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Its morning and Swaragini has waked up early without anyone’s force or I should say they have not slept in the excitement due to their newly found love.
Swara: lado, do you think boys are going to come today for pooja???
Ragini: No, I mean see the clock shona. It’s 5:30 of the morning and I am sure about lucky that he would not have waked so early so topper won’t come also.
Swara: (in a disappointed tone) Hmmm.
Ragini: Oh don’t be sad shona they will obviously join us for family breakfast and then evening also we are going to meet. (Ragini gets lost in her dreams)
Swara: Ohoo lado is lost in dreamland with lucky.
Ragini (still in trance): yeah… no…no I was thinking about evening, their planning.
Swara: whatever topper will plan but I am not going to criticize and I will try my best to not laugh.
Ragini: me too.

Sumi: come down princesses.
Swara: maa, just five minutes our hairs are wet.
Sumi: Princesses come down please get that towel to wrap your hairs.
Ragini: let’s go shona otherwise maa will hold roof over her head.
Swaragini comes downstairs and takes everyone’s blessings and wish Rahryan through their eyes but for their shock Rahryan didn’t reply.
Swaragini sit for pooja. Just then Dp and Ap comes and both the girls look at the door with the hope that there is another person who will come but for their disappointment no one came.
Sumi: Ap come pooja has just started.
Swara mutters: They didn’t come. If they had to then they would have come because being a Marwari I don’t think uncle believes in using two cars for 4 people. Which kind of friend they are??? Can’t they do this much for us???
Ragini hears that.
Ragini gives a ‘I know. I feel the same’ face.
After some time they hear Sanlak’s voice greeting everyone but when they turn they don’t find them. After sometime again they hear sanlak’s voice and shona start turning to look to the source of voice but Ragini stops her through her eyes.
Ragini whispers, only audible to swara: No shona, there is no one behind us it’s just our illusions. We have not slept last night that’s why we are seeing them everywhere.
Swara gives a miserable look but agrees to her sister.
Priest announces the end of pooja and asks Swaragini to distribute sweets.
Swaragini distribute everyone sweets and goes to Sanlak(now after so much smoke of burning wood and camphor in their eyes they are feeling a bit sleepy and their heads are weighing tons). Swaragini sees them but due to their heavy heads they think it’s an illusion and murmurs something.
Swara in a shaking voice: lado we need a sleep (which is not obviously understandable by Sanlak, only one person can understand her every time and even now with her shaking voice, her soulmate, her sister Ragini).
Ragini let’s go.
And swaragini leaves.
Sanlak look at leaving swaragini and then at each other.
Sanskar: what happened???
Laksh: don’t know.
Swaragini goes to Sumi.
Seeing their state sumi understood that it’s due to smell of camphor so tells them to rest until breakfast is ready. (obviously laksh does not now about that camphor matter because for the first time he is attending this pooja).
Swaragini goes to their room.
Swara: oh god my head is weighing million tons
Ragini: and mine is billion.
They both fed up of the extra weight on head due to that damn towel remove the towel and unwrap their long, silky but wet hairs.
They both sit on their respective dressing table to dry it by using a drier.
Both the boy enters and for a minute their feet froze to see their respective girl with blowing hairs. They thought to enter but they did not as they both know entry in room will make them stop the work whatever they are doing.
Swaragini notice them in mirror.
Swara: lado. I know incomplete sleep makes a person mad but this much madness due to incomplete sleep of just one night.
Ragini: oh shona, you know na we are sleeping heads. Even high school exams had not the power to keep us away from sleep and the boys did it. May be that is why we are assuming them here.
Sanlak feel proud that they are able to keep the sleep away from the cutest and most beautiful girl in the world.
Swara: oh yes but for now I am going to take a nap. I miss my sleep.
Swaragini in unison: sleep our closest friend.
Sanlak chuckle and give a loud laugh.
Swaragini get up form their respective chair and come to Sanlak.
Swara: you don’t have the right to laugh.
Sanlak get shocked and think that these half sleeping beauty are out of their sleeping trance now.
Ragini: you both are our assumption. You will do whatever we will say you to do.
Sanlak thinks to continue the drama. Sanlak nod in yes.
Swara: oh good. Now hug me I want to rest.
Sanskar think that it is not right to take the advantage of a sleeping angel and you can say that it’s his fear also which is stopping him. He is afraid that when swara will come back in with full open eyes then definitely she is never gonna leave him.
Sanskar goes to get them out of sleeping trance but laksh stops him saying it is just a hug.
Sanksar agrees because maybe a small part of him is making him scared but and feel guilty but a large part of him wants to hug his lost angel and to show this girl off to his that part of mind who always had underestimated him that he does not deserve a friend and no girl will ever agree to be with him.
So he let his fear and guilt to lose the conflict from his urge to hug his newly found love. Sanskar hugs swara and swara snakes her arm over his back to give herself a comfortable position so that she could take a nap on his chest. She smiles and let herself fly in her dreams of future life with the boy who has changed her life, who has made her believe that love does exist and god gives everyone the chance to feel it. He is the one who has completed her. And now she will never ever let him go away.

Ragini looks at laksh:
Ragini: Do I need to give you an invitation that I also want to sleep. I want to forget that would be dumb headed boy friend has not come.
Laksh feels like he is on cloud 9. The girl who is so naive and innocent, the girl who still believes that one night’s over thinking and incomplete sleep can lead her to such a big illusion likes him. He, such a jerk, which keeps calling her lado maa, who keeps flirting with his girl friend in front of her eyes and that girl loves him. He does not know that just because his name is lucky god has really made him lucky or there is his karma. But whatever it is his name totally resembles his fate. No actually partially because he is feeling like luckiest.
But little does he know that the girl standing with open arms there has not fallen for his flirting and dumb head. She has fallen for that caring lucky who always considered his best friends at the top even after being surrounded by girls.
Laksh literally runs to her and grab her in his arms because now he can’t stay away from this girl. Initially die to tight clutch Ragini gets breathing problem but then she turned her face to let her face feel the aroma of winter morning and to let her love to take her wherever he wants to because now she is not scared of anything as he is with her.
This morning is really an end of night where all of them have found their love.
No one knows that for how much time they are standing like this in each other’s arms but yes sunlight is now more sharp than at that time it was so you can guess that’s it really been long but who cares??? Each and every person wants this moment to extend to eternity so time like 1-2 hour is nothing but obviously god always does not give his blessings to these four so this moment has to end.
Sumi: come down kids. Time for breakfast.
Sumi called them from downstairs. Her call forced girls to land their dream plane on earth.
Sanlak may not be in sleeping trance (but actually they should also be in sleeping trance because they have also spent their night by just tossing on the bed and waiting for a fresh morning) but yes they are in trance of their respective girl’s fragrance, her touch actually everything belongs to her. Like her earrings which always create music when air forces it to move, like her hair which is as soft as fur. And they are happy that now they have made entry in the list of persons belong to their respective girl.
Swaragini yawns together and smile seeing each other as they do every morning.(they are standing parallel to each other and sanlak are parallel to each other). But get shocked seeing that they are not in their beds, they are in some one’s arms. They suddenly jerk the arms over them away and stand far enough from those guilty faces that are standing with heads down as they are doing research on the floor of swaragini’s room. As they are the person who has plucked flower from a garden and florist has caught them.
Sanlak looks at swara and ragini respectively then at each other for the explanation they will give. The girls were in half sleeping mode but the boys were completely fine. ( I think they should tell them they were in full love mode and love is more intoxicating than smell of camphor and any incomplete sleep).
Sumi again called them and being a normal human both found escaping the best solution so boys start leaving for breakfast.
Girls rewind the memory and start smiling and this smile is not due to blushing. I mean obviously they are blushing but this smile is smile of proud. They are proud over their choices. They are proud not because they hugged their respective girls they are proud because how they stood for so long just to comfort their respective love, just to not disturb her sleep. And even after they requested them to hug but still they are feeling guilty but obviously they are bestfriends before being lovers so obviously they are going to take advantage of boys’ guilt just to have some fun.
Sanlak comes downstairs. (and if any reader has misconception that guys don’t blush then let me make you clear that here Sanlak are really blushing deep. Enough deep to make their cheeks red).
Swaragini some to breakfast table and gesture each other to start drama to give a minor heart attack to their friends.
Swara: Maa can we go out in the evening slightly earlier, actually we have added new work in our to do list. (Sanlak have pointed their eyes to their plate as they will finish their breakfast just through their eyes)
Sumi: obviously you can but would you care to tell me that what is that new time waste you added in your to do list.
Ragini: Maa, anyway we are going to attend a… a… you know there you can only go with a partner. I mean.
(Sanlak are shocked like hell)
Sanskar: No nothing Maa. Just
Sumi: Ansh, if you have to do nothing then you guys do it in home.
Ragini: No maa we can’t do this in home. I mean it will spoil all the thing.
Sumi: then tell me the name of the work.
Ragini: maa we are going to da…
Laksh starts coughing hard.
Sanskar: Maa water.
Ragini: water is front of your eyes.
Sanskar gives water to Laksh and gestures swaragini to shut their mouth up.
Sumi: Name of work.
Swara: Ma we are going in a dance party. Its a couple dance party.
Swaragini wink at Sanlak and smile victoriously and Sanlak smile and feel relieved.
Sumi: oh that’s great. Take Rahul and Aryan with you.
Rahul: No aunty we can’t come with them, actually we are leaving tomorrow for Mumbai.
Shekhar: Oh another cricket tournament.
Aryan: No uncle. Look sorry shona and lado if I am going to hurt you but we are taking transfer in college of Mumbai.
Swara: what the hell???
Rahul: See girls. That college is really nice. They are providing us a good scholarship and their cricket team is also awesome. There is nice scope.
Ragini: Rahul we are not talking about that. I agree it would be a nice college but why did not you guys tell us.
Aryan: lado actually today is your birthday so we did not want you both to get sad.
Swara: stop it there don’t you dare to sell this excuse because we are not buying that.
Aryan: try and understand.
Swara: meet us at terrace.
Rahul: shona we told you na. We can do it later.
Ragini: when??? Tomorrow you are leaving. It’s not you guys. It’s us we need to confess something. And she is not asking you guys she is telling you so you guys better come.
Sanlak asks Swaragini through their eyes and they both smile reassuringly that they will manage.
After ½ an hour rahryan and Swaragini come down stairs smiling.
Rahryan leave. (So swaragini has told everything about sanlak because they don’t want to hurt rahryan and rahryan has promised that they will come once in a month).
Lunch finishes normally as planned with their business associates, employees and other professional people. So many family photo clicked by photographer to full the social sites tomorrow.
After lunch Swaragini go into their room and see two gift packets there. One for Swara and other for Ragini.
Sanskar has chosen blue gown for swara and laksh has chosen maroon gown for Ragini.
There is a note in each bag which has address and time.
Swara: lado I am quite impressed by their choices.
Ragini: I am also. I can’t believe that lucky has chosen this.
Both girls get ready with matching accessories, sandals and make up. Both of them have left their hair open with lose.
Here sanskar is ready in a blue suit with white shirt and laksh in maroon suit with white shirt.
There are trees fully decorated with multicoloured Christmas lights. A blue carpet spread on the floor. After some 4-5 trees on parallel sides the place is decorated with white orchids and decent Christmas lights. When the lights blink you can feel the aroma of orchid spread everywhere. Since it’s January so the chilled breeze is really giving the decorations a bollywood touch where cold air is touching heroine’s face and messing up her hair.
And there he is, her knight in shining armor. Both are looking at each other with weak and nervous smiles. Their legs are shaking. (Well you can tell them a perfect couple as both are feeling exactly same. They both are seeing each other as two people who are meeting for the first time and in very first day they are about to get married. Well that’s the perfect couple right???)
Now when she has seen him her condition has become worse. Her knees are melting down. These preparations and decorations are just melting her down to his feet. But again the boy standing in front of her also has not that strong knees. His legs are weak as a overcooked noodles.
Swara: hey,
Sanskar: Hi.
Swara: It’s beautiful.
Sanskar: You liked it???
Swara: loved it???
Sanskar mutters inside his breath : lucky you are safe.
Swara: what???
Sanskar: nothing.
Sanskar starts to take steps towards Swara.
Swara: I can also come. You don’t need to help me.
Sasnkar: yeah I know that but this is considered as gentleman’s behaviour.
Swara: whatever.
Sanskar: lucky you are dead.
Swara comes to him.
Swara to herself: Breath shona Breath. You have to tell hi that what do you want. You are the shona.
There are four pillars supporting a round roof above there. There are Christmas lights spread there.
Sanskar: So coffee???
Swara: topper we have to finish it before 30 minutes because after that we have to spend our bestii time so it will be really good if you will just cut the crab and come to point directly.
Sanskar: you are being so pathetic and harsh. I mean here I am trying to be… I mean can’t you think me as Ansh today not topper.
Swara: I am sorry. Urghh!!! It is just that we know we like each other so let’s just stop doing this. What we are for each other I don’t think we need to tell each other.
Sanskar pulls a chair for her and makes her sit on that whereas he bend on his knees and hold both of her hands in his.
Sanskar: you don’t want this emotional stuff???
Swara: I am scared topper. Last time also I just fall on aarav’s lines without even seeing that he feels the same as he says or not. Topper it’s not that I don’t trust you I obviously do. But the thing is that I love ourselves as shona and topper. No doubt I like you. I really really like you but I don’t want you to tell me that who I am in your life neither I want myself to tell you that how much important you are. I want you to realize that. Some time words can be miserable and I am sure that very soon I will say those emotional lines to you and will be dying to hear the same from you because I trust you topper that very soon you will make me realize that how you exactly feel for me and very soon I will also be clear that what I want to say to you. But right now I just don’t want our feelings to be exaggerated by the filmy romantic lines we will use. I don’t want any fake lines.
Sasnkar gasps.
Sanskar: Thank you thank you. You know that’s why I love you. You really really complete me.
Swara: what happened???
Sanskar: Actually I forgot all the lines I memorised to say so isn’t it awesome that you don’t even want to hear those stupid, idiotic lines.
Swara: you memorised lines!!!
Sanskar: everyone does.
Swara: I told lado that you will plan something studious.
Sanskar: protection is better than cure.
Swara: and most important. I guess for the first time Mr. Topper would have memorized something and get fail in examination.
Sanskar: what can I do??? My girl friend’s small smile is enough to stop the earth form rotating.
Swara: I don’t think I have approved to be labelled as your girl friend.
Sanskar: really shona you picked only that word. I gave you such a nice complement and you!!
Swara: thanks for that but seriously topper you have not asked me yet.
Sanskar: you know I hate when I say a lie to maa.
Swara: And where did that come from???
Sanskar: You have said to maa that we are going in a couple dance party so may I have a pleasure to dance with my soon to be girl friend.
Swara: ohoo you are so confident. Well let me tell you I am really a tough nut to crack.
Sanskar: I love solving different questions. You know this is one of qualities of toppers.
Swara: and so you just love solving difficult questions you don’t love them.
Sasnkar: Well if you force me then I will come back to some cheesy line.
Swara: no we better dance.
Then they dance on “Don’t let go” (In real this song has stars Queen Latifah and Jada pinkett)
At the end of song:
Sanskar bend on his knees.
Sanskar: Ms. Swara Gadodia would you love to be seen with this boring guy because this boring guy really likes you.
Swara: only on one condition you will give me chocolates every day.
Sanskar: well that’s a big hole in my pocket money but still I agree.
Swara hugs him.
Swara: you still remember those lines which you have memorized for today, right???
Sanskar: Ooo I do???
Swara: topper!!!
Sanskar: Nothing is more important than you. If your happiness costs few kb of my memory then it’s okay.

Ragini reaches the place, it is decorated by shining white curtains with red carpet spread over the floor. Chains of purple orchid are hung up in a curved manner.
The place is lightening by only candles. Candles are very few but still light is sharp due to reflection of candle lights on small rould shaped mirrors, it’s chain are spread over curtain making the curtain more glowing. You can see the face of this girl in every mirror. It’s looking like that for him she is everywhere.
Ragini is overwhelmed due to the decorations, this decoration and chilled winter are giving her a ticklish feeling but her nervousness is enough to not let her smile.
Her legs are trembling; her nervousness is making her weak. She wants to change her form as these candles which change themselves in the form of wax due to heat; she also wants to melt down due to the heat of her fear. Yes, she is scared because she has seen all these kinds of preparations before. That time she took a wrong decision. The wrong decision which gave her nad her sister lot of tears and sleepless nights. She does not want to mention her pain but she can’t also forget the pain she has gone through. Only one person was there to handle both sisters. Curve of her lips has converted into smile recalling that how laksh supported her without even asking a single question. How he trusted her. And those moments are again increasing the fear because if this time also the same happened then she will lose everything. If this time the person for whom she is here will cheat on her then this time she won’t be able to compose herself because this time that person will be lucky only.
Ragini to herself: lado you should go insisde. Lucky can’t be like aarav. And I know that. This friendship is equally important for him also as it is for me.
Ragini moves further and there her prince charming is standing facing back toward her. He is continuously chewing his nails. Now seeing him equally nervous she is relieved and she got a chance to make fun of him after all they are friends first and one friend can ever leave the chance to tease other friend.
Ragini: Don’t you have general courtesy. Could you not come to the entrance to just walk along with me.
Laksh gulps.
Laksh: I thought, no you. I thought.
Ragini starts laughing holding her stomach.
Laksh: you both ghost sisters can never change.
Ragini: You can never change your dumb head.
Laksh: well that’s what you like about me the most, I guess.
Ragini: ufff!!! Real lucky is back.
Laksh: Remember you told me one day to be like this only. You don’t like me as a caring friend.
Ragini: yes I hate that person.
Laksh: And I hate scared and trembling lado.
Ragini: I am not scared and if comes to trembling then you are nervous talk about yourself
Laksh: Just shut up. You know that I can easily guess when you are lying. I know sometime I fail with the reasons but your emotions I can easily understand.
Ragini: whatever
Laksh: Lado don’t worry nothing like that will happen with you and shona this time.
Ragini: I am just scared about our friendship lucky.
Laksh: I told you right, i hate scared lado. I like that strong lado who can forget her each and every pain just to console her sister. I like that lado who can fight with her best friend just for the sake of her sister. I like that lado who who scolded me last night that if I will not be able to confess nicely then she will make this year worst for me.
Ragini: Well last one will never change so you better concentrate on memorizing your lines.
Laksh: I ahve not.
Ragini: oh come on lucky I know you very well. You would have memorized each and every line.
Lado takes a deep breath and bend on his knees.
Laksh: lado I no you. I mean I really really like you.
Ragini: It’s complete.
Laksh: yes.
Ragini: you have memorized only 3 words
Laksh: No, they were 5. I. REALLY. REALLY. LIKE. YOU.
Ragini: what a great achievement.
Laksh: see I have memorized one full page but I don’t remember anything and it’s not at all my fault. You look so beautiful that I can’t tear my eyes off you. It’s your fault.
Ragini: I told shona that you will definitely do something funny.
Laksh: It’s not funny. It is just that… that…
Ragini: oh lucky boy again forgot the word.
Laksh gets up.
LAksh: that’s mean.
Ragini: You are really cut and I agree you knees must be paining but I have not said yes till now so you better be on your knees again and ask me properly.
Laksh: Urghh!!! What fun do you girls get by seeing in your feet.
Laksh bend on his knees.
Laksh: So miss Ragini Gadodia, I lucky oops Laksh maheshwari want you to be my girl friend, So shall we???
Ragini: yes.
Laksh gets up.
Laksh: you are cruel
Ragini: And you are a dumb headed person. If you would have asked me standing here then also I would have said yes.
Laksh: Lado you must have expected nice filmy lines na???
Ragini: No this is all perfect. I don’t want anything else.

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