot’ Ragini says and swats laksh’s head and gins when she sees him wincing.
‘Ow!!! Ever heard of passenger seat rules?!’ Laksh looks questioningly at Ragini and Ragini mischievously shakes her head and once again hit him on his head ‘Never hit the driver. RULE. NUMBER.1’ Laksh continues.
‘Never heard of it’ Ragini says and again hits him on his head. Laksh grits his teeth and growls.
Laksh combs his hair by his hand and grins while seeing it after in mirror.
‘Oh my bad fate. I said him yes thinking that he is a guy, I did not know there is a girl inside him’ Ragini pretends to sob as if Laksh has cheated on her by saying he is a guy.
‘Hahaha. Oh god you two are perfect Drama king and Drama queen’ Swara says and shakes her head on her sister and best friend miserable attempt to make Swara laugh.
‘Whatever you did laugh’ Ragini says and pouts ‘No one values humanity these days, ruthless people’
Laksh laughs.
‘Whatever. By the way what were you saying “After yesterday”’ Laksh says while air quoting after tomorrow.
Realization and memories hit swara hard when she thinks about what they did after Sanskar’s proposal. After his grand proposal Sanksar has taken her for long drive in a chilly night and in whole drive they have enjoyed comfortable silence and then to the beach.
Swara has always loved visiting beaches but visiting beach with love of your life and walking on the sand while holding his hand is something …… blissful.

‘When did you realise you love me???’ Swara has suddenly asked him while they were enjoying the freezing water beneath their feet. Sanskar has turned to her and has give her the look as if she is the most beautiful sight he has ever laid his eyes on. So precious!!!!!
‘In fresher’s party when you fought for lado with those boys. At that moment I knew you are the one for me. Sanskar replied truthfully and has placed his hand on her shoulder and started playing with her hair strands.

‘You know I realised when first time you made me realise as if I am perfect, as if I am beautiful. You made me feel like I am someone and not just someone else someone very important for you. You know other than my family and yours everyone thinks I am disgrace on name of the famous “GADODIAS” and after Aarav I also started believing it at some point’ Swara has said and pouted thinking about all the time her Dadi’s friends has taunted her Dadi to have a bold granddaughter like her.
Now in the car when she is thinking she is amazed with the guts she had yesterday night to confess her biggest secret in front of Sanksar. Never has she said anyone about this not even Ragini and Laksh but yesterday she wanted to tell him everything about herself. She wanted to be secret free, insecurities free.
She wanted to give him a part of her heart. It’s not like he does not have her heart already but she wanted to give that part by herself. She wanted to start their relationship without any secret so that he could leave her if he wanted to but he did not. She wanted only truth between them yesterday. It’s the least she could do after the affection he has shown her always.

Whole night they talked about anything and everything. Sanskar has told her how she should not listen to the person who are not important for her, Who does not matter to her, how she is looking so hot in the saree but he prefer her in comfortable clothes as saree is keeping her one hand busy with holding it and he wanted her both hands to get lost in his hands and how she is the prettiest lady he has ever seen when Swara made the gesture that she did not believe him and how could she believe him when she has seen her nerdy friend then Sanskar pulled her in his chest and kissed her until he she lost her sense and agreed that she is the prettiest lady he has ever seen.
‘Tell. Me. You. Are. Pretty’ Sanskar demanded between kisses in such a husky voice that even if she has collected her whole guts she could not have denied him. When Swara did not make any approving voice then Sanskar warned her by increasing the distance and Swara immediately agreed totally not wanting distance between them.
‘I am pretty’ As soon as those words flied out from her mouth Sanksar’s lips touched her again and so roughly that she felt hot all over her body but Swara also matched him in every pace and thrust.

This kiss was nothing like their first one sweet and savouring, it was passionate, full of emotions such as love, adoration, respect and……..desire. Desire to kow each other in every aspect.

Sparks were flying everywhere when Sanskar nibbled on her ear lobe, her soft spot. She has become craze with pleasure he was giving her. Never has she felt anything like this. It was heaven, pure heaven and Sanskar grunts of pleasure were telling her that he was also feeling the same.

When Sanskar started kissing her neckline she did not even know what he was doing to her, she just knew that she did not want him to stop ever. But time did and when they saw turning colour of sky from black to orange they knew they have to stop and return back as they have a long day ahead but still they were happy thinking about the time they will share while long drive but that plan backfired and she is sitting here with her sister and best friend and he is there with his parents.

Swara blushes thinking about yesterday night or should I say today early morning.
‘Oh my god, look lado our little shona is blushing!!! What did my brother do last night, huh???’ Laksh teases her in a fake girl voice.

‘Oh don’t worry about what we did lucky. What did you both do??? We came back to function to take you both with us for long drive but our chauffeur told us that you have told him to inform us that you both are going alone’ Swara wiggles her eyebrows in mischievous way.
Laksh grunts in frustration that why he can never win in the tease war with Swara but memories of last night with Ragini covers the frustration.
Now it was their turn to turn into crimson red.

‘We went to cliff, lucky has found it when he visited Mumbai last time’ Ragini says lost in her thoughts.
Laksh holds Ragini’s hand between their seats and squeezes her hand to assure her that whatever promise he did last night, he is determined to fulfil them.
Swara sees their mood and realizes that it is better to leave love birds alone and let her mind take her to her dream land.
Ragini blushes when she sees her intertwined fingers with Laksh’s and looks outside the window.

Last night when Ragini saw Sanskar proposing Swara her heart swells up with the pride on her sister’s choice. Ragini’s always had a soft corner for grand etiquettes. She always wanted a grand proposal same as the male protagonists do in the novels she and Swara reads combined. Swara has always said that no one do things like this whereas Ragini has always said that one day someone will come and sweeps her off her feet by his grand proposal and passionate kiss.
But Laksh is nothing like those male protagonists but she still loves him. She does not even want him to change himself for her after all she has loved him for what he is but one or two romantic changes won’t hurt right???

Last night when Laksh saw her frowning and lost in deep thoughts, he knew what she was thinking. After all they were best friends before lovers and he did not like her thoughts.
Since the day he has confessed his feelings and she did it too, his insecurities was starting to decrease but after seeing her frowning his fear that she will leave her was increasing.
Laksh always has thought Ragini as someone perfect, ideal and himself as a failure. That is why when she said yes he knew their relationship is too good to be true and one day Ragini will realize that how bad he is for her and that day she will leave him. Maybe this it and she will leave him thinking how undeserving he is. He would not blame her, if he would be on her place he would do the same with someone like him but damnit he did not want her to go.

Ragini saw his face. He was looking sad and defeated. Defeated????
‘Lucky, what happened??? Why are you so……’Laksh did not let her continue the sentence, grabbed her hand and pulled her to come with him.
‘Tell Sanskar that we are going’ Laksh has ordered Sanskar’s chauffeur in a cold tone Ragini has never heard him speaking. And damn was he looking heat!!! Ragini literally fanned her face with her hand and while following him.

Ragini wanted to ask where he is taking her but she did not dare with look he had on his face and she did not mind that look. What??? He was looking hot!!! And most important she trusts him with her everything.
Laksh gently placed her on passenger seats and ran to driving seat and started driving. Ragini was not even looking where they were going as she was busy in ogling her boyfriend hot look, his perfectly sculpted jawline………….

Laksh suddenly stops the car and then only Ragini did look outside and holyshit the sight was beautiful!!!! Ragini did not even wait for Laksh to open the door she did it herself and jumped outside the car to have a better look of cliff.
That was the only word she could think about the sight. Green soft grasses, glistening with the melted water of fog. Thin layers of fog were making the view more beautiful and breathe taking. Trees were lighting with heavy numbers of fire flies. As further she went, she saw water. The cliff was really heighted but still she could clearly see the reflection of stars above them in new moon night sky in the still water of lake.

She saw Laksh in expectation that he would be mirroring her expression but he was looking grim.

‘Lucky, whats the matter??? I saw you at the venue also….’ Ragini has trailed off not knowing how should she describe the look he had there.
Her heart was beating fast and her mind was wandering in every direction. What could have happened to make Laksh look like this.
Did something happen with famile, his family, their business???? What happened???

‘You don’t have to do this lado. You should leave it. I won’t hate you if you……’ Ragini has cut off his statement in middle and scrunch her nose in confusion.
‘What should I leave??? And what I don’t need to do???’ Ragini asked him and waited for him to answer but when he did not she looked in his eyes and realization has hit her.
Ragini slapped him hard atleast she tried to do it hardly but with her soft hand it was more of a feather touch.
‘Why are you hell bent on believing that I am stupid???’Ragini has asked him and when he saw Laksh’s expression she knew she needed to continue.
‘No listen to me. Do you think I am that stupid that I will choose wrong partner for me. Lucky whoever you are you are mine as I am yours’ Ragini has said but laksh just shook his head and grabbed her hand.
‘Lado but one day you will realize that how great you are and that day you will leave me. I won’t be able to bear it that day lado so just leave me today’ Laksh has replied.
Ragini caress Laksh’s cheek.
‘Lucky look at me’ Ragini ordered with a tone that no one would be able to refuse her. When Laksh looked in her eyes he saw only love for him.
Ragini took a deep breath for readyingherself for the confession she was going to make.
‘You know I have always loved you, always, since we were children. I always thought that you are my prince charming but slowly we started growing and your closeness with shona started affecting me in an evil way. But when we went in high school you started flirting with every next girl. Initially it used to hurt, a lot but slowly I got used to it. When Aarav came I was hell bent on forgetting you but look at my fate he was a jerk. Slowly my broken trust and shona’s broken trust started making me busy. I thought I have forgotten you but few months ago you started flirting and complementing me. I acted to dislike it because I thought you were doing it as joke and I did not want to have my hopes high to let it get broken so I asked you to stop it and when you confessed it was like most beautiful moment of my life lucky. Every second with you is more beautiful than the last one then why would I want to it end ever, huh??? Lucky I always knew you are not romantic but still I loved you my whole life. If my love would be this much conditional, I would have stopped loving you the first day you said that I look like a ghost but I did not. I would have stopped loving you the day, you started dating Riya but I did not. Why would I do it now, Now when I have you all for myself. Lucky start to trust me, my decisions, my commitments. I will never leave you never never never.’ Ragini said and released the breath she was holding.

As soon as she finished Laksh pulled her in a deep kiss and both forgot why they here??? And where was here????
‘ After today even if you will want I won’t let you leave me, I promise. I will always make you remember how much I need you and love. I promise lado I will be a better person for you and only you’ and again he pulled her in a toe curling kiss and when her knees started melting he swiped her off her feet and hold her in air grinning in kiss like a mad man.

It did happen, Ragini got her hero who swiped her off her feet.

When Swara opened her eyes she sees their car still and love birds kissing each other.
‘Why did I agree to come with them and become a third wheel’ Swara askes to herself and again closes her eyes for other long nap and giving love birds their time.

So next chapter is most eventful as that will be interaction of maheshwaris and mathurs. What do you think??? What will be maheshwaris’ reaction when they will see Mathurs in Kolkata???

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