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First of all thanks for your support, really I mean I am honoured. I am really thankful for all the support, all the love you gave me when I talked about ending this fan fiction. Sorry guys if I hurt you all by talking about ending the whole fan fiction but I swear I was talking about ending this aarav scenes. In my last post I wrote all that to know that whether you are liking this aarav scenes or not and if you are not liking then I will end this one. (I meant aarav scenes not whole ff).
My one reader want to know that who have I chosen for aarav, so if you have some suggestions then please tell me and not just for aarav for rahryan also. In next episode I will tell you shabrin who is aarav?

now 3 things I really want to tell you all:
1.) sorry for my mistake but I was talking about finishing this aarav sequence in a rush manner, because I thought it is a little bit boring. So guys sorry to disappoint you but I will not end this fan fiction so soon, it was just about ending this aarav sequence.
2.) I know being a selfish writer I want you guys to comment but being a good reader I understand your problems. So I am not asking you to comment, if I will get 0 comments even after that I will continue this fan fiction for silent readers. So if you are busy, and if you hate that moderation state then please you don’t need to comment. yes but for that you need to promise me today that whether you comment or not you will not stop reading my posts. and you don’t need to comment that you promise you just promise it to yourself.
3.) I am a writer also so sorry for being selfish but I want comments and your feedbacks also. So whenever you guys get time, whenever you feel you are free only then comment.
And again sorry for creating confusion but seriously it was about ending aarav’s sequence not the whole fan fiction.

Thanks, thanks a lot Sravya, Sindhu, Jwala, Hayathi, Kittu, Akku, Sravya Sri, Anu, Ruhi, Mahi, Niti, Fatima, Aashi, Rakhi, Akshatha, Praise, Devi, Abi, Sara, Nive, Mythili Rao, Harshita, Shabrin, Shanaya, Radhika, Vinay Karthik, Meghs, Surbhi, Sumi, Fuggi, Twinkle, newbie, atiya, Ridhi, shubhi, Singh Shalu, Sree Harini, Vaishnavi (sorry if I missed any name).

SINDHU: first of all sorry to make you wait. and I wanted to end this aarav sequence because I thought my readers are not liking him and they want to see swaragsanlak. Thanks.
JWALA: I won’t yaar. and thanks for your comments, the doll you have used for your profile is really cute.
HAYATHI: I am not ending this ff, I guess not just you many of my readers don’t like him thats why I thought to end his story in a rush (but only his story not whole ff). and one more thing I know aarav has done wrong in his past but in present he has come with totally changed character and what he has done in past was just his childish behavior.

KITTU: my fan fiction loves you too dear and thanks. ofcourse I will continue it.
AKKU: I am sorry but I was not saying that I was saying may be some of my readers don’t like aarav’s scene. that was all. And I am not going to end this ff.
ANU: thanks for your confidence on my writing. And yes again I was talking about aarav’s sequence. And yes you guys have full liberty of not to comment, I want you all to just read it regularly.
RUHI: frankly speaking dear I was not at all tense or bothering, I just wanted to know that if my readers are not liking this aarav’s sequence then all readers should just tell me so that I could end it soon.
MAHI: thnks thanks. but really I was not worrying about it. And I am not going to end it.
NITI: thanks for liking that filmy scene. and yes aarav has done wrong but it was all his childish behavior as he din’t wanted girls to go away from him just because he is committed. And when he started spending time with ragini he fell for her. and yes there will be bash for 8 days from 25th dec to 2nd jan but not according to calendar dates when these dates will come in my fan fiction. I hope you are okay with it.

FATIMA: thanks dear that so sweet of you.
AASHI: I was just trying to end this aarav sequence fast. and thanks dear, so nice of you.
RAKHI: obviously I will continue sweetie, I was just talking about this aarav sequence and thanks a lot to you and your friends for liking my ff.
AKSHATHA: yes even I do that is why I am ending this aarav sequence in a rush. Thanks
DEVI: he was a flirt, but now he will apologize.
ABI: thanks, thats so sweet of you and I am not ending this I am just ending this aarav sequence.
SARA: thanks and I promise I will not.

NIVE: don’t need to say sorry yaar. and yes he is playing with two girls. thanks for regularly commenting and finish your work first and then if you would not be able to find my posts then tell me I will give links to you. and I am really thankful to you you read it always.
HARSHITA: thanks harshita, my fan fiction loves you too.
SHABRIN: NO need to request yaar, i will not end it.thanks
SHANAYA: I will not, thanks
VINAY KARTHIK: thanks thanks a lot for your support. but really I was not talking about whole ff and thanks to you and all the readers who wait for my fan fiction. as a writer its my responsibility to never let my readers down.
SURBHI: I won’t end it. and thanks for your constant support.
MEGHS: I will try my best to complete 50 and more than that, thanks for your comment and support.
SUMI: hey thanks dear if you really think so. and I will not end it so soon. and yes but he will apologize. really sumi thanks for understanding my thought.

TWINKLE: thanks for support dear but and really sorry to all my readers to give them stress but I am not ending it. and thanks if you liked it.
FUUGI: no need to request, I will not end it. and thanks if you liked the twist.
NEWBIE: thanks for your support dear but seriously I was not talking about ending this ff.
RIDHI: I will try, thanks a lot for your suggestion
AATIYA: you liked aarav that much??? I can’t make aarag but for sure I will put their scenes.
SHUBHI: thanks sweety for reading my posts and I am not going to end it. And thanks for your comments. Lots of love to you too.

SINGH SHALU: Are yaar I am not stopping it, and my fan fiction and I love you too. And thanks for your comments it made my day. I won’t I promise I am just trying to end this aarav sequence soon.
SREE HARINI: I didn’t get hurt. And my fiction and I love you too dear. And really I won’t stop writing.
VAISHNAVI: yes now she will start trusting love again. And sorry to make you and my all fans feel bad but really I was not talking about ending the ff, I was just trying to ask my readers that if they don’t like aarav scene then I will end it soon. I will continue. Thanks.
When I saw your comments I felt really overwhelmed by seeing your love and support for my fan fiction. Thanks a lot.
RECAP: aarav proposing swara and ragini both.

Laksh: ohoo lado, what’s all this??? shona do you know about all this???
Swara is crying, and ragini is not understanding why swara is crying and aarav is hiding his eyes.
Swara comes to aarav, and gives him a tight slap.
Swara: aarav, what is all this. you are playing with me and my sister both??? how dare you???
Aarav: look at you swara and look at your sister. you both are modern but still she has a heart of gold, and you just believes in making boyfriend anyone even when you don’t love him or like him.
Ragini gives him a tight slap.
Ragini: how dare you??? what do you know about her??? you know what if you have loved her truly then she might have sacrificed her life for you without even thinking that she loves you or not.
Laksh: chill girls let me handle this.
Laksh; see dude, I can’t understand anything what I know is my best friends whom I love more than anything are crying because of you, so get ready.
Laksh gives him some punches on his stomach, nose. Now aarav is bleeding.
Aarav just to take revenge makes a story.
Aarav: hey miss swara and you their best friend, listen not only I ragini also knew about me and swara but still she agreed to be with me.
Just for few moments Ragini thought what if swara and laksh will believe him, then they will start hating her.

Swara smiles and goes to aarav. Swara gives him continuous 3 slaps in his cheek.
Laksh: hey shona, chill girls leave him on me.
Again laksh comes and hits me a lot.
Laksh: you know what, you mistake is not this that you have played with both your real mistake is what you have done now by speaking bad things about swara and by blaming swara. You want us to believe you that ragini knew this.
Swara: leave it na lucky, why should we tell him that how much we believe our lado, let’s go.
They all leave.
swara is crying while laksh is consoling her and ragini is overwhelmed to see their belief on her but still scared to face swara.
Swaragini and laksh leave for swaragini mansion and luckily no one was there to see them.
Swaragini and laksh directly go to their room.
Ragini: shona I swear i din’t knew abo…
Swara: lado, I will kill you if you will say like this.
swaragini have a hug.
ragini: you loved him???
Swara: may be yes may be no and you???

Ragini: don’t know.
Laksh: see even in this you guys think same.
Swaragini laugh the trio have a hug and then they all start crying without breaking the hug.
Flashback ends.
Swara: am I this bad topper, that no one can love me???
Sanskar: no not at all shona and even you know that.
Swara: really
Sanskar: yes I swear, anyone can love you.
Swara: anyone.
Sankar: hmmm. (they both have a hug).

Ragini: lucky you know for the moment when aarav blamed me I thought I will lose you both, I thought I will lose my everything, I thought I will lose my life. but you both as usual gave me surprise by believing me.
Laksh: yes obviously, we both are best.
Ragini then notices swara are not with them
Ragini: shona, where is she??? I am sure she is crying somewhere please lucky let’s go to her.

Raglak go to swasan and see them hugging.
Raglak passes smile to each other seeing them hugging.
Ragini: oops sorry I forgot now shona does not need us to console her.
Swasan composes themselves

Swara: what can I do??? when you both are busy in consoling each other then I will have to find someone else to console me.
laksh: so now you agree you have found someone. (swasan blush).
Sanskar: so now you also agree you both are busy with each other.
Raglak blush.

They all have a group hug.
Aarav comes from behind.
Aarav: sorry yaar.
Laksh and sanskar come to hit him.
Aarav: guys I know I deserve this, but first let me explain. sorry yaar swara and argini. I am really sorry. you know each second when I was with ragini I felt like cheating you both but ragini’s attitude her nature just I could not control myself. And swara that really not because you are bad or I think you like that. It is just that I made relation with you because I thought you are perfect for me and ragini is whom I fell in love with. You know swara you are my first ever crush and you are the first girl to which I get attracted and ragini you are the first girl with whom I fell in love. You know the very next day of our last meeting i realized I have done wrong with you both but my ego din’t let me apologize. but today I will. sorry swara and ragini. I know its impossible to forgive me but if you could then
Swaragini: we forgave you.
Aarav: thanks and you both bodyguards if you could also forgive me then atleast this time my nose will be okay.
Sanlak with a smile: its okay.
Aarav: thanks shona and lado.

Swaragini: don’t call us that.
And they all laugh.
Swara: so you again in kolkata, for how much days you are here???
Sanskar in his thoughts: please tell us you are here for just tonight.
laksh thinks the same.
Aarav: for next 2 days.
ragini: wow, we trio can have fun together again.
Laksh in his mind: trio??? wow. now lado will again forgive me and again i won’t get chance to raise my status from friend in her life.
Sanskar in his mind: again, someone no no no not someone her first love, her first boyfriend. oh god why there is so much hurdles in my love life

Principal calls aarav.
Swara; I don’t want to attend function.
Ragini: me too.
Sanlak: okay lets go somewhere else.

now again they come in their normal mood and again ragini is angry on laksh for not complementing her, laksh trying his best so that he can not complement ragini because ragini wants him to be normal. Sanskar is trying to find some nice words to complement swara and swara is getting angry because she has wore dress gifted by sanskar and he din’t even complemented her.

Swaragsanlak come to garden.
Swara: I will get chips by the shop outside the campus.
Swara starts leaving and ragini sighs sanskar to go behind her.

now swasan are together are raglak are together.
Swasan are confused what to talk and raglak are also feeling awkward in talking with each other.
Screen freezes on separate pics of swasan and raglak.

Precap: sanlak getting jealous seeing swaragini with aarav. (guys I will use swaarag for trio of swara, ragini and aarav).

I know this one is small. But I am writing it just to make you guys sure that I am not ending this ff. I will post the next one tomorrow ant that will be long.

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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