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please a request, never use such lines ” sorry if I am hurting you”, ” sorry if you feel bad” and something like that in your comments. You can suggest me whatever you want to, and I won’t feel bad so stop using these kind of sentences. Thanks , Thanks a lot to you guys, you really reduced my fear and stress, now I will be freely able to announce who are the couples. The couples are SWASAN and RAGLAK. A big sorry to swalak and ragsan fans, please don’t think that I have chosen SWASAN, RAGLAK because majority have voted for this, no I have decided it in the starting only but I gave my judgment a 2nd chance by voting. SWALAK and RAGSAN fans I am really really sorry but I will try to come with other fan fiction of swalak, so don’t stop reading this. pleaseeeeee.

THANKS Swetha, Abi, Sindhu, AD Musica, Meghs, Lucky, Chinni, Suba, Fugi, Mahi, Athiya, Hayathi, Shabrin, Bhuvi, Anjali Agarwal, Fransi, Akku, Mansi, Sravya, Siya, Radhika, Surbhi, Newbie, Rupsikha, Jiya, Leher, Nita, Shagun, Vinay Karthik, Sravya Sri, Ruhi, Praise, Twinkle, Nive, Niti, Vaishnavi, Ridhi, 

But don’t think that their love paths will be easy, It will have lot of twist and turns.

Girls and Guys please keep reading and commenting.

SINDHU: Thanks for your this comment, I mean your comment was first yesterday which said that you don’t care about pair.

CHINNI; thanks for your promise.

FUGGI: sorry to make you wait. Thanks for comment.

LUCKY: sorry to make you wait.

ABI; yes, He remembers all thing since he was in orphanage.

SHABRIN: Thanks, and yes I promise their friendship will not change.

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SHAGUN: I promise their friendship will not break even for 1 second. And Rahryan is not in their group so chill, they are just swaragini’s friend and both girl will use them to show their importance in sanlak’s life.

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girls and guys you all promised me, so this one is for you all. I PROMISE I WILL GIVE MY CENT PERCENT TO ENTERTAIN YOU

RECAP: sanskar reveals his past to ragini, 



Swaraglak in college, waiting for sanskar.

Swara: lucky call him na, where is he???

Ragini: wait I will call him.

Ragini calls sanskar, and goes to some distance to talk to sanskar.

Ragini: topper are you alright???

Sanskar: yes, why???

Ragini: no, you haven’t reached college till now. If you want to spend some time alone then you don’t need to come. I will manage here.

Sanskar is really happy by seeing ragini’s concern for him.

Sanskar: ohh my dear lado, I am fine and don’t worry. I got stuck in traffic, that’s why I am late.

Ragini: thanks god, I thought you might be upset. come fast

Sanskar: okay but for that you have to disconnect the call lado.

Ragini: oh sorry.

sanskar reaches college.

Sanskar: hey guys.

Laksh: what happened bhai, today you look so happy.

Sanskar: My mom, dad is coming to kolkata today and you all have to be at my house in evening.

Swara: why???

Sanskar: because my mom told me that she wants to meet my friends as I hadn’t any friends before college, she is coming in evening and told me to tell you all to be there.

Swara goes near sanskar and teasingly sings: shayad teri shaadi ka khyaal dil me aaya hai isiliye teri mummy ne mujhe chai pe bulaya hai.( may be your mom has thought of your wedding thats why called me at tea).

Sanskar is shocked, and he is busy in eying swara lovingly. They have an eyelock.

In starting laksh thought swara is joking but then he sees swara’s eyes and tells to himself, was she joking or trying to present her wish through jokes. o lucky you are thinking about this shona, such a dumbo you are.

But now ragini can not control her laughter and starts laughing.

Swasan breaks the eyelock while laksh is completely busy in watching ragini and his lost in her.

Swara starts stammering: wh.. wh… what lado you ruined all the fun, see his face he is scared, don’t worry topper you won’t have to spend your full life with me.

Sanskar, who is still in swara’s thoughts talks to himself I wish I could spend my full life with you. and then replies to her.

Sanskar: hmmm

Swara: so mean, you really get worried on the matter of spending your life with me.

Sanskar: worried, I was scared by this horrible dream.

Raglak laugh  while swara shows her fake anger and sanskar enjoys swara’s red face.

Ragini: shona alarm from stomach.

Swara: yeah lado even I am hungry.

they all go to canteen,

Laksh: bhai, I think swarag 3/4 th of food here is written by these 2.

Ragini: look at me, am I fat.

Laksh notices her from head to toe.

Ragini: tell me do I look fat???

Laksh who is still lost in ragini’s thoughts: no you look damn hot ( and goes to give order)

ragini is shocked by laksh’s statement..
While having food many time laksh shows concern for ragini. Swasan didn’t mind but ragini is shocked.  
All are going to their car to leave to their respective house.
Sanskar: come in evening.
Ragini: okay topper.
At swaragini house, swaragini are getting ready to go to sanskar’s house. Uknowingly swara is planning to make good impression on mathur family but does not want to show this as this won’t match with her carefree attitude. Whereas Ragini is confused for laksh’s behavior.
Swara: lado, which dress will look good on me, these yellow suit or this white.
Ragini: white,you are going to wear suit!!!
Swara: yes, actually last time you told me na that I like good in suits. You also wear the similar piece na.
Ragini: yeah good idea.
Now swaragini are ready in 2 similar suits, with similar accessories and same hair styles.
Laksh enters the room.
Laksh: girls we are getting late, wow you both are looking fully Indian.
Ragini is again shocked that laksh didnt made fun of theirs.
Swara: okay lets go.
In the car, just for teasing laksh,
Ragini: shona, you are looking better than me.
Swara: no lado, you are better.
Ragini: shona, you.
Swara: no lado.
swaragini continued this fight for few minutes and again ragini is shocked, that laksh is not calling her lado ma and he didn’t even stopped us. Whereas laksh is busy in staring ragini and blushing.
Ragini: enough,
Swara and laksh are shocked.
Laksh: what happened???
Ragini: what have happened to u, neither you are making fun of our looks and nor calling me lado ma.
Laksh: you are the one who want me not to call you lado maa.
Ragini: no, be like that lucky. I m missing that lucky.
Laksh comes close to her and says.
Laksh: so you are missing, my lado maa call. (and winks at her).
ragini, slightly blushes and starts looking out of the window.
Swara who is watching them from behind is shocked n thinking: when did this happen???
screen freezes.

Swaraglak in sankar’s home. 

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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  1. Wow
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  2. Let it be SwaSan, RagLak, SwaRag, SanLak.. their bonding is superbb.

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