Best friends 58

Best friend 58

Dhara, Jwala, Surbhi, Tania, Ammu, Taiana, Priyanshi, Ani, Amee, Unknown, Shabrin, Aashi, Nive, Aishu, Meghs, Mallable, Twinkle, Rithu, YashiJustin.


DHARA: I hate it also. I want to throw it but what to do it’s the only way to contact my family so I have to suppress my feeling.

JWALA: Yeah I know you would have rocked in it. After all you are my sister and friend.

TAIANA: No I am not learning French I just used to learn in freshmen year of high school. Well I am glad you liked it. And no need to be sorry dear and just make this knot in your head I hate reading sorry so you better not write them from next time.

ANI: I love your comment. It’s awesome you liked it. I want to thank you but what to do I am trapped in the rule made by myself. No sorry no thank you. But yeah I am really honoured if you like it that much. Well I did not know this that I am the only one to reach 57. I am so happy you told me. Yeah!!!!!

AMEE: Missed you. Love you. And lots of love and hugs to you. Okay so get ready because it is going to be really long so sit on a chair or bed will be better. First of all yes you can never hurt me. I mean your comments are obviously less painful than heart attacks so it does not hurt. Hahaha I am enjoying this. Well if you are going to take it seriously then I am going to set up a appointment for you of a cardiologist.
Well its good it was just to tease me otherwise I would have not replied to your comment today. And I hope I will never read Sorry in capital words from you. And if I read it someday I swear I will come to Assam to punish you.

I told you that anything in your comments never hurt me. I am your friend and I know friends are always there to pull your leg so yeah I was relaxed.
And I always obey my friends so when you said to stop thanking I did it. Anyway I also hate to thank my friends but I used to do that for formality but then I thought that since when I started treating my friends formally so I stopped it.
I want to do the same with my phone. I really want to throw it but what to do mom has bought it on Diwali so if I will throw it, she will literally kill me and will never buy me that. And I won’t be able to communicate to her so I dropped the plan.
I know nowadays phone is easy for everyone except me. Even my family is more comfortable with their respective phone but me, never.

Ufff now I will have to make a friend who is heart specialist because you will give me heart attack and that will be difficult to pay so I will make a friend who is cardiologist. You know I hated bio since my childhood. I really did but I am happy that even now we have persons like you who is ready to give their talent and time to help others unconditionally. You know when we ask for donation in our NGO it gets really difficult but we have many people who work their as volunteer. They are great and I am happy that you are also one of them and happier because I am your friend.

Actually you can call me bookworm. I can leave anything to complete a book. Well as I told you I appreciate fresh and raw so writers who are actually not famous I love to read them because somehow I am able to connect with them but I read all kind of books, it should be interesting only.
Well I am happy for your fans but still I will give credit to myself because that’s what friends do.

Unknown: yeah one incident made both of them remember their past. And that incident was nothing big it was just Ragini saw childhood photo of Sanskar and the tied knot in her brain got loose same with Sanskar. And no Sorry if you said me sorry or thanks again then I swear to god I won’t reply. Sp no sorry.

SHABRIN: Aww little sissy. I love you and don’t cry. Well this is just amazing coincidence.

AASHI: Aww no need to be sorry just read it and only if you get time no need to harm your studies because even I give priority to my studies. I will miss you too. But I have given my facebook id so we are gonna be friends there.
AISHU: Hey sis well I am glad you felt that. Love you too. God bless you.

MALLABLE: Well yeah lucky had to suffer a lot. And I am good. I hope the best come in your way. God bless you dear. Loads of love.

TWINKLE: I knew it that swasan is your fav. Well Glad you liked it and yeah that Amee is but you also are.

RITHU: Okay but I also said that in serial they are my fav but in my story they all are equal for me.

YASHIJUSTIN: Awww I am glad you liked it.

Finally I got my laptop back. Sorry Guys I had option to type with this damn mobile but let me tell you I hate typing with this little thing. I feel like I should cut my fingers after long typing. I really don’t know how can someone be so busy with this little thing but that is just my opinion. I know nowadays people can’t live without their phone. But I am not one of those. I can’t live without my laptop. But finally I am breathing because I got it back. Yipeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

Now this is for all of you who want my fb id: Its [email protected] You just need to search it on fb then I will be there. But yes I will only accept friend request from the people whom I know here. Like whose name I know. Well I was pro in computers so just let me warn hackers that you can’t hack it and if you did I swear to god I will trace you so don’t even try that. I can take legal actions against hacking. JUST KIDDING. Heart attack???? Thanks amee your friendship has taught me lot of things. Oops no thank you and thanks otherwise she will be walking bomb sorry typing bomb. Hahaha love you AMEE. But this day is mine. Okay so this is my email id on everything like fb, google +, twitter, instagram, gmail, so you can catch me on any social networking site. Even on wattpad.

Now something serious which is not serious and that is next part of my story. I hope I am not making you all a cry baby with these emotional episodes. If this is like that then I will stop writing these emotional stuffs right now because I don’t want to be the reason of my friends’ tears.

Well for why does it still affect it is ready I just need to type it and update so It will be there in 2-3 hours I guess. I thought to update that first but I thought that more number of people want to read this so you know I updated this one.

Swara: And you think Ansh deserve this????

Mr. Mathur looks at her questioningly.
Swara: Actually it’s his nick name there.
Mr. Mathur: Oh. Look shona I know you want best for him but we also know that we will become burden for Sanskar after sometime.
Swara: Uncle you know, he loves you. I agree he loves dp uncle and Ap aunty and I am not even measuring the love that whom does he love more but I know he loves you all. This is Sanskar we are talking about he has the largest heart in the world, he can love anyone unconditionally. I know that. He loves everyone without even expecting anything from them then how can you guys be burden on him. You know who has made him like this??? Maheshwari’s blood and the things you both have taught him. More than half part of Sanskar’s life is made by you, uncle and Aunty. How can you think that he will ever forget you guys or he will ever consider you as burden?

Mrs. Mathur: But yes if we will leave him now maybe after few days, months or years he will forget us and his life will be normal as it should be.

Swara: No his life is with you also. He can never forget you. Not in days, not in months, not in years, not even in this life because his heart will always remember you. Whenever he will close his heart and he will need a mother, I am sure he will want you aunty. Uncle whenever he will spend his time with his child, he will remember you. Because his childhood was with you. Please don’t do this to him. He will break and this time in so much pieces that no one will be able to collect him.

Mrs. Mathur: I know you will. I know you can.
Swara: No I cannot aunty. He needs you. I know you guys are thinking that if you will be with him then things will be uncomfortable for Dp uncle and Ap aunty but think about topper once. He needs you. Uncle, Aunty, please come with us. I know things will be different but you have done this much for your son, one more thing. Pleaseeee.
Swara rubs her fingertips on her forehead and tears start shedding from her eyes.
Mr. Mathur: Are you sure you and Sanskar can manage with us and maheshwaris????
Swara thinks about his word and a smile spread on her face.
Swara hugs Mr. Mathur.
Swara: You are the best uncle.
Mrs. Mathur: What the hell are you doing??? We can’t do this to our son, shona and maheshwaris. Just think about it. I am also his mother, there is also a mother.

Swara: Aunty I know things won’t be easy. There will be awkwardness like hell but I promise Aunty I and topper will try our best to make it normal as soon as we can.

Mrs. Mathur: You are not understanding shona.
Swara: Aunty I only understand one thing that I can’t see any of my friend sad and unfortunately they all are crying now. I bet you aunty I can even turn that mount everest if it will be needed to finish any drop of tears from all of their eyes. If you will leave Sanskar now, he will cry and make Lucky and Lado cry, eventually we all will cry and if you will come with us now. I know things will be difficult and really nearby impossible to handle but at least no one will cry. I know there will be unsaid fight for right on him and I know you both will try your best to ignore but still there will be but I promise aunty I and he will try our best to make the both family feel equal. Please give a try.

Mrs. Mathur looks at Mr. Mathur. Mr. Mathur holds her hand.
Mr. Mathur: Let’s give it a try.
Mrs. Mathur nods.
Swara hugs both of them.

Mrs. Mathur: You only want to hug us now????
Swara blushes and scratch her back hair.
Mr. Mathur ruffles her hair.
Mrs. Mathur: Go upstairs then right and the second room.
Swara runs from there but turns back.
Swara: I promise you won’t have to regret your decision. And we won’t be doing anything cozy so you can come whenever you want.
Mrs. Mathur: If you won’t go now then we both will come with you now.
Swara: No, I am going. I am going.
Mr. Mathur: You go shona. We both have some talks to do.
Swara gets scared.
Swara: You can’t change your decision.
Mrs. Mathur: We won’t. Now go.
Swara runs to his room.


Swara turns the knob of door and see Sanskar sitting in a cornor and he has hidden his face in his knees and his both hands his around his knees.

Swara goes to him and sits near him on her knees and hugs him.
Sanskar also changes his position and sit on his knees and hugs her.
Sanskar rests her head on his croak of neck.
Sanskar: Sho….Shona, how….ca…can the….they think lik….like this????
He asks her in stuttering voice.

Swara slides her hand up and down on his back to calm him down.
Sanskar: how shona???
Swara: Shhhh, its okayyyyy. Everything is okay.
Sanskar: Why my destiny is like this. First fate snatched my real mom and dad and now them. I know for sure fate will make you leave me.
Swara: I won’t go anywhere, not now, not ever, never. No one will leave you. Everyone loves you.

Sanskar: But they are leaving no sorry they are asking me to leave. They are asking their own son to go away from them. Why???? Because they think I will be happy without them!!! The hell. The freaking hell. You know what the fact is that no one loves me. Everyone wants to get rid of me. Everyone wants to leave me but they think I can’t handle the reason so they make a fake one.

Swara: Nooooo. Everyone loves yo….
Sanskar: No one. I mean how can they decide on their own that what will make me happy and what is right for me.
Sanskar again starts crying.
Sanskar: How can they think that. How can they think about leaving me.

Mrs. Mathur puts her hand on his shoulder.
Sanskar looks upside.
Swara: I should leave.
Mrs. Mathur holds her hand and shakes her head gesturing her to stay.

Mrs. Mathur hugs sanskar. And Mr. Mathur also come.

Mrs. MAthur: We will not leave you. We can never leave you dear.
Mr. Mathur ruffles his hair.
Mr. Mathur: Come on men don’t cry. We are sorry. We even thought about that but you know right that we can do anything to make you happy and we thought that if we will leave you will be happy. So we tried to do it. But we cannot, we could not. All thanks to your friend.
Swara squeezes her eyes and bits her lower lips and blushes deep red.

Sanskar hugs his parents.
Mr. Mathur: We are coming with you to Kolkata. I mean we are going to buy a new house near your house. You know. I am going to operate my business with the branch of Kolkata. I know you need us and you need them also so we won’t make it difficult for you. Ahm can we come to Kolkata????
Sanskar gives the widest smile he can and he ever had.
Sanskar: Yeah, you can, you should. Oh my god I don’t believe you are going there to stay. I am so happy papa. Thank you so much for changing your decision otherwise you have no idea what would I have done to myself.

Mrs. Mathur: Now we have. You know shona made us realize that all.
Mr. Mathur: So now we are going to stay together for your full college life so we have plenty of time to do this family scene. But right now we both have to plan our moving out and moving in to Kolkata. And yes extend your trip we all will go together but first talk to your real parents. Okay and tell us about the conversation.
Mrs. Mathur: Your papa always leave in business man mood. I am so happy and excited and you know why??? Because we trust you and shona.
Sanskar hugs them again.
Mr. Mathur and Mrs. Mathur leave.


Ragini: Lucky, where are you going???
Laksh: I am not able to understand these things lado.
Ragini: What is there to understand????
Laksh: Lado, I want bhai to be happy, really happy but I know that he will be happy only if both the families will accept him. And if he will live with both the family then I know my parents will not be that happy and I can’t see that. This is so difficult. Why life can’t be simple???? Why???? I know that mom dad will never show that but I can see that in their eyes that they want bhai for whole.
Ragini: But life always don’t act as we want. I know uncle and aunty will be upset but this is life. They will learn to adjust. They have to. Think as Mathurs lucky. What if they rejected Sanskar to share with you and your family then what will you do??? You also know that they can do that but they are not doing that because they want Sanskar to be happy. If we love someone we don’t expect our happiness we should just love that person unconditionally. And I know uncle and aunty love topper unconditionally so they just want him to be happy. And if Sanskar’s happiness is with both the family then they will never reject this and will try their best to adjust with mathurs.

Laksh: I know but whom should I choose. On one side there is my mom and dad’s happiness and on the other side there is my brother’s happiness.
Ragini: You don’t have to choose anyone lucky. You can’t take decision about them. Let them do that. You only need to be with them. You need to understand them without judging right or wrong. If they are wrong then also you just need to understand their situation and you need to not hate them for their deeds.

Ragini comes close to Laksh and holds his hands in her hands.
Ragini: Look at me lucky. Lucky, you are not responsible for everything wrong happening around you so you are not also responsible to make everything right because you can’t. Try and understand that maybe your extra care is suffocating your loved ones. So just be with them. Respect their decision and if they are happy then find your happiness in their happiness.
Laksh looks into her eyes.
Laksh: What would I have done without you????
Ragini: Probably nothing. Because I know you cannot do anything without me. (She pats her own shoulder to praise herself) You know I am so great.
Laksh: That you are.
Ragini: But I love you so you are the, you know also great.
Laksh hugs Ragini.

A/N: I know I know you want to read Swasan after that but wait till tomorrow. Otherwise it would have been too long. So wait till tomorrow.

PRECAP of next 2 epis: SWASAN convo, SWARAGSANLAK planning to handle mathurs and maheshwaris together, one small drive on the streets of Mumbai. Sanskar planning to officialy say L-word to Swara(I know this one is the best).

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