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THANKS FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT. I know you guys are thinking that friendship is my priority then let me tell you that after in coming posts there will be love, romance and problems they will face in their relation as a teenager and college going person and how they will deal with it by managing their old friendship and new love relation. And yes I am better in writing friendship than in love and romance. But I will try my best to manage it.

THANKS Vinay Karthik, Vaishnavi, Mallable, Sravya, Jyoti, Shabrin, Bhagi, Nive, Aashi, Meesha, Twinkle, Angel, Hayathi, Radika, Surbhi, Shanta, Meghs, Taiana, Mithoo, Yush, Tooba, Aditi Singh, Deepu, Amee,
VINAY KARTHIK: Oh you don’t need to be sorry and take care of your dad. I will surely pray for him and god never refuses my pray. So you don’t need to be worry about him.
VAISHNAVI: Yes fron upcoming episode you will surely see it. I promise.
MALLABLE: I should say sorry to make you wait but now you are my sis so I won’t say that. I will just say that from tomorrow I will surely update it regularly.
SHABRIN: Today I am going to update the next part of my other ff and it will be surely long to compensate late updates. God bless you little sissy.
NIVE: Okay now don’t be angry I will make sure that any thanks and sorry won’t be in my comment.
AASHI: If you want their lovey dovey confession then you have to wait sometime as first I will sort out this shocking news which will be in today’s episode. And My health is really fine. Love you too dear. God bless you.
MEESHA: Yeah I know that but I promise in upcoming episode you will surely see enough love between them.
ANGEL: I am not at all hurt dear. I will surely make a swalak ff after ending this one. I promise. And I don’t break my promises.
TWINKLE: I read about it. I wiil think about it but it will be possible only after ending this one because you know it will affect my study and my mom will cut my pocket money if I won’t score good marks. Just kidding but yes my mom is a bit possessive of my marks.
SHANTA: Surely dear from tomorrow you will see enough ragalk moment. I promise.
MEGHS: Obviously I understand friendship rule and I will surely remember it next time.
MITHOO: on this link you can read each and every episode of best friends. I am glad you like it.
YUSH: I am honoured that my ff is the first on which you commented. Well this time it is not kidnapping and you will see everyone’s love toward sanskar but as you have written about ragini then next time surely it will be ragini who will get everyone’s love toward her.
ADITI SINGH: its okay you really don’t need to apologize for late comment. You just read it.
AMEE: Hey I won’t say you great next time this one was minor but next time you can give me major heart attack. Hahaha just kidding but loved the style you commented. And surely you can make me fool any day but don’t worry dear I will make it even.

At restaurant while having dinner:
Ragini: okay now when I have food in front of my eyes and I am not also craving so shona you can tell me about the agreement.
Swara: Oh yeah. See we will have agreement over how we are going to work with friendship and love stuff.
Ragini: You said love. Like seriously L.O.V.E love.
Swara: I know the spelling of that L word so you don’t need to spell that for me.
Ragini: wow topper you really changed my sister.
Laksh: Ae no one will change my shona I love her like this only.
Ragini: oh yes full world rotate around this lucky boy!!! Everything should happen as he likes to, right lucky???
Laksh: But my world rotates around you.
Ragini blushes.
Swara: If you guys are done with your flirting then can I start discussion about agreement???
Laksh: what about that???
Swara: see I was always sure that my any boy friend should not be from bestii group but now days are changed.
Laksh: Now my bhai made you fall for him.
Swara: will you listen to me???
Ragini: Do we have any other option??? Continue.
Swara: so I made that rule because I always thought that my love life will ruin our friendship but now I can’t control my… my… heart so it will be better if we make rules that how we have to manage our friendship and our this love relations.
Ragini: Shona you used 2 times love and one time heart in just one sentence!!!
Sanskar: Now it’s enough you can’t tease my shona this much.
Swara: Thanks topper. (both have a eye lock).
Ragini: Now that agreement is not important, I guess. Right shona and topper???
Sanskar: For me it was always a time pass but as you guys wish.
Swara: It is nice topper. And everything have rules so why not our friendship and our relation???
Sanskar: Okay make it but let me inform you 3 that you 3 are highly experienced in breaking rules so I am not sure about your involvement in these friendship rules.
Laksh: Oh bhai, why don’t you understand it will be fun. It will look like we are in a formal relationship. You know first time we are going to sign a agreement.
Sanskar: Oh yes this will help in signature practice.
Swara: shut up you informal person.
Then Swaraglak make some stupid rules like we will always be together, we will always be same, any fight between couples should not affect other couple and our friendship, if any couple will decide to part their ways then other couple will respect their decision and etc.
Laksh: okay I will get these all rules printed and then we all will sign on it and after that I will send on copy to each and every member.
Sanskar: okay Mr. Laksh Maheshwari send me one copy I will read it first then only I will sign. You know it’s important to read documents otherwise it can harm in future.
Swara: Even I will read it.
All laugh.

Swaragini leave in one car and Sanlak in other.
Swaragini in their room:
Swara: So miss lado are you going to sleep now.
Ragini: I don’t know miss shona depends
Swara: on what???
Ragini: On phone call.
Swara: ohoo lado is waiting for someone’s call.
Ragini: shut up. What about you???
Swara: Well I am going to sleep because I am pretty sure topper won’t call.
Swara’s phone rings.
Ragini: well I think now I should sleep.
Ragini’s phone also rings.
Swaragini and Sanlak sleep with phone in their hands.

Swaragini come and hug shekhar,
Swaragini in unison: good morning papa,
Shekhar: It’s going to be noon princesses.
Swara: oh papa it’s Saturday today
Shekhar: but still 11:30
Ragini: papa we slept late nigh yesterday.
Swara and Ragini bits their lower lips when they realized what ragini has said.
Shekhar: Care to explain what stole my princesses’ sleep???
Swara: study papa.
Sumi: you both and study that too till late night!!!
Swara: from today onward we will study late night everyday. (and winks at ragini)
Ragini yes dear pops we are changed.
Shekhar: okay my dear now please give me the newspaper, it is there on the table.
Swara: I will.
Ragini: No I will.
Swara: Race???
Ragini: done.
Shekhar: carefull
Swara and ragini run toward table to take newspaper ragini reach their first and run with newspaper to give it to shekhar but swara takes it from her hand and run to give it to shekhar. But stops in the mid way by seeing the headline of newspaper.
Ragini: what happened dear shona??? Got tired???
Swara: No lado. See the headline.
New year was most special for MAHESHWARIS. They found their lost son this year which they lost 10 years ago (and there was family pic of gadodias and maheshwaris).
Swara: let me call maheshwari mansion. Topper should not see the newspaper.
Sumi: But beta Ansh would have read it till now. He is a early riser.
Swara: No maa, he slept at 5 in the morning.
Swara calls sanskar but no answer then laksh but still no answer.
Swara calls Ap.
Ap: shona how are you princess.
Swara: yes aunty I am fine. Are topper and lucky already waked up???
Ap: No beta, I expect this from laksh but ansh, today he is also late.
Swara: aunty please give the phone to lucky and please let topper sleep.
Ap: what happened shona??? Is everything okay???
Swara: yes aunty. Have you seen newspaper???
Ap: No
Swara: Tv???
Ap: No, right now I was going to switch on tv.
Swara tells her about the news then Ap gives the phone to laksh and Ap tells it to Dp.
Laksh: what shona??? Let me sleep yaar. I slept really late today.
Swara: shut up. Go and keep topper’s phone with you. Don’t give him that I and lado are coming there. Don’t let him read the news paper and watch the tv.
Laksh: Are we playing something??? Oh Today we have planned to live gadget free day.
Swara: Do that what I said and we are coming there.
Swara disconnects the phone.
Swara to Ragini: only you can bear this dumb head.
Ragini: I know. Okay now let’s go I can’t trust lucky for long time.
Swara: Right.
Shekhar: you guys go we are coming with your dada and dadi.
Swara: Okay papa and don’t worry.
Ragini: yes don’t take too much stress. We will try our best to divert topper’s mind.
Shekhar: go, your best friend needs you.

Laksh at the gate waiting for Swaragini.
Laksh: you guys could have told me about the news.
Swara: now you know na. Let’s go.
Ragini: first tell me that topper has not waked up till now, right???
Laksh: he is awake and asking for his phone.

Swaraglak in Sasnkar’s room:
Swara: hey topper.
Sanskar: you here???
Swara: yes,any problem???
Sanskar: no, I lost my phone yaar.
Laksh: I tried to find it in hall but could not get it.
Sanskar: what the hell??? Lucky give me your phone I will call on my number.
Laksh: bhai battery down.
Swara; what is so special about your phone??? Let’s play 20 questions.
Ragini: No say or pay.
Laksh: oh hello I have spent almost my full pocket money on yesterday’s preparation so I have nothing to pay.
Sanskar: shona first give me your phone, I need to find my phone.
Swara: I will not. Don’t you know checking girl friend’s phone is bad manner.
Sanskar: shona, I am not checking it. I just need it right now. Just chuck it. Lado you give me your phone.
Ragini: topper I… I. Yes I left it at home.
Sanskar: will you guys tell me what you all are planning to do???
Ragini: thinking what should we play, twenty questions or say or pay???
Swara: and don’t we party pooper tooper. Let’s play it.
All hear the voice of shekhar.
Sanskar: Maa papa are also here???
Swara: yes but we came first.
Sanskar: What the hell is going on??? I am going downstairs
Swaraglak: wait.
Sanskar: Not this time.

Precap: sankar’s and Mathurs reaction on the truth. Mathur’s anger and Sanskar’s upset mood. how swaraglak deal with it. And tomorrow swasan and ragalk.

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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