Best friends 57

Best friends 57

Thanks to all of you and no thanks because you all are my dearest friends and I don’t thank my friends so from now I am just going to say that I am because you all have read and commented.

I am happy because of

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UNKNOWN: see I will try to make you understand in a small recap but if you will have any problem you can ask me. There were 3 friends Swara, Ragini and Laksh. Swara and Ragini are twins where as Laksh has a elder brother Sanskar but laksh’s family lost him in an accident who is now adopted by mathurs. In the same accident Ragini and Sanskar both lost their memory they were then 9 and 10. In the college swaraglak and Sanskar becomes a great friend, later they come to know that Sanskar is laksh’s brother Sanskar. They all confess their love. Couples are swasan and raglak. When sanskar got his family back he thought he will tell mathurs later at a correct time but now mathurs has come to know about it and bestiis that is swaragsanlakk are trying to deal with it.

MALLABLE: love you too dear. And now Bestiis will have to deal with mathurs involved in family so wait and watch. No wait and read.

AASHI: that amee’s comment does. Well love you dear. God bless you.

TWINKLE: see in my ff’s all characters created by me is my favourite. But in swaragini searial Swasan is my favourite as amee said. And Swalak and Raglak are good for me but honestly I don’t like ragsan in serial. Who is your favourite??? Well as much as I can guess swasan is your favourite, right???

TANIA: your comment made my day you.

DHARA: actually you know I also thought the same but then I thought that I will make them share everything except intimate details in couples. I hope you will not mind???

AMEE: yeah I was but when I saw your comments my all anger vanished and see I agreed now I have not thanked you…… Yeah I saw increasing number of fans of your comments and there should be more fans after all you are my friend and if our friends say you comment quees then they are absolutely right. Your comments are sooooooooooo amazzzzzzing….. That will be good if you became cardiologist but let me tell you I won’t pay even a penny for my treatment. Just joking..,… Well I am 18 and going to be of 19 next month. And I very well know that you are going to ask me the date so on 1st of march I will be of 19. Well I study literature. I am in english honors 1st year. And in the whole day I do writing my stories, cooking since I stay in a appartment alone, then I eat and most of the time I read books and sleep but not that much. You know I am crazy for books. Especially I love books by young writers, their writing has some raw and fresh content which I love. So yes I only so this in a day…. Most important question how are we going to stay connected. Well I am on twitter, instagram, facebook everything but now I don’t operate them much but still if you are on any of them then we can talk and if you are not then we can exchange email ids and I am also on wattpad so if you can come there. And don’t worry we will surely find something…. I don’t watch tv that much so I have seen its 4-5 episodes but yes as much as I have seen I also love it and I am positive that you will do great job of making people laugh. And I am really serious.
oh no they won’t do this. Infact in todays episode you will see their clear intentions. and you can never hurt me and you again said me sorry so Iam again angry. well I love your comments so long ones are treat for me so I won’t feel dizzy…. Well I have a question, how do you know that swasan is my favourite??? I am sure you are a great observant.

SHABRIN: hey little sissy!!! How are you??? Hope the best for you. I AM glad you liked it. You know when you say you liked it, I feel satisfied. So love you and my fav is swasan and raglak but swalak can also work but I don’t feel that good for ragsan.

VINAY KARTHIK: Oh everything will be fine soon. One thing striked in my mind that day. You father was i n hospital, right??? I hope he is okay and doing great and if I am guessing wrong then please please forgive me.

DHARA: well I will love to reach there. Glad you liked it.

JWALA: I also missed you a lot. I hope you rocked in your exams and even if you did not still I promise it will not affect our friendship and sister relationship. Hahaha just joking. Well I hope the bestest result for you and last but obviously not the least love youuuuu. I am really great and after seeing your comment I started feeling greatest. How are you???

Mrs. Mathur to her husband: What are you doing??? He is our son.
Mr. Mathur: No, he is not. We all know he is not our blood.
Mrs. Mathur: That does not change the fact that we are his parents.
Mr. Mathur: No. It does not change the fact but the truth that his real parents are alive does change it.

Sanskar is shocked. How can his papa even think like that??? How can he think that anything in world can ever change what they have??? He knows that his papa might be hurt but this much hurt that he has assumed that their relationship, their love can change. He soon starts to blame himself that he should have come and told mathurs everything but what could he do now. His father thinks that he didn’t come to tell them because he only wants that family.
Sanskar: No pap……

Mr. Mathur raises his hand in the gesture for him to stop as he has not finished yet.
Mr. Mathur: It changes the fact that we are his parents because they are their real parents. It does change the fact that he will be happier with his real family, his brother and may be all the other members.

Sanskar: No it does not papa. Yes they are my biological mom and dad but it can’t change the fact that you are everything for me mumma papa. I love you. I love you the most.

Laksh takes his step back in shock. He knew the fact. He always knew that mathurs are most important for his brother but still he had a hope in his heart that his family will be normal someday.
And with the word normal he means that it to be like swaragini’s family. Since he has lost his brother his family was broken. He does not neglect the fact that they all used to love each other and will always but after that accident his family was weak and broken. Actually stating the fact that accident has affected Laksh the most. He only did not lose his brother, he also lost his father, her mother lost his husband and his father became a mechanical robot who just provides his family money and a name in society. That 9 year old kid lost his everything in the age when he was not even able to understand those things. What he had post accident was just his 2 friends. But when Sanskar came back he thought his family will be okay and actually better that Swaragini’s family. After accident he has always idolizes their family but yeah, he also was jealous of his two friends for having such a perfect family.

Then Sanskar came back and he again started assuming that his family will be normal only family comes first.
He wants to accept Sanskar’s family but he just can’t and you can’t blame him there when he only wants his own mom dad to best in his own sibling’s eyes. He does not want any outsiders to be as important as his own mom and dad. Even this thought is tremendous for him but today Sanskar accepted that not just mathurs are important but more important than his own mom and dad.

As soon as Sanskar said that Ragini knew, Laksh will be completely broken. That is why she tried to warn him that day on terrace that a day will come when truth will be out. She tried to make him ready to face this but now she thinks she failed. She failed!!!

She looked at his face, that was total pale, his palm which is in her hands is completely sweaty, he is at the verge of crying, he is on edge. He is in dilemma where he has to choose between his ideal life and his brother’s ideal life. Just one more these kinds of words from Sanskar and he will be completely gone. She is blaming herself for his situation. She is thinking that she could have done something, she always knew that this is gonna happen but still she was not able to tell him properly. She could have done something for her best friend, for her love. The best friend, who was always there, every time she needed someone he was there but today even when she knew, maybe she did not know the time but she knew about this and still she could not save him.

Swara is standing there holding Sanskar’s hand. After that accident she has always hated these kinds of emotional situations and tears. It makes her believe that she is again gonna lose someone very important. That is why she has always avoided tears. Tears make her weak, numb. And today she is seeing that in eyes of few people who are most important for her.

Mr. And Mrs. Mathur are crying, where tears are flowing from Mr. Mathur’s eyes or not but for the fact Swara knows that he is crying. Sanskar who is feeling devastated, about his father’s thinking. She knows that Sanskar is very good in controlling situation but for sure she knows that today he will fail because he is not able to understand where this conversation is going.

For the fact swara knows that her best friend Laksh is also on the edge. After Sanskar has come they have not really talked about emotional aspects of this matter but according to conversation before arrival of Sanskar she can say that how much important Sanskar is for him. He could have lived without Sanskar if his parents would have treated him normally but after losing their first son they also lost second that is why he always wanted Sanskar to come back. Sanskar was like a life line of his family. She knows all this but she thought to be there with him but when she saw her sister’s hold on him, she felt relaxed. Her sister has really some power on him. Even the Laksh Maheshwari can’t say a word after her one look.

But what about her sister, she is really trying hard to hide her tears but say it twin bond or soul sisters, her heart churned when the first drop of tear fell from her eyes. She could only pray to give strength to both of sisters because she knew they need that for managing these brothers.

Sanskar: Papa, trust me. I can never be happy after leaving you both.
Mr. Mathur sees Laksh. He does not know what he should feel happy or sad. He is happy that his son’s family and even his brother love his son so much. And after meeting Dp he can easily say that they all are loving people. He knows that if he will stop Sanskar he will stop. He knows his son but maybe extra love for his son has blinded him. He wants him to be happy at any cost. He is ready to sacrifice his son for his son’s happiness. And seeing laksh has done nothing but assured him that his son is going to be okay and 100 times happier there with his own people.

Sanskar: Papa are you even listening to me??? Papa answer me.

Mr. Mathur: gestures him to stop.

Sanskar stomped his foot on floor and runs to his room.

Laksh who is not able to take it any more goes out of the house and Ragini runs behind him.

Swara closes her eyes and take a deep breath. Swara thinks about the situation and about what should she do. For a second she thinks to go to Sanskar but then she thinks that may be he needs time to think and makes an explanation.

Then she thinks to go to mathurs and make this situation easy for Sanskat. She wad scared because she does not has full trust on her emotional speech but then she thinks that she has to do this for Sanskar and Laksh.

Swara goes to Mr. Mathur and holds his hand and drags him to sofa. For a second he hesitates but then he sees swara and he feels like he should listen to her.
Swara makes him and Mrs.Mathur sit on sofa. Mr. Mathur caresses her cheek and smile half hearted.
Swara goes to the dining table and makes them drink water.

Mrs. Mathur cries seeing Swara.
Mrs. Mathur: shona, please take care of him always.
Swara sits on her knees on floor in front of her.
Swara: I won’t because he will always have you both.

Mrs. Mathur: Nooooo. Our presence in his life now will only create problem for him.

Swara: Mothers can never create problem for her child.
Mrs. Mathur: I wish I could say I am his mother.
Swara: you don’t need to wish. You are his mother.
Mrs. Mathur: It’s our punishment for our deeds.
Swara looks at her questioningly.
Mrs. Mathur: If we would have tried harder that time to find his real parents then we would not be seeing this day. Let me confess shona dear we have not tried at all. We lost our real son in an accident and the fault was all ours. Our carelessness killed our son. He was our only son shona. Due to my abdominal problem I could not hold an other baby.

Swara holds Mrs. Mathur’s both hand and squeezes it to assure that she is listening.

Mrs. Mathur: After one year when we got saw Sanskar in an orphanage, we felt like god had gifted us our son back. His memory loss was really helpful for us. We easily made him comfortable.

Mrs. Mathur cries harder.

Mrs. Mathur: We should have tried that time to find his parents but we did not and moreover when Sanskar became big and tried to find on his own, we fully tried to stop him. This is our punishment. His real family needs him and I know you all will make him happy there.

Swara: No aunty. You have not done any mistake for which you are expecting punishment. What you have done is only unconditional love to a stranger kid. And as far as I know, loving someone is not a crime. And may be he needs his real family or his family need him but Sanskar needs both of you the most.

Mr. Mathur: We can’t hold him to us shona. When I think about his family my body starts shaking. They lost their first child and that too when he was just 9-10 year old and when they have got him back after 10 year, I can’t snatch him again. They don’t deserve this.

Mr. Mathur says with a determination on his face.
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  1. Even I hate ur phone now. U stopped in between 🙁 but it was good.

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  9. I started to read ur ff just few days back tat too frm the middle… It was very interesting so I read all ur episodes frm the beginning.. It took 2 days for me to read all ur ff… After reading all the episodes I became a fan of ur ff.. I just loved it alot.. Today’s episode was emotional..

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