Best friends 43


Laksh goes to sanskar where as swara comes to ragini in their room.
Swara hugs Ragini from backside.
Swara: we got our ansh.
Ragini removes swara’s hands from heself.
Ragini: yes only your ansh is back.
Swara closes her eyes realizing that how can she forget that ragini’s memory is also back.
Swara: oh sorry lado. I completely forgot that after so many years you have got your…
Ragini interrupts her.
Ragini: shona you forgot!!!
Swara: lado, listen to me.
Ragini: shona you know I have never imagined that anything incident can make you forget about me.
Swara: no lado I have not forgotten, This is like there were so many things happening and all were busy with ansh. You know na what do I mean.
Ragini: Yes all were busy so you also forgot.
Swara hugs ragini. ( Sanlak are hearing to them from outside)
Swara: lado please forgive me.
Ragini leaves with angry face (sanskar follows her) and swara hurts her leg by hitting it with door and tears start flowing from her eyes. Laksh comes to console her.
Sanskar: lado, listen to me.
Ragini: please ansh, I know you can’t see your shona hurt but I have full right to hurt her. So don’t interfere between us.
Sanskar: okay, I will not. But can I tell you one thing???
Ragini: tell me.
Sanskar: do you know yesterday when you fainted she was with you all the time. Never left you for even one second.
Ragini: I know. I mean whether I would be sleeping but I could feel her touch. But???
Sanskar: but she did not notice it today. I told you that day na your sister is bad. Wait here I will go and shout at her.
Ragini: oo hello. Ansh I agree you know her form childhood but she is my sister. Only I have the right to call her mad and only I can shout at her.
Sanskar: so even now you are angry to her.
Ragini: no
Swalak in room:
Laksh is applying pain relieving spray on her feet.
Swara: what should I do lucky???
Laksh: for now just sit like a statue you are making it difficult for me.
Swara: now please at least you don’t get angry.
Laksh: shona don’t worry, she will forgive you. You know na she can’t stay angry with you for so long.
Swara: but how to apologize???
Swara: by the way thanks for this.
Laksh: hmmm.
Swara: give me some idea
Ragini: no need. I am not angry to you now.
Swara: really???
And gets up in excitement.
Swara: ouchhh.
Ragini: oh god, see what have you done.
Laksh: don’t worry. In half an hour she will be fine.
Ragini comes to swara and hugs her.
Sanlak also have a hug.

At the time of lunch:
All are planning how to celebrate.
Laksh hears their talk and gets happy thinking that they all are planning about his birthday.
Ragini: celebration but why maa???
Sumi: to celebrate Ansh’s welcome back.
Laksh: wow so there will be two continuous celebrations.
Ap: why two celebrations beta,
Dp: we will celebrate today only for Ansh.
Laksh gets sad thinking that anyone don’t remember about his birthday so he goes from there and swara follows her.
All smile seeing his childish behaviour.
Sanskar: mom can we have just a small faily celebration. I mean I want mumma papa to tell first and it will take me some time to tell them everything.
Dp: don’t worry beta we understand. You take your time. We will just have a small celebration today.
Ragsan goes to give this news to swalak.
Swara knows that laksh is still upset because no one remember his birthday but she also wants to surprise him that’s why she will not tell himabout his birthday.
Swara: Lucky, why you came here???
Laksh by making his face: I did not want to be there. Why you came???
Swara: because you came here so I also did not want to be there.
Laksh: oh really???
Swara hits him on cheeks and says really.
Laksh hits her on both of her cheeks.
Swara makes face to pretend that she is angry.
Laksh fills him mouth with air as much as he can and makes her face ahead to let swara take her revenge. Swara giggles and starts slapping him lightly on both of his cheeks.

Ragsan: Topper. Oops sorry ansh.
Sanskar: you can call me whatever you want.
Ragini: Ansh you know why lucky left???
Sanskar: Obviously how can I forget because everyone pretended to forget his birthday.
Ragini: How can he believe that?? We pretend every year and every year he gets upset.
Sanskar: He is such a kid.
Ragini: Not only him my sister also. You know every year we don’t tell shona that we are going to surprise him.
Sanskar: Obviously because shona can’t hide anything from lucky.
Ragsan laugh.
Ragini: okay, let’s go otherwise lucky will throw more tantrums and shona will also support him.
Ragsan go to room and see swara hitting laksh and laksh is enjoying that.
Ragsan gets sad.
Ragini to herself: don’t know why whenever I see them I feel bad. I don’t feel jealous but yes I feel bad because neither shona nor lucky feels this much happy with me as they feel when they are with each other.
Sanskar to himself: The completion which I see in shona’s eyes when lucky is with her I never see that in her eyes when she is with me. And lucky also feels most happy when shona is around him.
Ragsan controls themselves and go inside.
Laksh; hey lado, so what’s the plan???
Sanskar; we have planned to make it simple family get together.
Swara: oh ansh you can’t snatch a big party from us
All laugh
Ragini: it may be a small party but we will dress like a big function.
Swara: how can we lose a chance to dress.
Sanlak: typical girls.
All laugh.
screen freezes

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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