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RECAP: Sanskar got some clues and swaragsanlak at aarav’s house.

Aarav opens the door.
Aarav: hey swaragini and bodyguards are also here. good. I didn’t know I ham my fan following in boys also.
Laksh: hahaha. very funny (making a disgusting face).
Aarav: come in.
Swara: you are not that much sad as you were looking that time.
Aarav: actually I am but what is the benefit of showing my sadness to others and to make other sad also.
Ragini: everything will be alright, don’t worry. (swaragini gives him a sympathizing look)
Aarav; yes (and gives them I am alright look).
Aarav: you guys sit, I will make coffee for you all.
Aarav leaves to kitchen.
Swara: guys its really difficult, How will we confess???
Sanskar: easy shona. We can practice till he is making coffee.
Ragini: yes.
Sanlak starts practicing
Sanlak holds their respective ears and close their eyes.
Sanskar: I am sorry.
Laksh: we know that those gifts were close to you but it was a small pain in front of…
Sanskar: in front of the pain you have given to both of our bestiis.
Laksh: yes, and it was just for 2 days
Sanskar: to make you realize how it feels when someone snatches your childhood memories from you.
Laksh: You know when you called swara bad and called ragini unfaithful to her sister. that moment was same for me. In that moment I felt like you didn’t just snatched my childhood memories but you snatched my best friends.
Sanskar: yes I can imagine that moment and surely tell you that the same moment snatched their teenage dreams. The same moment snatched shona’s trust on love.
Laksh: you know that day I felt like that I will never get my best friends back,but look your one fraud made them enough mature to hide their pain for their loved ones.
Sanskar: And I think this small punishment is nothing in front of the pain felt by my all bestiis. I know you are reprimanding but still we couldn’t have peace without punishing you.

Swaragini are shocked, their eyes are full of tears, tears which are for both happiness and sadness. They are sad because due to both of them their best friends have gone through such hard and deep pain but they are happy also as their best friends get more hurt seeing both of them in pain.
Sanlak open their eyes and seeing it swaragini wipes their tears.
Sansar; oo madam reply, aarav will forgive us or not.
Swaragini: we don’t care, just return his gifts and lets go.
Laksh: what have happened to you both.
Swaragini: nothing.

Aarav comes with coffee.
Aarav: hey guys. here is coffee

Aarav: swara and ragini, I am leaving today but for the last time I want to say you sorry.
Ragini: no need
Aarav; please let me complete, with very much difficulty I have collected this courage.Swaragini you know after leaving kolkata, I told my sister everything and she beacme angry but somehow I managed to patch up with her again. Then she told me one sentence that when we cheat someone then the loss is only ours because that person has loosen just a unfaithful person but we lose someone who had shown full trust on us. You know that day I didn’t believed her truly but now after seeing you 4 like this I can surely say that my sister was right. I mean guys I also could be a member of this group but my one silly mistake just snatched such a good friends from me. Swaragini you could be my best friend and laksh and sanskar we all could be like best brothers but see my fate. I am so unlucky. I lost my first crush, first friend, first love. All thing and see god has punished me now I don’t even have my sister with me. Sanskar and laksh, its okay I deserve this but guys please return those gifts I don’t know that how much time I will take to impress my sister but atleast I can spend time with gifts given by her.
Swaragsanlak shocked.
Flashback: Aarav hears sanlak when they were practicing to apologize to him. flashback ends

Sanlak: sorry dude
Aarav: no really you don’t need to apologize. swaragini are really lucky to have friends like you both. But please return those gifts.
Laksh brings those gifts from car .

Aarav see those gifts and gets happy.

Ragini: hey aarav. promise us one thing you will never hurt a girl again.
Aarav; ofcourse not. after you both I have not hurt any other girl. I have a girlfriend and I am really happy with her. You know what I have told her everything about my cheating on both of you. In starting she got angry but now she has accepted me and I promise I will never hurt her or any other girl.
Swara: okay then we have a surprise for you.
Swara calls avni di with the same private number.
Swara: hey didi.
Avni: who is this???
Swara: sister of that girl which called you that day to tell about aarav’s cheating.
Ragini takes the phone.
Ragini: actually didi we are swara and ragini so we thought to give just a small punishment to aarav but we are serious di he has not done anything.
Avni: how can you do this??
Swaragini in unison: sorry sorry sorry di, it wa
Avni: listen to me how can you give him such a small punishment, punish him more.
And all laugh.

Swaragini: sorry aarav
Aarav: no you guys don’t need to say sorry. If I would be at your place then I would have given 10 times bigger punishment but you all are so nice. You all have such a big heart that you forgave me so easily.

Aarav: okay, sorry to end your emotional drama but I will be late. so if you guys don’t mind lets go.
Sanskar: I will drop you at airport.
Aarav: no, I have hired a cab.

Swaragini look at sanlak in an strange manner.
Sanlak understood that both the girls need to talk to aarav for the last time.
Sanskar: okay you guys carry on.
Laksh: yes we are waiting in car.

Sanlak leave.

Swaragini: so have a safe journey.
Aarav: bye girls and I want to ask you something if you both don’t mind.
Swaragini: tell us no..
Aarav: girls what if I have not forgiven sanskar and laksh.
Swara: frankly speaking we don’t care
Ragini: yes, as a normal human being I liked when you forgave them but if you haven’t then we really would not care.
Aarav: exactly, so please don’t let them go ever.
Swaragini: yes and bye.
The trio have a hug.

Sanlak near their cars. both are thinking that what both the girls are doing since so long.
Laksh; bhai, lets go back
Sanskar: it will look awkward.
Swaragini come.

Ragini: lets go.
Swara: yes to cafe.
Laksh: don’t tell us you both are hungry again.
Swara: so what??? lets go.
Ragini: and after this long emotional drama we both need a party like situation.
Sanlak: okay.

Aarav leaves saying final bye to everyone.

Swara: wait
Sanskar: now what???
Ragini: we need to thank you.
Swara: and also we need to say sorry.
Sanlak: why???
Swara: sorry because we thought that pain given by aarav is just felt by us
Ragini: and thanks for being our friend. I mean you both feel our pain more than us.
Swara: and we promise we will always be same for both of you
ragini: no matter how older we will be.
swaragsanlak have group hug.

Sanskar: so how are we going to restaurant???
(as they all have became emotional due to swaragini’s speech and swaragini have become emotional due to sanlak’s speech inside aarav’s house so they want to leave with full bestii group).
Laksh: see we can go to restaurant all together then in the time of returning we will drop you here and you can go home.
Swaragini: that’s a cool idea.

PRECAP: Swaragsanlak in restaurant and ragsan, swalak, swasan and raglak moments.

Sorry for the delay and short update

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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