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HEY girls and guys, thank you so much for your comments and feedbacks. Voting lines are still open you can vote for your favorite pairs, and for your information guys ( swasan, raglak) is leading with 19 points and (swalak,ragsan) is losing with 5 votes. And AHANA don’t worry yaar as the name of my fan fiction is BEST FRIENDS so whatever is happening and whatever will happen between them, they always will remain best friends. And SABA, sanskar will play important part when we will move to love stories from that of besties one. And AKKU I think you are a big swasan fan but anyway thanks for your comments and keep commenting like this. Again many many thanks to regular readers like surbhi, nive, saba, hayathi, vinay etc (sorry guys if I m forgetting anyone’s name because I m really bad with memorizing names). And vinay karthik that day I wanted to thank you but by mistake I wrote vineet (as I told that I m very bad with memorizing names). so sorry if thank you speech was long.

Guys one more thing I m going to change the time of my post, if you guys don’t mind. because writing in this time disturbs my study, so if you guys don’t mind then I will post it in early morning hours. okkk????? please tell me.
GUYS I hope you are note confused with name of Laksh’s elder brother. his actual name is sanskar but his nick name is ANSH.

RECAP: swaragini in sanlak mansion. swalak discussing about Ansh( laksh’s elder brother).

Swara: do you remember this pic???
Laksh: how can I forget, our last happy time.
Swara: yeah, do you remember we left for Rajasthan to celebrate our birthday, birthday of swaragini and laksh.
(actually guys laksh’s birthdate is 25th dec 1996 and swaragini’s birthdate is 1st jan 1997 and the eldest one sanskar’s birthdate is 1st september 1995, that’s why he was senior to them).
Laksh: yeah on 24th dec. to celebrate our 9th birthday.
Swara: you remember when we reached their, Ansh and lado was so happy because Jaipur was their favorite holiday destination.
Laksh: and we celebrated my birthday in that famous palace of Udaipur. and we… we started showing our naughty nature even there.

four kids are ready as princes and princesses of Indian kingdom. two kids are enjoying each others company, they are sitting in a corner and talking they are Ragini and Sanskar.
two kids are shown running here and there, they are teasing every one. they are swara and laksh.
Ap: shona, laksh can’t you guys sit like lado and ansh. see they are so cute and good kids.
Swara: okkk aunty, we will go and sit in a corner.
Ap goes from there.
Laksh: ae shona, I am not going to sit like those boring ones.
Swara: just wait and watch lucky.
They both go and mix glue in some slices of cake.
Swalak come to Ragsan

Laksh: hey guys, its my birthday and you both are not having cake. take this.
Sanskar: lucky, we already had it and eating excess cake is bad for teeth.
Laksh: ohooo bhai, today is my birthday and you are saying me no.
Sanskar: ohoo lucky, your emotional drama always works. give it
Ragsan have it. after some time they can’t open their mouth.
Till now they had realized that this all due to swalak.
Ragini( in gestures): why did you do this to us.
swalak is laughing
Swara: because due to both of you, elders always scold us.
Till then all elders have arrived.
Sumi: shona, lucky what have you done.
Swara: mom, this was all Lucky’s plan.
Ap: lucky, I won’t leave you.
Swara: aunty, today you can not punish him, today is his birthday.
Sumi: and what about the punishment, you both have given to lado and ansh.
Swara: sorry maa.
Laksh: sorry mom.

Dp: shona, you don’t stay with Laksh, he is making you naughty like him.
Swara starts laughing.
Laksh: dad, I m sorry, and this all was shona’s idea.
Shekhar: shona. you both will say sorry to lado and ansh.
Swalak in unison: sorry lado, sorry ansh.
Ragini and Sanskar leave them with angry mood.
Sumi: Ap I think we should call doctor, otherwise It may be dangerous.
Dp: I will call doctor.
After their treatment Ragsan are fine and resting in hotel room for kids.
Swalak come to them, both holds their ears
Swara: I am sorry lado, sorry ansh
Laksh: I am also sorry bhai and lado.
Ragini: I am fed up of your sorry shona and lucky,
Sanskar: even I am. And your naughtiness is increasing day by day.
Swalak starts crying
Ragini’s heart got melted due to their tears
Sanskar: no, lado they deserve tears.
Ragini: okay, as you say ansh.
Sanskar: I will punish them due to making them feel guilty.

31st dec night.
Laksh: Its lado’s birthday tomorrow and I cannot even wish her, due to your stupid plan shone
Swara: you also just love her, Tomorrow is my birthday also and even ansh is not talking to me. You all are same just love lado. And why are you blaming me even you supported me.
Laksh: whatever
RAGSAN are listening to them and upset to make their friends and siblings sad.
Swara is sitting alone, and thinking that how on every birthday sanskar and laksh were the first one to wish both sisters, but today she has fought with both of them. Sanskar comes near her,
Sanskar: shona
Swara: ansh, go to lado You are only her friend na???
Sanskar: I should be angry and you are showing me anger.
Swara: so the punishment you have given me is not enough???
Sanskar: more than enough, okkk you should say sorry but I will say. Sorry shona
Swara: so you will wish me my birthday before everyone
Sanskar: yeah

Swara: and also before than wishing lado.
Sanskar: obviously, as every year.
Swara: and you will forgive lucky???
Sanskar: shona, he is my brother, I have forgiven him
Swara: you are the best, have my chocolate
They both share swara’s chocolate
Laksh is in garden sitting alone at bench, thinking that how he and sanskar use to wish swaragini before than everyone, and now both are angry to me.
Ragini comes near him.
Ragini: if you promise that you will not repeat your mistake then I am ready to forgive you and also I will tell my shone to forgive you.
Laksh: did bhai told you to forgive me, bhai ki chamchii
Ragini: yes
Laksh: okk, then will you take my birthday wish before than everyone
Ragini: ofcourse, as usual
Laksh: and you will forgive shone
Ragini: She is my sister, most important for me I was not angry with her.
Laksh: you are the best
Ragini: I know, now you are going to have this chocolate or I should eat it alone???
Laksh: We will share it.
All four kids come together at their room
They four have a group hug.

Ap and sumi are watching this from outside.
Ap: ooo god, get ready we are going to fair, we will celebrate new year and swaragini’s birthday there.
Everyone is at fair.
At 12 on 31st December night, Sanskar wishes swara and laksh wishes ragini then laksh wishes swara and sanskar wishes ragini. Then Swaragini wishes each other
Swara: sorry lado
Ragini: no I m sorry shone
Swara: no lado I was wrong
Ragini: no shone
Sanlak in unison: bhai run they again started shone, lado.
Then everyone wishes happy birthday to swaragini and then happy new year to each other.
Swara: our gift, papa

Shekhar: we will give it to both of you after reaching kolkata.
Sanlak in unison: but we have your gift now.
Sanskar: I will get it from car.
Ragini: I will come with you.
They both go from there.
Swalak give hi- five to each other.
Swara: now, they will see our surprise in car
Laksh: or I should say shock.
Suddenly they hear the rumour of bombs in fair.
Dp: shone, where is ansh and lado.
Swara: they have gone to car
Laksh: dad, but what happened why everyone is moving outside.
Sumi: nothing beta, lets go to hotel.
In the way to car they see Ragini has fallen under a heavy tent, in a unwell state.
Swara shouts ladoooo, maa lado
Sumi, dadi and dida start crying seeing Ragini in this state. DP and Ap consoles them but also worried that if Ragini is her then Sanskar should also be but they can not see them.
Swara: maa, what happened to lado, why are you crying
Dp: nothing beta, you are my strong child na don’t cry.
After 2 hour in hospital, Ragini is still critical.

All are crying but Dp and Ap are busy in finding Sanskar.
Laksh and Swara are crying.
After half an hour Ragini opens her eyes but still she is unconscious
Doctor to Shekhar: Mr. Gadodia, that child’s brain has got deep injuries thats why can not remember any past events, so please don’t try to make her remember that, It will hurt her and make her wounds fresh.
Shekhar: doctor, but… after 1 or 2 year
Doctor: no no I tod you na, never.
Shekhar: okkk can I take her to Kolakata
Doctor: yeah sure but tomorrow.
1st jan morning
Ap and Dp are crying as they are not getting their son.
Dada and Dadi are consoling them.
Sumi: don’t cry Ap, we all have lost our eldest child.
Ap: no sumi, I am not crying for my ansh only, I am also crying for lado. My daughter has lost her memory. But still sumi atleast we have her but ansh, he is not even with us.
Dada, Dadi, dida and nana( of swaragini) console dp and ap.

Dida: ap beta we also have lost our eldest grandchild. But this is not the time to get weak, this is time to get strong and to find our eldest child.
Dp: you are right mausiii, You all go and take Ap with you, I will find him here and I promise Ap I will get him anyhow.
Shekhar: are you stupid, you think I will go leaving you and my son here. I will bw with you.
Dadaji: he is my grandchild also
Nanaji: even mine grand child.
All men stays in jaipur to find Sanskar and all women and kids leave for Kolkata as ragini, swara and laksh need some tension free atmosphere.
Screen freezes on unconscious ragini and everyone’s crying faces

Precap: Swara and laksh something to sumi (in past)
(in present) Swara and laksh crying and Ragini sees them crying through window.

Saba, where are your fan fictions dear, update it please.
And sorry if it was too long.

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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    And if you have read this comment then please give reply as after seeing that I will be satisfied that I successfully presented my opinion in front of you

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