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Recap: Swaraglak enjoying at sanskar’s place.

Scene 1:

Sanskar’s appartment:
Sanskar got a call
sanskar: Hello
Someone: Hello my child you told that you will come but you didn’t, so I just wanted to inform you that I will not be available in Kolkata after tomorrow so if you want to meet me you have to come today only.
Sanskar is thinking about his parents’ promise but then he realised that he won’t get this chance again. Sanskar to himself: sorry mumma papa I have to break this promise. I can’t miss this chance i have wasted my 1 and a 1/2 year for this.
Sanskar: no I will reach there by today evening
Someone: you have my address???
Sanskar: yeah I have written it on paper. thanks good day.
That paper made him memorize yeaterday’s incident.
Sanskar: Ohh god I should say sorry to them. They left suddenly seeing my mood and I, I am such a stupid didn’t even tried to stop them, I am getting late. Get ready Mr. Mathur you have to apologize to 3 stubborn persons or I should say 3 stubborn kids. I will manage lado but lucky and shona, they are going to kill me.

Sanlak mansion

Swaragini are waiting for him in his mansion.
Ap: beta look at the son
Ragini: why aunty???
Ap: no just want to check that it has arisen from east or not.
Swara: meaning???
Ap: you guys came here early morning for picking up lucky.
Ragini: actually we wanted to meet you so thought we will pick him up also.
Ap: you both were missing me!!! just leave it you both don’t even miss me. (and makes a sad face)
Ragini: no aunty we miss you a lot everyday.
Swara: yeah tell me, what should we do to prove you this???
Ap: promise me you will come here every sunday
Swaragini in unison: promise
Just then laksh comes there.
Laksh: if this mother- daughter meeting has ended so shall we leave for college??? we are getting late.
Ragini: okkk

In the car, Ragini is driving, swara is beside her and laksh is on back seat.
Laksh: what’s the matter??? you both came to pick me up???
Swara: we have a surprise for you.
Laksh: surprise!!! (and gives them a fake smile as he knows that surprise is a shock for him)

After reaching college
Laksh: I can’t see bhai’s car. I think he has not reached yet.
Swara who is a little bit angry to sanskar but does not want to show anyone, replies
Swara: let him come na, you message him to directly come to canteen and lets go otherwise our surprise will be ruined.

they reach canteen.
as soon as they reach two handsome guys (who don’t look same but after seeing their features you can easily say they are brothers, yes they are also nonidentical twins just like swaragini, they are rahul and aryan (rahryan)) come to them and tries to hug swaragini but swaragini stops them.
Swara: o hello wait, who are you we don’t know you.
Ragini: yeah exactly we don’t know you guys.
Aryan: Lado sweet heart I am your Aryan and darling shona he is your Rahul.
Ragini: Rahryan, no you can’t be him that’s not possible because Rahryan are our friend, they inform us about their each and every plan. But you didn’t even told us that you have reached Kolkata.
Rahryan in unison: sorrrrrry
Swaragini in unison: You guys very well know we accept apology in only surprises. (and gives hi- five to each other)
Rahryan: okay,
Laksh who has been taking this since so long can not take it more but can’t say anything to swaragini as he knows Rahryan are very important part of his bestfriends’ life, so he just asks for leave.
Laksh: guys, continue I am going to my new girl friend.
Rahul: O lucky, you are also here, hi how are you???
Laksh: fine. see you later
Aryan: what do you mean by see you later, See you very well know that how work any one eould have to do to impress these two barbies, so we are going to arrange everything and you just take care of our barbies.
Laksh in his mind: I am the only one to look after then since their childhood and will always do that you don’t need to tell me( and gives them a fake smile).
Rahrayan left the canteen.
Just then sanskar reaches there.

Sanskar: hey guys.
Laksh: thank god bhai you came, I swear I never been so happy by seeing anyone as I am after seeing you.
Ragini: lucky I agree every girl leaves you but that does not mean that you will start saying these cheap lines to your brother.
Swaragsan laugh.
Sanskar: okkk, tell me what happened lucky??
Laksh: bhai I will tell you later but please lets have something actually in hurry I didn’t even took breakfast.
Sanskar: guys I want to tell you some thing.
Laksh: bhai after eating something please, otherwise I will die.
Swara: (to ignore sanskar), okkk lets go, I will have cheese burger.
Ragini: me too.
laksh: bhukkad, you have already eaten breakfast, how much will you eat.
Ragini: whatever
They take a table for four.
Sanskar starts speaking: guys….
Swara interrupts him.
Swara: I will come after giving order.
sanskar is upset as he realised that swara is avoiding him.
After having food sanskar again tries to speak but again swara interrupts him
Swara: where are rahryan, I think they are planning some thing big.
Ragini: O wow.
Sanskar fed up: that’s enough shona, I am trying to talk and you are avoiding me.
Shona pretends that she does not know anything.
Swara: I am trying to avoid you, no way
Ragini: and why apology topper.
Sanskar: for my yesterday’s behavior .
Swara: its okay topper, it happens some time.
ragini: yeah

Laksh: bhai, don’t need to apologize.
Swara: and I was not avoiding you and its completely okay. ( but she is still angry)
Laksh: one thing I didn’t got shona
Swara: what???
Laksh: to rahryan you said, you accept apology in surprises only and you forgiven bhai so easily.
Swara ( again to make him feel bad): that’s because we have full rights on rahryan.
Sanskar gets upset but he knows that these statement are not of shona, this is her anger.
Then Rahryan call them.
Rahul: come to the garden. (and disconnects the call)
Swara: lado lets go.
Swaragini leave canteen
Sanskar: lucky, who is this rahryan???
Laksh: bhai Rahul and Aryan. they are twins, we met them first time in school at the end of our 11th class. then swaragini and rahryan become friend. For swaragini rahryan are perfect. What they do, what they they think are just perfect for swaragini. if they keep staying permanently in Kolkata na, I am 100% sure Swaragini will forget us bhai. Thank god to their passion for cricket and their parents which keep them out station generally.
Sanskar: how???
Laksh: are bhai their parents live in london na.
Sanskar is just shocked but he has full believe on his charm.
Sanskar (in his mind): Now this will not happen, as I have come.
laksh: bhai, lets go we have to see what rahryan have planned. however they are but can do anything to make swaragini happy.
Sanskar: okay.

At the garden. the garden is fully decorated with bouquets of white and red roses as they are favorite flowers of swaragini.
Swara: wow rahul, just awesome
Ragini: yes, I loved it aryan
Rahul: no, not now sweet hearts.
Aryan: just look this.
Ragini: what’s this??
Aryan: sweet heart this is admission form of musical academy, you know only 30 students get selection in this every year in each section of music.
Rahul: and you know what darling, we have send video of your music and you guys are selected, you in western
Aryan: and sweet heart you in classical indian. but there is a problem
Swara; what???

Rahul: that class of western and classical are not at the same place, so you guys have to leave each other company. nd darling how will you manage you don’t even know to drive
Aryan: but we have a solution, I will drop sweet heart and rahul will drop darling.
Swaragini: thanks a lot.
Rahryan: so now, can we hug you.
Swaragini: yes and they have a group hug.
Ragini: but when did you guys do all this, I mean you reached day before yesterday.
Aryan: yesterday
Swara: so this is your hangover.
Rahul: yes.
Sanskar and Laksh are watching them. and both are irritated.
Ragini: lucky see, what rahryan has gifted us.
Laksh: we were seeing.
Rahul: who is this new one???
Ragini: new member of bestii group.
Rahul: soo, this is topper about whom shona is talking
Sanskar gets happy by knowing swara has talked about him.
Aryan: so he is whose boy friend, shona’s or lado’s???
Sanskar starts blushing.

Swara: come on guys, you very well know that any member of bestii group can’t be our best friend as it creates disturbance in friendship.
Aryan: We were joking, We guys know your policy.
Sanskar who was smiling and blushing, gets upset, sad and angry. he is angry on Ragini that why didn’t she told him that swara has such policies.
Ragini who has realised that sanskar is angry is hiding herself from sanskar.
Screen freezes on smiling swaragini, Rahryan and upset Sanlak.

Precap: Sansakar is angry on Ragini, and sanskar meeting mith that some one.

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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