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They all have a group hug.
Ap and Sumi see them hugging each other. Ap goes to her dream as she wants 4 to be something more than friendship. Sumi is relieved about no conflict in their kids.

Ap: come on kids take a short leave from friendship and come to down stairs.
Sumi: as guests started to arrive and Rahryan are also waiting for you.
Sumi and Ap leaves.

Swara: I am going to tell all this to Rahul.
Ragini: and I am going to tell this to aryan.
Sanlak pasted fake smile or their own faces but inside cursing Rahryan to always come in middle.
Sanskar: don’t tell them today.
Laksh: yeah, let’s have some privacy guys.
Swara: Rahryan are our friend guys
Ragini: And we can’t lie to them.
Sanskar: But this will be fun girls.
Laksh: yes
Ragini: but…
Swara: but It will be fun lado, let’s do this.
Ragini: urgh!!! okay but don’t think that if I approved the plant that does not mean that I am happy with it.
Swasanlak: finally!!!
Ragini: now let’s leave, it is 11:15 already and guests should have started arriving till now.
All leave and go downstairs.

Rahul: finally you guys came.
Aryan: I know you 4 are bestii but spend some time with us also.
Swara: oh really???
Rahul: Really.
Ragini: look who is talking.
Aryan: we RAHRYAN.
Swara: She knows that you are RAHRYAN and may be that is why she is saying you that.
Rahryan look at her in disbelief.
Swara: no seriously guys you both are always busy with your own life
Ragini: and want us to be at your side.
Rahul: shona that dress is peace offering.
Swara: so you are bribing the judge to lessen your pnishment.
Aryan: something like that.
Rahul: Did it work???
Ragini: Hmmm, it’s colour is nice, design is also pretty and the best part is it is not heavy so yes it worked.
Rahryan: thanks god

Rahryan go on stage to welcome guests.
Rahul: Hey guys We are Rahul and Aryan
Aryan: hey stupid even they know that. There was our name printed on Invitation card.
All laugh

Aryan: I hope you will enjoy this party . Well I know this won’t be as happening as Swaragini’s party but still we have tried.
Rahul: obviously It won’t be happening as you have arranged it. Okay now rock the party
Aryan: obviously the have to do this on your own because you have not arranged anything rocking from them.

All laugh and start enjoying the party. Rahryan ask for dance to swara and ragini respectively. All smile except 3 Sanlak and Ap.
Swara and Ragini dance with them on song never say never.
After sometime they get tired and go off stage and Rahryan leave to attend other guest.

Sanskar: should we ask them for a dance???
Laksh: Bhai yes you should. Go and do it.
Sanskar: I am saying we not I.
Laksh: Me… Dance…no. I mean I have danced with her on party songs but on romantic songs. No. She will surely slap me after dance.
Sanskar: oh c’mon lucky you are a casanova, it’s not difficult for you.
Laksh: not casanova bhai A failed casanova. You know girls get impressed by my looks and cars but when they come to know about my dumb head then they just leave me and moreover if I have disappointed that girl much in a kiss and dance then they won’t even think twice before slapping me.
Sanskar: that is sad. I thought I will get tips form you.
Laksh: NO bhai I am not sad. I am happy because everything will be first for me with lado, my first kiss, my first romantic night.
Sanskar looks at him with a questioning look.
Laksh: what!!! i am talking about date not some other romantic thing.
Sanskar: oh my lucky is being extra romantic.
Laksh: what to do, I have to balance you being unromantic.
Sanskar: I am not unromantic.
Laksh glares at him.
Sanskar: okay a bit.

Laksh again glares at him
Sanskar: I agree a lot. actually fully unromantic.
Laksh: better.
Sanskar: but if you are so romantic then go and ask her for a dance in front of whole family.
Laksh: bhai, Are you planning to kill me???
Sanskar: someone is so romantic.
Laksh: okay I lose.
Sanskar: better now lets go to ghost sisters otherwise they will eat us.
Laksh: bhai!!!
Sanskar: what??? they are not here and if you can be so romantic with lado in front of me then can I not call them ghost sisters.
Laksh: point to be noted.

All lights are off. Rahryan are on stage.
Sanskar is in front of Swara and laksh is in front of ragini. Sumi with shekhar, Dp with Ap, Dadi with dada ji and Dida alone.
All lights get on with an eco friendly blast.

Sanskar: Shona today is your birthday but I got gift today and that is you. I got you. Happy birthday. May god bless you with all the happiness of the world and may you spend full year oops life with me.
Swara: but may be you are not the source of happiness for me.
Sanskar: I know I am.
Swara: How are you so sure???
Sanskar: because before being each other’s love I am your friend. And a friend can easily know what the other friend thinks just by looking in eyes.
Swara: okay my friend but don’t think these lines are enough for my birthday gift I more grand confession.


Laksh: lado the first day of this year oops sorry the last day of last year was the best for me. no again mistake one of the best days for me. As the day when we got my bhai back was also best day.
Ragini smile seeing his childishness and truthfulness.
Laksh: don’t think that I am lying it was really one of best days. And happy birthday.
Ragini: thanks for your wishes but why should I trust you???
Laksh: Because I… ahm… you know… no… I… mean.
Ragini gets angry.
Ragini: mr. laksh maheshwari I hope you this will not happen tomorrow because if you will not be able to complete your line tomorrow then I swear this year will be worst for you.

Ragini and Swara switch their position.
Sanskar: happy birthday
Ragini: thank you.
And gives gim a side hug.

Laksh: happy birthday shona
Swara: thank you
And gives him a side hug.
Swalak see Ragsan and Ragsan see Swalak they laugh thinking that how can they even think about ragsan and swalak as a couple.

Swaragini wish each other. All parents wish swaragini then every one wish each other happy new year. Rahryan come down to wish everyone.

Rahul: oh if this family and bestii moments are over then can we wish you all.
Shekhar: no because you are also our family and we have not wished you.
Rahryan wishes every one except Swaragsanlak.
Rahryan come to swaragini:
Rahul: happy birthday and happy new year to you both.
Aryan: don’t you get bored using same line every year. many many happy return of the day.
Rahul: well there was nothing new in your line either.
Swara: oh come on it’s our birthday today.
Ragini: and no one will fight.

Sumi: okay if you all have wished each other then can we leave because it’s already late and tomorrow there is early morning pooja at home. And Rahul and aryan you both have to come on time no excuses allowed that you can’t get up early morning and something like that.
NANA JI: All wishes are over then no one will wish me.
Sumi gets happy and runs to her father.
Dida comes and wish him.
Nana ji: I know I am late with some 20-25 minutes so sorry.
Dida: it is okay.
Swara: ohoo Dida is blushing.
Everyone oges and wishes him.
Shekhar: Ha…appy ne..e..w ye..e..ear baba.
Nana ji: okay okay.
Nana ji comes to kids.
He hugs swaragini and wishes them.
Rahryan take his blessings.
Sanslak goes to him and Nana ji hug them with full care and affection.
Nana ji: I can’t believe my ansh has become so big.
Nana ji: I love you 4 young boys but if you tried to come close to my dolls (and point s toward swaragini) then I will start hating you.
(and winks at swaragini)
Swaragini laugh while sanlak get scared.

All leave for their respective wish. Swaragini expected sanlak to come to them and wish them a sweet good night and good bye but sanlak are so scared so that they don’t even mind leaving swaragini.
Swaragini in room:
Swara: what do you think they will do tomorrow???
Ragini: Don’t know but I am sure lucky will arrange something you know like i am not getting word…
Swara: romantic
Ragini: No unromantic. And what about you.
Swara: something like.. please help me with adjectives
Ragini: cute and new
Swara: studious and boring.
Both laugh and sleep.

Sanskar: I am gonna die.
Laksh: Bhai, don’t forget me. We are gonna die.
Sanskar: first it is very difficult to do something which they will think is grand and just suppose if we succeeded in this then…
Laksh: then nanu will kill us.
Sanskar: exactly.
Both sleep with scared faces.
Screen freezes on sepprate pics of swaragini and sanlak.

Precap: yipeee my 50th post and love confession of bestii. first official date of swasan and raglak

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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