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Recap: rahryan meeting with sanlak and sanlak jealousy.

Scene 1:
Ragini is trying to hide from sanskar and sanskar is angrily watching her.
Rahul: so lado n shona we still have 1 hour in college so what do you guys want to do???
Aryan: Lucky, and whats your name???
Ragini: topper
Aryan: yeah lucky n topper come join us.
Laksh in his thoughts: see now he is asking me to join my best friends. How dare he??? And these both girls, are busy in the damn sweet heart and darling. I mean seriously. But I can’t do anything. I don’t want to spend even a single second with these Rahryan but I want to spend my whole life with my best friends so I have to go.
Sanskar in his thoughts: Ooo god till yesterday I use to think that there are only family and bestii group in swaragini’s life but today I feel like we are no where in their life. Lucky was right if these two guy start living here regularly, these two sisters will forget us.
Rahul: guys where are you lost??? Lets go.
Ragini: but Rahul where???
Aryan: sweet heart to new chinese restaurant of Kolkata.
Ragini: but in college hours???
Rahul: lado, not today and anyway classes are not going to happen due to that cultural fest. So how does it matter.
Ragini: no dadi won’t allow and anyway I am not hungry so why to go to restaurant, lets chit chat here only in the garden.
Swara: yes rahul, even I don’t want to.
Rahryan: as you wish my barbies.
They all are sitting in garden forming a circle.
Rahryan start talking about their trip.
Meanwhile Ragini gets a call.
Ragini: excuse me guys, dida. ( and leaves from there)
Sanskar goes behind her.
After disconnecting the call. Ragini notices sanskar.
Ragini: topper, you here.
Sanskar: yeah.
Ragini: what happened?? You look upset.
Sanskar: what the hell Lado, why didn’t you told me about swara’s rule of friendship.
Ragini: how does it matter topper, And make her fall for you
Sanskar: no lado, just impossible you should have told me this.
Ragini: o god, have some guts dude.
Sanskar: its very easy to say lado, because you and shona just don’t care about any one’s feeling. You guys just know to enjoy. I am the biggest fool. I thought I will be able to impress a girl who don’t even believe in love, who has not a even a small space for love in her heart.
Ragini: that’s enough Sanskar. I was not saying anything because you were blaming me but not even a single word for my shona. Listen very carefully sanskar, don’t you even dare. Understood???
( don’t worry guys sanskar is not that rude. He is just tensed and frustrated first after seeing swaragini bond with rahryan second after hearing swara’s friendship rule and last but not the least he is upset because for accomplishing his mission he is breaking his parents’ promise).
Ragini leaves from there and goes to swara.
Ragini: aryan, shona lets go.
Swara: lado, what happened??? You are upset with something???
Ragini: no shona lets go.
Swara: but lado.
Ragini: shona. Promise me you will not ask any question, just come with me.
Swara: okkk lado promise. Rahul, aryan lets go. Bye lucky.
Laksh who is confused about Ragini’s behavior bids bye to everyone.
just then sanskar reaches there and gets sad to think ragini’s word.
Sanskar in his thoughts: what have I done, I made my first and best friend upset, how will I manage to make her happy again”.
Laksh: bhai, lado was behaving so strange. God knows what happened?? I will go to their house at night because I think lado surely need some time alone.
Sanskar: She is upset with me, actually angry with me.
Laksh: what Lado is angry with anyone, you must have said something against shona.
Sanskar: not against shona lucky. I was angry on shona due to rahryan and…
Laksh: and you… must have said something to lado.
Sanskar: lucky please help me yaar.
Laksh: no bhai, I won’t as I don’t want myself to get killed
Sanskar: meaning
Laksh: bhai see, shona was angry to you that’s why lado became angry and now when lado is angry so shona can’t control her anger. Basically in simple words you are gone and if I will help you then I am also gone. (and starts laughing)
Sanskar: this is not funny yaar, lado was seriously angry to me.
Laksh: obviously bhai, because lado is not like shona, who get upsets every second lado is very calm.
Sanskar: so you are not gonna help me.
Laksh: I will, but bhai even I don’t have experience to pacify lado’s anger, if it would be shona then I might help you completely
(For some time sanskar has completely forgot about his mission because his first ever and best friend is angry to him.)
Sanskar realised he has to go some where.
Sanskar: lucky, I got some important work. We will meet in 1 & a1/2 hour at swaragini mansion.
Lucky: okay.
Sanskar reaches a orphanage.
Sanskar: mother I have called you.
Mother: yeah I remember come my child.
Sanskar: mother, why you shifted from jaipur to kolkata??
Mother: how do you know.
Sanskar: I was there with you in the orphanage.
Mother: look at my age child, Now I hardly remember anything.
Sanskar: mother. Actually I wanted to know about where did you got me. Because I only remember that I was in orphanage at the age of 10-11 and MR. And Mrs. Mathur adopted me
Mother: beta, I don’t clearly remember but yeah I can give you the number of head quarter of our organisation. You can ask there but yeah after 10 days as they all might have gone to Dhaka for our new branch there.
Sanskar: okay thanks.
Sanskar is so happy and then he realised what has he said to his best friend Ragini and that too about swara.
Sanskar:I have to reach there.

Swaragini reaches their house.
Swara: atleast now tell me what happened.
Ragini: do you trust me shona.
Swara: more than myself. What happened???
Ragini: just asking
Swara who realise that some thing is bothering her sister but still she thought to give Ragini her own time.
Swara: okay lets go inside.

Maid: mam , there was a wedding celebration of son of shekhar sir’s friend so all have gone there.
Swara: ok you go. lado we are all alone.
Ragini just gives her a fake smile.

After reaching to their room
Swara: lado, I m fully tired so going to take 5 minutes nap.
Ragini: first change your clothes.
Swara: you go change then I will.
Ragini leaves for changing room.
Ragini comes out and sees swara sleeping like a kid. Ragini smiles seeing her.
Ragini: shona, I promise I will not break your trust. I will choose only best for you my shona. I can’t repeat my mistakes this time. I think sanskar is not that much serious about you if he would have he haven’t said all that stuff. How can he say like that shona. He does not know anything about you. If there would be any other girl then she would have doubted her sister but you blindly shown trust on me. I promise this time I won’t let any one hurt you. (and caresses swara’s hair)
Ragini gets up from there and start thinking about sanskar.
Ragini to herself: may be I over reacted.
Maid comes to their room.
Maid: mam lucky sir has come.
Ragini: okay, you go I will come.

Ragini and Laksh in main hall.
Ragini: lucky you here.
Laksh: yeah, my mom has gone to attend wedding and you were also looking upset so thought to meet you.
Ragini: no, I m okay.
Laksh: where is shona.
Ragini: shhh, she is sleeping don’t scream.
Laksh: okay.
Sanskar comes there.
Sanskar: may I come in???
Ragini: lucky, was this your idea???
Laksh realising that situation got difficult for him tries to escape, I m hungry going to kitchen.
Sanskar: sorry lado, I didn’t meant to hurt you, that was just some things were troubling me. Since morning shona was avoiding me, and you both were busy with that Rhryan, and something personal also.
Ragini: no yaar, even I over reacted. You know when things come to shona I just can’t control my self.
Sanskar: so you forgiven me.
Ragini: yeah.
They have a side hug.

They hear a scream
Ragini: that was shona, lets go.
Swara in her room.
Swara: what the hell. Who did it???
Ragsan reach there.
Ragini hugs her,
Ragini: what happened shona.
Swara: some one threw water on me.
Ragsan in unison: luckyyyyy.
Swara: lucky you, what were you doing here and why all this. I m not gonna leave you. Topper you are also here, whats going onn???
Ragini: nothing just maa papa were not here so I called them, to entertain us.
Swara: wow, you did good even they look like jokers (and gives an angry look to sanskar).
sanskar notices this.
Sanskar: I am sorry shona for my rude behavior.
Sanskar goes to her and sits beside her. He holds his hears and says
Sanskar: sorry, please forgive me.
Swara: okay,
(and smiles. Swasan have a hug)
Ragini in her mind: I think I am over criticizing the situation, sanskar was just jealous due to Rahul but still I have to confirm.
Laksh: guys I am also here
Swara: thats the biggest problem of my life.
And laughs. All have a group hug.
Screen freezes.

Precap: Ragini tries to find out about sanskar.

it was my 25th post thats why I tried to make it long sorry if it was boring.

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS Deepa!! Its a Silver (25th) episode… You made it longer because you wanted to give us a special update on this day.. If it was still longer than this then also I would have enjoyed it.. Are you seriously asking sorry?? Look how many have commented on your fan fiction!!! I’m 39th (counted for you) in a row to comment .. There are so many readers and fans of your story.. I’m sure there are many silent readers who enjoy your story.. Plzz don’t ask sorry and never say it as boring.. Thanq for writing and making it a longer episode.. I wish every episode to be long as this.. Waiting for your next episode.. And, Haan do inform about your health.. Take care.. I’m happie for the 25th episode.. 1ce again congratulations.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Ohio!!! I forgot to say about today’s episode.. As usual, it was nice Deepa.. More than the characters I started loving their friendship.. <3 <3 All the best for the upcoming episodes.. 🙂

  2. Nice swasan and raglak

  3. Superb but swasan and raglak

  4. Wow yaar ! The best thing about your story is their friendship .. I loooved that Lucky springing water on Swara scene. They are very childish..
    I sometimes wish there’s nothing called love and marriages in this world. Sometimes it ruins friendships such as sweet like this. I know that lot of ppl may disagree saying that if its true friendship, it may not change even after a marriage. But the bitter truth is it does, even in commitment wise, priority wise and lots of other aspects do change.
    Anyway, love just happens! And no one can define a time for that. It happens at the most unexpected time in a more unpredictable manner..
    Waiting for next epi Deepa ! 🙂

  5. its not at all boring…. too good…

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