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Hey girls and guys how can you even think that swaragini can forgive anyone so easily. and swara can forgive aarav for what he has done to swara but she can never forgive her for what he has done to ragini and similarly ragini can forgive aarav for breaking her heart but she can never forgive him for breaking heart of swara. And moreover friends you think laksh and sanskar can forgive aarav for what he has done to their best friends and love of their life. No swaragini have their own plan for aarav and sanlak have their own. So their are two surprises or I should say shocks are waiting for aarav. and all those peolpe who likes aarav’s character don’t worry that torture would be not that major one. And one more thing when swaragini will forgive aarav they will give a long speech to him about respecting girls and girls’ feelings after all they are my heroines and do you think lado maa will leave anyone without any lecture. And yes after that they will be friends and there I will end aarav scenes so just keep reading for more swaragini and sanlak fun.

Thanks to all the readers. and guys you really don’t need to comment now in the fear of thinking that I will end this fan fiction because now I have understood that you guys will read it and will shower your love and support on me and my fan fiction always.
THANKS Tanya, Devi, Sindhu, Sravya, Jwala, Deepthi, Shabrin, Ruhi, Shubhi, Niti, Hayathi, Dipanwita, Akku, Atiya, Surbhi, Jiya, Sravya Sri, Aashi, Ridhi, Singh Shalu, Newbie, Fatima, Radika, Swetha, Vinay Karthik, Bhagi, Rakhi, Vaishnavi, Tara, Nive. (sorry if I missed any name).

TANYA, SINDHU, DEEPTHI, NITI, VINAY KARTHIK, NIVE: guys I think I have cleared your misunderstanding in above given lines. and left confusion will be cleared on upcoming 2-3 episodes. so keep reading.
JWALA: thanks and pleasure is all mine.
SHABRIN: thanks for your suggestion and yes our choice really satisfy the demands of their character. So Abhishek Malik as Aarav, Mishkat Verma as Rahul and Sorry I am changing character for aryan, Really sorry but I have chosen Utkash from kyy for aryan.
SHUBHI: lots of love to you too and I will not end this ff. Thanks for your comments keep reading.
HAYATHI: thanks for liking laksh’s character.
DIPANWITA: Yes I will continue. and thanks.
ATIYA: Thanks for your promise and pleasure is always mine.
SURBHI: That is so sweet of you and you comments always rock.
SRAVYA SRI: thanks and yes now I will not do the hurry again.
AASHI: thanks that is so nice of you and your comment made my day.
RIDHI: yes I will do that. I want to ask you one thing if you don’t mind??? From your comments I guess you are really great fan of Ragini aka teju, right???
SINGH SHALU: Yes nice idea, jungle sequence will be fun. And yes I write this ff for all my readers so this is ours ff. and love you too dear.
FATIMA: Thanks and if you are busy then no need to comment I will continue my ff for all my readers yo just keep reading it always that is enough for me.
SWETHA: thanks I will try to put more scenes for swasan
BHAGI: no need to wait more my post is here afain
RAKHI: thank you and really Neither I am going to nor I will before completing my full story
VAISHNAVI: yes of course swaragini will be jealous after some episodes and Love you too.
TARA: thanks for reading it till now. and thanks in advance for reading my upcoming episodes.

And with the help of SHABRIN (actually whole credit goes to SHABRIN only) I have chosen Abhishek Malik for AARAV, Mishkat Verma for RAHUL and Utkarsh Gupta for AARYAN..

RECAP: Swaragini meet aarav.

Swasan at shop outside campus and raglak in garden. (its evening time).
Sanskar: so shona can I ask you one thing???
Swara: hmmm
Sankar: Because of aarav’s cheating you don’t believe in love, right???
Swara: frankly speaking topper, I believe in love, I always had but yes when aarav said all that rubbish like I don’t deserve love then I got scared of love. I din’t want myself to get hurt again in this stupid feeling of love.
Sanskar: but ofcourse you deserve love, How can you even think that???
Swara: don’t know but you know what sometimes I feel like I should break the wall of fear which I have made between my heart and love.
Sanskar get happy: really???
Swara: but in the next second I think like no what if again I will get pain. This time I will not be able to control myself.
Sanskar: so you loved Aarav??? (he has crossed his fingers to hear yes.)
Swara: yes I did
Sanskar was about to cry, his eyes were already filled with tears.
Swara: may be I din’t. Leave it na topper the fact is I don’t feel anything for him now. And that’s what mater.
Sanskar tears got vanished in one second listening swara’s words.
Sanskar in his mind: stupid what will you do of her past, in present she does not love anyone but I promise you shona I will make you believe in love and make you believe in my love two. very soon my angel you will fall for me and confess your feelings to me.
Sanskar: okay lets go, lado and lucky might be waiting.
Swara eyes him angrily because she thought atleast noe he will complement her.
Swara: yes lets go and spending time with you is waste.
Sanskar smiles because now he understood what she wants.
sanskar: shona
Swara: hmmm.
Sanskar: look at that moon it has started sparkling some moments ago.
Swara: so you want moon to get seen in daytime.
Sanskar; no, listen to me, you are just looking like that moon. whose beauty has glorified just some moments ago and see my luck I am the first one to discover that.
Swara is just surprised because she has expected a simple nice and beautiful form him.
Swara blushes: let’s go.
sanskar pinched himself. sanskar to himself: mr. mathur, have you said these lines. oh my god, this girl no my angel will make me crazy.

Laksh: You loved him???
Ragini: no, he was just my crush.
Laksh to himself; thanks god.
Ragini; by the way you don’t talk to me. I am angry to you.
Laksh to himself: o god she is looking so cute while she is angry. now I can’t control myself more from complementing her.
Laksh: sorry what I am going to say will increase your anger but now I can’t control myself.
Ragini sees him shockingly.
Laksh; you are looking like princess.
Ragini with anger in her voice: yes of palace of ghosts right???
Laksh (holds her hands): no of a royal rajasthani family. you are looking like an idol made by an experienced and well trained idol maker. It looks like he has avoided every single and small mistakes while making you.
Ragini has opened her mouth.
Laksh: i know now you will shout at me, but I just could not control.
ragini just blushes: thanks.
Laksh is shocked by her reaction.

Swasan reach there.
Ragini: you guys came back???
Swara: why lado, you din’t want us to come back.
Ragini: no shona, you went for buying chips and you came without that.
Sanskar: oo we forgot. I will go and get it.
Ragini: no need, I need to go home I am tired after so much drama. And this dress is also heavy so.
Laksh; oo heavy dress made me recall one thing.
Sanskar: what???
Laksh gives everyone the bracelet.
Laksh: I know, I am such a stupid I forgot.Actually in every function we bestiis have one thing common, so here it is.
Swaragsan; thnks lucky.
They all have a group hug.
Swaraglak leave in one car and sanskar in other.
Swaraglak car:
Swara is busy in thinking about sanskar’s words.
Ragini is thinking about laksh’s complement.
Laksh is still shocked by ragini’s behavior on complement.

Swaragini reach home.
Sumi: come beta have tea with us.
Swara: sorry maa but we are tired by this heavy dress. See u at dinner, If you don’t mind.
Sumi: okay.
Swaragini hugs sumi. Swaragini: sorry maa.

Swaragini in their room.
Swara: why did you gestured me to pretend that we have forgiven Aarav???
Ragini: Shona, I f we would have scolded him then topper and lucky would have killed him there only.
Swara: yes you are right, and this is our matter. We should handle this by ourselves.
Ragini: I don’t want to give him pain but yes small revenge is good for boy of those kind.
Swara: yes we have 2 days for this.
Ragini: so whats the plan
Swara: his sister is weakness. And he has told me that his sister is a lawyer and fights for right.
Ragini: so you want us to blame aarav in front of his sister.
Swara: yes, then we will clear everything later but we will do same thing as he has done between us 2 years ago.
Ragini: but we could have done it 2 years ago also.
Swara: no, he was then blinded by his ego but now he wants to correct his mistakes.
Ragini: and a small punishment is okay for 2 years of pain.
Swaragini smile.

Laksh in Sanskar’s appartment.
Laksh: bhai why did you stopped me from hitting that aarav
Sanskar: Swaragini forgave him so hitting him there would be a flop idea.
Laksh: so you want me to forgive that psycho.
Sanskar: no, lucky. We will take our revenge but in the way that swaragini should not know about this.
Laksh: you are being intelligent day by day in my friendship.
Sanskar: yes. ( and punch him on his stomach)
Laksh: bhai, don’t me.
Sanskar: what will you do???
Laksh: See you are elder to me that does not mean.
Sanskar: yes I am elder to you and that means I can hit you as much as I want and you can’t even touch me.
Laksh: that’s not fair.

Swara: but from where will we get his sister’s contact.
Ragini: do you know her name???
Swara: yes Avni Sharma
Ragini: cool. now we will try to find her on social networks.
Swara: wow lado, you are the best.
Rahryan calling Ragini.
Ragini: see now they are calling let me ask them why din’t they come.
Swara in her mind: its good they din’t come otherwise I wouldn’t have got such a beautiful complement.
Ragini in her mind: Its really cool they din’t come at least for the first time lucky complemented me truly
Ragini picks up the call.

Rahryan: sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry.
Swaragini laugh.
Rahul: why are you lauging???
Swara: because we are not angry.
Aryan; why??? I mean how???
Ragini: because we are not in mood to get angry.
Swara: anyway how come you call??
Rahul: just to memorize you from tomorrow your class starts.
Ragini: so you are coming tomorrow right.
Aryan: no, actually we are going mumbai for 8 days so sorry. but after that we will surely drop you regularly to music classes.
Swaragini: oh shit. bye.
And disconnects the call.
Swaragini give hi- five to each other and shout yeah. (in happiness as now rahryan won’t disturb them in spending time with sanlak).
Suddenly they realize and bits their lips.
Ragini: you want to tell me something??
Swara: may be. and what about you???
Ragini: how can we think different, same.
they both blush
Sumi: come for dinner.
Swaragini: yes maa..

Sanlak in sanskar’s appartment.

sanskar knows that ragini wanted laksh to complement her and laksh also knows that swara wanted sanskar to complement her.

Sanskar: so lucky, was lado angry to you???
Laksh: no she was smiling.
Sanskar: why you said something special to her today???
Laksh hiding his eyes from sanskar: no bhai, leave me na. did you said something special to shona after all she has wore the dress gifted by you
Sanskar: no,
both blush.
Screen freezes on blushing face of swaragsanlak.

Precap: swaagini and sanlak executing their plan separately.

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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