Best friends 40

I have already thanked and replied to each and every comment on 39th part of best friends on episode 39. If you want to check you can visit the site and check but once again thanks for your love and support. Happy New Year to you all. May god fulfil all your dreams and wishes this year.
So after 5 days I and my fan fiction are going to meet you all. So here it continues.

Ragini: topper, Why you left at the time of lunch so suddenly??
Sanskar: Thank god you made me remember. I have got some clues to approach my real identity.
Ragini: what??? Tell me.
Sanskar shows her the letter and ragini reads it.
Ragini: but topper if you were not from rajasthan then it is really very difficult to find your family.
Sanskar: I know. But they have given me my childhood pic also. You know mumma papa never let me see my pic of that time but now I have it. They think that if I will get this picture then I will find my real family and leave them.
Ragini: they love you that’s why.
Sanskar: I know that. And I will not leave them after knowing about my real parents. I am just doing this for my personal satisfaction. But still Sanskar think about it once more. I mean sanskar things will be difficult not just for you but for both family also.
Sanskar: what do you mean??? How???
Ragini: Sanskar, When you will meet your real family, do you think they will leave you once again and its obvious because blood is heavier than water so automatically you will also get automatically attached to them and think when your family will come to know that you want to stay with your real family then think what will happen to them??? What will they feel???
Sanskar: But I can’t leave things like as they are
Ragini: I know because it hurts you but if you will leave things like as they are hen any of your family won’t get hurt. If you will leave it as they are then your real family will spend their time as they are living since 9 years but if you found it out then your this family will break.
Sanskar: Lado yaar please don’t confuse me more.
Ragini: okay show me your childhood pic. I want to see how little topper looks.
Sanskar smiles and gives her the pic. Ragini sees the pic and her subconscious mind makes some blurt picture, where she is hiding and watching swara and laksh teasing a boy.
Ragini in blurt but still audible tone: Ansh! Ansh! Ragini faints.

Swara: I wish lucky, sanskar to be our ansh.
Laksh: but even you know this can’t happen.
Swara: but I want every family member to be happy lucky.
Laksh: shone even I want the same. You know whenever I see mom with Bhai, I feel like she is the happiest person in the world. She never be so happy when she is with me but still I don’t feel jealous because I always want to see her happy.
Swara: You are talking about just mom, Maa, Dadi, Dida they forget all of us whenever topper comes in front of them. See today also Maa put extra almonds in kheer for him. And I am sure even now dadi and dida would be talking about him only.
Laksh: Why are talking about mothers only I heard dada ji talking over phone with nana ji that day when they saw bhai first time. And dad and uncle. Oh god.

Sumi and Ap:
Ap: I wish I could keep sanskar with me always.
Sumi: even I wish the same but we can’t.
Ap: he is just like my ansh.
Sumi: Like he loves kheer with extra almond
Ap: Even now he is a bookworm just like my ansh.
Sumi: He is so obedient
Ap and Sumi hugs each other.
Sumi: but he is just like our ansh he is not our ansh.
Both get sad.

Dadai and Dida:
Dida: ae marwaran, don’t think so much.
Dadi: you are saying to me as you are not thinking about him
Dida: I am thinking but I have mind so I can
Dadi: so you are saying that I don’t have it.
Dida: I didn’t say that you yourself are imagining.
Dadi smiles,
Dadi: thanks for making me smile.
Dida: now you will thank me.
Dadi and dida have a hug.

In Mumbai:
Its night and after business meeting they are attending a business party. Dada ji, Dp and Shekhar meet Mr. Mathur.
Dp: Sanskar is so obedient child I wsh my son could be like him.
Mr.Mathur: How do you know him??? I mean where did you met him in Kolkata.
Shekhar: Actually Dp’s son and my daughters are his friends, no sorry best friend.
Mr.Mathur: O so lucky, shone and lado are your kids. Such a cute kids they all are.
Shekhar: oh please don’t go on their faces, they are most naughty kids in the world. Even now they have not losen their childish nature.
Dp: no, my princesses are good but unfortunately they are friends of your prince.
Shekhar: oo don’t utter any word about my prince.
Mr. Mathur and dada ji laugh.
Mr. Mathur: O god,
They have a long conversation about business and their kids.
Finally Dadai ji says that we should leave as they have early morning flight.
Mr. Mathur: but where???
Shekhar: Hotel.
Mr. Mathur; no way, you are our guests now. You all will come with me to my house.
Dada ji: no we can’t accept this favour.
Mr. Mathur: Oo and what you and your children are doing to my son. Am I calling it a favour??? No further arguments you all are coming with me.
Dp: we have so formal relations and suddenly to your house.
Shekhar: Yes it will be awkward.
Mr. Mathur: You don’t know how much happiness your children are giving to my son and then to us. So it is not at all a formal relationship. So you all are coming.
Dada ji: okay.
Mr. Mthur: that’s good now tell me room no.
Shekhar: 245, 246, 247.
Mr. Mathur; okay.
They all reach Mathur’s villa.
After having dinner Mr. Mathur shows them their room.
Mr. Mathur to Dada ji: Uncle This room is my father’s room. Whenever I see you. You made me remember my father.
Dada ji: You can call me papa my child just like Dp and shekhar.
Mr. Mathur: obviously.

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