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Swasan and Raglak meet at their decided point to spend their bestii time.
All 4 get out of their cars.
The awkwardness was growing and who else tan Laksh can think to break the ice.

Laksh: say something guys.
Swaragsan: Something.
Laksh: What???
Ragini: You asked us to say something.
Laksh: Ha ha ha very funny lado
Ragini: Whatever???
Swara: okay just chuck it. I think we need to talk.
Sanskar: about what???
Swara: An Agreement.
Ragsanlak: What agreement???
Swara: see guys I know that all of us are scared of losing our friendship so it’s better we make an agreement of how we are going to manage our friendship and those you know like…. ahmm… those stuff.
Ragsan look at her surprisingly.
Laksh: Ah she meant romantic and girl friend-boy friend stuff.
Swara: exactly, thanks lucky.
Sasnkar: Okay but you can say that we need to talk about it. It’s not a business that you are calling it an agreement.
Laksh: what bhai!!! She is shona. How can she say something emotional?
Ragini: Point to be noted and topper learn to handle my sister.
Sanskar: no, she gets emotional when we are you know when we spend time alone.
Swara: Such a liar!!!
Sanskar: You were emotional shona, we should not say we should feel.
Swara: Just shut up will you???
Sanskar: Why??? Anyway you will give each and every detail to Laksh and I will also say everything to Ragini.
Swara: when we will alone topper.
Laksh: oh bhai you are so lucky atleast shona gets emotional when you two are together. I have to face a boss.
Ragini: seriously!!! If person would be like you then the other wil have to be bossy.
Swara: Let it be lado, these brothers are just too much.
Ragini: yes if I would not be hungry this much then till now I alone would have handled these two.
Swara: oh you made me remember. I am also craving for yummy Chinese.
Sanskar: okay then let’s go.
Sanskar: but how??? We have 2 cars.
Swara: I have to talk something in private about those dash stuffs with lucky.
Laksh: she means
Ragsan in unison: yes yes romantic stuff.
Swara: And I am sure lucky also want to talk to me and lado to topper.
Ragini: yes, I have to tell topper lot of things.
Laksh: okay then.

Laksh: So???
Swara: so what???
Laksh: Uff shona they are gone now tell me everything.
Swara tells him everything and Laksh also tells here verything about date.
Laksh: Oh I missed dance.
Swara: You think we danced romantically or something, then let me tell you your brother’s and was 5 cm away from my waist he was just pretending to hold me, we had 20 cm gap between us.
Laksh: oh wow shona not bad. Finally you learnt mathematics.
Swara: shut up lucky, he was irritating me then and now you.
Laksh: so you wanted bhai to hold your waist tightly.
Swara: obviously.
Laksh: Do you think lado also want the same.
Swara: Yeah, every girl wants that.
Laksh: Shit!!!
Swara: Don’t tell me that you were afraid and that is why you did not ask her for dance.
Laksh: Sad but yes.
Swara laughs.
Swara: Oh my poor lado.
Laksh: what only your lado is not poor. You know about my bad experience in couple dancing. (And keep his hand on his cheek thinking about slap).
Swara: Oh god, you are really phattoo. I have expected this kind of behaviour from topper but you!!!
Laksh: that is not at my entire fault you sister was such a bossy!!!
Swara: you know na lucky she just shows her anger and fighting attitude on 3 of us. She does not fight for herself in outsider world. It’s just us. And her point of view is also correct that why to answer that person back who does not matter in our life.
Laksh: I know.
Swara: So Mr. Laksh Maheswari I expect that you will always protect her and fight for her and let her be innocent and gold hearted beauty as she is now. You can fight with her sometime but only sometime and in every fight you will have to let her win.
Laksh: I will shona. I promise I will. Because I lo… Chuck it.
Swara: Because you love her. I know that and that is not something which you need to hide and especially from me.
Laksh: Can I ask you something???
Swara: If I will say no then will you stop???
Laksh: No.
Swara: Then shoot….
Laksh: shona you know me so well.
Swara: I know that start firing.
Laksh: Do you trust me for lado. I mean I am such a flirt, such a jerk, dumb head, milksop, irresponsible person.
Swara: Obviously I am sure, if I was not then do you think I would have allowed lado to be with you. Never. You very well know lucky I can break our friendship if it will come to lado’s safety and happiness.
Laksh: Ouch It hurts.
Swara: I am just stating the fact lucky and that does not mean that you are less important for me. And even you know that. I love you both equally but lado is and will be my priority because she is my sister, my responsibility.
Laksh: I know.
Swara: and coming to your nature. Flirt, you are a failure in that. You always try to show that you are but deep down you always believe in love and Cinderella.
Laksh: how do you know that???
Swara: I know you better than yourself lucky. Jerk, no not at all.
Laksh: thank you.
Swara: Dumb head, yes that you are but only sometime. One more quality you have you play football and let me tell you lado really thinks that sweaty football players look hot. I don’t think that.
Laksh: Thanks but even bhai play football.
Swara: I know that (And makes a disgusting face)
Swara: Milksop, you are the biggest one but that makes you cute.
Laksh: Continue.
Swara: Irresponsible, no. I know you don’t score good in exams because you don’t find marking system a good judge but you still remember every business principles. And that summer vacation internship to gain practical knowledge of business. (Swara bites his tongue).
Laksh: How do you know about my internship???
Swara: I have my own sources.
Laksh: You have not told anyone, have you???
Swara: No but I can. And if you want my mouth to be shut then bribe me.
Laksh: No my dear shona because even I know about your street guitar shows.
Swara: Urghh!!! How???
Laksh: It does not matter just keep my secret safe I will keep yours.
Swara: okay but now it’s my turn.
Laksh: I am not in mood to give a speech on you.
Swara: even you know you don’t have any other option.
Laksh: Okay but don’t keep your hopes high.
Swara: uff lucky, I don’t you to complement you I just want to hear that how good I am for topper.
Laksh: See first flirt, yes that you are the biggest but still I know your flirt is vegetarian and harmless. They are just to cheer a person not to hurt him.
Swara: next,
Laksh: Jerk, yes you are because you are forcing me to give a speech on you with complementary words.
Swara: Do you want me to swear.
Laksh: No I already have many abusing words in my dictionary.
Swara: then continue.
Laksh: Dumb headed, obviously because always your stupid ideas make us stand in front of our parents but not also because you are the one to save us. Phattoo, No you are ghost anything can’t scare you but you can even make any person scare like hell as you are doing with me now.
Swara: If you don’t want to tell me then don’t but you are being mean.
Laksh: Okay sorry.
Swara: whatever.
Laksh: Last one irresponsible, no. I have seen you with lado and even any blind can say that you are responsible.
Swara: Still I am sad.
Laksh: And most important shona, I trust you for my bhai. I know more than you shona. I know you won’t agree that you already have decided to devote your full life to bhai. And I know you won’t agree that right now you are crying.
Swara turns her head away from Laksh wipe her tears and turns again toward Laksh
Shona: I am crying!!! No way lucky.
Laksh: Come on shona nothing will change if you will accept that you can be emotional.
Swara: Why should I when I am not emotional.
Laksh: Yeah whatever.
Swara: And don’t you ever dare to tell my secrets to your brother and don’t lie to him that I was crying.
Laksh: I will.
Swara: Then I will tell everything to lado.
Laksh: Okay.
Swara: and no talk about our serious conversation. It does not suit our images.
Laksh: yup. Deal???
Swara: Seal.

Ragini: Tell me everything.
Sanskar: Why are you so excited???
Ragini thinks how should I tell you topper that after aarav everyday I used to pray to god just to send a prince charming who will make her believe in love again. My guilt made me help you both. I saw true love in your eyes for shona, I know you will never hurt her.
Ragini: Just tell me.
Sanskar tells her everything.
Sanskar: I really can’t believe that shona was so emotional and were talking heavy lines.
Ragini: you know topper she is just harsh for this world. Since childhood she used to listen many taunts just because she didn’t like to be fake. As she became young taunts increased. Any friend of dadi used to say her illmannered. And you know the reason??? Because she can’t hear anything wrong. Then Aarav she also broke up and at the time of confrontation he said that she is a girl made for time pass not for love. These things made her harsh but among us she is she.
Sanskar: I know that.
Ragini: So can I trust you that you will always respect her decision and will never ask her to change. And whatever will be the consequence of her decision you will face that with her.???
Sanskar: I will lado. I promise. Not because I want her to be with me, just because I don’t think she even needs to change.
Ragini: I am so happy for you. Finally you have your love with you.
Sasnkar: Only for me???
Ragini: No obviously for shona also, She got you.
Sasnkar: so only for I and shona.
Ragini: For your brother also. He got me.
Sasnkar: you are such a… Can’t you just agree that you are really happy because lucky loves you?
Ragini: No I am not. He should be happy.
Sanskar: Oh.
Ragini: Hey don’t take it seriously. I am just joking.
Sanskar: Oh its good you told me otherwise I was calling lucky to break up with you. (and winks)
Ragini: That is not good topper because I will tell shona that you are such a big bore, nerd, unadventurous, phattoo just like your brother.
Sanskar: If you will tell her these things she will leave me???
Ragini: Yes she hates these kinds of person.
Sasnkar: then obviously she will leave me.
Ragini: what???
Sanskar: because I am these things.
Ragini: oh topper you took it seriously, I was just joking.
Sanskar: but no I am like this.
Ragini: No, you are not at all a bore. You are fun to be around. And let me tell you if you are my best friend then you can’t be boring. I am so choosy with my friends. (and laugh but stop laughing seeing the serious face of sanskar). Topper!!! Okay nerd, yes you are that but remember shona used to share her chocolate with you in childhood times just because you used to help her with her assignments. So this nature of yours has made you both close, this is not at all bad. Phattoo, no one can be bigger phattoo than lucky so if she can bear lucky then she can also bear you. Then I called you unadventurous. That you are not at all and adventure does not mean mountain climbing and parachute jumping. Adventure means try something risky. You came here just to find your real mom and dad even after knowing that it will be difficult and hard to manage but still you tried and succeeded. And most important sanskar you know cooking!! Oh god shona loves those boys who know cooking. You know she really finds those male protagonists of American novels hot who cooks with an apron. And what matters for shona is that you should be loyal to her and that I know you will so there is o chance she is going to leave you.
Sanskar: She loves American novel??? She reads them???
Ragini: oh don’t think that swara and lucky don’t score so they don’t even read and study. You know lucky knows each and every business principles and economic rules stated by great economist and business persons. He always manages to update himself with the ideas of great business men of current days.
Sanskar: Oh lado we were talking about my girl friend and your sisterbut if you are so focussed on your boy friend and my brother that you can’t live without discussing about him then let’s continue.
Ragini: No I was just…
Sanskar: just joking… Well anyway tell me about your date. How was it???
Ragini tells him everything
Ragini: I really can’t believe he forgot what he memorized and see your cool brother didn’t even ask me for dance.
Sanskar: Oh you wanted to dance with him???
Ragini: yes everyone wants.
Sanskar: That’s good shona would not be complaining about me to laksh.
Ragini; Lucky shona. I mean how can he even assume a date complete without a close and romantic dance.
Sanskar: Close and romantic???
Ragini: yes.
Sanskar gulps.
Ragini: what happened??? Don’t tell me you danced with her like she is an untouchable person.
Saskar nodes in yes.
Ragini laughs.
Ragini: Topper please don’t ask for such kind of dance next time. It’s good you don’t dance but this kind of dance!!! I am sure she would be complaining about you to lucky.
Sanskar: Hahaha.
Ragini: even lucky is better than you.
Sanskar: okay so you agree you are happy for yourself too???
Ragini: I am happy topper but just in secured. Lucky is a cool dude topper but still manages to be a familiar person. Every next girl falls for him and I am pretty sure many of them are more beautiful than me. I am not his type topper.
Sanskar: no, you are perfect for him. Like really perfect. He might be a cool dude but you are also a princess lado. And you make him connected to earth by obviously your bossy attitude and he likes that. He likes it when you show your right on him. He really likes it. And beauty I don’t know about beauty of any other girl but yes for lucky you are obviously the most beautiful girl. His eyes show that. And coming to his type. Like a flirt then you don’t need to say anything your big eyes are enough to flirt with any one. Then he is stupid that obviously you are not. You can never be because you are my best friend and I am so choosy with my friends. You three score approximately equal and as much as I remember in childhood times lucky’s score used to be always low than yours. You both are disastrous cook. And as you know he really loves soft music which you can play for him. Lucky loves your long hair and I don’t think you hate your long hair. Most importantly lado only you can bear his childish tantrums by scolding him. He loves to fight and obviously your bossy attitude gives him a chance. So only you are perfect for him. Actually you are best for him and believe me truly that I can’t say vice versa.
Ragini: oh god topper, you are the best friend any one can have,
Sanskar: same feeling.
Ragini: but don’t tell your brother that I was insecure about him
Sanskar: same promise
Ragini: okay you keep my secret safe I will keep yours.
Sasnkar: Deal
Ragini: Deal.

Precap: Bestii agreement and a shocking news in newspaper.

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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