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RECAP: Gadodia and Maheshwaris get emotional seeing sanskar. Ragini sucessfully find the secret of sanskar.

Ragini is happy.
Ragini in her thoughts: wow lado you did it, you are just amazing no words for you. Now I get why topper was so upset that day and so secretive about that paper. I really feel bad for him but good for my shona because no I am sure Sanskar is really a good person, and he is not at all rude as I thought that day. He had his own reasons to get upset. and instead of supporting him I and shona got angry but he is such a sweet heart he still tried to apologize even in that state of mind. I should call him and console him. no no lado what are you going to do, if I will tell him that I know the truth then he will surely be upset, that I didn’t trusted him. I will talk to him nicely n then I will make him speak the truth, then I will console him.
She goes to her bed and sees swara sleeping without taking blanket,
Ragini: god knows when will she grow up.
Ragini then sees Swara’s pillow wet.
Ragini to herself: why is this wet, Is she crying??? but why will she cry??? ooo I m such a stupid this might be due to water fight. and shona slept without changing pillow. oh god.
Then water fight makes her remember Laksh complementing her.
Ragini to herself: o god I still can’t believe lucky complemented me. ( and she sleeps).

Next moning
DADA ji: its morning my dolls will come downstairs any time so every one just behave normally because I don’t want Lado to have any doubt.
Dadi: yeah we will first see your face, crying in this age.
Dida: see sumi shekhar, these old citizens started fighting now everything is normal.
everyone laughs.
Ragini: wow every one is laughing, tell us the matter.
Swara: we will also laugh
Shekhar: nothing beta come, have breakfast otherwise you will be late.

SANLAK mansion:
Laksh sees Ap n Dp sad.
Laksh in his mind: I should behave normally to make them normal
Ap is serving breakfast to Dp
Laksh: hey gorgeous lady, don’t you get bored doing same work daily.
Ap: don’t you get bored.
Laksh: by what???
Ap: by hiding your pain regularly from last 10 years n trying to behave normally.
Laksh n Ap hugs each other.
Dp sees them. Dp to himself: I should look happy for my other son.

SANSKAR’s flat
Sanskar is marking days on calender.
Sanskar: now only 9 days left then atleast I will move one step ahead.

AT college.
Sanskar has reached first.
Then swaraglak .
Sanskar sees them.
Swaraglak go to him.
Ragini is eying sanskar with respect and sympathy.
Sanskar: you guys are again late.
Laksh: Due to these both ghost sisters, first they call me and say don’t come rahryan is coming then after 1/2 an hour say come rahryan is not coming so pic us up.
Sanskar: shona, lado you could have come by yourself na.
Laksh: bhai, it wastes petrol n we are full marwari we don’t waste even a single rupee,
Sanskar: okay lets go we have to report to head of cultural department.
Swaraglak: ooo no again lecture.
In seminar room.
Head: Art is not drawing, singing etc. art is love of artist which he or she always dedicates to their beloved one.

Swara: what rubbish love doesn’t even exist and they are calling art as love.
Sanskar: so what is art for you.
Swara: I don’t know about all other forms but singing is my friend, I talk to my guitar. singing is my secret diary you know my all secrets lies in my composition If anyone will listen to it properly then he/ she will come to know my secret. singing is my shadow live with me always. singing is light of my life if I feel dark then singing enlightens my soul. Singing is my passion, my dream…
Laksh: stop it shona, are you okay ( and touches her head to check whether she is having fever or not).
Sanskar in his mind: ohh god why he interrupted her, for the first time I saw shona’s love for anything and that anything is not lado. Whatever she says and however she describes her feelings for singing but In simple words She loves singing but I don’t know why she does not want to use this word
Laksh: shona I guess you have lado maa’s soul inside you. that’s why you are giving lecture and look at lado maa she is simply smiling.
Swara: stop calling her lado maa.
Laksh in his mind: yeah even I think that, she is not maa and I will say she is getting young and look damn beautiful and with these open hairs, she will kill me. lucky wait control, she is one of those ghosts sisters, control.
Laksh: so real lado tell us what do you think for singing???
Ragini: same but I will agree that singing is my love.
Sanskar: do you both have different opinion in atleast one topic.
Swaragini: no.
Laksh: I know bhai there is one topic. shona thinks lado is better and lado thinks shona is better.
Ragini: so shona is really better.
Swara: no lado you are
ragini: shona.
Lecture ends.
SWARAGINI: finally it ended.
Laksh: you are saying as you both were listening to it. you both were busy in your own shona lado.
Sanskar laughs while swarag hits laksh.
They all leave seminar room.

They go to garden.
all are silent. Sansakar is busy in swara’s thought that how should he find out why swara hates love. Laksh is busy in Ragini’s thoughts that he should control himself, look at her I mean how beautiful she is, no lucky no. and swaragini are watching them with strange expressions, that why are they behaving like this??
Swara: you both brothers ruined my mood by keeping quiet, I am going to home.
Ragini thinks this is nice chance to talk to sanskar.
Ragini: lucky you go with shona drop her home, I have some work.topper it comes in your way please give me lift.
Sanskar: okay.
Laksh: I am not going say me please also as you said to bhai.
Ragini: please to you, noway
Swara: you guys carry on I am going by auto.This young, beautiful girl will go by auto anyone can tease her but its okay I will manage.
Laksh: okay I am coming n your emotional drama na shona always works.
Swara smiles n says: I knew it.

All leave.
SWALAK in car
Swara: you know what, today morning I could see in everyone’s eyes that they hadn’t peaceful sleep. but they were pretending in front of us to make us happy.
Laksh: even I tried to act normal, but mom got me. I wish I could get my parents’ happiness from anywhere in the world.
Swara: topper fully resembles to ansh, he is also book worm, obedient, caring for us and moreover he also loves kheer. I wish he would be our Ansh.
Laksh: this is not possible shona.
Swara leans her head on laksh’s shoulder and says: I wish lucky.

Ragini: Sansakr, I need to talk to you.
Sanskar: you are calling me sanskar, then there is something fishy.
Ragini: you said that there is personal matter disturbing you yesterday, what was that topper??? I am your best friend please tell me.
Sanskar: no lado
Ragini: for the sake of our friendship.
Sanskar describes her whole story and tells her hoe he is very close to know his past.
Ragini: you know we both are same, even I don’t remember my childhood.
Sanskar: you know my parents love me a lot but still I want to know who am I???
Ragini holds sanskar’s hand and leans her shoulder on his head.
Sanskar: don’t tell this to shona n lucky. I will tell them after knowing full truth.
Ragini: okay n don’t worry everything will be fine.
Sanskar: you know once shona told me that sometime like things really don’t repel, that time I found it wrong but feeling today that she was right.
Screen freezes on separate pics of swalak and ragsan

PRECAP: Ragini notice laksh’s changed behavior for her.

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