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AMEE: Well dear that was minor and don’t worry you are not the only one on my friends list to give me heart attacks. And your favourite sanky won’t be sad. I mean obviously he will be but their friendship is like something from heaven to eternity so nothing will happen. And yes he is really cute. Even I can’t see him sad. Well for my replies on your comments you can thank either my photographic memory or the fact that we can open more than one tabs at a time in opera mini. And I also love to read comments but now a days your comments are my favourite as I really love to get attacks. Next thing I really really expected something like this from you on my bad updater statement. Really I swear so it was not that shocking. And I can’t stop laughing while reading your comments. It is really a stress buster. Well I know I update late but I also know that my readers are quite cooperative and they will understand as you understood. God bless you dear. Your comment was really really shocking but I loved it. And I mean it.
MALLABLE: You know what I will reply the last part first. So yes I surely will be your friend. I am always open for friendship. Allah bless you too dear. And no there will be no misunderstanding between them. You know like family mathurs will be angry on sanky to hide the truth and as a normal parents will forgive him soon.
BHAGI: No they won’t get separated.
VAISHNAVI: No this won’t affect their friendship at all and even will help in making it strong. And I am okay it is just that winter break finished and now I college, tuitions all keep me busy like hell. I also love your comment and I love you too. I love your concern for me but I won’t say thanks for that and you know the reason.
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ADITI SINGH: Even I know that but I love it that even after updating late you guys read and appreciate.
MEESHA: Don’t worry about the misunderstanding. It will end soon.
SHABRIN: Well little sissy I am glad you like it. God bless you with your studies. I think your exams are really close.
MEGHS: No bestii won’t get separated. Don’t worry.
DEEPU: Well thanks if you like it. And even I hope to complete century.

Sanskar comes downstairs followed by Swaraglak .
Dp is talking to someone over phone.
Dp: I don’t know anything I don’t want this news to get telecasted……………………….. yes it is our family matter……………………………….. Do it as soon as you can…………………………….. No 3 hours will be too much. You just have 1 hour to stop telecasting it.
(these dots are just replacement of the voice on the other side of phone).
Dp to Shekhar (being unaware of sanskar’s presence): In 1 hour or less news won’t get telecasted. I have send message to each and every channel. Now what we have to manage about is this news paper.
Shekhar: Oh don’t worry about that I collected information through my sources this is a local newspaper and this news has not got published in any national newspaper.
Dadi: well this is nice. I don’t want this news to reach Mumbai.
Sanskar confused through everyone’s behaviour start grabing everyone’s attention.
Sanskar: What the hell has happened??? Dad, why were you freaking out on news channels??? And papa you what sources!!! What news has been out??? Is this going to cause any harm to our reputation in market???
Ap: It is nothing important Ansh. Your dad and papa will manage.
Sanskar: No there is obviously something, from morning everyone is behaving weird. What you guys are hiding and why???
Sumi: Ansh, Chill down. Okay we will talk but first get freshen up then while having breakfast we will talk. Does that make you feel better???
Sanskar: okay maa. (leaves with happy mood).
Swaraglak follows him.

On the stairs swara to Raglak
Swara: I think we should prepare him emotionally for something bad.
Laksh: But its not necessary that bad is going to happen.
Ragini: Oh freaking hell you dumb head. Mathurs are such a big name!! Do you think that they would not have heard this news about their son?
Laksh: He is son of my mom and dad.
Ragini: But also of mathurs. They have handled him like their own son lucky and most important I think topper is 1000 times closer to mathurs than he is to uncle and aunty.
Laksh: My mom and dad are his biological parents, lado.
Ragini: I don’t know about that, I just know that topper won’t be able to handle if something will happen to them because of his real family and neither he can bear mathurs’ hatred because of not letting them know the truth.
Swara: Seriously guys. You are going to discuss this right now!!! And lucky lado is right he loves mathurs. You very well know that he is on emotionally weak phase. I know he does not show but you can see that in his eyes that he is trying to adjust with uncle aunty and maa papa. He is trying his best to confront mathurs about the truth but can’t because he does not want to lose them. We all will have to understand lucky that topper is trying to adjust with our families. And we all have promised him that we will give him his time. Now why the freaking hell is you reacting like this???
Laksh: Because I want my bhai back not as our best friend shona but as my bhai, as my parents’ son. And is it that difficult for him to adjust with his biological parents??? I don’t think that. I agree he was lost, mathurs handled them but this was not our family’s fault. You are just thinking about your boyfriend; just for once think about our family also. They have waited for 10 years and now when they have got their son, I have got my bhai we have to share him.
(Laksh storms out of there angrily and frustrated).
Swara: I did not mean to hurt him lado but this is not topper’s fault either.
Ragini: I know. You don’t worry I know he is on terrace I will go and talk to him. You go and talk to topper. He needs that warning bell so that would not hurt him more and I have a feeling something bad going to happen between him and mathurs.
Swara: I also feel the same and I know they will get this news not now then some time else but I think they will get to know it soon and I just hope results to be not that bad.
Ragini: Me too.

Swasan in Sanlak’s room: (well let me tell you sanskar’s room will be ready tomorrow)
Sanskar is trying to dry his hair through his towel since he has taken shower few minutes ago (don’t worry he is in his full clothe so noting steamy)
Swara whistles seeing him.
Sanskar: What are you doing here??? Following me??? If yes then why???
Swara: Such an unromantic person you are!!! Your girl has come to meet you. You know how much effort does it take to climb all stairs and you are asking her why she is following you. (with each sentence she comes near him).
Sanksar: Okay so my girl is in romantic mood!!! Its you or I am dreaming???
Swara: Leave it now you spoilt my mood.
Sanskar: And what should I do to turn it on again??? This chocolate will work???
Swara: Yeah partially but and fully with icing of a condition.
Sanskar: Okay what is it???
Swara: you won’t tell anyone that I was being romantic.
Sanskar: Such an impossible person you are!!! Well at least tell me what has turned your mood on so I can try it everytime.
Swara: Your wet hairs and that news. You know. Shit!!! (Swara hits her head with her hand).
Sanskar: so you find wet hairs attractive???
Swara thanks god in her breath that he did not mind the news.
Swara: Yes but obviously the one because of water not of sweat.
Sanskar: Okay and that news. One sec what news??? Tell me what news that everyone knows except me.
Swara to herself: Give me my thanks back god. I forgot why I was here for. Oh god his wet hairs. I should tell him.
Swara keeps her one hand on his cheek and by other see holds his one hand and Sanskar holds her waist by his other hand.
Sanskar amused by sudden closeness by swara.
Sanskar: I did not know news was about that you are going to kiss me.
Swara glares him angrily.
Swara: Control topper. I am not going to kiss you at least not in your house and don’t look at me like this otherwise you are going to lose this closeness too. I have to say something important and you better listen to me completely instead of looking me with this hot smile and your wet hairs are really distracting me.
Sanskar: Well for now this closeness is enough that does not mean that I won’t like if you will kiss me but yes this is also okay.
Swara glares him angrily.
Sanskar notices seriousness in her eyes.
Sanskar: Hey sorry shona. I just went with the flow. Actually you are looking so pretty and I thought we were in romance phase…….Sorry I did not guess you are this much serious. I am sorry shona…………………… Your serious face is making me scared. What was so scary about that news. Tell me please.
Swara: Topper you know right that we will be with you always. Irrespective of the fact that you are right or wrong.
Sanskar: Now it is getting in my nerves. You told me it was serious and now you are telling me that everyone loves me. What is this??? Obviously I know….
Swara interrupts him.
Swara: See something wrong has been published on newspaper and telecasting now on news channels but there is nothing that you cannot handle, there is nothing that we all can’t handle.
Sanskar: Shona what has happened???
Swara: Nothing big. It was just going to happen in few day but this is wrong time and wrong source through which news is spreading.
Sanskar: Has someone told our family about us??? I mean wrong timing because you don’t want this to happen now and wrong person because we have not told them???
(Sanskar has got that there is something big. He knows that emotional and serious swara is not something which anyone easily sees. It only comes when something bad is going to happen but he does not want to push swara. He knows that swara is not going to tell him and he very well knows that their family will be happiest if they ever come to know about swasan but he is just doing this to make swara happy and light).
Swara: Topper, now you are getting in my nerves.
Sanskar gives her a fake smile.
Sanskar: Its not my fault. You are so close to me; we are alone in this room so how can my mind go anywhere else.
Swara: okay so leave me.
Sanskar: I didn’t say I don’t like it.
Swara blushes deep red.
Sanskar hears someone’s phone ringing.
Sanskar: Oh wow I found my phone.
(He leaves swara to take the call and swara panics thinking that it will be from mathurs).

RAGLAK on the terrace:

Laksh is standing on the corner of terrace when ragini comes there.
Ragini smiles seeing him there.
Ragini comes and stand beside him.
Ragini: lucky,
Laksh: I don’t want to talk to anyone.
Ragini: I think you know that I am not some random anyone.
Laksh turns his face to face ragini.
Laksh: Lado I am just saying that it’s not my family’s fault. So I won’t let my parents suffer due to some random family.
Ragini: Lucky, I very well know that you want to keep topper to your family but try to think from topper’s and mathurs’ side also. It is not their fault either.
Laksh: I know. Why things can’t be simple??? I want things to be plane. If I got my bhai back then I just got him I don’t want to share with him with another family.
Ragini: Are you mad lucky??? Have you ever thought about that family or topper. You just want your bhai back!!! Just think about them once. Mathurs has given him family love lucky. Always blood is not everything. Relation between you and my maa is not connected with blood then can you hurt her.
Laksh: No. Never. She is just like my mom.
Ragini: Topper has spent his most important phase with Mr. And Mrs. Mathur and that too accepting them as his mom and dad then how can he hurt them by saying that now he does not need then as he has got his real parents. And topper do you think he will be happy with you all if Mathurs will ever leave him. Lucky I know this is hard but this is the fact that currently our families are second for him. And can have equal position has to mathurs if we will give both of them time to accept us.
Ragini: Suppose if your family would have adopted any other child just to fill the place topper had at that time. And now if we would have got our real ansh ten can you imagine the situation. Can you imagine what difficulties topper would have to face??? Just think lucky.
Laksh: Now I can understand what you are saying. I guess that is why mom and dad have give bhai his time to accept us.
Ragini: Yes and if you want your bhai to be with you and our families then we will have to accept mathurs as our family.
Laksh: Are you serious??? You mean to say you are going to join a third wheel in two wheelers. That would only make the situation horrible. Do you think dad and uncle can share their friendship between other person. Mom and aunty!!!
Ragini: But we all can try for topper and for us too.
Laksh: How is this going to help us???
Ragini: See if we will accept mathurs our family then topper won’t have to choose between mathurs and us. And moreover topper really need both of his family in this condition. Think what is he going through. He has to choose between two most important things.
Laksh: I am sure you will leave me in few months.
Ragini takes her time to understand what he is really saying.
Ragini: And why is that???
Laksh: You are so nice lado. You are beautiful. You have a beauty inside out. Actually you are most beautiful. (With each words he reduces the gap between them and intertwine his fingers with her fingers)
Ragini blushes.
Laksh: Please lado. Don’t leave me ever. I need you for the rest of my life. I need your advice whenever I over react on something. I need you to pacify me. I need to see this beautiful face every day. I need to be this close to you every day. I need you to fight with me. I need you to love me. I need you to hear me with full concentration irrespective of whatever nonsense I am saying. I need you lado.
(he is now this close to her that she can feel his hot breath on her cheeks and thick voice directly in her ear)
Laksh: Please lado. Make me the happiest person right now and for full life. Promise me you will never leave me.
Ragini: I promise lucky because I also need you as much as you need me. And even more. I need you to trust me blindly that I know you already do. I need you to let me win in our fight. I need you to protect me from every outsider that I know you and shona always do.
(Laksh chuckles on this)
Ragini: I need you because I love you. I know I have realized it later but I love from the moment you trusted me blindly. You never thought that I can even think to cheat shona. And may be before than that but why I am saying this now. It does not matter that when I fell for you. What matters is that I love you and I am completely yours for this life and may be next one also so you don’t need to make me promise that I will be always there for you because I am not going to leave you. I love you lucky.
Laksh: I love you too lado. More than anything. I love you. You know I thought that we will have something romantic and nice set up when I will confess that I love you and I need you for the rest of my life but now I think that those words from your mouth and that too for me is enough to make even scorching romantic.
Both smiles and hug each other tightly.

Precap: That call and swaragsanlak visit to Mumbai. Something romantic, friendship, emotional and many more things.

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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