Best friends 56

Best friends 56

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AMEE: That is called real friendship!!! Mechanic called them. Yes long drives are always fun. Wow, your native place is Bihar. That is am amazing place. I love people there. Even I want to. It is my dream to see every street, every corner of India. Yeah I know. I have checked it on google and about boys so some of north east are my friend and they are really cuttteeeeeeee.
Whenever I am not in hospital in the cabin of cardiologist for minor and major heart attacks given by my friend I study literature,
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SURBHI: Don’t be sorry yaar. I am glad you liked this one.


Sanskar picks up the call and it was from mechanic to tell him that he is coming in next 15 minutes.
Sanskar disconnects the call and thinks about the moment.
Sanskar goes to Swara and turns her so now, her back is pressed against his chest.
Sanskar: We can continue from the point we left.
Swara with a blush: Noooo.
Sanskar: You admitted that my touch affects you then….
Sanskar turns her and Swara is looking everywhere but him. Sanskar lifts her chin to make her see in his eyes.
Sanskar: Why do you feel so embarrassed if I makes you blush or my presence affects you???
Swara: Its…Its not that. It is… It is… you know new for me but I do agree topper that you affect me. Obviously I do agree otherwise I would not have said yes to you. And I am not embarrassed I am just….
Sanskar: I never expected that you will ever feel shy in front of anyone and not especially in front of me.
Swara pats his shoulder.
Swara: I am a girl after all and I am not shy in front of everyone. It is just that you make me nervous.
Sanskar raise his eyebrow in shock and leans to kiss her.

Shit!!! Shit!!!
These are not Swasan voices, these are of Raglak who has suddenly come out of the blue.
Swara jerks Sanskar’s hand and gets away from him.
Sanskar: Worst timing lucky and lado.
Ragini and Laksh are smiling by bowing their head, Swara is looking everywhere but Raglak and Sanskar is giving angry glares to Ragini.

Ragini: What topper you were planning to kiss my cute, little sister.
Swara narrows her eyebrows.
Swara: Lado I am 2 minutes and 48 seconds older to you not you are older to me.
Ragini: No. I remember. Dadi always say that I am elder.
Laksh: I remember who is elder.
Swaragini in unison: You???
Swara: Lucky you are just 1 week elder to us.
Ragini murmurs under her breath: Sure dumb head.
Laksh: Okay bhai must know. Tell us bhai who is elder.
Ragini: Topper must be of I year and 4-5 month at that time lucky. How will he know???
Swara: Lado he is goner. Run if you can.
Laksh makes faces while all chuckles.
Ragini: But I am sure I am elder to her.
Swara: Okay let’s call Dadi.
When they call dadi, dadi says that Swara is elder.
Swara: Okay so now I am elder and lado you have now told me the rights of being old so I would like to ask you the reason of your (Swara comes to her and next whispers in her ear) Swollen lips.
Ragini blushes and hits swara’s shoulder.
Mechanic came at the right time and they again continued their journey. Now there is only one 1 hour to reach Mathur’s place.
Again Sanskar on driver seat, Swara on passanger and raglak on back seat.
Swara is panicking more now.

Sanskar keeps his free hand on swara’s hand which is resting on her thighs and squeezes it and gives her a reassuring smile to indicate that he will be there for her.
Swara is eating her nails.
Sanskar: Shona stop that.
Swara: What??? I always do when I am nervous.
Sanskar: But why are you nervous at the first place??? And if you are nervous for the reason I am thinking you are then don’t worry my mom already knows about us and she likes you.
Swara: She knows???
Sanskar: No only my story that I like you but she does not know about your part.
Sanskar said calmly.
Swara again goes back on chewing nails.
Sanskar: Shona stop it, right now.
Swara: Mr Sanskar Mathur same thing I will say when you will go to meet my mother after I will tell her that you are my boyfriend.
Sanskar: Maa is different and Mumma is different. Maa can bear the role of Durga maa if it will come to taking care of her daughters but Mumma will always love the girl who made his son so frank and bold.
Swara: But what if she does not like me.
Sanskar: But why will she not?? She already likes you.
Swara: Because after meeting me you met lado, lucky and we all are reason to make you meet your real parents and unknowingly the reason of your and mathur’s future distance.
Sanskar does not say any word against this.
Swara: I know topper it is difficult for you but truth is truth and it will come out someday. So you better tell them.
Sanskar thinks for a bit then replies with a smile.
Sanskar: See if mumma will blame you then I will clearly say that there was no way I could control myself from falling for you. And even now as every moment passes I fall for you harder. My feeling intensifies every moment. And shona, there is nothing in this world who can keep me away from mumma papa. I want my both family and I will make sure that no one gets hurt.
Swara leans and kisses him on his cheek then stay in same position and tells him.
Swara: I promise topper I will be there with you in every step and will do my best to keep your both family together.
Then she again kisses on his cheek.

Raglak coughs from behind.
(OKAY so next few lines may consist some dirty talks which we casually do with our siblings and friends but tell me if you did not like it. I just used it here to reduce those romantic atmosphere. As much as I love romantic things but I need to show some friendship and usual teenage sister fight between Swaragini)
Ragini: If you guys want to make out or something you can come on back seat. I will drive and laksh will accompany me in passenger seat.
Swasan rolls their eyes.
Swara: Should you not be in mid of your making out session lado???
Ragini: Oh we finished it fast shona. You know I am fast.
Swara: Ewww lado.
Ragini: What!! You asked me that. You should see that coming.
Swara: Sorry I forgot that you are pro in these dirty talks and dirty deeds.
Ragini: If only someone provokes me.
Swara again rolls her eyes.
Swara: Shut up.
Ragini: What??? You can read it on your American novels but can’t hear it from me.
Swara: Reading is different and listening something like this from your twin sister and especially when she is with my best friend is different.
Ragini: You are being unfair.
Swara: Whatever.

Swara’s phone buzzes.
Swara opens the message from lucky.
“Is she really experienced in BS???”
Swara locks the phone again and turns to see Laksh.
Swara: Lucky I will kill you.
Sanskar: What happened???
Ragini: I think Swara is having panic attacks.
Sanskar: Oh my god. Give me a bottle of water.
Swara: Oh shut up you both.
Swara: See the message lado.
Ragini sees the message and angrily glares at him.
Laksh: Oh come on lado. We 3 know about you.
Ragini: You are asking sister of your girl friend that your girl friend is good enough in bad stuff or not!!!
Laksh: She is my best friend first.
Ragini: No my sister first.
Laksh: See I am 7 days elder to you, swara is 2 minutes few seconds elder to you so whose connection is first. Mine and swara or yours and Swara???
Ragini gives the phone to Swara and turns her face away from Laksh.
Laksh goes near Ragini and whispers in her ear.
Laksh: It’s okay I came to know that you are enough good. Remember today morning under the tree.
Ragini forgets her anger and start blushing.
Swara: What did you say to her that she just forgot her anger in blink of eye???
Laksh: I will tell you later shona.
Swara: But tell me….
Ragini: Don’t worry shona we all know. You both just need to be alone then you will know all thing about us and he will know everything about you both.
Laksh: As you are not going to say it to bhai.
Swalak gives a high- five on this.
Sanskar: Okay my dear brother, girl friend and best friend as much as I would love to listen your dirty talks and verbal fights but now get down we reached.

They all are in front of Mathur’s Palace.
Swara: Wow topper your palace is really beautiful.
Ragini: Yes even after being modern it has some traditional touch.
They all move inside.

Sanskar rings the bell.

Maid opens the door.
Sanskar: Hey aunty!!!
Made just gave him a half hearted smile.
Sanskar: Come on guys. Come in.
Maid: Who are they???
Sanskar: Aunty, girls are Swara and Ragini, my college friends and this is Lucky my broth…. I mean he is also my friend.
Mr. Mathur: Say it clearly Sanskar that he is your brother.
All get shocked.
Swara to herself: My instincts were right there is going to be something emotional. For god sake sanskar should get a chance to explain him. He can’t lose them and I can’t lose him. Please provide me the strength to do what I thought I will do if any such condition will arise.

Sanskar is shocked as hell. His lips are completely dry due to nervousness and even in January he is sweating. He is continuously wiping his palms. He is opening his mouth to say something but again close it due to lack of words again and again. It seems like even whole thesaurus will fail in giving him the word to explain his parents.

Laksh is more than ready to protect his brother and his family if any allegations will be made for hiding the truth.
Laksh to himself: I can’t back out this time. My brother and my family need me and I have to protect them. I know Mathurs are important for bhai and I will fully try to leave the thing as it is and more in their favour but the least I will want them to pressurize bhai to be their son only as the return of their favour without thinking about sentiments of bhai and my family.

Ragini is fully trying to clutch Laksh’s hand to hold him and not make the situation worse than already it is. Ragini has his hands over Laksh’s chest to calm him as she knows the last thing he will want is to hurt her.
Swara comes further and holds Sanskar’s hands to encourage him to say something otherwise he will lose the last chance he has to make his life less complicated. And if he will miss this chance then he will live in guilt for his entire life. She smiles at him and reassures him that she is here as she promised she will be. And then blink to confirm him that this is his family and he owes them an explanation and everything will be right when they are together.

Laksh moves forward to explain to mathurs but Ragini holds his hand and pull him back to give Sanskar a chance. Laksh is impatient so he again tries to do that but this time Ragini comes in front of him and and slides his hand inside his jacket to his chest to calm him and his sky rocketing heart beat. She keeps her head on his chest and says to him.
Ragini: Don’t worry lucky we all are together and cope up with the situation as we always do. Beside that Mathurs are topper’s family, It’s their right to be angry on him.
Slowly Ragini realises that his breath and heart beat both are normal now.

Sanskar: Papa… Believe me…..
Mr. Mathur comes forward to him with fuming face which is trying to hide the sadness of his losing his only son but it is clearly failing. Anyone can clearly see the sadness in his dark black eyes that he is saddest he ever would have not because he Sanskar has came to know about his real parents, because he knew someday when Sanskar will be young obviously he will come to know about his real family but he is sad because he is feeling dejected. Sanskar, their son, their life line came to know about his real family and didn’t even felt important to inform them.

Sanskar knows him and ready for any punishment his father will give him. If he wants to take his life he will willingly give it to him because he knows this life belongs to him and not because the favour mathurs had done on him but because of the love, care this family has given him. But he knows his father he will never punish his son. They may not be blood related but pain felt by Sanskar affects Mr. And Mrs, Mathur 100 times more than Sanskar. Sanskar knows his father will not even utter a word and if he is sad and broken he will just let him go to his real family saying that this does not affect hi but Sansar knows that his parents love him the most and the last they will want to sacrifice him but for his happiness they will happily do that without even a single wrinkle on their faces.

Mr. Mathur comes and slaps him.

Sanskar is not feeling insulted or bad, he is just relieved that his father is going to punish him, not leave him for the sake of his happiness.
Swara is shocked and still held Sanskar’s hand but now Sanskar’s hand is calming her and reassuring her that everything is fine.

Laksh again comes forward to save his brother but Ragini stops him saying every father has the right to slap his child if he thinks his son is wrong and has hurt him. Even when Laksh does not like mathurs to be called as his brother’s family but he can’t ignore the fact completely that he owe one to mathurs for taking care of him for so many years.

Ragini got angry by the slap but she knows she needs to be calm to handle Laksh. She wants to protect his best friend but she also knows that Mathurs has first right on him and no matter however the try to ignore the fact they never can. She thought to go to Swara and keep her in her emrace because she knows how much Swara gets scared of something emotional and tears but she knows Swara was already prepared for all this due to his instincts but Laksh needs to be composed.

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