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Okay so here I am. I am back and for good. Now I will write this much for you that you all will get bore of me. So I don’t know what to say after these many months. I mean when I started writing I never thought that you guys will love me this much and when you guys welcomed me with so much affection I never thought that anything can ever stop me from writing for you but workshop and exams did. I would have apologized but this will go against my rule. No sorry no thank you in friendship. You guys still consider me your friend right???

Oh god I missed you all so much. I mean I am sweating while writing this. I don’t know how you all will react. You all will still like it or not. Ok let me confess I am scared. Heck I am terrified but here I am and my fingers are crossed. I hope for the best. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ THE NOTE IN THE ENDING OF CHAPTER.

‘What the hell was he doing with her??!! He was flirting with her in front of my eyes!!! In front of me!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!’ Swara mutters under her breath.
‘This is not enough he has gone to meet her today. Instead of giving us tour he has gone to meet her’ Swara thinks and curses herself to care so much.

Oh how he was flirting with her yesterday!!! Yesterday 4 of them went to see Sanskar’s favourite place and what that place was the library. THE LIBRARY!!! Like seriously!!! But still swara, ragini and laksh went to see him happy. For the first time in her life she was excited to go to library because sanskar was happy. Heck she was ecstatic to see a part of sanskar’s past.
What did he do?! He f**king flirted with his childhood nerdy classmate. That insult was not enough for him he f**king introduced swara as his family friend. FAMILY FRIEND!!!

Oh god and the look on his face whenever she talked to him. That look!!! He was like awestruck, how similar their choices in book are!!! Come on now what if their choices are same. UGH!!!
And isn’t it necessary to have glasses and braces for being nerd!!! But that nerd was beautiful like Greek goddess.

She should have guessed it. She should have. All boys are same the can never commit to a single girl. They all are man whore.
She should have known this that any boy of her life will run away from her in the first chance they will get same as aarav.
How could she!!! They always say to learn from your past mistakes but she is stupid. Stupid Stupid shona. She never learns from her past mistake.
‘Shona after today you won’t believe any guy except lucky’ She scolds herself.
But she believed him. She has to believe him. Him, his eyes. Oh god his eyes, dark chocolate brown (her favourite flavour of cake), so deep and fascinating, so innocent. His eyes look like he has never done any mistake but now Swara knows better.

Only that flirt was not enough last night he did not even wished her good night. He could have given her a good night kiss, not on lips then atleast on forehead or cheeks but no he was busy texting to that nerdy beauty.
And today morning he left early because he needed to meet his old friends. Oh please!!! She knows better than this. She knows he never had any friend. She knows he has gone to meet his nerdy friend.


Sanskar is enjoying it. He is really having time of his life. Who wouldn’t!!! Everyone enjoys making his loved one jealous and when loved one is someone like Swara then the fun gets multiplied by ten. Swara, who hardly shows any emotion.

When Sanskar went to library he expected to see Riddhi there. After all she is the daughter of the owner of library and she is also a bookworm like him. He won’t say that they were friends no they were just acquaintances with very similar interests.
When he started talking to Riddhi he did not know that this will affect swara that much. He did not even notice. He was just talking about his plans for Swara to Riddhi when Riddhi nudged him to have a look at Swara.

Oh boy, the look she had!!! She was fuming and crimson red with jealousy. He was going to tell her but Riddhi stopped him and gave him idea to make tomorrow more interesting.
This is why he fake chuckled and laughed loudly with Riddhi. He so wanted to go to her and kiss away the frowns she had but he controlled.

The most difficult part was making Ragini and laksh understand. They were ready to kill him when they saw what he was doing but when he made them understand, they laughed and told him that it was a nice plan. Heck Ragini was totally excited to see Swara irritated but gave him her famous warning. ‘You hurt her topper and I won’t even think twice to kill you’ and most interesting part was his little brother was threatening him. ‘Bhai. Brother or not but shona was, is and always will be my top priority so never ever pull this stunt again’ .

‘Just wait and watch my angel you won’t be even able to guess what crossed you’ Sanskar thinks and sets himself for preparation for today’s evening.

Ugh, why it had to be library. I mean that venue of charity function could be anywhere, right but why the library?!

Mathurs were invited but they could not come since they have to pack everything as this is their last day in Mumbai so they asked saragsanlak to go.

Swara almost said no but when she saw the cause of function she could not get herself to say no so here she is with Laksh and ragini. Where is sanskar, you ask. Oh he came here early to help his nerd with preparations.

‘Everyone is looking here so posh’ Swara ays and frowns.
‘Yeah but we do attend parties in Kolkata also so why are you nervous???’ Ragini asks.
‘Yeah but that is our city. Everyone knows us there. We don’t need to pretend but here look at us. We are here in saree’ Swara says and looks toward her saree.

It’s not like they are not looking good, infact they are looking like perfect Indian beauty.

Swara has worn forest green saree with black print on border, made by family designer of Mathurs and Ragini has worn same design but with dark blue and black.
Designer suggested them to wear lenses so they have matched their contact lenses with their saree colour.

Its been somewhat half an hour and still there is no trace of Sanskar and the most creeping thing is Ragini and Laksh are giving him mischievous grin.

‘Mam this envelope is for you’ A waiter gives her a light pink envelope.

“your favourite cuisine……
You eat and only eat
Today go, see and learn
How to cook may be then you will get the clues into hook
• You obviously know who I’m
‘My favourite cuisine, means Chinese. I only eat!!! Just let me see you…. Learn how to cook?!’ Swara mutters under her breath.
How can she learn in party to cook??? ‘THINK SHONA THINK’
She can learn it from google but he can never leave clue on cooking sites then from……. A recipe book.
Oh good this is a library and it must have a recipe book.

She reaches there and sees the Chinese recipe book.

“Even today you did not learn to cook
Thank god here we have a group of people who can cook”

Oh this is simple, group of people who can cook means catering group.

She reaches there and ……

‘Oh my god!!!’ She screams with excitement.
Every people in kitchen has worn a cap with printed I am sorry.
‘That is so sweet shona’ Ragini comes and hugs her.
She goes to head chef and takes another envelope.

“You can get wine in the bars
Can see angel in stars
Please come to see night stars”

‘Lado where should I go??? Help me yaar’ Shona pleads. Her mind can’t think straight with excitement.

‘Dumbo terrace’ Laksh says and hits her on head.
‘You are dumb lucky and thanks dumbo’ Shona says and runs for stairs

She goes to terrace. And boy it was beautiful!!!! The night sky was clear and giving an awesome view of stars. It was new moon might so only stars could be seen.
Whole terrace was decorated with white lily.
She raises her head to see stars but she can see balloons also. All red heart shaped balloons. One balloon falls from the group and falls in front of her.
The she notices ever balloon has printed note on itself

She grins the widest grin and remove the note stuck on balloon by chew gum.
‘Ew!!! Chewgum topper!!!!’ Swara exclaims and read the note.

“probably you are looking for me
But I won’t come in front of you
Till you find another clue.
You will ask what clue???
Let me tell you
You can’t always find the answer in front of you”

Swara frowns and thinks about the clue.
‘you won’t always find the answer in front of you. Not in front the behind but behind me is no one so… so… so I should turn the chit’
Swara turns the chit and sees only question mark in the behind of chit.
Swara again frowns but immediately guesses the trick and arrang chits in right sequence then turn it one by one.

‘So????’Sanskar comes from behind and whispers in her ear.
‘Yes, yes yes. Hundred times yes topper’ Swara screams and hugs him tightly.

So here is most awaited sanskar’s proposal. Oh god you all can’t believe how much I wanted to write it in mid of my exams but I controlled myself. All raglak fans don’t kill me please. Please pretty please with the cherry on top. And don’t worry in next few days Laksh will ask her to be his date for annual college dance and that would be their day so please wait and trust me.

OKay one more thing if you did not like the idea of clues the don’t kill me. I am trying it for first time and I have written it so…………

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    Just fabulous….
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    And what about why does it still affects??
    When you’re going to update it!!….
    About sanky proposal… I wish someone could wish me like this!!…..
    Upload soon!!
    Lots of love darling!!
    Love yay three. ?❤??

      Hey dear!!… Even I’m writing a short story these day… Just wanted to share with you… Please do read!!.., and tell any flaws if you find in it! ?….

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