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Best friends 22


Thanks a lot girls and guys. Voting lines are still open. And swasan,raglak is leading 45 votes and swalak,ragsan is loosing with just 16 votes. Thanks again to all regular readers hayathi, akku, lucky, vinay, surbhi, nive, arshi, subi, ahana, niti, leku etc. ( sorry for the names I missed because its really difficult for me to remember so much names) but yeah I want to thank all readers.
Hayathi sorry to made you cry dear. Vinay thanks for your comments. and dini I very well understood your points and thanks for your comment.
Sorry for the delay

Recap: ansh is missing and Ragini has lost her memories.

Flashback continues
In kolkata
Dada is taking care of Ragini, Dida is busy in handling laksh and swara, sumi is trying to console Ap.
In Rajasthan
All men are trying their best to find Sanskar.

In kolkata,
Swara and Laksh are in swaragini’s room where Ragini is taking rest.
Swara caressing her cheeks.
Swara: lado, get up na. I promise I won’t tease you. I won’t say that everyone loves you more than me. I will share my chocolates with you and won’t give to that dumb ansh. Please get up lado.
Laksh: ae lado maa get up na. See you have given enough punishment to us for our misdeeds and see even I am crying please get up. I promise I will give my favorite car to you permanently. I won’t calk you lado maa.
Sumi hears this and come to them .
Sumi: beta lets go outside I need to talk to you
Swara: maa, lado is not getting up, I will talk to you later.
Sumi: shona, come outside right now.
Outside the room
Sumi: shona, lucky you know??? God is playing games with both of you. They want to check whether you guys love your sibling or friends not
Laksh: but aunty, I am not in mood I just want my bhai and lado back
Sumi has tears in her eyes but still she is trying to make kids understand.
Swara notices the tears in her mother’s eyes and even in that small age of 9 year she was able to understand her mother. She understood that her mother is hiding something but she knows it must be for their betterment. That’s why swara eyes laksh angrily and ordered him to agree ( through her gestures) and laksh like a obedient child just agreed.
Swara: maa you don’t worry we will play, tell us what to do???
Sumi: beta see, god has taken lado’s memory from her so she won’t remember anything, but you guys are with her just promise me you will always look after her.
Swara: we will maa. I promise.
Laksh: even I do.

Swara: what about ansh maa.
Sumi: beta, god has taken ansh from us for just some day, then he will come back but see till then you have to handle ap, your dadi and dida.
Laksh: we will aunty .
Laksh and Swara go to ap.
Swara: aunty have some food.
Ap: no beta. I don’t feel like eating.
Swara: aunty see your shona is making you eat.
Ap smiles with tears in her eyes nods yes and eats few bites just to keem swalak happy.
Dadi and dida see them and hug them.
Swalakmake them eat.

Here in Rajasthan all are trying to find sanskar but unfortunately they failed.

In Kolkata
Swalak comes to lado’s room.

Flashback ends.
Swara: you remember lucky what we have promised to ourselves that day, when we went to lado’s room.
Laksh: yeah I promised myself that whatever will happen, we will make her away from her past.
Swara: I promised that It does not matter, I want it or not but if lado wants that then it will be only hers.
Laksh: I promised that I will try my best. to fill bhai’s place.
Swara: we promised that we will be there for lado, ansh and each other always.
Laksh: and remember when after 5 days papa, uncle, dadaji and nanaji said that they could not find bhai, we didn’t even cried
Swara: because we have promised to ourselves that we will manage all things like a strong kid.
Laksh: and from that day, we are each others mirror. We know everything about each other.
Swara: yeah we are secret diary of one another, this just made our friendship stronger.
Swara has tears in her eyes. Laksh thinks to make her mood light.
Laksh: yeah from that day I bear you both sister alone.
Swara starts smiling.
Swara: lucky you
Till then Ragini has arrived shouting shona
Ragini: shona, lucky. What are you doing here??? ( she is still half sleeping)
Swalak hear her.
Swalak hurriedly leave sanskar’s room and go to Ragini
Swara: why you got up??? You were sleeping na???
Ragini: yeah but you know na, I am not habitual of sleeping without you so when I didn’t saw you I got scared.
Laksh: you call me phatto you phatto.
Ragini: whatever,

And they all walk to laksh’s room
Ragini: by the way you are eyes are wet, you both were crying.
Swara: yeah lado, he was teasing me.
Ragini: lucky, how dare you tease my shona.
Laksh: ooo lado maa’s sister love.
Swara: guys I am feeling sleepy, I m going to sleep.
Laksh: okk go to guest room
Ragini: you have teased my sister, now this is your punishment go to guest room. We both will sleep here
Laksh: no, this is my room.
Till then Ap has arrived there who was going to kitchen to bring water in jug.
Ap: is this how, you talk to my princesses, if they are saying you to go to guest room then go.
Laksh makes faces to swaragini and go.
Swaragini laugh and thanks Ap.

Sanskar who was really sad that today is sunday, because today he don’t have to go college, he won’t see his friends and soecially swara and he will be bored whole day.
He gets a call. He starts smiling seeing the number, Ragini was calling her.
Sanskar: hey lado
Ragini: so what are today’s plan???
Sanskar: nothing much.
Ragini: good, we will reach your place by afternoon.
befor sanskar could ask the reason she cut the call

In sanlak mansion.
Ap are serving them food.
Ap: so swaragini kept their promise they are spending their sunday with me.
Ragini: don’t you know aunty. Swaragini always keep their words.
Laksh: don’t fly so high.
Ragini: we will because unlike you we are not scared of heights. Phattoo.
Swara: guys finish your breakfast soon, we have to go to topper’s place.
Ragini: aunty please manage maa papa, as today again we will be late.
Ap: ohh this late word make me realise that yesterday when you all were late, I called Rahul and Aryan, they both are in kolkata.
Swaragini jump with happiness. While laksh is giving upset expression.

Precap: swasanraglak fun at sanskar’s place.

Guys please do not think that ragsan are victims in my story ans swalak are saviour. No this is just a case and there will be many case where swalak would be victims and ragsan will be saviour.

And a special note for ritu please go and check comments in my last post. I have replied to your comment.

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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    1. Hey dear, I welcome all readers of my ff and their feed backs. And yeah you are feeling right but who knows may be in future sans will realise that he was only attracted towards swara and may be Laksh realise that his best friend is swara but he wants Ragini as a partner.
      So just keep reading and commenting because there will be a time where Ragini will grab everyone’s attention.

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    again commendable ff….. i felt that sanskar is always thinking about swara and forgetting his mission…. it will be good if sanskar give importance to his mission also…… i hope u understand it is just an suggestion for u……

    1. Yeah and I m revealing suspense but today only swara will make him remember his mission.

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  23. i don’t wanna coment before but now you have pushed me to. make it swalak because it seems like they both understand eachother more. they are more closer than swarag and also they are really close friends than i imagined. since i read the beginning of BF, i have always wanted it to be swalak even in my dreams. as for sanrag, they are perfect for each other. don’t u knw rag also know what san feels even when others didn’t knw. she was the first person to find out that san loves swara. nice story! keep it up! pls make it swalak!

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    I’m not an Indian but dying to read your updates every morning. May you blessed with all the god’s power in order to walk a long journey with your writing skills. Entertaining others is a powerful merit ! 🙂

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