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sorry sorry sorry for not updating it yesterday. i know many of you must be thinking that why ragsan only feel jealous but don’t worry their time will also come. and everything will be balanced. thanks a lot for liking and loving it. i have really no words to thank you all. okay so i have to thank many people today so please please please don’t mind if i will miss any name. one more thing i have started a new fan fiction on swaragini. it’s name is “why does it still affect”. if you want you can read the first part


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All four come downstairs.
LAKSH: Mom we are going to house to get dress for tonight’s party.
Ap: but party is in that house.
LAKSH: which house. We always party here!!!
Dp: If you remember that you have another house other than swaragini mansion.
LAKSH: okay.
Swara: let’s go shopping.
Ragini: yeah nice idea.
Laksh: I am also coming.
Sanskar: but.
Swara: just shut up topper. you are coming.
Ragini: we will buy some nice party dress for him. After all he is our man oops boy of the night.

Swara to sumi:
SWARA: maa can we go for shopping???
SUMI: what is this shona and lado??? Have you ever seen your credit card bills.
RAGINI: but maa this is topper’s welcome party.
SUMI: first of all he is ansh. And you both have lot of dresses so just grab anyone and get ready.
Swara: papaaaa
Shekhar: sorry princesses . no interference in money matter. My work is just to earn.
Ragini: Dada ji
Dada ji: sumi beta. its just once
Sumi: no papa ji. Nothing more. They are spoiling their future.
Swara: last option lado.
Swaragini in unison: dadi and dida.
Dadi: I just handed my all keys to your mother on the very first day she came in this house.
Dida: darling I don’t interfere in my married daughter’s matter.
Ragini: that is not fair. you all made team.
Sumi: just have a look at yourself. you both have become typical rich spoil girls.
Shekhar: sumi, is it necessary to do all this today???
Sumi: ahhh here savior father spoke. just look at them shekhar they don’t even study for a minute in full day. whole day wandering, shopping, eating and sleeping.
LAKSH: no aunty they study.
Sumi: shut up lucky and these all scoldings are for you also.
Dp (in an amusing tone): ohh keep it up sumi because he really needs it and Ap can never scold him.
Sanskar: Maa listen
Sumi; no ansh, and if you have also become like them in these years then come in line and listen to me.
Sumi: Have you ever thought that what are you going to do in future???
Swara; maa we have joined music class.
Ragini: today so much happened that’s why we didn’t go and from tomorrow there will be winter holidays in music class and college both.
Sumi: ahhh, that music class!!! Rahul and aryan made you join that. Could not you do this for yourself??? Can you get ever serious for just one thing in your life???
Shekhar: they are just in first year sumi.
Sumi eyes him angrily
Shekhar: okay continue.
Sumi: what about you lucky???
Laksh gulps
Laksh: business like dad. Aunty.
Sumi:And for that you need to study which I don’t think you do. I don’t think you even touch your books. Please don’t waste your time with your brainless friends (and looks towards swaragini) otherwise they will spoil you just like themselves.
Swaraglak are looking toward sanskar with a urge to save them.
Sanskar: maa, one month classes to kids of your ngo, if you still run it.
Swaraglak are looking at sanskar with murderous eyes.
Sumi: promise???
Sanskar: promise from all of us.
Sumi: okay but tell me the subjects you are going to teach before leaving for shopping.
Swaraglak give a wide smile to sanskar.
Swara: guitar and piano.
Ragini: veena and classical dance.
laksh: sports. I mean cricket and football.
Sanskar: studies.
Sumi: okay now leave for shopping and buy for christmas and new year. our treat. And directly come to sanlak mansion we will be there.
All nods.
Sumi: now smile.
Laksh and sanskar come and hug her while swaragini are standing still.
Sumi goes to them.
Swara; just two lines to your one prince and nothing to the other one.
Ragini: yes these all were for us.
Ap comes to them and caresses their hair.
Ap: aww my princesses..
Sumi hugs them.
Sumi: when will you be mature???
Swaragini: never
Swaragini look at all other.
Other are looking at them with apologetic eyes.
Ragini: chill we understand.
All look at her questioningly
Swara: that you all scared of maa.
and runs form there.
Sumi: crazy kids.

All go for shopping.
They didn’t take car as they have to take car from aarav’s house and from their they will go for shopping.
they reach mall.
Swara: what will be bestiis trademark today???
Ragini: bracelet.
Laksh: no last time we had the same.
Sanskar: colour.
All look at him with shocking expression.
Sanskar: chill guys. If you didn’t like it then we will think about something different.
Laksh: bhai, your idea is great.
After 1 and a 1/2 hour of struggle they all are ready.
Swara and ragini in purple Barbie frocks which hardly reach their knees. Just a small black earrings on the name of accessories and stylish, black high heels.
Sanskar and laksh in black suit and purple shirt. and black shoes.
Swara and ragini have left their hair open with full curls and used a small purple butterfly clip.
Swara is talking to laksh while sanskar is watching swara.
Sanskar to himself: My angel is looking like a princess. What should I call her my angel, princess or barbie doll.
Ragini comes from behind and keeps her hand on his shoulder.
Ragini: checking out my sister???
Sanskar: ahmmm yes.
Ragini: for the first time you have said it with so confidence.
Sanskar: look at her, she is such a cute girl. any one will check her out. so why to hide it.
Ragini: oo so you can’t tear your gaze of her.
Sanskar; oh yes.
Ragini shifts her gaze from swara to laksh. sanskar notices this.
Sanskar: well my brother is looking so handsome.
Ragini: yeah so handsome.
Sanskar; So you agree you were checking him out??
Ragini: I was not. I was looking at swara.
Sanskar; oh so swara is handsome.
Ragini: yes .. no. I mean. ahmm. hmm.
Ragini; okay I was. he is looking nice. I can check him out as a friend.
Sanskar: you won’t agree ever.

laksh: tell your sister to look less beautiful
Swara: oh I can’t help you with that. It’s in her genes.
Laksh; has she taken the burden of whole world to look most beautiful everyday.
Swara; no it happened unintentionally. because she is most beautiful.
Laksh: true. By the way you can say that for my brother also.
Swara: what??? that he is beautiful???
Laksh: no, that you can’t control yourself from looking at him.
Swara: its nothing. I was just looking at him friendly.
Laksh: aww, just shut up.
Swara; okay I was. He is looking really really handsome.
Laksh: I am going to tell him.
Swara: I will also say that to lado.
Laksh: whatever.

All are sitting in car. ragini behind laksh and swara behind sanskar.
Laksh: so Mr’ sanskar maheshwari. How are you feeling after coming back to your family.
Sanskar: I feel nice but I am sanskar mathur and always will be sanskar mathur lucky.
Laksh: bhai???
Sanskar: please don’t mind guys but they are my parents too. I can’t do this to them.
Swaragini senses the tension.
Swara: Why will we mind topper. we are really thankful to uncle aunty to handle you these years but still we won’t thank them because we don’t want to snatch parental rights from them.
Ragini: And topper it is just name. We got you, you are all right that is enough for us.
Laksh: yeah bhai I am sure even mom dad won’t mind.
Swara: infact we will help you in confronting your parents
Ragini: we understand you topper.
Swara: you take your time. it is just a sudden change
Laksh: And we know that is really difficult but still you are trying. And believe me we are really thankful to you for that.
Swara keeps her hand on sanskar’s shoulder to let him feel that she understands him, sanskar smiles in response.
Ragini keeps her hand on laksh’s shoulder to console him because she knows that he is hurt.
Laksh smiles.
Screen freezes.

Precap: laksh’s birthday party. Swalak misunderstood ragsan and gets ready to sacrifice their love for happiness for their love and sibbling.

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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