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RECAP: Swaragsanlak fun at swaragini mansion.

Scene 1:
Swaragini eating gulab jamun and sanlak eating kheer.
Swara seese Rahul’s call on her phone and winks at Ragini. Ragini does not understand. Swara picks up the call.
Swara: hey.
Rahul: listen we forgot to tell you, classes starts from next monday.
Swara: okay
Rahul: talk to you later. Bye
After disconnecting the call, swara pretends that she is still talking.
Swara: hey rahul. Why don’t you both join us??? (now ragini is able to understand and smiling).
Laksh n Sanskar shouts at this: noooooo.
Swara and Ragini give hi- five to each other.

All are enjoying, then gadodia family n maheshwari family arrive.
Sumi sees Sanskar
And runs to him.
Sumi: beta I knew you will come today. How was the kheer, you know I put extra almond for you, as you like it na.
Sanskar:aunty, how do you know this.
Sumi then realises he is not their Ansh.
Sumi: beta, I guesses.
Sanskar: it was really nice.
Swalak understand the depth of situation, laksh says: bhai, take blesseings.
while Ragini and Sanskar are standing confused.
Sanskar: yeah.
As soon as Ap heard laksh calling some one as bhai. He just sees the person.
Sanskar takes blessing from all.
Dadi, Dida and Dada just caressed his cheek emotionally.
Sanskar comes to Shekhar.
Shekhar: my son may god give you the best. Because you are our best child.
Sanskar goes to sumi.
Sumi: come daily, I will make kheer for you.
Sanskar comes to Ap
Ap: what is your name child???
Sanskar: Sanskar.
For a moment Ap has no limits of her happiness, she thought this is her sanskar.
Sanskar then says: sanskar mathur.
By hearing the word mathur, she understood this is not her sanskar. And her happiness just shattered by only word mathur.
Ap: take care beta.
And just turns away to hide her tears.
Sanskar and Ragini are still confused. Swara and Laksh are literally crying from inside.
Laksh to change the topic,
Laksh: where is dad, mom. He might be coming today na.
Dp from behind.
Dp: I came n told you to pick me up from hotel, but you forgot.
Laksh bits his lips.
Laksh: sorry dad.
Laksh introduces sanskar to his father,
Sanskar goes and takes blessings.
Dp: shona, lado is this your friens.
Sanskar: yes uncle sanskar mathur.
Dp pretends he didn’t mind.
Dp: take care beta.
Swara: uncle you know, sanskar’s father is also businessman in mumbai.
Ragini: yeah Mr. Mathur.
Dp: ooo, so you are his son. He is really a nice person. Shekhar remember Mr. Mathur from mumbai, we met him in Delhi 2 year ago, for asian business summit.
Shekhar: yeah. He is really nice and you can be his friends in one day. He is such a social n friendly person.
Sanskar: yeah uncle, that he is.
Sumi: will you have tea??? I am going to make it.
Ap: I will come with you.
All just wants to escape from this place to a place where they can cry.
Laksh senses the situation
Laksh: lado, shona lets show bhai our favorite corner of house.
Swaragsanlak go to terrace.
Dadi: his eyes are just like our ansh.
Dida: haan marwaran. N see he so obidient like our own ansh.
Dada ji: I will tell sumi’s father this.
Dp: wait paapa, he is like our ansh but he is not our ansh.
Dada ji: you are elder to me or I m elder to you. He is my ansh.
Shekhar: paapa. No
In the kitchen,
Ap: see na sumi, he also likes kheer and that too with extra almond. (and starts crying)
Sumi: no ap don’t cry.
Ap: sumi, when will we get our ansh back sumi, what have I done that god is giving such a big punishment.
Sumi: yes, our ansh is the first one who made us feel motherhood.
They both cry n hug.
In drawing room.
Dadi: dp, our ansh would be also this much tall na.
Dida: but marwaran I know his eyes would still have that innocence.
Dp: ma, mausi. We will get him back
Ap: when??? Why god is doing this only to us.
Sumi: god snatched our biggest happiness.
Shekhar: sumi, bhabhi god is just testing us. We need to show patience. N sumi if you will start crying then how will you manage bhabhi.
after crying for some time, they think they should not make kids realise specially Ragini.
Sumi: kids have dinner.
All eat but there is a complete silence at the dinning table.
After having dinner. All leave for their respective room.
Ap n Dp in their room.
Ap: how can you be so strong, don’t you miss ansh when you see sanskar.
Dp: if I n shekhar will start crying then who will handle maa, paapa, mausi, bhabhi n you.
Ap cries loudly
Dp: stop it Ap.
Laksh in his room
Laksh in his thoughts: I know mom would be crying, I wish bhai we can get you.
In sanskar’s flat.
Sanskar: their family members are amazing When I see them. I feel like they are my family. I wish I could have such a large family.

Scene 2:
Dadi n Dida are crying.
Dadi: bangalan don’t cry.
Dida: marwaran. You are saying me first you stop crying.
Dadi n Dida hug each other. Dada ji sees them and a tear fall from his eyes.
Sumi: shekhar, from today I won’t cry for ansh. We will get him you try to reopen the case.
Shekhar: thats like my sumi
Ragini is thinking, what to do to find about Sanskar. Suddenly that paper strikes her thought. Ragini in her mind: but I didn’t saw what was written on that only shona did. How to ask her so that she won’t get any doubt.
Ragini: shona. Sanskar is so strange na that day at his house remember how he reacted for that paper.
Swara: you know, I know the name n address written on it. O yeah it was of that orphanage
Ragini: which one???
Swara: lado, remember far from city, where we go for charity on Nanaji’s birthday.
Ragini: okk thank you. Now you sleep.
Swara to herself: but I don’t want to I wish I could share this matter with you. I could tell you lado that everyone is crying downstairs
Ragini starts calling that orphanage.
mother: yes
Ragini: mam, my friend Sanskar mathur has gone today to orphanage, so why???
Mother: I can’t tell you my child.
Ragini: I know mother, (she pretends to cry,) mam he is my best friend he is tense, and also not speaking to me.
Mother: okk my child, I will tell u.
Mother describes her full matter.
Screen freezes on every one crying n ragsan happy face.

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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