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Thanks to all readers of my fan fiction. PLEASE READ THESE LINES: Girls and guys I know many of you are thinking that how can aarav, a flirty boy, a cheater behave like a kid. So let me explain that he really loves his family and second thing yes he played with hearts of two girl but that time he was in school. He din’t tried to hurt anyone it just happened, first when he proposed swara he thought she is perfect for him. But when he came closed to Ragini he fell for her, he started loving her. So yes he lied to both of the sisters for this and his punishment is so small because swaragsanlak has understood that was his immature behavior that’s why they are not taking revenge they are just punishing him.

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Recap: swaragsanlak comes to know about each other’s plan.

After finishing all classes which was quite easy for sanskar but really difficult for swaraglak.

Its time to swaragini’s music class.
Swara: so how will we go???
Ragini: see first I will drop you, then I will go to my class.
Swara: but you will be late for your class.
Ragini: its okay, I will manage.
Sanskar: if you guys are done then I have an idea, see i will drop shona and lucky will come with you lado. then I will drop shona at your home and you drop lucky at his home then go to your home.
Ragini: wow, nice idea topper and beneficial for you also (and winks at him).
Lucky through his gestures: what an idea bhai.
Swaragini hugs each other as they were leaving each other for years.
Swara: take care lado
ragini: you too. and if topper will irritate you then tell me I will punish him.
Swara; and lucky take care of my sister.

Sanskar and laksh are looking at each other and talking through eyes.
Laksh; bhai, what the hell is this??
Sanskar: I have no idea.
Laksh: shona don’t worry i won’t kill your lado.
Sanskar: and lado, we are pure vegetarian.
Swaragini laughs.
laksh: already many times you both have managed alone then do you need to do this emotional drama everytime???
Swara: look lado who is talking??? remember when he was going to chennai for football tournament, how was he crying???
Swaragsan laugh.
Ragini: and topper you stop making fun of lucky, I saw you last saturday when uncle aunty left, your face was looking like you have cried for hour.
Swara: oh lado felt when we made fun of lucky.
raglak blushes.

All leave in the same as they have planned.
Swasan car:
There was complete silence in the car as both are thinking about yesterday’s incident. Swara breaking the silence starts to talk
Swara: So you are surely vegetarian na??? i mean you will not eat me right???
Sanskar: don’t worry. First thing I am vegetarian and second even if I would be non- vegetarian then also I would not have enjoyed this type of bad flesh and most important it is not the first time you are alone with me in my car.
Swara make silly face for her silly question.
Swara: if you can speak this much then why we were silent since last minutes and see now we will reach music class in few minutes.
Sanskar: oh god no one can win from you in mouth war.
Swara: so no one should try also.
They reach music class.
Sanskar: you go inside and if any problem would be there then call me. And when your class will end call me, I will be waiting in that cafe.
Swara is trying to hide her laughter.
Sanskar: what happened???
Swara: nothing I am feeling like I am a kid came with my parents for first day of school. (and leaves)
Sanskar: She is mad.
Swara: how mean I heard that. (and goes after giving a smile)
Sanskar: she is really mad but I am mad for her.

raglak car:
raglak are still embarrassed due to swara’s statement.
Laksh: why are we quiet as we are meeting for first time.
Ragini: no I am not, only you are the one.
Laksh: now again, I am at fault.
Ragini: obviouslybyou are
Laksh: miss lado, has this ever happened that you think I am not at fault.
Ragin: because you always are at fault.
Laksh: I don’t want to talk to you
Ragini: even I don’t, that is why I was quiet since we left college.
laksh: see I got you, you are the one to be quiet.
ragini; whatever, we reached I am going and please stay in car. Yes if you feel hungry then buy something for yourself but please be here. i don’t want to get late beauase of you.
Laksh: okay madam. Your order will be obeyed.
ragini leaves saying: he is mad.

After class:
Swara thinks to go directly to cafe. She reaches there. Sanskar was talking with a girl and enjoying.
Swara comes to him.
Sanskar: shona you came, I told you to call me na when your class end I will come there.
Swara: yes I know, you told me so that no one can see you that you are on a date.
Sanskar: date??? Are you in your senses??? I mean I met her first time and you???
Swara: oh wow, topper then I must say you are too fast even more than lucky and me.
Sanskar: what the hell??? she came and asked me that can she join as there was not any table vacant.
Swara: ooo, what an excuse???
Sanskar: leave it, you will not understand. Lets go
Swara: yes please. I want to go home.
Sanskar gets angry.

Ragini comes to car and does not find laksh there.
Ragini in her mind: i told him not to move but he???
Ragini sees laksh talking with a girl.
Girl is asking the way to some shop.
Laksh sees ragini through the glasses which that girl has wore.
Laksh thinks to irritate ragini.
Laksh: hey beautiful I should leave now as my teacher’s class might be finished till now and she has specially ordered me to stay in car, If she will see me out then she will surely kill me today. (girl is confused but laksh winks at her and sighs the girl to support him in his drama).
Girl: so she is that rude???
Laksh: obviously, she is.
Ragini comes from behind and says
Ragini: lucky let’s go.
Girl: who are you???
Ragini: I am his rude teacher.
Girl: oo please don’t kill him.
ragini: will you go now or should I kill you also.
Girl leaves and while leaving winks at laksh
Raglak go into car.
Ragini: so how would you want to die???
Laksh: I was joking yaar.
ragini; but I am very serious.
Laksh: okay (and closes his eyes and get ready to get a slap).
Ragini: so you think, you will die of a slap.
Laksh: my dear lado, no blade, gun and anything can kill me but yes a soft touch by you obviously can.
Ragini blushes but controls herself.
Ragini: I am not that stupid girl that you will flirt with me.
Laksh: okay lets go.

Swasan reach and after few minutes Raglak each.
raglak go in and see swasan upset.
Ragini: what happened to you both???
Swara leaves, laksh goes behind her and ragini stays with sanskar
Laksh: what happened shona??
Swara: your bhai was on date when I was in my class.
Laksh: really, that is cool. So you din’t like the girl???
Swara: seriously lucky!!!
Laksh: okay no jokes. Tell me
Swara tells him the whole situation.
Laksh: so you are jealous??
Swara: why will I??
Laksh: shona you are, oh god my shona is jealous seeing my bhai with other girl.
Swara: nothing like that. leave me, you tell me you are blushing???
Laksh: no, I just enjoyed a drive with my best friend.
Swara: ohoo just best friend.
Laksh: yes, you know as she reacts on my flirt I think we always will be only best friends
Swara: same, as sanskar treats me na I also think we also will be just best friends forever.
Both gets upset and hug each other.
Swalak in unison: god help us.

Ragini: what happened???
Sanskar: your mad sister, she is suffering from the problem of over reacting.
Ragini eyes him angrily.
Sanskar: okay she is not mad and she is not suffering yes but today she over reacted.
Ragini: why???
Sanskar tells her the whole incident.
ragini: my sister is not mad, you are mad. stupid she is jealous and inspite of enjoying and making her confess you are angry.
sanskar: is that so???
Ragini: yes.
sanskar: okay now i will have fun.
Ragini: don’t tease my sister a lot.
Sanskar: ohoo sisterly love. now I will flirt with some other girl.
ragini recalls laksh by word flirt and starts blushing
Sanskar: see some one is blushing
Ragini: just shut up.
Sanskar: that is cheating, I told you every thing and you are not telling me.
Ragini tells him everything.
Sanskar: ohoo but why did you stopped him???
Ragini: I love to tease him
Sanskar: don’t tease my brother a lot
Ragini: brotherly love!!!
buth smiles.
Screen freezes on smiling face of ragsan and upset face of swalak.

Precap: end of aarav’s punishment.

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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