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First of all merry Christmas, and sorry I can’t show Christmas today in my fan fiction as it will take me some time. I hope you will understand.

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NAINA BUNNY: hey HI and I think you are a great fan of yeh jawaani hai deewaani and ranbir- deepika.
SHABRIN: thanks for your suggestions and thanks for your love to my fan fiction. my fan fiction loves you too.
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ASHLYN: first of all hi and thanks for reading and commenting, other thing is don’t worry I know the love couples are swasan but still you will see special bond between swalak. And don’t worry swaragini will also feel jealous but this time is for sanlak.

RECAP: Sanlak and swaragini are trying separately to take give punishment to from AARAV.

Scene :1

Swara: so lets find aarav’s sister.
Ragini starts her PC to search Avni sharma on facebook.
After ten minutes of struggle they found right AVNI SHARMA
Swara; we got her. now check her profile if she has provided her contact number
Ragini: yes, let’s call her.
Swara: wait first we need to know about aarav’s every update in last two years.
Ragini: hmmm, so that we can prove ourselves right in front of his sister.
After looking Aarav’s profile on every social network they got his all information.
Ragini: now let’s call her.
Swara: yes but by using that application so she can not trace our number.
Ragini calls avni
AVNI: yes who is this???
Ragini: is this Avni sharma
Avni: yes, Speaking
Ragini; are you aarav’s elder sister
Avni: yeah, but he is not here.
Ragini: yes I know he is in kolkata
Avni: yeah, something urgent.
Ragini: first of all sorry I am disturbing you late night but your brother has hurt me a lot.
Avni: why?? what did he do???
Ragini: leave it, you will not punish your brother.
Avni: no tell me, I will punish him. before being his sister I am a girl and I can understand pain of a girl.
Ragini: will you believe me???
Avni: first you tell me what did he do??? then I will think about believing you or not.
Ragini: when he was in Banglore for music concert last month, you remember that he went their with his friend Sudhir.
Avni: yes
Ragini; there he first impressed me and proposed me.
Avni: then???
Ragini: then I said him yes and you know what on the very first day of our relationship I saw him kissing a girl, my heart broke that day.
Avni: so now why you called me after 1 week.
Ragini: because I controlled myself but today I saw his status that he is going kolkata for some musical tournaments and I don’t want any girl to feel the same pain. I know he loves you too much if you will punish him then he will surely try to correct himself.
Avni: may I know your name???
Ragini gets confused but swara sighs him to start crying.
Ragni starts crying and says: I know you will not believe me but please don’t involve my name in all these and yes I know he will tell you to confirm from sudhir but sudhir is his best friend didi, he will always support aarav.
Avni gets emotional; you called me didi now see I will surely punish him and this is not for you only but for taking him to right path also.
ragini: thanks didi.
After disconnecting the call, they give hi- five to each other but in the very next second they get upset because they are hurting one innocent girl for their revenge.
Swaragini go to temple of their mansion
Swara: sorry god ji, We don’t want to hurt avni di.
Ragini: yes god ji, we will make everything fine after two days.
Swaragini: we promise.

Next morning in college
Swaragini has come alone and sanlak alone as lalsh has stayed in sanskar’s house last night.
Swaragini reach there and see laksh’s hand hurt.
Swara: what happened lucky, some girl broken your hand for flirting with her.
Sanlak gets nervous.
Ragini: what happened??? tell us. lucky you fought with topper last night.
Sanskar: yes lado, he fought with me. (and sighs laksh to support him in his lies).
Laksh: so he was scolding me.
ragini: so you fought with him??
Sanskar: yes
Swara: oo wow, then why did you scold him???
Laksh: yes shona.
Ragini: what yes shona, I know you must have done some thing wrong
Swara: whatever he has done, that does not mean that topper will scold him and hit him on his hands.
Sanskar: but we are okay now.
Laksh; now please you both don’t fight.

All leave for garden as there is 1/2 hour left for classes.
Laksh: oh god, from today again classes.
Swara: yes but I am going to bunk one class every day
Ragini: me too.
Laksh: me too.
Sanskar: you guys can’t change.
Aarav comes there with a sad face.
Swaragini and sanlak smiles victoriously thinking he is sad because of them.
Swara: what happened Aarav??? you look upset.
Aarav: nothing.
Sanlak thinks
Sanlak thinks about hoew to hurt aarav
Laksh: bhai last time when I visited his house, I saw a cycle and few gaming stuffs in a special corner of his room and decorated very well I think we can hurt him by stealing those things from his house.
Sanskar: okay but we will return him after 2 days.
Sanlak enter in his house with covered faces. They see him in garden talking on phone, sanlak enters in the room and steal those things.
while returning they see aarav sitting and crying on the bench.
Sanskar hits him from back to distract him and sighs laksh to go with those things, while leaving laksh collides with a vase and hurts his hand.
Sanskar leave.
Flashback ends.
Sanskar winks at laksh. swaragini find their smile weird but let it goes.
Laksh; yes aarav you can tell us???
Aarav tell them whole thing:
his sister calls him
Avni: how dare you to hurt a girl again???
Aarav: what happened di???
Avni: don’t call me di from now onwards you will live with me but I am not your sister hereafter.
Aarav: di listen to me
Avni: if you can not respect any other girl then you might be pretending to love me, you are a fake person aarav.

Call disconnected.

Aarav crying on bench then someone hits him from behind.
flashback ends
Aarav: swara, see My backside neck is still paining and when I went in house thinking he was a thief. you know what he just stole my childhood gifts which was given by my family. You know na ragini I loved those gifts more than myself.
Swaragini: yes
Aarav: I would not be angry if the thief has stolen money, but he steal my memories.

RAGSAN gets emotional and trying to confess but swalak stop them respectively.
Swara: lado, it is just about two days.
Ragini: but he is already in,pain due to losing gifts
Swara: just one more day.
Sanskar: let me tell him
Laksh: no bhai

Aarav: guys you should go, you guys are getting late for your classes. I will leave.

swaragsanlak leave.
Swara: lado, don’t you think topper and lucky are hiding something from me
Ragini: yes they were smiling all the time,
Swara: yes we have to ask them. but they won’t confess.
Ragini: I have an idea.

Swara: topper I felt really good seeing aarav in pain. I wish someone has done that for punishing him for what he has done to us.
Laksh understands that is swaragini plans to make them confess but before laksh could stop him. Sanskar starts confessing for making an impression in swara’s eyes.
Sanskar: actually me and lucky have stolen all the things to take revenge for you guys.
Laksh hits his head. now swara is eying sanskar’s angrily and Ragini is eying laksh’s angrily
Ragini: what do you think of your self. we can take care of our selves.
Swara: are you both a super man.
Laksh eyes sanskar angrily, sanskar says him sorry through his gestures.
Ragini: we guys can take our revenge.
Sanlak: sorry.

all start leaving
Laksh: wait, you guys can take your revenge and what does that mean???
Ragini starts stammering
Ragini; lu.. lu..cky
Laksh: no tell us.
Ragini: actually we called his sister and make a fake story.
Now ball is in sanlak’s court.
Sanskar: shona, I don’t consider my self a superman but do you consider yourself a super girl.
Swara; no no topper.
Laksh: and you lado???

Swaragini sighs each other to start their emotional drama.
Swara holds sanskar’s hands
Swara: topper, we just (and starts crying)
Ragini: yes lucky, we thought not to disturb you (and she also starts crying)
Laksh: oo drama queens stop, we very well know you are acting. okk now you lied to us and we lied to you, situation balanced.
Swara; okay.
After few seconds of silence they all start laughing and gives hi- five to each other.
Swaragsanlak; that’s why we are bestii.
Screen freezes.

Precap: Aarav again apologizing to other.

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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