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DEEPU: I LOVE YOU TOO. THANKS your comment really made my day.
MANVI: what is this yaar. you are thanking me for this ff. I should thank you and pleasure is all mine.
VINAY KARTHIK: even I thought that I did wrong woth bestfriends that’s why I cleared the misunderstanding soon And here they are again like before.
SHABRIN: thanks little sissy.
VAISHNAVI: SORRY SORRY. I mean I really did not see your comment that day. I saw it today. But yes whenever you comeback I will surely update the links of my posts which you will miss. Love you too dear. WILL MISS YOU A LOT. HAVE A SAFE JOURNEY.
TWINKLE: I will make it grand on 50th and your suggestion is really cool. And no need to thank me because pleasure is all mine.
PRIYANSHI: Same here dear but just I had to do this misunderstanding but now they are back and with bigger and louder bang.
TAIANA: OH That so sweet of you. really thank you. And from today they will be back again.

Ragsan and swalak are on terrace. Swaragini see each other and can’t control their emotions. Tears start flowing from their eyes and they both run and hug each other tightly as they were waiting for this to happen from eternity.
Swaragini see the boys watching each other with emotions filled eyes but does not want to show.
Swara: Look guys, whatever it is you both no actually we all need to clear this.
Ragini: yes I don’t know about you both dumb headed brothers but me and my shona can’t live without talking to each other.
Swara: exactly (and they both hug each other again).
Ragini: topper, lucky just say it what is the problem.
Swara: just sort it out guys.
Laksh: shona you are saying as only I had the problem.
Ragini: shona, do you have any problem??? And you did not even tell me.
Swara: NO I don’t. How can I have problem when I have you with my side. Lucky is the one who had problems and always have.
Sanskar: lado if you are so comfortable that you tell them na.
Swara: lado you were feeling uncomfortable in telling me something.
Ragini: no, not at all. You know na shona this topper is always like ‘I should have some personal space’ so he was the one who was uncomfortable.
Laksh: URGHHH!!! Bhai, I don’t have any problem.
Sanskar: Even I am not uncomfortable.

(swalak don’t want to show that they doubted ragsan and same with ragsan).
Ragini: when there is no problem then let’s have a group hug.
All come to have a group hug but they are not comfortable as they always be.
Sanskar: Look guys, we need to sort this out. Whatever it is.
Swara: first me. Actually I want to say it.
Ragini: say it na shona. (she has crossed her fingers. She is happy that finally her sister is going to confess but sad also because now officially laksh will be hers).
Laksh: yes shona, you can do it.
Swara: shut up you unlucky. Let me gather words.
Swara closes her eyes, take a deep breath and says about ragini’s note and how she told lucky then they both thought that that their bestfriend didn’t tell the truth.
Swara: I and lucky were angry on you as you both did not tell us that you both have decided to bein relationship. I know we have no right to get angry. We should have respected your privacy but….
Sanskar: what relationship!!!
Ragini: between me and topper???
Sanskar: seriously!!!
Ragini: topper control me otherwise I will slap them. Topper likes me??? How can you even think that??? I mean seriously. And thinking is not a big thing the thing is that you believed a note more than me. Urghhh! Shona and lucky you both. How can you do this yaar??? Okay leave all this. Tell me have you read full note.
Swara: no just the page on you were writing.
Ragini: oh god shona! If you would have read the previous one then you would have known that I was not talking about me. I was talking about…
Sanskar gestures her to keep quite as now swara and laksh each other so this confession will create problem.
Swara: sorry lado; sorry lado; sorry lado; sorry; sorry; sorry; sorry;
Ragini: I don’t want to talk to you both.
Laksh: what have I done??? She only told me.
Sanskar: and you believed her??? Like seriously lucky!!! You could have asked me.
Laksh: Bhai, You know na how much I trust shona . I told her that my bhai and lado won’t hide anything from me but she manipulated me.
Swara: oh wow! Ok then if I will tell you that I like you in that way then will you believe me???
Laksh: what??? No. I can’t. I know you don’t like me in thaaaatttt way.
Swara: so how you easily believed that lado and topper like each other.
Ragini and sanskar are shocked. They have opened their mouth as much as they could. And talking through eyes.
Sanskar: now it is our turn to confess. We misunderstood that they love each other and didn’t tell us.
Ragini: no. Now everything is clear. And if we will tell them they are gonna kill me.
Sanskar: we have to.
Ragini: stupid. Go die.
Swara: now what happened to you both??? I am not only responsible lucky is equally responsible. But we are bestii remember, we always forgive each other.
Laksh: Yes lado and bhai, since our child hood we both do mistakes and you always forgive us, this time also.
Sanskar: no
Swara: you won’t forgive me topper. I am shona, ansh’s shona.
Laksh: And I am your sweet, little brother lucky.
Sanskar: first listen to me. Please you guys forgive us.
Swara: but why???
Sanskar: Lado, now it is our turn.
Ragini: Sanskar: no
Swara: you won’t forgive me topper. I am shona, ansh’s shona.
Laksh: And I am your sweet, little brother lucky.
Sanskar: first listen to me. Please you guys forgive us.
Swara: but why???
Sanskar: Lado, now it is our turn.
Ragini: You decided to confess so you better do that. I love my life and I don’t want to die so soon that too with shona’s and lucky’s hands.
(ragini imagines annoyed swara and laksh throw her down from terrace ).
Ragini: nooooo.
Sanskar: lado.
Ragini: topper please.
Sanskar: lado.
Ragini fumes with anger but then took a long brath and then started confessing. How they saw their love imprinted bracelet so though that they both are couples so got angy because Ragsan thought that they didn’t tell them.
Swara and laksh look at each other in a shocked way and then started laughing badly.
Swalak are continuously laughing and swara speaks while laughing holding her stomach.
Swara: how… u ev…ven… thi…ink… li….ke that.
Laksh: I and shona.
Ragini: so you are not gonna kill me.
Sanskar: lado we are safe.
Laksh: you know this proves one thing that even our brains are best friends.
Swara: they all think same at a time.
Laksh: this proves we are true bestii.
They all have a group hug.
Ragini: okay now we should go. Party will be starting any moment and we are not guests here. This is rahran’s party so we need to act as host.
Laksh: wait one second… Ragini wrote that its good ansh came back now it will be easy for ansh to impress her maa papa and become their son in law easily.
Sanskar and ragini eye conversation:
Ragini: sorry, sorry, sorry
Sanskar: they forgave you but I will surely kill you.
Laksh continues: And if I believe you guys then you both don’t like each other and shekhar uncle don’t have any other daughter so bhai loves… oh my god shona, bhai loves you. You are so lucky you love him and he also loves you.
Sanskar is busy in blushing that after few minutes he realized what did laksh say.
Laksh cuts his tongue in realization that what did he say just now.
SWALAK eye conversation:
Swara: I hate you.
Laksh: sorry.
Swara: now see what I do.
Swara: lucky you are also lucky. Now when lado does not like topper you have clear path to make her believe in your love and to make her fall in your love.
Ragini: what did you say???
Sanskar thinks it is a good chance to take revenge from ragini.
Swara: you know lado lucky…
Sanskar: lado, why are you pretending to ne surprised???
Laksh: bhai what did you say???
Swara: lodo, lucky likes you.
Sanskar: lucky, lado likes you.
Raglak starts blushing.

Swara: ohooo some one is blushing.
Ragini: shona because I am a girl unlike you. Now you know that he loves you but still you are here.
Laksh: At least think about us. We need to sometime alone.

Now swara and sanskar are blushing deep.
Actually all are blushing. You can’t really distinguish colour difference between the colour of their dress and their face.
Sanskar: you guys are being shameless.
Swara: No he is being enough daring to say that he wants t send some private time with my sister.
Sanskar: lado told us to go from here and you are also not saying that. Is it necessary that always boys should take the first step of romance.
Swara: No, not at all. You keep yourself busy in measuring equality in romance. Actually it is all just game of fate. My sister got someone like lucky and I got you.
Ragini: that is true. My fate is good.
Laksh: by the way my fate is best.
Swara: see even they are saying my fate is bad.
Sanskar: listen carefully they are saying that my fate is worst.
Laksh: shut up you both. Just few minutes ago we confessed and instead of romancing you are fighting.
Ragini: confessed??? Let me remind you I told about topper’s love. Lucky told about shona’s love. Shona about lucky and topper about me.
Swara: really!!! What kind of confession is this!!!
Laksh: this is bestii love confession. Unique like us.
Swara: but we are normal girls
Ragini: and want a normal confession
Sanskar: now we guys know about this so what is the need of grand confession.
Swara: it is our birthday gift and we want this from you.
Laksh: okay… we will but you both would have to give us our new year gift in return.
Ragini: what???
Laksh: you both will have to confess.
Swara: okay.
Screen freezes.

I know this confession was not something heart touching but you all told me to finish the misunderstanding soon and I want to make confession on 50th so I think this is a fair deal. Sorry If I disappointed you. I promise you will enjoy the 50th episode. Atleast I will try my best to make it nice.

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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