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Guys thanks a lot for liking my last 2 posts I was so afraid that will you guys like it or not because it was full of swalak scenes so I thought Ragsan fans would be angry. But thanks again for liking it and giving me feed back. And for Ragsan fans please please keep reading as upcoming episodes will be there. I PROMISE. thanks surbhi, akku, lucky, arshi, niti, subi, hayathi, vinay, akku, nive, aqsa, sara, jule, deepthi, keerthu, sumi, fransi, litty, arti, nishita, shanaya, devi, siya, sandy, trishika, sethooty, mumina, divya, shabrin, meghs, roja, manu etc( if I have missed someone). Voting lines are still open swasan, raglak -65: swalak, ragsan- 27.
THANKS for your feed backs I will surely try to implement. And for Ragini, Sanskar fans I swear they also are equally important just this incident was for swalak and other will be for ragsan. And one more thing Yeah I agree in last few episodes I have shown swalak bonding really strong but they all are best friends so don’t worry you will see strong bonding between each and every member of bestii group.

Recap: swaraglak has planned to go to sanskar’s place. Talks about rahul and aryan ( together they form rahryan)

Swaragini are happy as now they know rahryan are in Kolkata.
Ragini: We should call them
Swara: yeah I have an idea lets call them to topper’s place.
Ragini: good idea. God shona finally we have someone with whom we can flirt. Otherwise there is no one in college.
Swara: yeah, from tomorrow we will enjoy our college.
Laksh is fully annoyed.
Laksh: have some shame, even mom is here.
Ragini: opps aunty, sorry but you know what flirting is not at all bad, it is good for health.
Ap smiles at their behavior.
Ap: okkk go but don’t be so late as tomorrow is monday.
Swara: okay lets go we will call them in car

In car: Ragini is driving, swara is on front seat and laksh at back seat.
Swara called rahryan and puts the phone on speaker.
Rahryan together : hey sweet hearts.
Swara: how do you know that we both are listening??
Rahul: obviously you both always do the same activities as we both do.
Ragini: oooo, so you both are copy cats.
Aryan: no may be you both are.
Swara: okk let it be. First tell us why you didn’t informed that you guys are returning.
Aryan: we wanted to surprise you but ap aunty ruined it
Swara: ooo what was the surprise???
Rahul: we both were the surprise.
Ragini: ooo, thanks god ap aunty ruined it, you both are shock.
Aryan: so mean lado.
Swara: I m sending you a address reach there in 1 hour.
Rahul: no way, we are having hangover.
Aryan: and that too is strong type.
Ragini: okkk then don’t come and take care. And listen take lemonade, it will make you feel better.

Swarahrayan in unison: okkk lado maa.
All laugh and disconnect the call where as laksh is upset.
They all reach sanskar’s apartment.
Swaraglak at the main door of sanskar’s flat.
Swara knocks and sanskar opens it.
Sanskar: you guys came, come in
Ragini: ohoo topper first do our aarti, we have come at your house first time na.
Sanskar: okkk don’t come.
And laughs.
Ragini make fake angry face and says.
Ragini: why will you do my aarti, you will do it for some special one. (and sees towards swara) right shona.
Swara: what does it mean???
Ragini: ohooo leave it, ragsan secret.
all laughs and come inside the flat.
Laksh: wow bhai, you have managed it very well.
Ragini: hmmn unlike you. (and give a hi- five to swara)
Swara: right lado, you know topper his room looks like a place which has suffered attack by a devil few hours ago.
Sanskar: so it will na, you both might be keep attacking there every day. (and winks at laksh)
Laksh: wow, cool bro. See my brother is on my side you ghost sisters.
Ragini: whatever topper, and whatever phattoo.
All four settle themselves at sofa.
Sanskar: lets watch movies

Swara: yeah movie marathon of everyone’s favorite movie.
Ragini: romantic Bollywood.
Laksh: no action.
Sanskar: thrill.
Swara: lets use chit system.
all put their favorite genre.
Sanskar: who will choose??
Ragini: I won’t I always lose in this.
Laksh: same with me
Sanskar: okay shona you.
Swara chooses one, it was romantic.
Swaragini give each other hi- five.

Ragini: okay srk’s movie.
They start watching K2H2,
in the interval.
Sanskar: pop corns???
Swara: I will make it.
Sanskar: No need, I will I don’t want my kitchen to look like attacked by a devil.
After 5 minutes, sanskar is with pop corns.
after watching movie:
Ragini: srk has his own charm
Swara: which no one can match.
Sanskar: ooo I didn’t knew you both are srk’s fan
Laksh: bhai not just fan they are his cooler, A.C everything.
Swara: hahaha. It was pathetic
Laksh: whatever

Sanskar: okk guys lets order something yaar.
Ragini: pizza.
Swasanlak : great idea
Swara: dear lado you are the best.
Ragini: I know.

Swara then sees a paper with a no. and address written on it.
Swara: whose number is this.
Sanskar: (understood thats the same number his informer has given him) nothing special shona.
Swara: I guess I know the address. Show me
Sanskar (with anger in his voice): nothing shona.
All have sensed the anger, but swara was not that serious.
Swara: at least show me.
Ragini understood that sanskar does not want to talk about this.
Ragini: shona, if he is asking to leave it then ignore it.
Sanskar, who was angry start crying internally by thinking about his 2 years hard work to get this number, his parents’ promise.
Sanskar says thanks to ragini through his gestures. Ragini replied no need in same manner.
Swalak have noticed this.
After having lunch, they all noticed that sanskar is not in mood to enjoy so they decided to leave.

Swaragini at their house.
Swara is thinking about how Ragini supported sanskar and Ragini said its ragsan secret.
Swara ( in her mind): is there something special between lado and topper. No no shona, lado would have told you. But it looks like something something.
Ragini is thinking about sanskar being secretive about that paper.
Ragini ( in her mind), whose no. and address would be that, I need to find out to help my friend.
Laksh in his room.
Laksh was thinking about ragsan talking through gestures.
Laksh ( in his mind): same like childhood days. But lucky again bhai will be important to lada than me. (and gets upset)
Sanskar is thinking about how he scolded swara and how ragini supported him.
Sanskar (in his mind): I should not have talked to her like this, she might be upset. But I felt good when lado supported me, she is a true friend. ( then he sees the paper and again start thinking about his mission) sorry mumma papa, I have to break my promise. I have to find her.

Screen freezes at thinking faces of swaragsanlak

Precap: rahryan proper entry, sanlak jealous with rahryan

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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