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RECAP: swasan and raglak scenes.

Swara in her mind I won’t let topper realize that I was feeling bad seeing him with any girl. But why was I feeling bad??? I mean. leave it shona you were not jealous you were just tensed as lado was not with me. yes.
Swara: lucky let’s go downstairs.

Sanskar is thinking to tease swara and sees swalak coming.
Swara: hey topper, sorry yaar I just put all my frustration on you. sorry.
Sanskar gets disappointed as he thought swara was jealous but now she is behaving as she does not even care that he was with any girl.
Sanskar: you were just frustrated due to class nothing else???
Swara: no nothing.
Laksh: shona, where are dadi, dida and aunty.
Swara: I don’t know and even forgot to ask due to my disturbed mind. Do you know lado???
Ragini: no, you call maa.
Swara: lucky let’s go to kitchen yaar, I am hungry and there only I will call maa.
Laksh: let’s go. because I don’t believe you god knows after few minutes you will start eating me.
Swara: hahaha very funny.let’s go.
Swalak leave.

Sanskar: lado, shona was jealous???
Ragini: I thought that but I think she was not.
Sanskar: o god, she was not even jealous. How will she start feeling for me.
Ragini: you have to work hard.
Sanskar: yaar tell me that there is just friendship between them na???
Ragini: Between whom???
Sanskar: Between shona and lucky.
Ragini felt something really bad but she can’t answer herself what.
Ragini: are you mad topper they are best friends. nothing more than that
Sanskar: i know lado. I was just checking that do you get jealous or not by imagining lucky with some one else.
Ragini: o hello I am not jealous. I just now because if there would be something then shona and lucky would have told me.
Sanskar: oh really???
Ragini: yes and you better concentrate on shona.
Sanskar: okay don’t answer me but answer yourself.
Ragini is busy with her thoughts that was I jealous???
Swara: hey lado and topper we have two shocking news for you.
Ragsan: what???
Swara: first is that we had nothing to eat so now we have to eat this fully burnt toast made by the worst cook lucky.
Ragini: and the next one???
Swara: biggest one.
neither swaragini and laksh have informed any elder person that they will be late due to swaragini’s music class.
Swara called sumi to know their whereabouts[
Swara: maa where are you all??
Sumi: now only you remembered that you have a family also
Swara: maa, what have we done???
Sumi: my darling shona, I think you all have a phone
Swara: yes maa
Sumi; then could not you make a single call to inform us that you will be late.
Swara: oops sorry maa, we forgot to tell you that we ahve joined a music class
Sumi: sorry, shona always we need to tell you.
Swara: but mom at least tell me where you all are???
Sumi: why, when you all won’t tell me then why should we???
Swara: mom
Sumi: we all are in a park and we will only return in evening.
Swara: but mom even maid is not at home.
Sumi: exactly, we have given her a leave for 1 day. And that is your punishment you all have to make lunch for yourself.
Swara: mom that’s not fair no.
Sumi: I know dear but this is not court this is my punishment.
Swara: okay, maa lucky wants to talk to ap aunty.
Laksh: hey mom (in an afraid voice)
Ap: beta, you get ready to prepare lunch there and dinner also at our house.
laksh: mom, (in a sad voice).
Ap: yes my son.
laksh: okay mom.
then laksh makes toast temporarily.
flash back ends.

Sanskar: so what, I will make food. I know to cook.
Swara goes and hugs him.
Swara; you are the best topper.
Ragini: ahmmm ahmmm
Swasan realize their position.

Swaragsanlak in kitchen to make lunch.
Sanskar gets a call
Sanskar: excuse me guys.
Sanskar: yes mother.
Mother: my child, I have talked about your queries on delhi head office and they have send all your details here. so you can come and take it now.
Sanskar: now. thanks thanks a lot.
(sanskar gets teary eyed).
Sanskar: sorry guys I have to go now, Its really urgent. (all can notice pain in his voice)
Ragini: are you okay topper???
Swara: yes you can tell us.
Laksh: bhai, everything is alright no???
Sanskar: yeah I will talk to you later. (and smiles which makes swaraglak relieved)
Sanskar leave swaraglak struggling with making lunch.

Sanskar in orphanage:
sanskar: mother can I see the details
Mother: sure child.
Sanskar sees the document and he sees his childhood pic in that. He comes to know that orphanage people have found them near the same fair and he had a gift in his hand on which there was a written note ( to my both best friends from your dear friend sanskar), so the orphanage people understood that he is sanskar and he was going to gift a new year gift to two of his best friends. He was deeply injured so orphanage people took him to hospital and sanskar took 8 days to be okay and after that they tried to find him but later orphanage people thought that might be he was not from rajasthan that’s why they could not find him there. (you all might be thinking that why they can’t find dp, because if you remember dp and shekhar returned back after 7 days and orphanage starts finding sanskar’s family after 8 days).

Sanskar is confused that if I was not from Rajasthan then from where does he belong and after he was adopted by Mathurs they didn’t allowed him to try to find his family because Mathurs don’t want to lose their son again. Mathur lost their real son in an accident. But sanskar is happy as atleast he found some clue about his childhood.

Ap: I think that punishment will be too much for them, We should go.
Sumi: directly tell me na that you know sanskar would be there that is why you want to meet him.
Ap: you are sou sister sumi. you know me very well.
Sumi: okay we will go but try to talk rudely to shona and lado.
Ap: don’t punish my princesses a lot. I know all mistake would be of lucky
Sumi: hmmm as your princesses are very innocent.
Ap: they are only lucky is ruining them
Sumi: no no lucky is such a sweet child.
Ap: okay lets go.

Swaraglak struggling to make lunch.
Swara: I think we should eat noodles we can make that.
Laksh: yes but where would be the packet
Ragini: lets check each and every box.
Laksh: hmmm.
they start checking each box without arranging it again.
and after 15 minutes kitchen was like a room attacked by devils.
Ragini: guys I think we don’t have noodles at home, now what will we do??? (and makes a cute face)
Laksh: oh god she looks so cute.
Swara heard that.
Swara: yes lucky after all she is my sister.
laksh: ohoo shona, you know generally it is said that twins are always opposite.
Swara: how mean ( and starts throwing object on laksh which makes kitchen like a war point)
Sumi, Ap, Dida And Dadi arrive and is shocked to look at the kitchen.

Sumi: what the hell is this???
Swara, laksh and ragini gets up and start to escape.
Dida: wait.
Swaraglak: sorry.
All start laughing.
Dadi: come lets go we will order food today from some cafe.
Ap is trying to find sanskar.
Swara notices this
Swara: aunty actually he got some urgent work so he left.
Ap caresses cheek of swara.
Ragini: aunty I am also here.
Ap hugs swaragini.
Sumi hugs laksh.
Finally after having lunch.

They all go into swaragini’s room
Aarav called them.
Aarav: hey guys I am leaving actually I planned to leave tomorrow but my work got finished so I planned to leave today only and I have also to make di understand. Bye.
Swaraglalk are shocked.
Swara: wait we will come at your house.
Aarav: that so sweet of you please soon as flight is tonight.

Swara calls sanskar
Sanskar is happy as lastly he got some clues.
Sanskar: hey shona, so made lunch??
Swara: Aarav is leaving tonight
Sanskar: what???
Swara: yes we are going at his home, you also come there with all his stuffs.
Sanskar: okay you all leave. I will directly reach there.

All reach aarav’s home. All are little bit afraid for how aarav will react???
Screen freezes

Precap: sanskar telling ragini about the clues.

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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