Best friends 4


swalak sweet fights and swasan fighting.


swara: okkk I should leave now
Sanskar: what? Why so soon???
Swara: what? What do u mean? Say it loudly bcoz I cant hear you due to music.
Sanskar: no, nothing. Yeah you should leave you must be getting late.
Swara: bye. See you.
Sanskar: bye. Take care.( still lost in her thoughts)
Swara thinking and walking towards ragini. He is so strange. I think he has lost his mind by studying so much.


Ragini: shona mam where are you lost. You did not even responded to me.
Swara: no, nowhere.
Ragini: where were you??? Me and laksh were looking for you. You remember we have to reach home at time otherwise dadi…
Swara: omg dadi!!! Lets go what are you waiting for?? Now where is this laksh?
Ragini: I will call him
Laksh: hey why to call me lado maaa, I am here.
Ragini: don’t call me lado maa.( spoken angrily)
swara and laksh are surprised to hear her and then they start laughing.
Swara: ragini bani jhansi ki raani!!! Wow good keep it up
Ragini: Swara at least not you.
Swara: okk baba, I wont.
Lets go home.
Laksh dropped the girls their home and left for his home.
Swaragini at the entry gate of their house.
Dadi: where were you till now???
Swara: actually, dadi we were at fresher’s party so got late.
Dadi: that I know shona. But why you got late.
Swara: actually dadi we were finding a dashing boy.
Ragini looks at shockingly that what did she said.
Dadi: what??? You dont have any shame that you are talking with me like this.
Swara: ohoo dadi not for us. For you look at you still look so young and dadaji has became old so we were finding a suitable match for you.
Swara then winked at Ragini and gestured her to run inside. They both run inside and dadi is still confused what did shona said.

When see came to know meaning
Dadi: stop shona. I will show perfect match for you both i.e. my slap.
Swaragini hides behind their dadaji and shekhar and sumi are looking all events and just smiling at their daughters.
Dada ji Swaragini save us from dadi.
Dada ji: why are you scolding me princesses.
Dadi: they were finding match for me as you have became old.
Dadaji: swaragini… He eyes them angrily and then start laughing.
Every one laughs and goes to their respective rooms.
Swaragini’s room
They have slept by hugging each other. They are looking like two birds in the nest,
Swaragini tone plays in bg.
Scene freezes at swaragini hug.

precap: first day of college.

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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