Best friends 55

Best friends 55
Okay so if you find any mistake in my French then please forgive me actually I am now out of practice in French so there might be some mistakes however I have tried to avoid any mistake but still….
Thanks to you all for forgiving me and supporting my ff. You all are really best readers anyone can have. And I am really lucky. (Not laksh maheshwari kinda lucky but fortunate kind of lucky, just joking. Don’t mind)

THANKS Dharsha, Dhara, Shabrin, Amee, Shanaya, Atiya, Aashi, Mallable, Twinkle, Meesha, YashiJustin, Meghs, Ammu, Surbhi, Nive, Mithoo, Shanta, Ruhani.

THANKS to all of you.
SHABRIN: I am fine little sissy. I hope the best for you and why does it still affect will take some time. May be till tomorrow afternoon but yeah you will surely be reading it tomorrow.

AMEE: Oops. Yes you were when you said that you are not going to read it. for a second I thought I lost my sweet and interesting friend. Okay for you good sleep I will say that I did not expected this to be joke. But just for your good sleep haan!!! Just joking. Yes I am also sad for that that you have to wait. And you don’t worry about our friends. Our group name is freaking idiots because we always keep freaking like idiots. And don’t worry If our friends will kidnap me even then your love of giving me heart attacks will save me. Well trip was awesome. My trip was awesome. It was some 24 hour continuous driving. Well that was tiring but you know with friends it was fun also. We went to a village of Bihar, India and the people were really welcoming there. I loved it a lot. Actually I saw that their development is really slow but still they enjoy their life. You know they feel relieved unlike the people in cities always running for something. There people sleep at maximum 9 pm and wake up at some 4;30 or 5 am. You know instead of living in dirty area and cooking through woods they have lot better strength and immune system and all those literature stuff like beauty of a village. It’s greenery, small kids playing here and there. A lot. Its been only like 40 hours of mine being back and I am missing it.
And about French??? I read it for a year in school when I was in 9th but now I am slightly out of practice so I was afraid to use it.
Ahhh no. Not at all. You can ask me how much question you want. Exactly you have right. I live in Delhi, India. I am a full Delhitte. And obviously it was bigger than last one. Just seeing your name in comment box is enough to give me a big smile.
Don’t worry about those comments. Comment how much you want but yes one should be reserved for my heart attack and laughter. And one question from me. Where do you live?? In which state or city??? And whenever you get time from making people happy, What do you do??? And I don’t want to thank you because you are my friend but by keeping stone on my heart a hearty thank you for your reply on Shanta’s comment.
Okay this was the longest one I guess. I hope you don’t feel dizzy while seeing its length.
AASHI: I also missed you. That is so sweet of you. Well the other ff will take time till tomorrow. It is under construction right now. Just kidding. God bless you dear and all the best for your exams.

MALLABLE: I am glad you liked it my dear sis.
TWINKLE: okay I did not mind your confirming question. Well coming to my trip it was awesome.

YASHIJUSTIN: As amee told you that day in reply of your comment. Ap wants swaragini to be her dil. She is jealous of sumi sinch she has not these two angels as her daughters so she wants to steal them from Sumi by getting them married to her son and long drive will put them close.

MITHOO: Sorry to make you wait dear. But now I am here again and I will update it regularly.

SHANTA: Dear I try to manage them both but still if you don’t like it then I will surely try to put some Raglak moments.
RUHANI: I will try dear. I promise I will try my best.

So continue with the story:
Swaragsanlak again start journey after having food.
But this time Laksh is driving and Sanskar is on passenger seat and swarag are on back seat.

Ragini has pushed his set to tease Laksh so that she can wrap her arms around his neck and tease him while Swara and Sanskar are having conversation since Sanskar has turned his face backside to talk to her.

(And if you are doubting that if pairs have to talk then why they are not sitting beside each other so let me tell you that in the mid they are having sweet sibling and bestii time also)


Swara: why did you choose driving. I mean it will take approximately 38 or more hours???
Sanskar: You did not like this???
Swara: No. Ofcourse not. I am loving it with you.
Sanskar raises an eyebrow in surprise. Swara gulp audibly in nervousness.
Swara: Don’t fly so high topper. I am loving it with you, lado and lucky. And by the way since childhood I am fan of long drives.
Sanskar: Sure! Sure! Whatever makes you comfortable.
Swara: Topper. I am gonna kill you.
Sanskar: I have two eye witnesses. You can’t kill me.
Swara: Your eye witnesses are so busy with each other that no one will notice if I will throw you out of the car.


Ragini whispers into his ear: Hi
Laksh: What lado??? I am driving. (and giggles)
Ragini: Lucky Hi (she said in huskily manner)
Laksh: If you said this once more I swear to god I will stop driving and jump to the back seat and give you a tight bear hug.
Ragini: Then do that. Anyway the road is vacant so it won’t be a great damage.
Laksh: You are inviting me???
Ragini: Nope (popping the p). I am daring you.
Laksh: Now??? I mean we have bhai and shona with us.
Ragini: Oh please do you think when they both are together they are even going to notice what we are doing.
Laksh: Okay dare accepted.
And as laksh leaves the steering wheel ad turn backside to give his girl friend a tight hug the car collides to huge tree.

Sanskar: What the fudge!!!
Swara: I got a heart attack.
Ragini: You dumb head I was kidding.
Laksh: Ragini asked to do this.
(These all reactions came at the very next second car collided with tree and all the reaction came together)

After 5 minutes.
Sanskar: How can you do this???
Laksh: But bh.. (With a puppy face)
Ragini: I have given you right name. Dumb head.
Laksh: Only yo….. (with an angry glare)
Sanskar: Oh god. We should have taken Flight.
Laksh: Bhai li..
Ragini gets scared: No one will listen to you, You are such a…
Laksh looks at swara.
While Sanskar is busy in checking the car.
Sanskar: urghh!!! Lucky.
Laksh makes a puppy face like he is a kid and going to get punishment by his teacher.
Swara: Okay guys. Now anything can’t change so we should call some mechanic or something like cab.
Laksh sees Swara like she is his only hope of light and life.
Sanskar: That is not fair shona!!! He will do anything and you are there to save him. Urghhhh!!!
Swara: Topper that’s why we are known as best friends. And I will always be there so you forget about scolding him ever. Otherwise you don’t know what shona is capable to do if it comes to her friends. (And give him an evil smirk).

Laksh wipes a fake tear with his index finger.
Laksh: Thank you shona. That really means a lot. (And hitches his breath knowingly to make his drama influencive).
Sanskar comes to him and whispers it in his ears.
Sanskar: You are really lucky dude. I love your saviour so much otherwise I would have….
Laksh in reply whispers in his ear: Bhai don’t make a fool of yourself. You are scared of her.
Laksh laughs and Sanskar just give him a temple shot and then he also giggles mumbling “mad” inside his breath.

Sanskar has already called a mechanic which said that it will take 45 minutes to reach him and since the defect is not that big so it will only take him half an hour to do it correct.

Now Swasan are enjoying alone and Ragini is trying to cope up with Laksh’s mood.


Sanskar: I wish the weather to be rainy.
Swara: Why??? As much as I remember you used to love winters.
Sanskar: I still do.
Swara: Then why do you want it to rain???
Sanskar: Because only my wet hair can turn you on.
Swara sees him and blush.
Sanskar: Oh god I think you should declare your complexion red.
Swara eyes him questioningly.
Sanskar: Nowadays you blush every time we talk and I am not going to leave you in any condition not even in eternity so you will always blush. Don’t you think in that case you should declare it???
Swara to herself: Is he making life time commitment to me??? I mean I know we are not going to leave each other but still The Sanskar who is good in everything is making a life time commitment to me. Should I ask him??? No shona he might have casually said that and if you will ask him may be he will leave you thinking how I am freaking out over such a small statement. I don’t want my tiny ansh bubble to break so soon, do I???
Swara smiles.
Swara: I am not blushing.
Sanskar: You are.
Swara: No I am not.
Sanskar: So my voice does not affect you??
Swara shakes her head and Sanskar comes in front of her and reduces the distance.
Sanskar: Neither our closeness.
Swara again shakes her head. Sanskar again reduces the distance and holds her by her waist and uses the index finger of other hand to touch her face. Then he slides his finger from her cheek to her neck…
Sanskar: Neither my touch.
Swara again shakes her head but just a little movement as her the butterflies moving in her stomach and goosebumps all over her skin is blocking her mind to think anything other than enjoying her guy’s touch. Sanskar makes her eyes close by his hand and reduces distance between them. Now only their clothes are separating them. Sanskar keeps his head in the crook of her neck and inhales her fragrance by the deepest breathe he ever had. Swara also does the same and this makes sanskar smiles.
Sanskar’s heart beats are sky rocketing and their closeness are sending shivers to both of them. Sanskar can feel the shivering in her body.
Sanskar is happy that he is and only he is able to do this to this girl. This is giving a different kind of empowering and strong feeling to him. Sanskar’s hand is making circles on the naked skin of her waist due to her short top and due to shivering she mover her head slightly to give a comfortable position to him and with the request to him that he should not stop.
This all feeling is new to her. She is just lost in the moment and wants this to end forever. Her heart is pounding in her chest and she is scared to death that whether it is audible to him or not.
Swara give a peck on her neck which melts her knees to poodle. He is holding her as he would never let her go away from him and even she wants the same but she is scared to be so depend on him. Still she does not want to ruin this moment because if her stupid fear. Swara tilts her neck to give him a better angle.
Sanskar caresses the spot he has kissed by his thumb and start moving his thumb to her collar bone then jaw line and finally on her lower lip. With his each movement she tilts her head in different direction to give him a better angle.
Sanskar keeps his both hand on her cheeks and from preventing herself from falling to ground she wraps her both hand on his neck.
Sanskar leans toward her and reducing the 0 distance to minus he touches her forhead.
Their lips are in the condition that if any one will pout lips it will brush to the other one’s.
Sanskar: Does it all affect shona???
Swara says nothing in reply just smiles and closes her eyes.
Sanskar: It should affect you because your voice, your touch everything belongs to you affect me like hell.
Sanskar and Swara both tries to reduce the distance between their lips but in the exact time his phone rings………………….
Sanskar curses that person inside his breath but keeps her hand on swara’s waist as he knows her knees are weak and when she says that she will manage then he leaves her.
Swara smiles on his gentle behaviour.
Swara to herself: Oh god save me from falling for him with the speed of light. How can anyone restrict oneself from falling for him.
(I really love those guys who holds girl’s waist after kissing to give time to be comfortable with jelly knees).


Laksh: What are you doing here??? Miss Ragini you should not spend time with this dumb head.
Ragini: Why are you so serious??? That was just a harmless prank.
Laksh: Oh and calling me dumb head always is also harm less!!! Making me culprit when I did not even do that is also not harmless!!! Wow Lado.
Ragini: I always call you that. Why are you making it a big deal???
Laksh: That is the problem lado. Sometime I think that you are confused in friendship and love. Sometime it appears like you need me as a friend but you are not able to understand that.
Ragini is stunned and fuming with anger. She is frowning.
Tears are taking its place in her eyes.
Laksh whose back is facing Ragini continues.
Laksh: Sometime I think like you just enjoy with me and you don’t want to loe me and I love you so you also told the same. Laksh turns back to see lado but she went long ago away from him.
Laksh screams: Ladoooo

Ragini is crying sitting under a tree.
Ragini to herself: How can he even say like that??? I am confused!!! I only love him as a friend nothing else!!! How could he??? No one has the right to decide what I feel. If I would have not loved him why I cried every night when I thought shona and lucky love each other. Why my heart had that painful feeling whenever he used to say that he is going on a date with any girl.
Lately when he started complementing me why every day I tried to look extra ordinary just because I wanted him to complement me every second of the day. Why his one smile is enough to make my day???
And he is saying that I only love him as a friend. I am confused!!! I hate him. I love him but I hate him so much this moment.
Wait a second. It may be my fault also. I always thought that if I will change from his friend lado to girl friend lado then he will stop loving me because he had loved that lado. Suddenly I am feeling guilty that I could not even make him realize that I want him more than a friend. I always wanted him more than a friend. Aarav was also a distraction because I thought someone like lucky will never love me. I always thought him as that star which is available to just see and praise not for touching and getting it into your home.
But now I don’t care if he is a star or not. I have gotten him and now nothing in the world can make me lose him.
Laksh sees Ragini sitting under tree with a naughty smirk on her face.
Laksh: You are here!!! I tried so hard to find you and you are hiding your beautiful face here.
Laksh comes near her and see the traces of tears.
Laksh: You were crying???
Ragini just turns her head because no matter how much she is feeling guilty but Laksh is also at fault.
Laksh: See that is why I think you can never love me like more than a friend. I made you cry. Oh god how can I even do that!!! I should be punished. Punish me lado.
Ragini: If you will not shut your mouth up I will shut your mouth.
Laksh takes his time to understand but being the dumb head he is, he takes it other way.

Laksh: No let me apologize and I am here to bear any punish……..
The next thing laksh knew was that the most beautiful girl of this world is kissing him. His love is giving him his first kiss.
At this moment Laksh can sacrifice everything he has to continue this moment to eternity.
Ragini just suddenly moved forward and leans against him. And the time till laksh could guess what is happening around him, he felt a soft thing like fur on his lips.
Though it was not an open mouth kiss. It was just a soft lip lock but enough to turn laksh on and put Ragini on fire. Enough to turn Ragini’s knees in jelly.

Laksh keeps his one hand on her waist and other on her back to caress it.
Ragini’s fingers are playing with his silky hairs.
They don’t know how long that kiss was but human nature does not allow them to hold their breath more than this.
They both leave other lips but laksh arms are still on her back and Ragini’s arms are resting on her shoulder.
Laksh leans to touch ragini’s forehead.
Laksh: Woah Lado !!! What was that for???
Ragini: Because I love you more than a friend. (says while struggling for breathe).
Ragini: I always loved you more than a friend lucky and really I am sorry I falied to make you realize this.
Laksh: No its…
Ragini cuts him off.
Ragini: No lucky listen to me. You should say sorry for what you said to me few minutes ago but let me complete first. Lucky I love you as a friend, this is 100% true but I don’t only love you as my friend. I need you obviously but this is not like that you are not my wish. You are my wish lucky.
Ragini: One more thing never ever say that I am confused because I am not that typical girl of soap operas who will hesitate to keep her opinion.
Laksh cocks his eyebrows in surprise.
Ragini: Okay I agree I hesitate in outer world but I won’t hesitate in front of you. If I am saying that I love you means I love you damn it.
And at this very moment tears again start falling from her eyes.

Laksh wipes her tear by his thumb and again leans his head on her forehead.
Laksh: I am so sorry. I am really a dumb head. I don’t know form where did I say that. It is just lado that I am scared. If you will reject me at this moment I will be able to manage but I swear after next moment if you ever tried to leave me I will not be able to live.
Ragini looks at him and Laksh grins.
Laksh: But now I know you will never leave me.
Finally both smiles.
Laksh’s thumb start sliding from her cheek to her jaw line and then her collar bone. Laks moves forward to kiss her again.
Ragini moves back.
Ragini: First promise me you will never ever say like that.
Laksh: Well if every time these talk will end with such a climax then I will surely do that next time.
Ragini elbowed him and he growls in pain.
Laksh: Ow that hurts.
Ragini: Your talks also.
Laksh again takes her thumb up to her cheek and starts making patterns over there,
Laksh: I am sorry.

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