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RIHA. Aarav, I have discussed it earlier. aarav is someone connected with swaragini’s past. because of him swara does not believe in love and ragini considers herself guilty for what has happened to swara and thanks
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GUYS I always upload it on time, I don’t know why this site take so much to review it.
This long and mega episode for all my readers and ( for you vaishnavi). I hope you all will like it.

RECAP: swaragsanlak in shopping mall.

Scene 1:
Ragini: leave my hands topper, its paining.
Sanskar: no I won’t, as I know you are just acting. I will leave your hand and again you will start punching me.
Swara comes to them.
Swara make sanskar leave ragini’s hands and starts scolding sanskar.
Swara: see hands became red, can’t you feel it was paining.
Sanskar: sorry… I .. I .. tho..u.ght
Swara: what did you thought??? haan, you know what go to hell. lets leave lado, we need to do first aid.
Ragini is smiling seeing her sister’s concern for her.
Ragini: shona it is just small pain. don’t worry.
Sanskar leaves from there with a sad face. Swara realizes that she has over reacted.
Swara: lado, I should have not spoken with him like this na??? I should say sorry.
Ragini: Wow miss swara gadodia, my sweet sister shona realized her mistake so soon and she also wants to apologize.

Swara: come on lado. I just…
Ragini: what just. You and lucky will give me a heart attack by changed behavior of yours. you don’t apologize to me for hurting me. WHY???
Swara: see do you apologize to yourself??? then how can I apologize to you because you are also me.
Ragini: (pretends to cry) pagli ab rulayegi kya??? (mad girl will you make me cry now)
Swara: okay my filmy sister, now if you will allow me, can I go to him to say sorry.
Ragini: jaa swara jee le apni jindagi. ( go shona live your life)
Swara laughs at ragini’s behavior and leaves to say sorry to sanskar.

Sanskar is in food court of mall. Swara comes there. swara go to him and sit in front of him. Sanskar ignores her. swara holds her ears.
Swara: topper sorry.
Sanskar: hmmm
Swara: sanskar sorry.
Sanskar smiles a bit. swara notices this.
Swara: sanskaaar.
Sanskar: nice trick shona,okay this time I have forgiven you but this will not work next time.
Swara: really you agreed very soon, If lucky would be on your place then he would have shown 1000 tantrums.
Sanskar: actually I was not angry.
Swara: really???

Sanskar: yes and how could I??? you were worried seeing lado in pain thats why you reacted like that.
Swara: wow topper, you are so intelligent.
Sanskar: again topper???
Swara: you are not angry na then I can call you topper.
Sanskar smiles.
Swara: what???
Sanskar: nothing. ooo I forgot.
Swara: what???
Sanskar gives her a packet.
Sanskar: this one is for you, If you will like it then wear it tomorrow for cultural fest but only if you like it.
Swara: looking at your fashion sense I can easily say, I won’t like it.
Sanskar makes a sad face.
Swara: chill, I was just joking. can I open it now???
Sanskar: no, open this at your home.
Swara: but why???
Sanskar: pleaseeee
Swara: okay, now lets go.

Raglak while swasan in food court.
Laksh has seen ragini’s hands.
Laksh: lado, is it paining.
Ragini whose irritation due to laksh’s changed behavior has now crossed limits.
Ragini: what the hell is this lucky??? why are you doing this haan???
Laksh” what have I done???
Ragini: don’t you know you are behaving like a changed person, you are not my lucky. neither you are irritating me nor you are calling me and this does not end here. you are complementing me. please don’t act like this. I want my lucky back, I miss him.
Laksh who is really sad but control his feelings for ragini.
Laksh: chill lado maa. It was my new way to irritate you. see I succeeded.
Ragini: really, thanks god.

Swasan reach there.
Swara: lado, lucky see. sanskar gifted me this.
Ragini: that’s not fair topper. you only gifted her.
Sanskar: this one for you. actually both are same, as I know you both wear same dress on special occasions.
Ragini: thats cool. thank you.
Laksh: bhai, only for them
Sanskar: no, I have bought 2 similar dresses for you and me.
laksh: that’s like my brother.
Swara: okay let’s go.
Laksh: you guys go, I have bought something but now I don’t like it. so I want to return it.
Sanskar: okay come soon.
Laksh comes to a shop.
Laksh: I want to return this bracelet.
Shopkeeper: okay sir.
Laksh in his mind: I bought this for lado but I don’t think this is right time to give her.
Shopkeeper: Sir, do you want anything more???
Laksh: yes I had bought 2 friendship bracelet, give me one more similar piece.
Shopkeeper: okay sir.
Laksh: actually 2 more.
Laksh in his mind: I bought these for bhai and shona but I think I should give the same to lado and when everyone will wear it then how can’t I.

In the parking area, Laksh reaches there.
Ragini: lucky where were you???
Laksh: shut up lado maa.
Ragini: go to hell phattoo.
Sanskar: today you guys have to tell me, why do you call him phattoo.
Swara: okay, you know what on his 13th birthday, we planned a surpise for him.
laksh: no, plzzz don’t discuss about that
Ragini: actually ap aunty called us to surprise them and exactly at 12. he woke up by a horrible laugh.
Swara: and he then see all room in dark and two little ghosts walking toward him. he then started shouting- go from here this is my room
Ragini: the ghosts told them,- no this is hell, and you are dead. He again shouted- I was alive in the night. O god you changed my birthday into my death day.
Swara: Then both ghosts told him- hahaha, now celebrate your birthday in hell, oops deathday.
Ragini: then he started crying and both ghosts removed their masks. again he shouted- you both ghost sisters.
Swara: from that day, he calls us princesses of palace of ghosts and we call him phattoo.
Swaragsan laugh.
Laksh: hahaha, how funny.
they all leave. sanskar in one car and swaraglak in other car.

in night:
swaragini’s room
swara and ragini both unwrap the gift given by sanskar. They see lehangas of magenta with silver blouse and veil of magenta with silver border. not so heavy but classy.
Swara: oh god, I din’t knew he has such an amazing fashion sense.
Ragini: but why Indian???
Swara: because tomorrow is cultural fest dumbo and he wants us to wear this tomorrow.
Ragini: lets give him a surprise, we will not tell him now that we loved his gift. we will give him surprise tomorrow by wearing this.
Swara: done

next morning at the venue of cultural fest.
Sanskar is eagerly waiting for swaraglak to come, as he wants to know that whether they have liked his gift or not.
Laksh has come with his vintage car. all people are just looking on the car.
Laksh gets out of the car, a girl comes to him and asks,” lucky is this yours???”.
Laksh holds her hands and says
Laksh: yes baby.
Ragini who is already angry to laksh because he din’t complemented her and gets jealous seeing him like this and go to them.
Ragini: not only his, this is ours.(and makes laksh leave that girl’s hand).
Ragini: I am going and whenever you feel you are done come inside.
Swara comes to laksh.
Laksh: oh god, she wants me to be the same, old lucky but she also does not ant me to flirt. What does she wants??? god why have you created girls.
Swara is listening to him.

Swara: my child so that you can blush seeing girl’s beautiful face.
laksh: yeah that is true, my heart beats get faster when I see her, and today I feel like it is in marathon as she is looking really beautiful today. (laksh stops)
Swara: continue continue
Laksh gets nervous: no i was just.
Swara: leave it lucky.
Laksh: yeah leave it as someone has to go inside so that she can shoe her face to someone special.
Swara: shut up lucky. (and starts walking)
Laksh: yes leave that by the way you are looking nice in dress gifted by bhai.
Swara: complement my sister, I don’t need it.
Laksh: yes, you only need complement by my bhai. (and runs from there).
Swara: you…..

Ragsan while swalak are talking.
Ragini goes inside and collides with Sanskar
Sanskar: hey, why are walking like this
Ragini: because of that du… leave it.
Sanskar: where are they???
ragini: lucky might be flirting with girls and shona would be busy somewhere.
Sanskar; what happened???
Ragini: that lucky, when I won’t him to complement me then he will always do and today when I want him to complement me he is flirting with others.
Sanskar: okay, so you are jealous???
Ragini: why will I??? and just leave it. ooo I forgot to say you thanks for this lehenga. thanks
Sanskar: you are looking nice.
Ragini: thanks but may I ask this nice is for me or my sister???
Sanskar: for you, as I will use some different word to complement her. (and winks at her)
Ragini: uff, how lucky shona is!!!
Sanskar: don’t worry, lucky will also find some different word to complement you.
Ragini: Lucky and nice complements, in my nightmare (ragini to herself, he knows to complement only for irritating someone)
Sanskar: so you liked it???
Ragini: yes.
Sanskar: I mean you and
Ragini: and shona din’t liked it.
Sanskar: shit

Ragini: she loved it.
Ragini and sanskar both start laughing. Swalak reach there.
Sanskar is shocked to see swara in the dress gifted by him. Sanskar tries to complement her but all his efforts in vain. Swara in angry mood says
swara: lets go.
Sanskar: shona you are…( swara gets happy thinking that he is going to say something nice)
Sanskar: shona you are right, we should go.
All four go inside.
swara and ragini are angry with sanskar and laksh respectively. sanskar is trying to find some really nice words to complement his angel whereas laksh is trying hard not to complement lado, as she does not want him to complement her.

Then the host announces
Host: in the starting of our program, I want a new boy in kolkata city to sing a song for us.
That boy comes, all lights are off.
He starts singing… swaraglak find the voice familiar but din’t mind. after the song ended all starts clapping. and the light falls on him.
Swaragini in unison: AARAV??? (swaragini start crying)
Ragini runs from there, Laksh follows her. Swara also tries to go but sanskar holds her hand and takes her to garden
Sanskar: what the hell is this shona, why are you crying???
Swara: I will tell you everything, but first let me go to lado, I know she is crying.
Sanskar: laksh is there for her.
Swara: just for once I want to see her.
Sanskar takes her to raglak
They see laksh consoling ragini.
Ragini: why lucky??? I and my shona was living happily then why again???
Laksh: just stop crying.
Ragini hugs him.

Swara: lets go topper, lucky will handle.
Sanskar takes swara away from them.
Sanskar: now will you tell me.
swara hugs him.
Ragini and swara starts telling same story.
Flash back is shown.
screen freezes on swasan and raglak separate pictures.

Precap: flashback continues and aarav’s history.

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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