Best friends 5

Recap: entries of swaragini’s grandparents.

Scene 1:
it is morning.
swaragini and sanslak are getting ready for their first day at college.
Laksh has came to swaragini mansion to pick them up. Laksh wore white shirt and blue jeans.
Laksh: hello aunty. Where are princesses of bhutiya mahal. I am getting late.
Sumi: beta you, why you always tease them?
Laksh: what to do aunty, it is my habit since childhood it wont go so easily.
Swaragini: maa we are ready. swara wore white colour top and jeans and has kept her hair open. While ragini wore white salwar suit.( its not like that ragini is any typical bhartiya sanskari nari, she just loves to wear suit and thats why choosen it for her special day) you will think that they all have worn white colour, come on yaar they are childhoid friends, something will be similar na!

Ragini: laksh why u came? We would have managed with our own car.
Laksh: lado maa, car pooling is a nice thing, it saves environment.
Ragini: you again! I will see you at college.
Sumi: okk enough of this childish fights get blessings from elders.
Swaragini go and take blessings from all of them and when they come to dadi swara says
Swara: dadi don’t worry. I was not able to find perfect match for you yesterday but I will surely do it today. And runs from there.
Dadi: shona you wont get gulab jamun today, I will give it to lado only and smiles seeing shona childishness.

Scene 2:
At college,
All have selected commerce as their main stream but swara has selected rock music in side, ragini has chosen classical and swalak have chosen football.
Swaragini and laksh reach college.
Laksh start flirting with girls while swaragini are watching him and feeling that he started it again.
Then suddenly girl with whom laksh was flirting said: do you know that behanji( pointing towards ragini) she is continuously staring at you.
Before swara could say something,
Laksh: in angry tone. How dare you call her a behanji, just look at yourself you don’t deserve to be my girl friend not even for 1 hour.
swaragini feels good and asked Laksh to stop insulting her and tells him to come with them.
Ragini thanks him.

Laksh: no need, wrong is wrong and how can you be behanji you are maa, remember lado maa.(laksh winked her)
Ragini: start laughing and says lucky you wont stop.
Sanskar’s meeting with all other members

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