Best friends 54

Best friends 54

Thanks a lot for reading and commenting,

AND if you are angry and not in mood of continuing with my ff then let me tell you it was not my fault. My idiot friends suddenly planned a research on rural areas as last week was free. They thought it would be fun and it was even I learnt many things about rural areas which will help me in future while writing about places like that. But the bad part was – that you are not allowed to take phones and laptop with you as you need to concentrate on the research work the only thing allowed was HandiCam. SO I hope after understanding my situation you will forgive me. Right????
AND from next Wednesday I am free so I will surely try to compensate last week. And I will try to update 2 posts a day from Wednesday. Now you forgave me???
My eyes are closed and fingers are crossed.

Thanks Sravani, Bhagi, Dharsha, Meghs, Hayathi, Aashi, Vaishnavi, Surbhi, Shabrin, Shanaya, Mithoo, Misha, Amee, Atiya, Aditi Singh, Deepu, Nive, Priyanshi, Riya, Twinkle, Mallable.

AASHI: Swasan will confess in next 3-4 episodes. And don’t worry I won’t separate mathurs and their child. That will be rude and sad and I hate when my characters cry.

MEGHS: I am glad you liked it. Yipee!!!

Vaishnavi: what to do??? I am habitual of saying thank you and sorry but I will try to remember that. That so sweet of you but obviously I will tell you to concentrate on exams because we can catch up later. So don’t worry about comments and all the best for studies.

SHABRIN: Now you are thanking me little sissy!!! There is no need of that.

MITHOO: That is so sweet of you. Even I want to update but what to do studies sucks. And you don’t need to thank me. Pleasure is all mine.

AMEE: Obviously I love your comments. I was waiting for your comment that day to see what heart attack you have planned for me. And don’t worry about my friends your attack was the biggest one. And even today your comment made me laugh. I tried to say thanks but you know could not. Actually you are my friend and I don’t thank my friend so I will wrap this thank again for some stranger. And you better give the major heart attack next day. I am fond of these attacks. Love you too.

ATIYA: NO need to comment regularly dear. You just read it n that is enough for me.

DEEPU: She will be in next 2-3 posts she will be romantic.

RIYA: That is so sweet of you!!! God bless you.

TWINKLE: You broke my heart!!! I thought we are already friends. But it’s okay I will stitch it again after all my friends live in my heart and I can’t lose them.

MALLABLE: Yeah but he is just being extra possessive about his brother after all he has met him after 10 years.

Ragini and Laksh were hugging each other then Laksh suddenly screams.
Laksh: Ohhh!!! How can I do this???
Ragini: What happened???
Laksh: I forgot bhai’s phone in bhai’s room.
Ragini: But when???
Laksh: When in the morning we all went into room then by mistake I just kept it there.
Ragini: You dumb head!!! How could you??? You very well know that if Mathurs would have seen or read about that news they might be calling him and you left his phone in his room!!!
Laksh: I know lado maa. Now don’t need to shout. My fault. But now please let’s go to his room otherwise Mathurs will seriously call.

Swara is tensed in his room and waiting for Sanskar to finish his conversation.
Sanskar: Mumma!!! How are you???
MR. Mathur: Sanskar. I am this side. Before you panic let me tell you, your mumma is fine. Sanskar, can you just manage to come here???
Sanskar: Yes papa. Why are you even asking me??? You just tell me and I will be there.
Sanskar disconnects the phone and looks at swara.
Swara gulps audibly thinking about Sanskar’s reaction.
Sanskar: What happened to you now??? Why are you so tense???
Swara: What did Mr. Mathur say???
Sanskar: He just wants me to visit them once.
Swara: Nothing else!!! You are not hiding something from me, are you???
Sanskar: No madam!!! How can I even dare!!!
Swara: Good for you master.
Sanskar: I have an idea. You also come with me.
Swara: What about the NGO. We have classes there.
Sanskar: I will talk to Maa to either postpone them.
Swara: Okay. But topper are you sure you don’t have to tell me anything else.
Sanskar: I should ask this question to you. Since morning you are behaving different.
Swara: No I am fine. See Hahaha.
She pretends to laugh but inside she is scared for maheshwaris and gadodias that they will lose sanskar again.

Sanskar comes to her and hugs her.
Sanskar: I know there is something which is disturbing you but don’t worry I won’t force you to say. I will wait. Whenever you feel like talking you can tell me.
Swara smiles half hearted.
Sanskar: This trip will be fun. I promise you won’t regret this.
(Swara gets relieved).
Ragini and Laksh just enter into room and get surprised listening the word trip.
Laksh: Where are we going???
Swara: To Mumbai.
Laksh: Wow! Its been long time. I guess last was your concert of high school shona.
Ragini: Mine was even earlier than that.
Sanskar looks at swara and says.
Sanskar: When did I say that we all are going???
Ragini: Oh topper you should have guessed because I, shona and this dumbo comes in package.
Sanskar: Fine but we are driving to Mumbai.
Laksh: I am okay but you and lado take care about the permissions.
Sanlak looks at swaragini for the permission of driving.
Swara bits her lower lip which clears everyone that there is something off about her.
Ragini: I am also cool and don’t worry about shona I know why she is upset. You guys go and do some packing I will talk to her.
Sanskar: Lado you should not spend this much time with lucky. Lado this is our room so you girls go.

Ragini: Thanks for the best suggestion topper. You are a true friend.
(And bow her head to thank him)
Sanskar: Anytime bestii.
Laksh: You both don’t feel relieved until you irritate me, right??? Only shona is mine.
On this swara gives a smile but again not a smile which can reach her eyes.
Sanskar looks at Ragini and in reply she just comforts him by blinking in order to say that she will manage.
Laksh hugs Swara and pull her cheeks.

They get permission. Elders thought that if Mathurs do not know about news then they all can discuss it later and this will be a nice trip for kids. Initially elders told them to take flight but Ap also supported kids for the driving so everyone gave in and allowed them to drive to Mumbai.
(You all can guess that why Ap supported them for driving, right???)
During packing when Ragini asked Swara then Swara told her that her girly instincts are saying that something emotional is going to happen and as we all know that Swara wants to run from emotional conditions so that is why she is scared. Ragini asked to her be calm and to enjoy such a long journey with them and especially with Sanskar.
Swara grins for this so she gets relieved.

They all have started from Sanlak mansion ½ an hour ago. Sanskar is on driving seat, swara is on passenger whereas Raglak on back seat.
They all are laughing due to silly jokes.
Laksh’s one arm is on ragini shoulder where as ragini’s head is rested on Laksh’s shoulder. Fingers of their hands are intertwined and Ragini is using her one hand to beat laksh.
Sanskar is driving so his one hand is on steering wheel and fingers of other hand is intertwined with fingers of swara hand while swara is using her other hand to hide her face as she is blushing and she does not want anyone to see her blushing. (This won’t match her image, you know??? I know you guys know.)

Laksh: I have spare sim card. Let’s fake call someone.
Swara: Yes like we used to do in school times.
Ragini: You know topper we all always used to keep one or two extra sim cards with fake names so that we can fake call in our lunch and free periods.
Sanskar: That would have been so much fun!!
Swara: It was topper. Oh god!!! Sometimes one fake call used to make us laugh like jombie for one period.
Sanskar: I wish I would be there.
Swara: Me too.
Swasan have a sweet eyelock.
Laksh: Love birds back to earth and bhai what happened if you missed all those but we will show you now.
Ragini: Lucky, why did you stop them??? Shona was blushing deep red. It was a rare view.
Swara: I was not blushing lado.
Sanraglak giggles on Swara’s denial.
Laksh: So who will be our first target???
Ragini: Let’s call dominos and ask the recipe of some pizzas.
Laksh: We had done that already,
Swara: Let’s do it again.

Laksh call’s Dominos.
Boy: Welcome to Dominos, what you would like to order.
Laksh: A recipe of your speciality and an address of a grocery story so I will be able to buy cheese from there.
Man: Sir but we can’t do that.
Laksh: You work in Dominos and you don’t know how to make pizza!!!
Boy: Sir our work rule does not allow this.
Laksh: What does not it allow, to make pizza???
Boy: NO sir to tell you the recipe.
Laksh: Useless.
Laksh disconnects the call.
No one laughs except Sanskar
Laksh: See I told you. This won’t be fun.
Swara: Let’s call your girlfriend who slapped you.
Laksh: This will be fun.
Laksh connects the call and give the phone to swara.
Swara: Hello.
Girl: Who is this???
Swara: What will you do of my name??? Let me tell you your current boyfriend is cheating on you.
Girl: With you???
Swara: No with my brother.

(It was easy for Raglak but Sanskar who was doing this first time does not know how to control laugh so he burst in laughter just at the peak time).
Swara disconnects the call and Swaraglak glares at Sanskar
Sanskar: Sorry but I could not handle.
All then burst into laughter.
They make many fake calls, one to neighbour aunty who taunts Swara for being so rough and modern by saying her that her daughter eloped, one to a cocky boy from their school and few others.
(I know I am not good in this fake call section. Sorry).

Ragini: I am hungry.
Swara: Me too.
Sanlak give the girls same look of “really again!!!”
Swara: What!!! We did not even do our breakfast properly.
Laksh: Sure!!! Sure!!!

They take a stop at a small restaurant. A small but very beautiful. As this is not the main time so restaurant is empty. Just waiters are there. There is a small fountain at the entrance and a smaller one at the backside also. But the fountain in the backside is surrounded by small stones which is giving a look of small hill and waterfall.
At the walls of restaurant some sentences are written in French.
« Beauté existe dans spectateur yeux »
Laksh : Shona what does that mean ???

Sanskar : How will she know ??? Its in french.
Laksh : Bhai don’t underestimate the power of Gadodia sisters. They have a craze of wondering each and every corner of the world and learn each and every language. Even if it is regional or local.
Sanskar : Oh !!! What does this mean shona and lado.
Ragini : Beauty exists in spectator’s eyes
Laksh : OH that is why I consider you beautiful. Its not your beauty its the magic of my eyes.
Ragini hits laksh and they continue reading lines.
« If tu as dans aiment alors tu as la extrêmement chanceux mais malheureusement aussi la extrêmement désolé personne dans la monde »
Sanlak look at swaragini with questioningly expression.
Swara : If you are in love then you are the happiest but unfortunately also the saddest person in the world.
Sanskar : Bullshit. I am in love and the happiest and not even a bit sad.
Ragini : You know topper there is a saying in french « épris quelqu’un – tout facile mais étant toujours dans aiment – non ainsi facile »
Sanskar looks at her.

Swara : loving someone is really easy but being always in love with the same person is not easy.
Ragini : Yeah so don’t take this love thing easy.
Sanlak in unison : Whatever. Then all laugh.
Laksh : But why everything is written in french here ???
Man : Sir words of french has its own beauty.
Laksh : Okay.
Man : Sorry sir. I know we are late in service. As this is morning time so we don’t expect customers that is why it took time.
Sanskar : It’s okay.
They all do breakfast there and leave.

If you are thinking that why Swara was behaving like that then let me tell you that she knows Mathurs are most important for Sanskar but she also does not want Sanskar to leave Maheshwaris. One more thing Ragini has always dreamt of love so being in love and blushing is not new for her that is why she is normal but about Swara, she has never dreamt of being in love that is why her reactions are awkward. She now believes in love and love Sanskar but she is not ready to feel that change and sparks in her behaviour. She wants to be the old Swara which is getting difficult and that is disturbing her mind.
So to all those readers who want to see Swara little more romantic will have to wait for 2-3 more posts.

Next thing is why Laksh was behaving like that??? He has seen his family sobbing for Sanskar so after these many years when he has gotten his brother back he just does not want him to share. He understands that Mathur is also important for Sanskar but he is afraid that what if Mathurs will ask sanskar to leave maheshwaris and in opposite of favour Sanskar will leave them. I think his fear is casual.

Ragini is so chilled about all these and not afraid like swara and laksh because she has not seen their family crying. Remember both the family and swalak used to behave normally with her not let her knowing about past so that is why she has not seen them sobbing which swalak have seen that is why swalak are afraid whereas ragini is not.

Third thing: I know you don’t want me to separate Mathurs and Sanskar and believe me I was not even thinking like that. I am going to show Sanskar’s and Swara’s problem in handling mathurs and maheshwaris together and Ragini and Laksh’s struggle with their friends and siblings. And obviously Swara will be closer to Mathurs and she will also try to impress Mathurs for two reasons. First she does not want Sanskar to chose one between maheshwaris and mathurs and second she knows how important mathurs are for Sanskar so surely she will try to coo them.

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