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To all who want me to make them confess fast so don’t worry i am doing it and i am sure after today’s precap you will be sure. to all who are thinking that i will change couple then a big sorry to them because couples are decided and please keep reading because you are going to see bond between each and every pair. to all who are feeling bad for swasan or raglak separation then please don’t worry it will end soon and then they will be together forever.

ASHLYN: sorry dear actually yesterday I was feeling sleepy while typing so may be due to that there were spelling mistakes and thanks I will surely mind it from next time.

Swara and ragini both leave for swaragini mansion but swara with her scooty and ragini with her car as they both are upset. Laksh comes back to his room and sees ragini has left and sanskar is in balcony.

LAKSH TO HIMSELF: Lado left without even giving me my birthday gift and without taking her christmas gift. I know she does not like me in that way but we are still best friends. It is hurting. It hurts. I don’t know whether I love her or just like her but it is really painful to see her with someone and the pain increases when that someone is my bhai. Oh god what I am thinking. How can I even think like that. my this kind of thoughts can ruin our precious friendship. And I have to be strong for shona, if she will see me sad then she won’t be able to control her emotion. But we both have to control our emotions and hide our feelings for the sake of our friendship and bhai’s & lado’s happiness. But yes I can’t control my anger my bhai and my best friend lied to me. How could they not share such an important thing from me.

SANSKAR (IS IN BALCONY) TO HIMSELF: I never thought that this will be so painful. How can I be so dumb I should have guessed that there is something more than friendship between them. Oh god, for the first time I liked a girl, I loved a girl and… Why the situation is so difficult??? No I can’t even think like this. I don’t know whether I would be able to love another girl or not but I can’t leave my brother and friends again. I don’t have courage to see lucky, shona and lado away from me again. If our friendship costs my love then it is really not small thing which is hard to sacrifice. I know it will be painful but at least it won’t hurt my dear ones and most important lado. I know she won’t agree that she is getting hurt but I know she is going through the same pain. Yes but these emotions can’t minimize my anger. How can they hide such a big thing from me???

RAGINI (IS DRIVING) TO HERSELF: this year shona didn’t even call me to go to lucky’s home with her on her scooty. I understand she wanted to be alone but how can she forget me??? I am her sister, her lado. every year she wishes him first but atleast I accompany her to his house then she takes entry first in his room but this year she didn’t even tell me that she is leaving. And lucky just left with shona without even giving me my christmas gift and didn’t give me one chance to give him his birthday gift. I don’t know why but this is making me really sad. I don’t know why but it is getting difficult to control tears. I don’t like him but still… May be these all tears are because shona and lucky lied to me or may be due to seeing topper so sad. Whatever the reason is but I am not going to forgive shona and lado.

SWARA (IS RIDING) TO HERSELF: Ragini left from sanlak’s mansion without even waiting from me. I agree I came here without informing her but I was angry. Why did she do this to me??? And topper!!! If he would be topper then I would have forgiven him but he is my ansh then how can he do this to me??? But yes I will not let lucky to feel sad because of this. I am not going to forgive them.

Swaragini goes to their room and sleep without uttering even a word. Sanskar comes back from balcony and gives laksh two packets without saying anything. Laksh understood that these are his birthday gifts so he also give him his christmas gift again without even a word. But no one opens his gift they just keep it on their respective side tables without unwrapping it and pretend to sleep.

Sanskar phone rings. He goes to balcony and attends the call.
Mrs. Mathur: oh mychild, how are you???
Sanskar: I am fine mumma (his voice clearly presents his guilt and pain).
Mrs. Mathur: oh thank god. God knows why but I felt like you are in pain and missing me.
Sanskar composes himself
Sanskar: no mumma, I am fine. I am tired. Bye good night.
Sanskar to himself: I am sorry mumma I am hiding that I have got my real family back but I can’t tell you on phone. I need to tell you this face to face but this needs a lot of courage. So that when I will see hurt I should be enough strong to wipe your tears. Sorry mumma.

Next morning:

Sumi: Shona, lado get up lucky would be coming to pick you up for church.
They both get ready but without even passing a smile.
Sanlak come to pick them up but sanskar on bike and laksh in his car.
Swara: lucky I want to go with my scooty
Laksh: I will reach before than you.
Swara: okay lets see.
Sanskar: come let’s go on bike
Ragini: no, I am really scared of bike. I just trust on shona’s riding (then sees swara but gets sad)
Sanskar: then how will you manage???
Ragini: I will come with my own car.
So sanskar left on his own bike, swara on her scooty, laksh in his own car and ragini in her own. (for the first time in history)

To win swara takes a short cut but that is really curvy and dangerous so just keep her safe sanskar follows her but he is trying to maintain a safe distance so she could not see her.
Ragini and laksh are going on the same road but ragini is leading.


Tyre of swara’s scooty burst due to stone on the path and this make her fall on road (don’t worry she got just small scratches on her elbow and knees). After seeing this sanskar stops his bike and rushes toward her.
Sanskar: are you okay???
Swara: perfectly fine. Actually the road is soft so I decided to fall here.
Sanskar: can’t you tell me even a single thing straightly.
Swara: why do I need to tell you??? Do you tell me everything???
Sanskar: Its waste talking to you.
Swara: yes that’s why now a days you don’t talk to me.
Sanskar: I don’t talk to you. You are ignoring me???
Swara: You cheat, you liar (and tries to stand up but due to injuries she fails and screams)
Sanskar: I should not talk to you.
Swara: exactly what am I saying.

Sanskar gives her his hand to help her in getting up but she refuses so he takes her hand and pull her up which causes the situation of unbalance between them. So just to support each other, Swara holds his collar with her one hand and sanskar is holding her waist with his hand. both are holding each other’s other hand. Due to fear swara closes her eyes and sanskar gets a chance to notice her from so close.

SANSKAR to himself: Oh god I am feeling like her hairs are talking with air. Her earrings are making a melodious tune, my ears are really enjoying it. Her hands are so soft, I feel like I am holding a fur. She is looking like a true angel fell from directly sky into my arms , she is so fragile. I wonder her fashion sense is so amazing or anything which she wears become amazing. It started raining i wonder to make ths moment beautiful or to stop this moment.

Swara to herself; I am feeling so secure in her arms. Although my posture is not at all comfortable but if I am in his arms I can bear all pain. Where does this sudden drop come from. When I opened my eyes it was raining. I don’t understand god is celebrating the feeling which I am having right now or he is also crying because again the person whom I like does not like me and my sister actually my soul sister is hiding truth from me.

They both are looking into each other’s eyes to find that what was the need of hiding the truth.


It is raining and ragini is trying to fix her car. Laksh comes to her.
Laksh: What happened, Did it reak down??/
Ragini: no actually I find rain romantic so waiting for a handsome guy with whom I can romance. And see you came
Laksh: I will romance and that too with you. never.
Ragini: I said a handsome guy
Laksh: Then you have chosen wrong road because this is a quiet road no one will come here.
Ragini: so why did you come???
Laksh: I am trying to help you and you are shouting at me!!!
Ragini: then please go and I don’t even want a liar to help me.
Laksh: liar and me. Okay go to hell I am going. (laksh starts leaving and ragini follows him)
Ragini: exactly go because you are not my old lucky. If you would be then you would have told me about you and (Ragini’s ankle get twist and screams) AAhhh
Laksh runs and holds her before she fall.
Laksh: can you walk???
Ragini: no

Laksh picks her up and start moving toward his car. Ragini has wrapped his neck with his one arm and with his other hand she has clutched his t-shirt. Since rain drops are teasing her so she has closed her eyes.
LAKSH to himself: Oh god her long hairs look so amazing when they are wet. Her hairs are moving as waves in sea. These raindrops are really lucky they can touch her chubby cheeks, they can tease her. Her hand which she has kept on my neck, I am feeling like I have carries a silk scarf.
Laksh makes her sit on passenger sit with the door open so he could treat her ankle. He sits on her knees and remove her sandal. He touches her feet with so much care and affection.
Ragini to herself: my ankle is really paining but his touch has made me really forget my pain. His touch seems like some one is playing his favorite veena with so much care and affection.

He twist her ankle back to make it okay which make her eyes open. Both of them have tears in their eyes. They both are looking into each other’s eyes just to find the reason behind lying from best friend.

PRECAP: swaragini’s birthday and confession.

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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