Best friends 6


Guys I don’t think you are liking my ff. If you are liking it then please comment and if you are not then I will stop writing it.

Scene 1:
Swaragini and Sanslak in classroom.
Sanskar is continuously watching swara.
Sanskar in his mind, O god how can anyone be so beautiful. sanskar mathur just accept it you have fallen for this girl.
Teacher to sanskar,
Mr. Mathur, Mr. Mathur
Sanskar is still lost in his thoughts.
Laksh then kept his hand on sanky’s shoulder
Laksh: o mr. Topper
Sanskar reacted suddenly.
Sanskar: what happened??
whole class is laughing
Teacher: Mr. Mathur are you in your senses.
Sanskar still watching swara( ragini noticed sanskar’s eyes n smiles thinking one more lover of swara)
Sanskar: no sir, I have lost it.
Teacher: Mr. Mathur???
Sanskar: no, sir I mean yeah I am in my senses.
Laksh to himself do all topper behave like this or he is the only one. God knows

Scene 2:
outside the class room
Sanskar: hey hi, miss swara gadodia
Swara: hello mr. Topper sorry I mean sanskar.
Sanskar: actually I m new in city so can you help me with locations.
Swara: okk mr. Mathur but I m not such a great guide yeah but lucky is.
Sanskar: Lucky???
Swara: o sorry I forgot to introduce you sanskar this is lucky n lucky this is mr topper i mean sanskar.
Laksh: ofcourse I know I was present in class with all my senses.
Swaragini and Laksh start laughing.
Sanskar: stop it guys, it happens sometime.
Ragini: yeah mr topper specially when you are lost in someone’s thoughts and sighs to swara. Laksh understood ragini’s meaning and feels bad but he does not know the answer.
Sanskar blushes and looks at her questioningly.
Swara: she is my twin sister ragini gadodia.
Sanskar: okk so you guys will help me with locations na???
Swara: actually lucky will help you as we need to go home on time otherwise our dadi will come to college to take us.
Sanskar looks at swara with disappointment.
Ragini notices this
Ragini: don’t worry sanskar I will take dadi’s permission and we will see full kolkata today wo kya hai na hum teeno me se senior citizens ki mujhse jada banti hai.
Sanskar smiles at her
Sanskar: thanx thanku so much( loudly)
Ragini: its okkk but you will have to give us party.
Laksh: oooo lado maa, enough of this planning now take permissions first and from my father also.
(actually laksh is afraid of his father, because since dp has lost is elder son he has became stone hearted)
Ragini: okkk phatoo.
Laksh: don’t call me phatoo
Ragini: you stop calling me lado maa first.
Swara: o sanskar please save me. Come yaar lets go they will not finish so soon.
Swasan leave from there
Ragini: you know what lucky
Laksh: what?
Ragini: they both look great together na
Laksh with disappointment in voice
Laksh: what are you talking about???
Ragini: are buddhu, you wont understand. Just leave it.
Laksh: only you understand. Lets go and don’t forget to take permission from papa.
Ragini: hmmm.

Scene 3: swara and sanskar in lobby
Sanskar: are you hungry??? If you are then lets go to cafeteria.
Swara: no we won’t leave you so easily college party is not enough we want this at some good restaurant.
Sanskar: okkk take that also but for now lets go to cafeteria.
Swara: okkk I will message ragini.
Sanskar thinking in his minds beta yahan teri daal nahi galne wali, ragini se help leni padegi( sanky here is no entry you have to ask ragini for help).
Swara: you are again in not your senses and laughs at him.
Screen freezes on sepperate pics of swasan and raglak walking in lawn.

All four are enjoying together.

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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