Best friends 59


Best friends 59:

OKAY I am back after so many days that I am even ashamed of demanding your time to read my post but if you all have ever loved me and even a single bit then please read this fully and patiently. I don’t think that replying all your comments after so many days is even beneficial so I am not replying to them but yes I have read all comments and I am going to reply just in para to each and every questions and suggestions.

First of all many of you have complained that I give less preference to Raglak. Well sorry guys if you thought that. I try my best to give equal moments to both of them but still if I have missed then I am sorry. I really am.
Second Swasan confession will be in next post and I really can’t predict the date of my next submission because I am still in workshop but yes I can assure that next one will not take this much time.

Thanks to all of you for the love you have given me. I hope your love for me has not decreased.
SHABRIN I have replied to your comments on blog and yes I always knew you are form BANGLADESH. But still go and read it there.
Guys last week Tuesday was my birthday so if you want you all can wish me belated happy birthday.


After mr and mrs Mathur left them alone in the room:

Sanskar: you know, you are the best, right???
Swara again blushes deep red.
Sanskar: seriously you are the best.
Swara: I guess the day Mr. Topper proposed me I easily guessed that I am the best.
Sanskar grabs her hand and intertwine his fingers with hers and pull her to sofa, he sits and then pulls her and she sits beside him in the way.
Her head is totally on Sanskar’s chest as they both are cuddling with each other. Sanskar’s cheeks are still sticky from all the silent tears which were flowing from his eyes. Both of them have closed their eyes to live the moment. Here no one is to tease them. After a long time sanskar is sure that all the people he loved, he loves or will love are not going to leave him and all because of the prettiest girl sitting beside him.

Hey she may not be prettiest for you but see from the eyes of Sanskar, she is the girl who has accepted him as he is. She did not think about the reputation before befriending him like all other people. She did not leave him alone for struggling through his family problems all by himself. She stood there for him, for his happiness. He gave up but she did not. She did not leave her ground and eventually made everything alright.
He heard it once that beauty does not lie in face and with the girl sitting beside him he knows she is the real beauty. She is really pretty. She is someone who will show that she hates all these drama but she is the saviour and this is not just for today and not just about him. She is saviour for everyone Laksh, Ragini everyone. She understands pain and not just say sorry because she has to listen about it but she is someone who does everything in her control to make it right. And obviously her breathtaking face does not help his heart. How can he stop himself from falling for someone like her? No scratch that no one else is even close to her, she is the single one.

If you have asked him yesterday that how does he feel about her he would have said that he is falling for her but today, now he can proudly say that he has already fallen for her. Yes he has fallen for her madly and deeply. And not because today she has helped him from getting into the deepest shit. He was already in love with her; maybe he was in love with her since childhood; maybe since their meeting in fresher’s party; he does not know the answer of when but he knows that he was already in love with her and she is the only one for him and her today’s action just reaffirms this.

All he has to do is make her fall in love with him as deeply as he is in with her. This is not going to be that hard, right??? Right???

Wrong!!! In his opinion she is perfect but little did he know her heart is also doing flip flop with the same pace.

Swara is also sitting with closed eyes. She is enjoying this moment with him. She does not want to control herself today, she does not want to reply her subconscious mind who is continuously bugging her, reminding her about the promise. The promise she had done to her heart that she will not let her guards down in front of any boy. After Aarav incident when she was totally afraid of getting hurt again, she made a promise to herself that she wont let any other guy hurt her.

But he is not just other guy. He is the guy who makes her feel beautiful; He is the guy who understands her; She understands him and one old mistake can hold her today. Today he needs her with him and she can’t stay away from him just because any other guy has treated him bad before. She wants to be free. She wants to love him. She does not know what love is but yes she can spend her full life sitting so close to him, she can live to infinity inhaling his smell. Oh god his smell!!! Whenever he is near her she always thinks that how can anyone smell so good, so fresh all day. She can’t stop herself from inhaling him more and more so……..

Subconsciously she moves closer to him and sits on his laps. He grins and pulls her closer to himself as it is even possible. Now only fabrics of their cloth are separating them. Both love this, their position but they are greedy humans and it’s in human nature to want more and more of the thing which they love. She turns to face him but still managing the closeness. She places her hand on his chest and the fast speed of his heart makes her blush.

She suddenly started feeling powerful. She realized that only she has the power to do that to him, to make his heart race like that but on the top of all she is relaxed because now she knows she is not the only one to feel like that. She is not the only one to feel that goose bumps and butterflies. She is relaxed because she holds the same power as he holds on her.

Now her confusion is out from her mind. When they both hare feeling the same way then there is no way he will ever hurt her. This is not like that she did not believe him because she did. She was just afraid but now she is not. Her fear is gone and now the girl there on sofa in the lap of the person whom she loves is the SWARA who is not afraid of anything and anyone but yeah she is still afraid of getting caught by her sister and her stupid best friend but there is no way on the world she will ruin this moment because of fear.

Sanskar looks in her eyes. Her eyes are full of passion, aggression and one thing he wants to see the most love for him. He notices her face, every single part of her face and finally he notices her lips. Her lips!!! So soft and pink!!!
Suddenly his lips are wishing no scratch that his lips are in need of touching her lips. His lips are getting dry and he licks his lips to keep them wet. He looks into her eyes to get her approval.

She notices his every single move. Just thinking about kissing him is sending shivers in her body. She has been kissed before but that was just a simple good bye kiss which lasted in few seconds but his action is making her impassionate. She nods in approval but being the gentleman he is he thought to ask her in words.
Sanskar: Shona….
Urghhhh!!! He is really testing her patience. Enough this is it now she can’t wait for him to initiate kiss so she leans and touches his lower lip with her thumb.
He holds her tightly around her waist and she leans further to kiss him and finally their lips meet. This is just a simple kiss no tongues involved but still they are enjoying this the most.

Her soft lips are melting in her mouth like candy floss. He can’t help but notice that her lips taste of strawberry as he sucks his lower lip she makes a sound she did not even know she could. She did not know that boys’ also have so soft lips. He is not forcing his lips onto hers, he is just caressing her lips with his. He is treating her lips like they are made of glass which will break if you touch them fiercely.
Her hands which were playing with his hair fall down to his neck and try to pull him closer. His hands rise from her waist and starts sending her shivers down. She still has her shirts on but his warm touch is just melting that thin fabric.

They could have done it for eternity but what to do breathing is necessary. They break the kiss but still sit on the same position breathing heavily. Sanskar leans to touch her forehead and opens his eyes to see her.
He uses his one hand to hold her where as uses his other hand to feel her beauty. He caresses her swollen lips with his thumb which made her open her eyes. She looks at him lovingly and gets glad when she sees him mirroring her expression.
Sanskar: You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen shona.
Swara: And you are the most dashing boy I have ever seen topper.
Swara hugs him and whispers in his ear.
Swara: I will never leave you because leaving you will mean leaving my heart and I don’t want to feel that pain.
Sanskar: I know you will never leave him and you know what I will never let you.
Swara inhales his smell once again.
And Sanskar smiles realizing he is doing the same to her.


They both are in car. Laksh revising ragini’s statements while she is playing with the sleeves of his shirt or you can say trying to find a methos to calm him down and touch him.

Now Laksh is not worried about his family or anyone he is just happy for himself. He is happy because he has found a girl like her. A girl who is probably best in the world and he can’t believe himself that he has even managed to impress a girl like her.

How does she manage to calm him down every time??? How does she even know what does he need to hear???

He agrees that few months ago she was just a best friend to him but that day when he found her in her room with open, wet her hair, lost in deep thoughts from that day she was the most beautiful girl for her.

She was just RAGINI. He was still comfortable around her but his attraction towards her was provoking him to show her his different side. To show her different lucky who is not flirt or irresponsible. Lucky who is able to love someone and keep them happy.

But he forgot that she is still his best friend, she is still the girl who knows him her full life, he can’t even use almost because she knows him for her full life. He didn’t even need to show her that his that side, she already knew. SHE KNEW!!!! SHE KNEW REAL HIM!!!!

He does not know that what has he done to get someone like her in his life but he knows one thing for sure that he can’t do anything without her. He knows that solution of his breathing problem will be the girl sitting beside him. And call him selfish or whatever you want but he is never going to leave her and from today onwards he is making its his life mission to make sure that she will never leave him.

She is playing with his sleeves, continuously pulling it up and down. Now when she has confessed her love for him she just can’t keep her hands to herself. Her hands has that continuous urge to touch him.

She will lie if she says that she is not upset. She thought this Mumbai trip will be romantic and all but here they are sitting in a car in front of a beautiful mansion and not for getting a long drive in this beautiful city. SHE IS UPSET.
But she is glad she has chosen someone like LAKSH for herself. He cares for her parents and her brother too much. She is overwhelmed from how he wants to make everything right and perfect in the lives of those whom he loves without even thinking about the hurt or stress he will get in doing that.

She always knew there is a heart of gold behind that flirty and irresponsible attitude of his and she was in love with that heart since her childhood.

Aarav impressed her but he was just a source of moving on from Laksh. Hey!!! It’s not her fault. She was tired and frustrated by waiting for him. She thought that she is not the one who will change his flirty attitude and bring the real him. Just the thought of seeing him in love with other girl used to make her cry, even now does and always will.

But she controlled herself and tried to move on. She was a teenager and hormonal too, she wanted t experience that high school girl friend boy friend drama but she failed in that too. It’s like even destiny wanted her to be with him only.

‘BE WITH HIM’ these three words are more than enough to have butterflies inside her. She can’t help. She smiles dreamily just due to the thought of being with him.

He sees her smiling and wonders.

Laksh: Why are you smiling???
Ragini’s chain of thoughts get pulled by his voice.
Ragini: Nothing. You tell me, feeling better???
Laksh brings her palm to his lips and kissed her fingers sending tingling sensation in her body.
Laksh: How can’t I be!!! When I am with you.

Ragini blushes on his statement.
Laksh intertwine her fingers with his and smiles on realization that how her small hand fits in perfectly in his large one. Laksh moves his thumb on her hand reassuringly to tell her that he is okay.
She smiles and tries to remove her hand from his hand.
She was enjoying that tingling sensation but that sensation was forcing her to do something intimate to him and she just wanted to get rid of that.

He scowls on her try and pull her hand with more force and mingle their fingers again but this time tightly so that no one would be able to break it not even her.
Told you its his life mission to make her not leave him.

Ragini smiles or tries to smile because that sensation and his cute pouty face is making it difficult to not think about that kiss they have on their way under the tree. That kiss was like an assurance that they both love each other and there is no place for insecurities. She could not help but think about how softly his lips were assaulting hers.
Memories of that kiss is urging her to make new memories. Everyone says that your first kiss with the person you love is important but how can anyone control oneself after their first kiss and especially if first kiss was so amazing. It’s like how any vampire can’t live without human blood if he/she has tasted it once.

Like he has read her mind he pulls he closer she moves but they are still so far as there is gap between them. He is on passenger seat and she would have to sit on his lap to reduce the distance.
She raises her one eyebrow to question him about his action but he just looks at her lovingly.
She understood his meaning. Again he pulls her and this time she allows him to take her wherever he wants to.
She is now on his lap. Both are hugging each other tightly as if they are meeting after centuries. Both are trying to take how much they can from each other. He inhales her sharply as her smell only provides him oxygen and she just wants to live this moment. She needed it like a hungry person needs food and when she is getting it she just can’t take enough. She needs more and more.
He kisses her neck making her moan. Her sound pleases him as he smiles on her skin. He makes her lean onto steering wheel and then kisses her jawline.
She pushes him back onto seat and kisses him on his lips.
This kiss was totally different from their first kiss. This kiss was showing respect they have for each other. This was showing how much glad they are that they have gotten each other in their life.
Obviously there was lust and hunger but that is also a form of love. His lips were caressing her lips as he worships her lips, as he worships her soul. But at the same time their fast speed was showing the need, the hunger they both have….
Laksh breaks the kiss and hugs her keep his chin on her head.
Laksh: Lado, I am giving you last chance. If you want to run away…… go now because after that even you won’t be able to separate you from me.
Ragini: I don’t even want to.
Her passion forces her to relive the moment and again they go on cheering their love.


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Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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