Best friends 42


Sanskar is lying unconscious on dining chair with the help of shone and similarly ragini is also sitting just opposite to himwith the support of laksh.
Dp, Shekhar and dada ji has told everything to everyone but scared to tell the truth to Ragsan because they don’t know how will they react.
Swara and laksh are trying to make sanskar and ragini conscious respectively.
Ragini and sanskar gains consciousness simultaneously and sees each other in front of eyes. Ragsan gets up and goes to hug each other. Ragsan have a tight hug. Ragini screams: he is ansh, He is our ansh, he is my ansh.
Sanskar: yes lado.
Swalak are shocked that how can god listen to their wish but happy as well.
All family members get happy seeing that they both have remembered everything. All family go to hug ragsan. While going to sanskar, Dida makes swara hits her hand on chair. She says ouchhh but no one listen except laksh.
Laksh comes to her and starts leaving to stop dida but swara stops him and says.
Swara: see everyone is so happy and it is just a small scratch. It is not even paining.
(Girls and guys I told you in the starting that for lucky shone is most important. She is his first priority. Everyone comes after her for him).
Laksh agrees and they both join the family hug.
Sumi: Lado, now you remember everything.
Ragini: not everything maa but yes have a blurt picture of each situation and if you all will support me like this then those pictures will be clear one day.
Dadi and Dida come to Sanskar.
They both hug sanskar.
Dida: I told this marwaran that you are my sanskar only but she did not believe me.
Dadi: oh I told you that.
Sanskar smiles and says: you both will never change.
Ap is crying and watching sanskar from distance.
Sanskar notices this and starts walking towards Ap.
Sanskar eyes are full with tears. His mind is continuously playing the images of his childhood. He remembers calling him ansh. He remembers Ap feeding him. He remembers Ap caressing his cheeks.
Sanskar comes to Ap and hugs her tightly.
Ap: you came back ansh, my ansh.
They break the hug and Ap caresses his cheeks.
Ap: you know I told your father that you are my ansh. You know everyone present here has prayed to god everyday so you can come back. See our believe, Our prayer worked.
Sanskar wipes her tears.
Sanskar: mom I am back now. No need to cry more.
Ap hugs him again.
Dp comes to them.
Dp: he is not only your son.
Sanskar sees him and bends down to touch his feet but Dp stops him and hugs him tightly.
Dp: now I won’t let you go anywhere.
Dada ji: he may be your son but mine grandson.
Sanskar goes to him and hugs him.
Dada ji: I missed you my son.
Sanskar cries and hugs him again.
Sanskar comes to shekhar
Sanskar: papa where are my books.
Shekhar: take my whole library if you want but don’t leave me again.
Sanskar: never (and hugs him)
Sanskar goes to sumi
Sumi: you were in front of my eyes but still I did not recognize you. I am the worst mother.
Sanskar: no maa, you are the best mother.
Sanskar calls Ap- mom, Dp- dad, Shekhar- papa and sumi- maa.
Sanskar hugs her.
All left for preparations for sanskar’s welcome back celebrations.
Now only swaragsanlak are present.
Sanskar comes to laksh.
Sanskar: you are my real little brother. How big you have become??/
Sanskar hugs laksh
Laksh: now I won’t let you go anywhere. I missed you bhai. I missed you a lot.
Sanskar: I know why you did miss me. Because there was no one to save you from dad.
Laksh: Bhai.
Sanskar starts walking to swara but ragini comes in between.
Ragini: for lucky shone is first, for sanskar swara may be first but for ansh Lado is first always.
Sanskar: That is cent percent true. (and hugs her).
Swalak feel bad, this is not a feeling of jealousy because both can’t get jealous of their own sibling but they feel dejected and bad.
Sanskar goes to swara and look at surroundings in an awkward manner. Ragini understood that he wants no one to be here.
Ragini holds laksh’s hand and drags him to swaragini’s room.
Sanskar looks into swara’s eyes while swara is rolling her eyes and looking downside so that sanskar could not see her tears.
Sanskar holds swara’s chin between his thumb and fore finger and forces her to look at him.
Sanskar: you will not say anything.
Swara starts crying and let her head rests on his chest.
Sanskar: shhh… I am here. See I am back.
Swara: why did you go ansh. You have no idea, How much I have missed you.
Sanskar: stop crying.
Swara looks up to look into his eyes and says.
Swara: I missed you.
Sanskar: I know.
Swara: how???
Sanskar: 6th sense.
Swara hits him on his shoulder and hugs him tightly.
Raglak in swaragini’s room.
Ragini sees the situation of her room.
Ragini: oo lucky, I was not in this room just for one night and what have you done to it???
Laksh: you forced me to come here so that you can scold me???
Ragini: no.
Laksh: then why did we come here???
Ragini: you wanted to be there???
Laksh: obviously I have got my bhai after so many years and shone is also there.
Ragini gets upset thinking that he wants to be with shona.
Ragini: what lucky, not just your bhai my memory has come also after so many years.
Laksh takes his tongue out and cuts it and hits his head thinking that how can he ignore this.
Laksh: so, now you remember everything right???
Ragini: yes.
Laksh: so do you remember what I used to do whenever you got angry.
Ragini: yes to let me play with your car.
Laksh: and???
Ragini: what.
Laksh comes near her and kisses her on cheeks and whispers in her ears.
Laksh: you still don’t remember everything.
Ragini smiles.
Laksh: don’t worry I will make you remember.
Ragini: no enough for today.

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