Best friends 41


Sanskar call everyone and screams lado get up…
Sanskar: lado get up yaar. What happened??
Swalak, Dadi, Dida, Sumi and Ap come with worried faces.
Sumi: what happened to her??
Sanskar: Aunty, I don’t know we were simply talking and she fainted.
Swara: call her doctor and that psychiatrist also.
Swara: lado, get up please.
Swara, Sumi, Dadi and dida are getting worried where as Sanlak and Ap are consoling them.
Both the doctors reach there.
Doctor checks her and tells that she fainted due to extreme tiredness of her mind and there is nothing to worry as this is like usual.
Doctor and psychiatrist discuss and doctor inject ragini.
Seeing the injection swara screams.
Swara: no injection to lado please. She will feel pain.
Doctor and everyone smile seeing her concern.
Doctor: swara, every time you react like this.
Sanskar is getting confused as doctor, psychiatrist and all the family members are behaving like it happens generally.
Sanskar to himself: Does lado get panic attacks generally???
Doctor to psychiatrist: see I have given her injection now you can ask her questions.
Doctor: but don’t give her too much stress.
Psychiatrist: Ragini where are you now and what are you doing???
Ragini in an unconscious state: I am in playground. I am watching two kids they are teasing one boy. I am feeling bad for him.
Psychiatrist: so go near them and stop them.
Ragini: yes I am going towards him.
Psychiatrist: now can you see, Who are the kids???
Ragini: Two kids are shona and lucky.
Psychiatrist: and the third one???
Ragini makes faces as she is feeling pain.
Psychiatrist with disappointment: Okay ragini, don’t think that much. He was no one important. You take rest.
Psychiatrist to sumi: Whenever she gets panic attack and we try to untie the knot of her memory she just fails at exactly same place.
Sumi: I don’t want her memory back. I just want my child to be happy.
Ragini screams: He is ansh, He is my ansh. Hey shone and lucky, How dare you tease ansh???
Everyone smile.
Psychiatrist: Sharmishta ji, Let’s hope for the best but please till then let her rest and yes she will take time to gain consciousness so let her take her time.
Psychiatrist and doctor leave.
Swara: you all go, I will stay with her.
Sumi: we all know beta, you won’t let anyone stay with her.
Sumi kisses forehead of both of her daughters and smiles.
Sanskar is standing like statue near ragini.
Swara: topper you go to our room. I will stay with her.
Sanskar is continuously staring lado and busy in thinking.
Laksh: bhai lets go. She won’t let you stay with lado.
Sanskar to himself: how can lado think about the same sequence which I have seen many time in my dreams.
Laksh hold sanskar’s hand and drag him out of the room forcefully and takes him to swaragini’s room as swaragini are resting in sanlak’s guest room.
Laksh thought that sanskar will ask questions about ragini’s status so he was collecting words to answer him but neither did sanskar ask and nor did laksh answer.
Sanlak slept at least pretending to sleep.
Swara is watching Ragini she caresses her cheeks and hairs so she could have a peaceful sleep.
Her sanskar closes his eyes and trying his best to recollect the same pic from his subconscious mind. Finally he succeeded and now he could see two kids are teasing one boy and one girl is watching them from a distance. That girl reaches there and the boy turned.
Now sanskar is able to see himself. His head was paining and sending pleading messages to stop this but sanskar makes tight punches to get the strength so he could avoid pain and continue.
Now the memory was quite smooth and slowly his headache decreased. Now he could see that initially kids argue but later on they again started playing but due to extreme tiredness he unknowingly sleeps.

In morning:
Shekhar, Dp an daa ji ahve early morning flight so they woke up early.
Shekhar: Mr. Mathur, Your house is really beautiful.
Dp: And Mrs. Mathur Your food and hospitality was just awesome. Thanks a lot.
Mrs. Mathur: It is nothing in front of what your family do for my son. Sanskar tells me that maa of shona and lado always makes his favourite food and your wife treats him like her own child.
Dada ji: because he is our child. And you don’t need to thank us for that beta.
Mr. Mathur: Please don’t mind but I have to leave for panchgani now. Actually I have a meeting there. So please make your self comfortable and please don’t leave without having breakfast. Otherwise I will think that you have not accepted me as your friend.
Mr.Mathur take blessings from dada ji and hugs shekhar and Dp before leaving. Mrs. Mathur goes behind him to see him off.
Maid comes and tells them to come to dinning table.
In the way they see the pic of a child. Seeing the pic Dada ji, Dp and shekhar are literally crying. Yes tears are not flowing from his eyes but they are crying. Shekhar controls and ask maid about the pic.
Maid: oo I think mam left the curtains open. She usually does not do it. Actually she does not want anyone to see chhote sahab’s childhood pic.
Maid continues,” yes he is our chhote sahib. Sahab and madam brought him 9 years ago from an orphanage of rajasthan.
All understood that sanskar is their ansh only and left.
Shekhar to Mrs. Mathur: I hope you will understand but if we wait to do breakfast then we will be late.
And saying this they left for airport with mr. Mathur’s driver.
The trio made mutual decision without discussing that they will talk about it once they reach Kolkata.

Sanskar wakes up with a scream.
Laksh asks him: what happened bhai???
Sanskar: nothing where is lado???
Laksh: she will take more time,
Now sanskar has clear image of that situation but he is not able to understand that he is reimagining ragini’s imagination or in the real he was also present there???
Sumi calls everyone for breakfast but swara says that she will have it only in room.
Sanskar is continuously trying to remember about his childhood that is why his head is having a bitter pain. But he has made tight punches to avoid his pain.
Sumi and everyone are liitle bit tense about ragini but not that much because they know whenever ragini comes in front of something which is realted to her childhood she gets panic attacks like this.
All are at dining table and having their breakfast but sanskar’s head is continuously paining.
Finally he is not able to bear that pain and screams: ahhhh.
Exactly at the same time Dp and everyone arrive and scream in joy: we got our ansh.
Ragini gets disturb due to loud voice and wakes up. As soon as she gets consciousness, She started running to tell everyone that Sanskar is their ansh. Swara goes behind her.
All family members are confused what should they do??? Here sanskar is in pain and there all are saying that they have got ansh.
Ap: lucky you stay with sanskar. We are going there.
All leave except laksh. Laksh goes to take water for sanskar.
Sanskar has closed his eyes in pain.
Ragini is running in half conscious state. Ragini and swara see sanskar in bad state and try to reach there but since ragini is weak she starts feeling dizzy. Laksh is going to give water to sanskar but sees ragini losing consciousness and runs to her. Swara does not notice ragini and runs to sanskar to save him from falling down.
Ragini was about to fall but in the nick of time laksh holds her and exactly at the same time swara holds sanskar and saves him from falling.
Screen freezes.

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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  5. Hi deepa , I am a silent reader of your ff, some other swaragini ffs and the updates .. Last night only I decided to start commenting on posts.. Your ff is just awesome .. Your words are so innovative that I feel the presence of ur words in the atmosphere.. U r an excellent writer..

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