Best friends 26

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Recap: SWARAGSAN patch up.

Scene 1:
swaragsanlak break their hug.
Laksh: so you accepted his apology???
Swara: what apology??? Has topper done anything.
Laksh: no fighter queen, nothing serious.
Sanskar: again I m sorry.
Swara: its okay but not again.
Sanskar: can I ask you something???
Laksh: if this is syllabus question then don’t expect answer from me.
Sanskar: shut up lucky. Guys as you 3 can’t leave each other not matter how big is the misunderstanding, can you make me also that level of friend???
Laksh: ooo I can’t
Sanskar gets sad.
Laksh: bhai I can’t because for me you are even above that these two ghost sisters.
Sanskar: thanks lucky. (and looking towards swaragini to know their answer.)
Ragini: if we have done friendship then we have to maintain it also na.
Sanskar is overwhelmed and looking to swara.
Swara: yaar please lado said na ‘we’ n I m really not good in talking these emotional stuffs.
Laksh: you are good for nothing. Even lado will say I LOVE YOU to your partner.
Swaragini gets sad and starts looking down. Laksh just starts blaming himself in his mind. Sanskar notices all this but confused. To make the situation normal.
Laksh: shona, you know this is December.
Swara: so???
Laksh: so you are wet.
Swara: say it clearly na.
Laksh: its December you are wet go n change. Otherwise you will fall ill. I will enjoy it you won’t irritate me but my dad won’t let me by continuously blaming me for you health.
Swara: okk . ( she then sees through window that maid is trying to clean the floor and had a water pipe in her hand. She gives a devilish smile).
swara gets up and takes the pipe from maid n start sprinkling the water on Laksh
Laksh: what the hell.
Swara: revenge.
Laksh sighs swara to sprinkle water on ragsan and gives a thumbs up.
Swara starts sprinkling water on ragsan.
Ragini: shona, why us.
Swara: love my dear.
Ragini: okay then I also love you. ( takes pipe from her) all starts sprinkling water on each other, but stopped by a sneeze.)
Ragini: now enough lets go n change.
Sanskar: but what will we wear???
Laksh: bhai have no fear when lucky is here
Sanskar: I m not scared lucky.
Swarag laughs.
Ragini: topper actually one guest room of our house is always reserved for lucky , so he has his clothes there you guys go n change.
Ragini: shona first you go n change.
Swasanlak in unison: as you say lado maa.
And all run from there.
Swara after changing lado you go now I m going downstairs to check is there something to eat or not.

In guest room.
Laksh gets out of room. And reaches swaragini’s room. He sees Ragini standing near window with all wet hairs.
He directly comes in.
Ragini senses this.
Ragini: hey lucky.
Laksh: how do you know, its me.
Ragini: only you n shona come like this and shona has gone downstairs so it can be only you.
Laksh: okay.
Ragini: you both are same.
Laksh is staring ragini.
Ragini: what, want to say something???
Laksh: you are looking damn beautiful.
Ragini is shocked but then thought he might joke after few seconds as always.
Laksh: can I ask you something???
Ragini: what???
laksh: you were not this much beautiful in school. Why???
Ragini is really shocked as laksh in complementing her.
Ragini: because that time I was kid but now I m young.
Laksh is continuously watching her n then realised what he is doing.
Laksh: hey don’t fly so high.
Ragini: I am not.
Laksh: sorry
Ragini: for what.
Laksh: for making you sad.
Ragini: its okk yaar, till when we will hold this old chapter. we should move on.
Laksh: yeah.
Ragini: now can I ask you something???
Laksh: what???
Ragini: why you trusted me that time. Shona was my sister thats why she had full trust on me. But you, was it just because shona trusted me so you also did.
there is complete silence for few moments as laksh is trying to collect words to answer n ragini is also giving him his time.
Laksh: you know may be you both are sisters. But I have also lived with you always.
Ragini: yes, but we all know you are closer to shona than you are to me. Then you could have blamed me for hurting your best friend.
Laksh: yeah I agree I m closer to shona but that does not mean that you are less important for me. And is shona only my best friend you are not. You know lado I know you since my childhood, you can’t even let any one hurt shona so how can you hurt her. And being closer or comfortable does not mean that only shona is important for me, you are equally.
Ragini: so you believe na, whatever I will think for shona will only for her good.
Laksh: for shona, I trust you more than myself even more than shona herself.
Ragini: thanks lucky.

At the dinning table, swara is eating toast
Sanskar sees her eating like this.
Sanskar in his mind: ooo god how cute she is. And these wet hairs are just increasing the level of her cuteness. What I am thinking level, no she is at highest one already. Miss shona. I don’t know love exists or not but I know one thing that madness exist n I m mad for you.
Swara notices him watching her.
Swara: don’t look at me, I m just eating one toast left lunch I will have after Ragini’s arrival
Sanskar in his mind, god has created this single piece like her. I am watching her and she is talking about toast n lunch. And smiles.
Swara: you know what topper I think we should eat 1 toast Lado is taking time. Come have it. My toaster makes very good toast.
Sanskar: no you have it.
Swara: okay. Can I ask you something.
Sanskar: yeah.
Swara: why lado fought with you
Sanskar: it was not a fight yaar.
Swara: whatever it was I know it was because of me.
Sanskar: no.
Swara: I know topper. Since our childhood if lado is angry with anyone except me n lucky then that anger is just because of me. And I have a request.
Sanskar: why are you talking like this just tell me.
Swara: if lado gets angry on you because of me. Then just don’t answer her back just say sorry.
Sanskar: okk, from next time I will.
Swara: if you won’t then I will really not forgive you so easily for hurting my lado
Sanskar: lado is most important for you na??
Swara: you know what topper, since we are twins na, we understand each other feelings quite well. So if she gets hurt I feel like I should kill that person.
Sanskar: some time ago you were saying you don’t know to talk about these emotional stuffs.
Swara: only for my lado.
They smile
Swara: lado is taking so much time.
She screams ladoooo.
Sanskar puts fingers on his ears.
Ragini and Laksh comes downstairs.
Ragini: what happened??
Swara: lets have lunch.
Ragini: yeah I m hungry.
Laksh and Sanskar looks at each other, like they are talking with each other through eyes. And the message which they are conveying is god no. 1 bhukkad.
Maid serves then food. And give Ragini chit left by sumi
Ragini reads it loudly.
Since you both are alone so I know you are going to call sanskar n lucky. Thats why I have made kheer n Ap came home today morning she is going with us to wedding so she has given gulab jamun. Eat them but only n only after having lunch.
Swara smiles.
Swaragini attack at gulab jamun n Sanlak at kheer.
Screen freezes.

Precap: ragini trying to find out about sanskar.

Credit to: Deepa Sharma


  1. Subi

    You are too good… No words to express… Both senti n fun.. Wow you are amazing…
    N my vote is for Swasan and raglak

  2. anu

    Very very nice superb dear but soon reveal the mystery of aarav nd in which epusode you r going to reveal the pair nd start their love story
    Nd last part was awesome no. 1 bukkad hahaha
    Gud going dear plz continue

  3. Deepa

    Hey DINI, NIVE and SURBHI I could not thank u because I saw your comments after updating my post so I m sorry. Thanks surbhi and nive you regularly read and comment thanks a lot for that and please keep reading and commenting like this. DINI what to say about your comments. Yeah I completely won’t reject your opinion some time even I think the same that commitment just ruin friendship. But I think, I mean I have not experienced but its just my thinking that every person has different role in our life. Like with some person we can only be friends, with some we can be best friends and there are also some person who only comes in our life to give us love and to get love from us.

  4. abi

    sry Deepa dis s not for hurting u…..ur story s superb bt it s very slow dr……swasan nd raglak s d pair most f dem r interested so pls make it bit faster…..reveal swara past nd make sanskar reach his family soon

  5. vaishnavi

    U story is awesom dear nd ur imagination is too good ….u justified all d charecters very well…I just luved it …..and plss dear swasan nd raglak only….nd soon reveal d pairs nd also make sanskaar meet his family soon don’t take me wrong but it hasbeen long time so make sanskaar meet his family

  6. u know I think I have to say a bye to ur ff too as its going to be swasan……
    I read it for swalak
    ..but now I’m never going to read it as u r also like other writers…..
    ..who cares for majority…..there r many swasan ff so swasan liners can read it too but swalak have hardly 3to 4 ff and that also….they don’t want to continue .so a bye to ur ff……
    good bye its my last comment….miss ur ff

  7. Sarah

    I thnk u alrdy desded abt am ragsan fan..still ua wrtng skill awsme..mashaallah…update nxt prt soon dea,am waiting..

  8. vaishnavi

    Frnds don’t take me wrong but let her decide d pairs nd don’t say that if u choose dis pair den I will not read ur ff..I am not opposing anyone…but let her think it herself with free mind…srry if I hurted anyone

    • Deepa

      Hey vaishnavi thanks thanks thanks a lot. I mean you didn’t just commented but also thought and cared about my state of mind. Thanks a lot for that.

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