Best friends 2


entry of laksh, ragini and swara.

Scene 1
Laksh, ragini and swara arrive at fresher’s party.
Laksh: I am gonna take drink today. As I have entered in college and now I can drink. And listen to me very carefully you both wont stop me
Ragini: no we wont we will just call dp uncle and then he will stop you. You know na how???
Laksh: okk meri rago maa
Swara is eagerly waiting for someone.
Laksh: hey you shona where are you lost
Swara: yaar today that topper was about to come. Actually at the form submission day I heard a lot about him and I missed a chance to see him even that say so…
Laksh… Slightly sad but let go his feelings and tells swara even I want to meet him girls. Actually you know what I will ask him a question
Ragini: what question???
Laksh: how can he study so much. Does he had days of 48hrs??? (Making funny face)
(by seeing his cute face Ragini eyes him lovingly)
swara: what can I expect from you???
Ragini: okkk lets enjoy the party.

scene 2:
entry of sanskar(in red suit)
Swara sees him.
Swara: he is so handsome. I thought he would some chasmish.
Laksh: are you sure he is the one???
Swara: of course I am
Laksh: no he doesn’t look like thays y . Ragini you know what I am sure he has done cheating in his examinations.
Swara: whatever (making a funny face)

Scene 3:
outside the party some evil boys tease ragini
Swara comes from backside , and hit those boys
Sanskar watching it and got impressed. Love at first sight( pehli nazar me aisa jadu kar gaya tera ban baitha hai …)

Swara: how dare you misbehave with my sister???
Ragini: thanx swara, leave them yaar
Sanskar is smiling looking at swara and thinking she looks cute while she is angry.

meeting of swasan, ragini falling for laksh

Credit to: Deepa Sharma

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  1. Nice dear! Carry on and make it swasan please

  2. Very nice plz make it swalak

  3. Its nice story.. I think laksh is having feeling for swaara.. But pls don’t make the leads in negative role. And one request pls make long updates. Again good story

  4. nice one.. swasan plz

  5. Nice..make it swasan

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