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Thanks for your love and support. And so sorry for late update actually my mom banned any gadgets for one day. But from tomorrow I will be regular I promise.

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MANVI: thanks manvi, that is so sweet of you.
TRISHIKA: so so so sorry but tomorrow at 9:30 you will surely read the confession. I promise.
SMILE: I read your blog, its really nice.
VAISHNAVI: and your comments dear just touch my heart, your comment made my day. Well coming at being friend then pleasure is all mine. And really I am saying this from my heart.

Rahryan came back last monday and this year they have throwing new year party at their place. Days spent but no one is in mood to talk to each other.
Ragini is upset as swara and laksh are not confessing and acting normally as nothing happened and moreover they are showing anger on her, similar with sanskar, laksh and swara.

Family members have noticed the rift between their kids.
Sumi: shona and lado are not talking to each other.
Shekhar: even I have noticed.
Dadi: you guys are exaggerating.
Dida: exactly they often fight and stop talking to each other.
Sumi: no maa, if it would be for 5-6 hours I can agree but it is since last 5-6 days.
Dada ji: I can’t believe this. I am sure they are playing some prank to disturb us.
Dadi: exactly my doll can’t be angry on each other for more than 1 day.
Shekhar: even I hope the same maa.

Ap: Listen I think there is some problem between laksh and ansh.
Dp: no this can’t happen. I agree laksh is irresponsible but he can never be upset with his brother.
Ap: From last few days I am watching that every morning ansh goes to sumi’s house and shona come here..
Dp: Ap, they need time. We have got ansh back after so many years. Give nsh some time to accept our family again and laksh also need time to share his alone space with his brother again.
Ap: I think you are right.
Dp: And shona and lado is there. When my princesses are here then I am sure they will never let their friendship break.
Ap: Listen I think our shona and lado like rahryan. I mean they always say that they can flirt with rahryan only.
Dp: I don’t think so. I mean Rahryan are just their friends. And see our children spend most of the time with each other.
Ap: I wish I was wrong because I really want them as my…
Dp: as your daughter in laws.
Ap: no as my official daughter. I know they still consider me as their mother but if they will get married to someone else then they will go and I don’t want them to go anywhere. You know if our sons will marry them then officially they will leave permanently in this house. I will have my rights on them more than sumi. I am reallt jealous of her she got two angels.
Dp: oh god women. But for your wish we can’t pressurize our kids.
Ap: I know that.

31st Dec

Ragsan in swaragini’s mansion
Ragini: topper I don’t know what has happened to them???
Sanskar: yes. They are behaving as we have done any mistake.
Ragini: exactly. Okay I understand with lucky but shona. She does not even look at me.
Ragini: they are hiding their relationship and instead of confessing they are ignoring us.
Sanskar: I think my fate is really bad. I got them few days ago and the very next day I lost them again. But there is difference now it hurts more.

Ragini: you know topper when I lost my memory and doctor said that I will have pain if anyone will suddenly remind me of that incident then shona and lucky changed themselves completely. Their friend circle, their school everything so no one could make me remember my past. You know after few days of accident I used to have deep pain, that time shona and lucky used to sit next to me whole day. They used to miss their school, their play time, everything just to look after me. I don’t know what suddenly happened to them. They always gave me unconditional love but I think they don’t consider me a good sister or good friend may be that is why they did not tell me.
Sanskar: oh god lado, don’t cry. What do you think, I am happy with their behavior. You know last wednesday mom told me that whenever you trio used to stay in our house, shona and lucky always used to cry in my room thinking about me. And see they got me but I don’t know why they are reacting like this.

Ragini: what if there is some confusion, I mean why they will not tell us .
Sanskar: even I was thinking the same.
Ragini: whatever it is I don’t care. If they have lied also then I will forgive them. I can’t live without them.
Sanskar: yes due to punishing them we are punishing ourselves. We are bestiis we can’t let a small lie break our friendship.
Ragini: yes after so many years I have got my memory back and we have got you back so I want our this birthday to be as earlier. I want lucky to wish me first.
Sanskar: hmmm
Ragini: will you be able to see shona and lado together???
Sanskar: I don’t know but our friendship is more important for me than my feelings for shona. And you???
Ragini: why will it affect me ever. I don’t even like him. (a tear falls from her eyes)
Sanskar hugs her.
Sanskar: its okay. We will be there for each other. And right now we should only concentrate on shona and lucky.

Swalak in sanlak’s mansion:
Swara: how can they do like this??? Neither lado nor topper have been so heartless ever then why are they doing this.
Laksh: I don’t know. Look at lucky’s bad luck I have got them back properly few days ago and instead of becoming stronger our friendship is breaking.
Swara: you remember lucky when we came to know about AARAV , lodo just took care of me like a child. She pretended to forget her pain and got busy in healing my wounds. She became my strength and topper you remember he used to tell me his secrets and now he didn’t even informed me in such a big decision of his life.

Laksh: shhh shona, don’t cry. I understand I am going through same feeling. When we didn’t know about our blood relation even then he behaved like a big brother and now… We live in same house, sleep in same room but still we don’t even look at each other. And lado, we trio are like secret diaries of each other. We can tell each other anything because we always knew no one will reveal other’s secret. And see now she wrote that in her notebook but didn’t tell us.
Swara: we can’t live like this lucky. I feel like me breath is stuck in mid wat when I don’t talk to lado. We have to make everything okay and that too before 12 so that our tradition could not break.

Laksh: yes in these ten years we never changed it.
Swara: yes. Even in absence of ansh we always made him present among us and now he is here but we are still in doubt.
(so guys the tradition is that swara always wish lucky first on his birthday, lucky wishes ragini first, ragini wishes sanskar first and sanskar wishes swara first so that no one could feel inferior).
Laksh: whatever shona but we have to make it okay.
Laksh: we will be able to manage ourselves seeing them together???
Swara: we will, we have to. Our friendship is not that weak.

Sanskar messages on whats app group of bestii.
Sanskar: we have to finish this.
Laksh: yes now it is enough.
Ragini: today rahryan’s place.
Swara: okay, finally.

The theme of party is Indian and rahryan as a new year gift presented swaragsanlak the dress for party.
Swaragini have worn pink plain lehenga with golden border, golden blouse and pink chunri that too with golden border.
Both have rolled their hair and made a bun. They both smile looking each other thinking that they have not even seen each other but still they have made same hairstyle.
Sanlak in pink sherwani with golden work on collar.
Laksh gestures them to come to terrace as there is still time for party.
Screen freezes.

Precap: finally love confession and apology to misunderstand each other.

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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