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Guys I am thinking you are not liking my posts as there are not that much comments as much it used to be earlier thats why I am trying to make it quick and finish this one. and if you are not liking it then atleast give me feed backs that how can I make it nice again so you all can like it as earlier. Friends I know this flashback story is not that much good and you want me to unite sanskar with his family I will unite sanskar very soon with his family but till then please support me with this.
Thanks to all readers and people who commented.
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SHANAYA: he has both shades negative and positive. he is a normal person.
AASHI: Hey aarav is connected with swaragini’s past. he is the only reason swara does not believe in love and ragini also so caring for swara.
Only because of aarav Ragini try her best to make swara’s love life with a perfect person who can’t hurt her. And yes first infatuation and attraction of swara and ragini both and also both sisters have their first kiss with him. I think today’s episode will make you more clear.
SUMI: thanks
SHAGUN: yes aarav is a cupid in a way, thnks.
NITI: yes I know it was filmy but I was not getting any idea to show laksh’s disappointment and sorry if you didn’t liked the filmy part. Thanks and yes after todays post their love story will start in full form. THANKS
VINAY KARTHIK: yes finally aarav came I was waiting for perfect timing for his entry. thanks
RADHIKA: thanks if you really think so.
MEGHS: he has both character, sometimes positive and sometimes negative.
TWINKLE: hey thanks dear. your comment made my day and I am student of literature so I guess from there i get my writing skills.
SURBHI: now you don’t need to wait here is my next post, for you dear.
RUHI: thnks, If you really think that.
VAISHNAVI: hey thanks dear. And very soon we will become nice friends and here is my next part, I hope you will enjoy this. And yes even I think the same that now when I have entered in this I would have to face such comments and all I need to do is just to ignore it. And thanks for making me realise this. Thanks a lot and yes you are my friend for sure.

Swara and Ragini are in 11th standard, practicing for school annual function. Their composition is nice but they need a male voice to make it perfect.
Ragini: shona, from where will be get a male voice.
Swara: ofoo lado we will manage, if we both are together then nothing is impossible.
Ragini: yes but if lucky would be here then he would have managed but he is also in chennai for his inter- school football tournament.
Swara: lado, chill my dear. we will do something.
Ragini: (starts crying) but what, this year our band will lose.
Swara: oh god. Pushpa I hate tears re.
Ragini: shut up. always filmy talks can’t make me laugh
Swara: then what can make you laugh???
Ragini: a male singer with awesome voice.
Swara: okay, I will do something.

(swara is a girl like go with the flow and ragini is like no wait, check then go ahead. Swara does not want to win always but ragini can never lose, except with swara and laksh.)
Swaragini in principal’s office.
Principal: you both here???
Swara: sir, we want a male singer for our band.
Principal: If you have loved your studies even half of as much you love music then you could have taken Science.
Swara turns her head and start imitating principal, Ragini laugh seeing this.
Principal: see, you both don’t even have manners.
Swaragini: sorry sir.
Principal: If your dad would not be my friend then I would have rusticated you 10 times till now.
Ragini: no need to rusticate 10 time sir, If you would have rusticated us just once na then we both would not have come back to school.
Swaragini gives hi- five to each other.
Principal: this time I will do.
Swara: please after annual function till then find a male lead singer for us. please sir.
Principal: okay
Swaragini leave
Principal: mad kids but pride of my school now from where will I get male lead singer??? yes that new student, he is also a singer.

Swaragini is in canteen.
Swara: have your cheese burger.
Ragini: no, I will only have anything when I will get male singer.
Swara: okay, don’t eat. I will have it, it is so cheesy and yummy.
Ragini whose mouth is watering.
Ragini: okay I will have mine. but this one only nothing after that.
Swara: okay, wow lado you are so strong na, you always keep your words.
Ragini: hahaha, just like you.
Both laugh. They hear a voice from behind.
Boy: hey shona and lado.
Swaragini turn.
Ragini: only our friends call us that. she is swara and I am ragini.
Swara: and who the hell are you???
Boy: chill chhote bhims oops sorry chhoti bhims.
Ragini: haaaaaaaaaa, how dare you??? and who the hell are you???
Boy: I am Aarav, principal asked me to sing with you as you guys need a male singer. but I don’t think that you guys deserve to sing with me.
Swara: okay, go. we actually don’t need you.
Aarav: okay
Ragini: shona, I need him.
Swara: lado!!! again. Okay.
Swara: hey you aarav.
Aarav: hmmm.
Swara: you can sing with us.
Aarav: first say sorry and please.
Swara: what the??? You want swara to say sorry and please.
Aarav: don’t you understand general language used by humans???
Swara: lado, I am not going to do this.
Ragini requests swara through her gestures.
Swara: Mr. Aarav sorry and please join us.
Aarav: okay shona and lado.
Ragini: don’t call us that.
Aarav: okay chill chill.

Next day while practicing:
Swaragini make aarav hear their composition.
Aarav: you sing really well, no one can tell you seeing your faces that you both are nice singer.
Ragini: was that complement???
Swara: leave it na lado, don’t spoilt your mood due to him.
Aarav: yes lado.
Ragini: don’t call me that.
Aarav sings according to their composition.
Swara and ragini both are lost in his voice.
Swara to herself: He is really nice singer, I got new one with whom I can flirt.
Ragini to herself: God he irritates me a lot but still for the first time I feel for someone.
Aarav: girls where are you lost???
Swara: you sang nice, but all due to our composition.
Aarav: really, (holds her hand) would you like to join me for???
Swara: for???
Aarav: for you know just roaming around and chit chatting.
Swara: okay.
Ragini gets sad seeing swara and aarav flirting. but in other second she scolds herself for geeting sad seeing her shona happy.
Ragini: okay, you guys continue I will see you later.
Swara: come on lado, come with us.
Aarav: okay but if you only want to.
Swara: shut up you, if lado won’t come then I will also not
Ragini: okay, lets go.

After few days ragini, swara and aarav become close friends and laksh is in chennai. aarav continuously flirt with swara and ragini both. Swara responds him very well because she does not know that ragini feels for him but ragini does not respond him that well because she thinks aarav flirts with every next girl. ON THE PERFORMANCE DAY:
Band of swaragini and aarav win the competition.
After competition a special guest call swara and gives her chance to sing in concert in mumbai. swara replies him that she only sings with her sister, Guest tells her it will be a trip of just 10 days and we need only western singer but you have to leave after 2 hour.
Swara agrees and gives everyone the good news. swara tells ragini to call laksh and give him information while she will inform Aarav.
Swara goes to Aarav.
Swara: mr. Partner i have a news for you
Aarav: first me swara. I love you, I mean look at you you are so perfect for me will you be my girlfriend???
Swara: but I don’t love you. I mean I like you but love???
Aarav: okay.
Swara: yes but there is nothing bad in being your girlfriend.
Aarav gets happy. she kisses him on cheek.
Aarav: o god just a kiss on cheek.
Aarav comes near her and tries to kiss her on her lips. first swara tries to stop him but (as you know she is like go with the flow) then she start reacting and swara had her first kiss with aarav.
They break their kiss. Swara goes to ragini to tell her everything about aarav. but that judge disturbs her and tells her that she has only 1 and a 1/2 hour left for flight. Swara thinks she will ragini after returning back from concert.
Swara goes to mumbai.
As ragini is living first time without swara and lucky, she feels alone and sad but this time Aarav makes her comfortable. They start hanging out together. After 5 days they become really good friend, Aarav flirts with her and she also responds very well because now she has changed opinion for Aarav. (Aarav also has started liking her, and has not told her about him and swara because he does not want Ragini to stop flirting, hanging out with him).
Swara calls ragini
Swara: hello lado, what yaar you are really busy now a days.
Ragini; nothing like that shona. I just try to keep myself busy without lucky and you.
Swara n ragini talks for hour but swara does not tell her about aarav and her because swara wants to see ragini’s facial expression.

7th day:
Aarav thinks: I know I am doing wrong with both sisters but If ragini will accept my proposal today then I will tell swara and Ragini everything that initially I used to like swara because I thought she is perfect for me but I really love ragini, In these all days I have realized this that I love ragini.
Aarav asks ragini for a date.
Ragini said him yes.

8th day:
Aarav proposes her on date.
Ragini says yes.
Aarav tries to kiss her but ragini said she needs time.

After date,
Ragini calls Swara:
Ragini: shona, if you like someone then should you let him kiss yourself???
Swara starts thinking about her first kiss and replies in lost mood.
Swara: yes, first kiss is really nice.
Ragini cuts the call and gets excited.
after the disconnection of call, swara thinks: but why ragini was asking this??? o god does she like anyone, wow. I should call her, no no Here my work is complete I will go tomorrow and surprise her and then I will ask this question.
Swara calls laksh
Swara: lucky, where are you???
Laksh: I will leave today evening for kolkata.
Swara: come to mumbai.
Laksh: why???
Swara: tomorrow we both will go to kolkata and surprise lado.
Laksh; thats cool, okay I will come today mumbai.

9th day:
Ragini is unaware that swara and laksh are coming today so she decides to go to aarav’s place.
She gets ready like she is going in a party.

Swara and Laksh come kolkata,and decides to go to swaragini’s mansion first to surprise ragini.
Sumi tells them that she has gone at Aarav’s place. sumi stops them to wait for ragini but as they both are excited they decides to surprise ragini at aarav’s place. and laksh is also excited to meet swaragini’s new friend that is aarav. Swara is also excited to meet aarav and to tell ragini and laksh about aarav.

Ragini at aarav’s place.
Aarav: hey come.
Ragini: how are you??
Aarav: nice
Ragini is nervous, she comes close to him and close her eyes. Aarav understands her signals and comes close to her.
Aarav: now you don’t need time?
Ragini: no.
They have a liplock.
just then swara and laksh arrives there and see them kissing each other.
swara and laksh get shocked.
Ragini and aarav break the kiss and get shocked seeing swara and laksh.

screen freezes on shocked faces.
Precap: aarav apologizing to swaragini (in present).

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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  1. initially, I told that I didnt like aarav character.. bit now I wanna improve my saying.. that aarav idea is bst… well taken… widout any circumstances and twist how will the story go?? ur idea is just amazing and plz don’t leave it… continue it dear…

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