Best friends 2

entry of laksh, ragini and swara.

Scene 1
Laksh, ragini and swara arrive at fresher’s party.
Laksh: I am gonna take drink today. As I have entered in college and now I can drink. And listen to me very carefully you both wont stop me
Ragini: no we wont we will just call dp uncle and then he will stop you. You know na how???
Laksh: okk meri rago maa
Swara is eagerly waiting for someone.
Laksh: hey you shona where are you lost
Swara: yaar today that topper was about to come. Actually at the form submission day I heard a lot about him and I missed a chance to see him even that say so…
Laksh… Slightly sad but let go his feelings and tells swara even I want to meet him girls. Actually you know what I will ask him a question
Ragini: what question???
Laksh: how can he study so much. Does he had days of 48hrs??? (Making funny face)
(by seeing his cute face Ragini eyes him lovingly)
swara: what can I expect from you???
Ragini: okkk lets enjoy the party.

scene 2:
entry of sanskar(in red suit)
Swara sees him.
Swara: he is so handsome. I thought he would some chasmish.
Laksh: are you sure he is the one???
Swara: of course I am
Laksh: no he doesn’t look like thays y . Ragini you know what I am sure he has done cheating in his examinations.
Swara: whatever (making a funny face)

Scene 3:
outside the party some evil boys tease ragini
Swara comes from backside , and hit those boys
Sanskar watching it and got impressed. Love at first sight( pehli nazar me aisa jadu kar gaya tera ban baitha hai …)

Swara: how dare you misbehave with my sister???
Ragini: thanx swara, leave them yaar
Sanskar is smiling looking at swara and thinking she looks cute while she is angry.

meeting of swasan, ragini falling for laksh

Credit to: Deepa Sharma


  1. Lucky

    Its nice story.. I think laksh is having feeling for swaara.. But pls don’t make the leads in negative role. And one request pls make long updates. Again good story

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.