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sorry sorry sorry actually my mind was pissed off yesterday so i could not post it but i swear in compensation i have tried to make it long. one more thing please don’t think that i am going to show some sacrificing stuff. no. not at all. it will be fun from next episodes. and yes they will think for sacrifice but all are going to sacrifice their feelings for their respective friends and siblings so it will create confusion and will be fun. one more thing i used it because i thought this is important for some entertaining confession. i will not drag it for so long so don’t worry and keep reading. don’t feel bad for swalak because same will happen with ragsan and they are not jealous because they can never be jealous of their own sibling they are just happy for their sibling but also sad for themselves.

FUGGI: obviously dear. and that will be very soon. so don’t worry and keep reading.
KARTHI: All moms are same and don’t feel so bad it will be for just few days.
ABI: I will solve it very soon.
SHABRIN: don’t worry. it will be for short term just to make realize and confess and there will be a lot romantic scenes and that will be emotional also.
HAYATHI: WHy you didn’t like it??? sorry but don’t worry I will not drag it for long.
NITI: Exactly the same will happen. keep reading.
ASHLYN: wow ashlyn. I will not say that exactly this will happen but something like this will surely happen.
SHANAYA: no dear. they won’t sacrifice and I swear this will be fun
ATIYA: no change in love pairs. and thanks for liking it.
RADIKA: oh don’t worry as I said it will surely be fun and they won’t sacrifice because in serial only swara is great but in fan fiction all are great equally.
JWALA: OH that is so sweet of you.
VAISHNAVI: I promise form today I will continue to update it regularly.

RECAP: SUMI class and swaragsanlak fun

All 4 reach sanlak mansion
Sanskar: wow! the house is exactly same as before.
Laksh: obviously bhai, Dad was too protective about this so whenever you come you should find it same as before.
Swara; let’s go. all must be waiting.
All enter into house.
Ap: you all came. see ansh all thing are arranged according to your choice.
Sumi: I just hope your taste is still same.
Sanskar: mom, maa; it does not matter that my choice is same or not. you have done this for me so I just loved it.
Dp: and see according to your wish I have invited just family here.
Sanskar: thanks dad. thank you so much for understanding me.
Dp: anything for you.
Swaraglak in unison: everybody forgot us.
All laugh.
Laksh: bhai, lets go to your room bhai.
Sanskar: okay.
All 4 leave for room.
Sanskar gets happy seeing his room just like before.
Sanskar: all thing are same.
Swara: just check the toys topper.
Ragini: because we don’t believe lucky.
Sanskar: oh; even if he had broken my things then also I won’t mind because he is my little brother, he has full right on me and my things.
Swara: lado, lucky is still little.
Ragini: not with his age and body shona just with his mind.
Swara: absolutely.
Swaragsan laugh.
Laksh: whatever you dumb heads.

After get together Gadodia’s come back to swaragini mansion. sanskar is slepping in laksh’s room as it will take some time to redecorate sanskar’s room.
Meanwhile all are pretending that they have forgot laksh’s birthday. Swalak are disturbed due to this.

Next day:
Swaragini are studying just to pretend sumi. They both are lost in thoughts that how much has happened last day.
Ragini is writing something continuously and swara is really disturbed by thought that how ragini can study with so much concentration.
Ragini to herself: wow this is so good that topper is ansh. if shona will start liking him then all things will be easy for them. topper is such a nice person. Shona deserves a person like this.
Swara to herself: what has happened to lado, she is writing with so much concentration. I have never seen her writing with so much concentration and consistency not even in exams. so what is she writing??
Swara: lado what are you writing about???
Ragini who is still not out of trance answers: topper.
Ragini then realises that she can’t say everything to swara.
Ragini: shona, I need water and the mug is empty so I will go downstairs and get it.
ragini leaves.
Swara to herself: should I go and check. I mean this is not right but she is my twin sister I ahve full rights to know about her.
Swara goes and reads it what is written in this diary: ” Oh god I can’t believe that topper is Ansh; my best friend; I am so sad for mathurs but life is life; Well there is one more good point in this an that is now things will be easy for topper. If everything will go right then my parents will not have any problem in accepting sanskar as their son in law. but I don’t want to keep my hope so high. But topper is so nice. On the very first day when i saw him I understood that his eyes has love. And that makes me really happy. The confidence which I saw in his attitude today for his love and affection made me really secure. He will be really good partner.
Ragini comes and swara goes back to her table.

Swara is feeling like her face is kept in microwave. she can feel the redness and heat on he face but she wants to make sure that ragini should not see her that so she gently does head down like an obedient school girl. She is crying all though she is fully trying to control herself.
Swara to herself: I should be happy for my sister. And I should I cry. I don’t even like him. My sister likes him. Oh god finally lado likes someone this much that she is dreaming about her future with him. (shemis trying to be strong but her tears are making her weak). I don’t know why am I feeling bad. I am not at all jealous of lado.May be I am feeling bad because lado and topper didn’t tell me about this. yes I am feeling bad just because of this. I should tell this to lucky I know he will be hurt but still I will tell him.

Swara calls laksh:
Swara: lucky I have to say something important.
Laksh: what happened, you sound upset.
Swara: lucky, Lado and topper like each ther.
Laksh: obviously I know.
Swara: lucky, they like each other in that way
Laksh: oh god shona, you are confusing me.
Swara tells her all thing about swara’s note.
Laksh: oh wow my best friend like my bhai.
Swara: are you okay???
Laksh: They didn’t even tell me. I will call you later shona.

Swara to herself: I know lucky is upset but I will try my best to make him alright. As usual I will go there at 12’o clock but this year with special gift. have some faith on yourself shona. you can do this.
Laksh: I am alright but what about shona. I don’t want shoan to feel that kind of pain again. I know she will come at 12 then I will make her okay.

At 11:45

Sanskar is sleeping with laksh in laksh’s room.
Laksh; bhai, don’t you think that you should feel fresh air.
Sanskar: what lucky i am tired.
Laksh: bhai, you have to go downstairs.
Sanskar: but why will I go???
Laksh: because I want you to.
Sanskar to himself: what the hell is this. why does he want me to go.
Laksh: bhai has to go, shona will come at 12 and as usual I want her to wish me first. Most important I want her to make her alright. I know she will not show but I know she is upset.
Sanskar: okay going.

At 11:50 swara reaches sanlak mansion as guard knows her so that is not any problem for her.
At 11:55 swara reaches laksh’s room.
Laksh is awake but still pretends to sleep to let her guess that he is alright.
Swara: see I came from so far to wish him and he is sleeping. Can’t he wait for me.
Swara goes to him and make him fall down with a kick.
Laksh: what the hell shona, I was awake.
Swara: i knew that’s why.
Laksh: first my gift then wishes.
Swara; first my christmas gift.
Laksh: shona.
Swara: okay. later.
Swara: happy birthday (and hugs him).
Laksh: thank you and merry christmas. (hugs her and holds her up for some minutes.)

Meanwhile sanskar sees ragini outside the room.
Sanskar: lado, go inside and wish him.
Ragini: no I can’t, Don’t you remember swara always wish lucky first.
Sanskar: yes.
Ragsan sees swalak hugging and get upset.

All come to laksh and wish him.
At the last ragini and then sanskar.
Laksh: why did you pretend that you didn’t remember about my birthday.
Ap: just to tease you.
Dp: you get one day every year to live according to your wish.
Laksh: i know dad. thank you.
All leave. Except swalakragsan.
Ragini: happy birthday lucky and hugs him.
Laksh gets upset: thanks lado.
Sanskar: happy birthday
Laksh: thanks bhai.
swara: lucky let’s go I have to give you your gift.(in an angry tone)
Laksh: yes please but let me take your christmas gift. (in an angry tone again)
(yes swalak are angry as they think that ragsan didn’t tell them about their new feeling).
Ragsan are upset as they are thinking that swalak want to leave alone.
Swalak goes to garden leaving swalak alone.

swara: so here is your gift.
Laksh opens it with excitement
Laksh: wow 4 bracelets but why I mean I am only one.
Swara: shut up lucky two are for you and two for me.
Laksh: what do you mean.
Swara: see they are four bracelets, in each there is written love. We will wear it and whenever we will get our real partner we will make them wear the next one.
Laksh: ohoo nice, So now you believe in partner and love like stuff.
Swara: yes lucky now I do.
Laksh: wow (and hugs her).
Swara: okay my christmas gift???
Laksh gives her two big packets.
Swara taes it but before opening it.
Swara: I have one promise as your gift.
Laksh: what???
Swara: that from now onward I will share my chocolate with you also.
Laksh: oh wow. shona will give me her chocolates. Ok now open my gift.
Swara opens it and in one there is her favourite hand made chocolates and in other one there is laksh’s favourite toy car.
Laksh: now this car is all yours.
Swara hugs him again. and make him eat chocolate.

Ragsan are in room and seeing them from window.
Ragini: they both look so happy together.
Sanskar: yes.
Ragini: topper I think you were right there is something between them.
Sanskar: even I think the same.
Ragini: see shona has give him that bracelet with the note love.
Sanskar: if there is something then we should just be happy for them.
Ragini: yes ofcourse but I am sure there is something.
Sanskar: Yes I think that is why they want to spend time alone.
Tears start forming in ragini’s eyes
Sanskar: oh don’t cry lado. we should be happy for our best friends
Ragini: I am happy but what to do???
Sanskar: I understand.
(and hugs her).
Ragini: I am happy for them but I am angry also they could have told me nd you.
Sanskar: yes, even I am angry also.
They see laksh gifting his car to swara and swara feeding him chocolate.
Sanskar: how time changes, earlier swara used to share her chocolate just with me then after I went she started sharing it with you but now she just shared it with lucky. but I am not complaining. I am upset they could have told us.
Ragini: you remember that car. it was very important for him and he gifted her that.
Ragini: they could have told us na, We are their best friends their siblings.
Sanskar: don’t worry lado we will be angry and will make them confess the truth.
Screen freezes.

PRECAP: angry mood continues.

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