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RECAP: AARAV apology and exit from ff. (but don’t worry aarav’s fan he will come back not with some evil plans but as a true friend).

swaragsanlak leave for restaurant.
Sanskar is driving and ragini is on front seat where as swalak is on back seat.
Sanskar: So tell me guys what happened of your lunch???
Swara: what will happen we messed up whole kitchen then maa, aunty everyone came.
Ragini: and they had to order food. And it became party.
Laksh: and now I think mom and aunty would be cleaning all mess because maid is on leave. And our punishment converted into their punishment.
Sanskar: You guys are so
Swaraglak in unison: childish.
Sanskar: yes.
Swara: Tell me one thing topper. you know to cook only few things or you can cook properly??/
Sanskar: I know to cook properly, actually I was mom’s boy so it was for me.
Swara: that is why we don’t know cooking
Sanlak looks at them questioningly
Ragini: because we are paapa’s princesses na.
Swara (only audible to laksh): thanks god he knows cooking, I won’t have any problem in future.
Laksh (only audible to swara): why shona??? You have planned to spend your full life with my bhai???
Swara gives him a angry look and laksh replies her by giving her a calm down look.

Ragini (only audible to sanskar): even laksh is mom’s boy but he does not know cooking.
Sanskar( only audible to ragini): you want him to learn cooking
Ragini( only audible to sanskar): obviously otherwise I will have problem in my future.
Sanskar gives her a strange look and ragini cuts her tongue after realizing what did she said right now.
Four of them smiles by looking outside through their respective window.
Sanskar was disturbed that’s why take sudden break seeing a speed breaker. Swalak have not used seat belt that’s why they both came forward. Now swara’s hair is tied in the chain of sanskar and laksh wrist band is busy with ragini’s hair.

Swasan: her hair is busy in playing with his chain meanwhile her eyes are playing with his eyes. you can say that they are close to each other because her hair and his chain have forced them to do so but they very well know that they are close because they want to be like this always. They know that if they have wanted then any one of them can free the other one in few seconds but no one wants that.You can see the struggle by their hands but when you will see their face you can clearly say they are enjoying.

Raglak: Here also her hairs are playing with his bracelet meanwhile his hands are playing with her hands. Seeing from far the struggle by their hands you can say that they are trying their best to separate but when you will come close you can see that his hands are enjoying softness of her skin. And her eyes are showing that she is glad that he is close to her. first his heart beat get fast then just after nano seconds her heart beat also started matching speed.

For the first time bestii are missing chance to tease other because they know teasing someone will be like hitting own leg with pillar. As none of them wants to end this moment. They all know that road is also not that busy one so they can take their time to satisfy themselves with their respective loved one looks.
But even god started feeling jealous so god made wind faster but little did he know that fast wind will just move girls’ hairs which will pull their respective boys even more closer. Earlier at least they were trying to separate (oops pretending to try) but now boys are busy in removing hairs from girls’ faces and girls are busy in blushing. Now girls’ face are looking prettier that earlier and which is making boys more crazy.
But god’s wish, you all know no one can escape from god’s planning.
Suddenly they all get disturbed by a sound of ouch
Swara: ouch, my hair.
All of them just freed other in few seconds. And now all are on their right place (according to logic made by inventor of car but according to their heart they were on right place few moments ago).
All of them are feeling awkward but their heart can’t control blushing. They all are busy in thinking their special moment and that made them tense about their respective loved ones.
Sanskar and swara are talking through looking into each other’s eyes through mirror.
Sanskar: are you okay??
Swara: yes I am fine, you??
Sanskar: I am also. Sorry I was lost
Swara: its okay. (Swara’s eyes said its okay but her heart is saying him thank you. She thought she succeeded in hiding her heart’s thought but little did she knows that her eyes are mirror of her heart and he got the message of her heart).
Sanskar is feeling relieved that she is okay and super happy because he knows she is thankful to him for this accident.

(four of them are fully determined that they will prove all logics of car inventor false, they are taking mirror as the source of watching their loved one, someone please tell them this is to watch vehicles coming from backside).

Raglak: (they are also talking through eyes and through the same source).
Ragini: are you okay???
Laksh: yes, you???
Ragini: fine.

Now finally eye conversation ended.
Laksh: watch out bhai
Ragini: yes be careful
Sanskar: hmmm (he smiles seeing raglak because he knows somewhere both of them must be thanking him as his angel was thanking him).

They reached restaurant.
Just to break silence
Sanskar: you all will have chinese??
Swaraglak just nodes yes.

Waiter comes with 4 plates of chinese.
Sumi calls swara
Swara: haan maa. please before giving punishment just listen to me we both are coming in 1/2 an hour.
Sumi: you all are together, right???
Swara: yes maa.
Sumi: actually Ap is also here so tell laksh to come here only. they will stay here tonight.
(Swara understood her meaning that she wants sanskar to come there because in morning ap was finding him).
Swara: okay maa, we all will come.
Sumi is now relieved and gets excited
Sumi: okay you all come I will make your favorite dishes.

Call disconnected.

Laksh: what happened???
Swara: mom calls to ask me for dinner.
Laksh: and you said yes???
Swara: yeah, why???
Laksh: even after eating so much you will have dinner.
Sanlak laugh and swaragini make faces.

(this really decreased the awkwardness between them).

Swara: oh topper, you also come with us na
Ragini: yes when maa is asking for dinner then she might be making our favorite dishes, please come.
Swara: and ap aunty will also stay there tonight
Ragini: so we will have to bear this dumbo for full night today.
Swara: yes.
Sanskar immediately agreed. (not because he wanted to be with swara but because whenever he goes to stay with that family he feels like he is with his own family).
Sanskar: but car.
Ragini: don’t worry let me call Aarav that he will tell his watchman to look after your car.
Ragini informs aarav.

They all left and after seeing car they started feeling awkward again.
So without saying they changed sitting arrangement.
Now swara was behind laksh and ragini was behind sanskar.
And through eyes Ragalak informed sanskar to mind road not swara. After getting message through eyes swasan felt embarrased.

All reach swaragini mansion.

Sanskar take blessings from every person.

Sanskar: where are uncles and dadaji
Sumi: my son they have gone for business trip to mumbai, Your father would also be there I guess.
Sanskar: ohh I forgot.
Ap by listening about his father again realised that he is not her ansh and gets sad. Swalak notices this.
Swara: lado time for another punishment for papa and dadaji and another gift for us.
All look swaragini questioningly
Ragini: because they went without informing us.
Dida: oh and time for another return gift for all of us.

At the dinner table all are showering love on sanskar and swaraglak for the first time are not jealous seeing their mothers loving some other.
Ragini is happy because sanskar is getting family love. Laksh is happy because his mom is happy and swara is happy because her family is loving sanskar so it will not create problem in her future.
After dinner,
Ap goes with sumi to her room.
Dida and dadi goes to dida’s room (it is unsaid rule that whenever dadaji would be not here then dida will sleep with dadi, and for the shock they don’t even fight).
Swalak goes to swaragini’s room because they want to discuss about everyone’s happiness seeing sanskar.
Ragsan goes to guest room reserved for laksh and now for sanlak because ragini wants to ask him that why he left suddenly at the time of lunch.
Screen freezes.

Precap: guys I know I am pushing the ragsan and sanky’s childhood photo sequence but tomorrow I swear the first scene will be that only.

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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