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Recap: swaragini’s performance in the concert.

Scene 1
At concert:

Swaragsanlak break the hug.
Sanskar: guys, its already late we should leave now. And by the how are we going???
Swara: topper, as we came
Sanskar: shona, but this is winter night and soon you will have fog everywhere then driving is really dangerous.
Laksh: ohooo so we should leave as soon as we can. So don’t waste time in talking.
Ragini: yeah, for the first time this dumb head of yours has thought something useful. (and runs from there)
Laksh: lado maa, you are gone. (and run behinds her)
Swara: lucky, now you are not getting late.
Laksh: lado maa, again your sister saved you.
Ragini: whatever.
Sanskar: see guys, even if we take the short cut then first we will get my house, then lucky’s and then yours. So I think you guys should stay at my home.
Swara: topper actually we don’t have any problem but our family will only allow us to stay with some family and you leave alone soooo.
Sanskar: its okk shona, As a parents I understand their tension.
( he has a disappointment in his voice, because he thought after so many days, he will not stay alone in his big apartment)
Ragini who has noticed this, thinking that he sad as he did not got time to spend with swara.
Ragini (in a low voice which is just audible to sanskar): padaku, don’t worry you will get many chances to spend night with her.
Sanskar( who is shocked hearing her, but after sometime starts blushing): lado you.
Swara and Laksh notice them talking in low voice.
Swara: guys lets go.
Laksh: I will drive bhai.
Sanskar: alright.
After driving for 1 hour continuously they reach sanskar’s apartment.
Sanskar bids bye to everyone and leaves.
Swara stops him
Swara: topper.
Sanskar: yeah shona.
Swara: tell me the floor and apartment number.
Sanskar: 4 th floor and no. 6 but why.
Swara: topper Can’t I ask you???
Sanskar smiles at her and goes.
Laksh: lado, my eyes are tired will you please drive.
Ragini: sure, move.
now laksh is at the front seat besides driving seat and swara is at the back seat.

Scene 2

After 45 minutes, they reach sanlak mansion.
Laksh: come yaar have some rest then we will leave for your house.
Swaragini nods in yes as they are also tired.
At the entry gate, Ap is moving here and there in tension as she sees them.
Ap: bete, where were you ??? You know how much I was tensed. I called sumi then she told me that you are not even there my tension got increased. ( she says this in one breath)
Swara: take a breath aunty, that concert was so far from city thats why we got late.
Ap then sees them shivering due to cold weather.
Ap: come inside. And change I will make fresh hot chocolate for you all, you will feel better.
Ragini: but aunty, what will we wear,
Ap: don’t worry beta sumi has sent your clothes, she told me not to let you guys go as its really late.
Swara: okk aunty.

They all come after changing.
Ap: here is your hot chocolate.
Swara: you are the best aunty.
Ap: you guys have it fast and then come for dinner.
Ragini: aunty, where is uncle.
Ap: beta he has to go to Bangalore for any business meet.
Laksh: ooo.
After 20 minutes.
Ap: come for dinner beta.
Swara: aunty we are really hungry.
Laksh: bhukkad no. 1
Ragini: ooo hello, we have not eaten anything after break fast.
Ap: ooo, my children have not eaten anything since morning. Come fast I have made everything of swaragini’s choice. And Laksh don’t you dare disturb them while eating.
Laksh: only sumi aunty loves me.
Swara: whatever.
They all enjoy dinner and talk about concert. Ap praises them. Many time Ragini was about to take Sanskar’s name but somehow swalak has managed as they know Ap will be hurt.
Ap: beta, Even I know that you guys won’t sleep tonight as you are together but still if you feel like sleeping then go to guest room.
Swara: why aunty, can’t we come to your room same like childhood times.
Ap: beta, obviously you can I m also your mother.
Ragini: awww aunty. We love you.

Ap: love you too my princesses. Good night.
All bids good night to Ap and go to laksh’s room.
after many talks, Ragini feels sleepy so she slept on bed unknowingly.
Laksh: see that kumbhakarna slept.
Swara: shhh, lets go to balcony, she will be disturbed.
Laksh: Take your phone also, otherwise you know na…
they both go to balcony,
Swara: omg, 9 missed calls of topper.
Laksh: I forgot to call him. Call him fast.
Swara calling sanskar.
Sanskar: where the hell were you shona, I have called you many times and not just you, I have called lucky and lado also but you guys didn’t responded. I was worried you know.
Swara ( like a child): sorry sanskar.
Sanskar: I know you very well you are calling me sanskar to pacify me.
Swara: so my trick worked???
Sanskar: yeah, a little bit.
Swara: okkk sorry on behalf of lado and lucky also, now are you completely calm
Sanskar: yeah. So reached home???
Swara: no topper, actually we are staying at lucky’s house, Ap aunty stopped us
Sanskar: good, then good night.
Swara: good night.

Swara after disconnecting the call: lucky, you know when I see topper, ansh’s memory comes back in my mind.
( guys, nick name of laksh’s elder brother is ansh)
Laksh: I also.
Swara: lets go to his room yaar, I want to feel him.
Then they see Ragini sleeping.
They both go near her and caresses her hair.
Swara: lado, we can’t tell you where are we going. But it is for you my lado.
Laksh: we can’t tell you because it will give you pain lado.
They both leave to ansh’s room.
Swara sees the childhood pic of swaragsanlak together.
swara and laksh have tears in their eyes.
Swara: you remember lucky, in childhood how we use to celebrate picnic every year.
Laksh: of course, how can I forget. And see this pic shona, when we went for shimla.
Swara: and this pic when we swalak have fought with ragsan. I don’t understand why your brother used to hate me so much.
Laksh: shut up shona, I know he just used to show that he hates you but somewhere he had always helped you.
Swara: yeah, he was senior to us thats why he used to help me always with projects.
Laksh: and when I asked him, he said no lucky, you should do your project by your self.
Swara: remember in childhood we both used to be together and lado and ansh together always.
Laksh: because they both were same, obedient kids and we both were the evil ones. But as everyone says opposite attracts. He was really attached to you. He had not shown it but his care for you always have shown this.
Swara: hmmm, you remember in childhood age I only used to share my chocolate with him because he was the one who always has helped me in my studies.
Laksh: yeah, and you know when I and lado saw you sharing chocolate with him. We felt bad as I always kept thinking that you are my best friend and same feeling Lado had for bhai but you both were secretive. And when we felt bad I gave her my favorite toy to lado. And lado gave me her chocolate.

Swara: ohh, lucky your favourite car, you haven’t even allowed me to play with that. That’s not fair.
Laksh: hahaha.
Swara: and see this pic.
Laksh: of our last picnic.
And after saying this they both started crying. Consider a tree which has holden its leaves for full year but now when winter has come, it can not control it further and leaves has started falling. Same with their tears they have controlled it while whole conversation but now after seeing the pic of their last happy time, they can not control it.

Precap: ragini’s secret

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Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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