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RECAP: swara notices laksh’s weired behavior for ragini.

Swaraglak arrives at sanskar’s appartment.
Laksh knocks the door, sanskar opens it.
Sanskar: oh you guys came, where were you all??? mumma papa is waiting for you, come on come.
Laksh: oh bhai, these two girls took so much time in getting ready.
Sanskar can’t see them.
Sanskar: but where are they???
Laksh: exactly bhai, they took so much time so I came and left them in there house.
Sanskar: lucky, tell me the truth.
Laksh: offo bhai, chill they are coming.
Mr. Mathur: my son, who is there???
Sanskar: papa, lucky. remember I told you.
Mrs. Mathur: come lucky beta why are you standing there, you call sanskar bhai na so you are also my son.
Laksh: yes aunty. sure.
Laksh takes their blesssings. Sanskar is still looking at the door, then he sees some one coming with a large bouquet of beautiful flowers, she is a girl who face is covered due to bouquet,sanskar feels that she is his shona but he thought no shona in suit, not possible. then he sees that girl struggling to enter into sanskar’s flat, sanskar helps her but still he is just able to see her eyes, now his heart beats are stoppped because now he knows that she is only swara but also very excited to see swara in this new look. but his thoughts are interrupted by her sweet voice,
Swara: please pick it up.
sanskar takes it from her and now he can see her full face, sanskar in his thoughts god she is looking like angels of heaven. Swara is also lost in his lost eyes. they are disturbed by a sweet but notorious voice
Ragini: guys, please move traffic is jam due to you.
Swasan are embarrassed.
Sanskar takes both beauties inside and introduce them to his parents. Swaragini take their blessings.
Mrs. Mathur: now I believed my son also can make friends, you know he had not any best friend in his school life. but here see he has so many friends.
Sanskar is still busy in watching swara that too with bouquets in his hands.
Ragini sees this.
Ragini: topper, you can put those flowers down and these sweets for you uncle n aunty.
Mrs. Mathur: but why beta??? there was no need.
Swara: aunty, our dadi says you should never go to anyone’s house with empty hands.
Ragini: and we are not at all manner- less like lucky.
Swara: exactly, you know aunty he left us there alone struggling with flowers and sweets.
Sanskar: thats why you were late, but lucky told me you took so much time to get ready thats why he left you both and came here.
Ragini: I agree we took time but at least we look good unlike this dumbo.
Laksh: yes, this is true that you look beautiful.
All hear this.
Swara: what???
Laksh: I… I I meant you both are looking beautiful like princesses of palace of ghosts.
All laugh. Ragini is thinking finally lucky is okay.

All have tea and snacks together.
Swara: aunty, on sunday there is cultural fest in our college. you both will come na???
Mr. Mathur: no beta, we just came to meet sanskar tomorrow after noon we will leave.
Ragini: Sanskar, we are planning to do shopping tomorrow for cultural fest, will you come with us.
Sanskar: yes but after dropping mumma papa to airport.
Laksh: aunty, do hell with shopping. these hand made snacks by you are just awesome. will you bring it for me next time.
Mrs. Mathur by giving him a box: are beta take it na, i will make another for sanskar.
Sanskar: mumma, you got another son so now you forgot me.
Mr.Mathur: why not beta, if your mom will get another husband then she will forget me also.
All laugh. Swara is thinking : he also share cute moments with his family, just like us how sweet. whereas ragini is amazed to see Mr. and Mrs. Mathur’s attachment with sanskar.
Laksh: aunty, its already late now, we should leave.
All leave, sanskar has come to drop them.
Ragini: Oh shit, I forgot my handbag in room, you guys continue I will go and get it.
Laksh: oh god lado, such a silly mistake but you know what these silly activities make you more beautiful.( and winks at him).
Ragini shows fake anger. but somewhere she was also blushing.
While Raglak were talking Swasan moves ahead. sanskar is trying to complement swara for her looks. but his all efforts in vain.
Sanskar: so bye, see you tomorrow.
Swara; hmmm
Sanskar: what happened, you look upset.
Swara: I wore indian dress and anyone except lado didn’t even complemented. I was not looking nice.
Sanskae: no you are looking stunning,
Swara smiles.
Laksh heard this and thinking: wow, shona wants bhai to complement her, When did this happen???

All leave for house.,
In car, swaraglak are stilent as all are lost in own thinking.

At night:
sanskar’s flat,
Mr. and Mrs. Mathur are sure now that sanskar is not trying to find about his past and now they are relieved.
Sanskar in his room, thinking about swara,: Oh god she loook awesome in Indian outfit. she was really looking like angel.

Laksh’s room
he is thinking about when in car he went close to ragini, and she blushed. Laksh: I will very soon be crazy, I have not felt this for any girl.

Swaragini’s room:
Ragini is also thinking about laksh, ragini: he as changed, but why??? I love when he teases me.
Swara is thinking about swasan eyelock.

Next morning
Today is saturday so obviously big drama created by sumi to wake them up.

After some hour swaraglak leave for shopping mall, where they have decided to meet sanska

Laksh: so guys, what are you going to buy today
Ragini: some peace of mind.
Laksh: ooo and where will you get it.
Ragini: Here, you just start behaving normally, t mind.
then I will get peace of my mind.
Laksh: okay and smiles.
Ragini checks his fever
Laksh: what are you doing???
Ragini: just checking, that is your strong behavior due to fever.
Laksh: very funny.
Swara who was watching them from back seat, completely enjoy laksh like this.
Swara: we reached mall, lets go

They all go inside, whereas sanskar is already waiting for them.
swaraglak meet with sanskar
all are choosing clothes.
Swara: topper: uncle, aunty their flight???
Sanskar: they left.
Swara: you might be upset na,,, you saw them after so many days and even this meeting was also the small one.
Sanskar: no, you guys are here with me na.
Swara smiles.

Ragini sees them and really happy to see them like this.Ragini goes to swasan
Ragini: have I disturbed you guys
Swara: oh come on lado, not at all we were just talking about his mom n dad.
Sanskar: no not at all. ( but sighs ragini secretly yes to indicate that Ragini has disturbed them, and winks at her)
Swara goes to laksh.
Ragini punches sanskar in his stomach.
Ragini: so I disturbed you, right???
Sanskar: no I was just joking.
Ragini: no no you were saying it seriously. (and again tries to hit himbut sanskar holds her hands) Ragsan start laughing.
Swalak are seeing them.
Laksh: how cute she look while laughing (and then realizes what did he said and make a oops face)
Swara: don’t stop don’t stop.
Laksh: what???
Swara: you were blishing seeing lado.
Laksh: ooo as you were not blushing seeing bhai.
Swara: what blushing and me, Lucky you know na, I hate these kind of topics for me.
Laksh in his mind: ohooo shona, no matter how much you say but you also blush seeing bhai).
Laksh: okay shona, don’t take it seriously I was just jokiing.

screen freezes at separate pics of swalak and ragsan.
Precap: cultural fest. AARAV’s secret

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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