Best friends 3


Swara, Ragini, Laksh and Sanskar in party.
Sanskar is thinking about swara (she is so different, her eyes are so expressive, omg sanskaar mathr what is happening with you!!! Have you fallen for her???)
Laksh flirting with girls
Swara and ragini are talking with their friends.
Ragini watching laksh while flirting with other girls( why I always feel jealous when I see him like this. Why???)she is lost in he own thoughts.

Scene 1
Swara: lado (waving her hand in front of ragini’s eyes to get her attention) where are you lost yaar???
Ragini: nowhere. Why??? What happened???
Swara: tanya is trying to talk to you but you are lost somewhere else.
Ragini: o sorry shona, sorry tanya actually I am not feeling so comfortable here can we go in garden.
Swara: what happened lado. Are you ok??? I will call laksh we will go home.
Ragini: no, not at all shona. I am okkk. Just want to go outside.
Swara: okk you go. I will go n meet some other friends.
Ragini: okkk( our Ragini is still sad).
Just then laksh come from back and put his both hands on swaragini’s shoulders.
Laksh: hey guys where are you going.
Swara: lucky what happened. Some girl is behind u thats why you came here for help. Right???
Ragini: smiling( finally she got happy).
Laksh: haan yaar. She will kill me please save me bhutiya mahal ki princesses. I will do whatever you sisters will say but please save me.
Swara: ragini, you were not feeling good so choose whatever you want him to do this will make you feel good.
Laksh: hey, I am not joker.
Swara: do you want to get killed???
Laksh: no,not at all. Okkk tell me lado maa, what do you want???
Ragini: don’t call me lado maa n I will tell you later what do I want. First let us save you.
Laksh: lado you are not like your sister you are so kind.
Ragini: okkk okkk dont over react the task will be hard.
Laksh: first save me yaar. I will bring even stars for you, if you demand.

Scene 2
Swara and Ragini somehow manages to save laksh from his ex girlfriend.
Laksh thanks swaragini.
Laksh: thanks guys, see I told you anyone will get scared seeing your horrible faces.( and then runs from there)
swara: I wont spare you.
Ragini is smiling seeing them happy and prays (please god keep them happy like this always as they are most important persons of my life).
Scene 3:
Swara while running behind laksh collides with sanskar.
Swara was about to fall when sanskar holds her.
Sanskar is completely lost in her thoughts. (He just wants to capture her face in his eyes so that she can be with him always.
he just wants this moment to get stopped so that no one can disturb them.)
They both share an eyelock.
Swara: (gaining her consciousness ),
aila topper.
these words just broke the silence between them and ended that beautiful moment. These words broke sanskar’s dreams.
Sanskar: what??? What did you said???
he removes his hands from her waist.
Swara : nothing just…I am swara swara gadodia.
Sanskar: sanskar mathur.
Scene ends on their hand shakes.

precap: first day of college.

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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